Windows does not load beyond the password. Computer cleaning and replacing thermal paste

What to do if the computer does not load further than the screensaver of the motherboard

Usually, in most cases, malfunctions of a personal computer (PC) are determined at the POST test stage. Nevertheless, often PC “freezes” after passing POST and images of the logo of the motherboard manufacturer (MP) or the results of the equipment scanning and further operation of the PC stops on the screen.

The reasons for this behavior PC can be several. Consider them more details.

Why does the computer hang on the outfit of the motherboard?

The thing is that at this moment when you see an image with the manufacturer’s logo of your motherboard, there is a survey and a test of all devices connected to a computer (processor, RAM, hard drives and DVD of drives).

If successful, the download of the computer continues. If any of the devices does not respond, there may be a perch at this stage, which is the subject of discussion of this article.

Windows 10 stuck on the entrance screen into the system after updating

To come in

Some users who have been updated to Windows 10. report that their PC is stuck on the system of entrance to the system. In some cases, there is no field for entering a password, in other cases the keyboard is absent or the password is not accepted. In one more similar case, the mouse simply appears on an empty black screen with a blue rotating circle. If you are faced with such problems, read on.

Windows 10 stuck on the entrance screen

Although the reason for each user can be different, here are some common steps to eliminate the problems that come to my mind. I can’t say that they will help you, but go through them and see if you will help you with this.

1] Check the correctness of the keyboard and mouse. Disconnect and connect them again if you work on the desktop.

2] using the power button in the lower right corner, restart the computer once or twice and see if you can continue.

3] Is it possible to use the screen keyboard from the Ease of Access menu in the lower right corner of the entrance screen into the system? If so, look, can you print using it.

4] using the Wi-Fi button in the lower right corner, connect to the Internet and see if PC accepts the account for entering Microsoft account. If not, then try your PIN code.

5] If you are already connected, turn off the router, ruin the connection and try. Some report that it helped.

6] If you do not see the field for entering the system, click Ctrl Alt Del and see if it causes a field to enter the system to enter your password.

7] reboot and download Windows 10 in safe mode and run Chkdsk. Reload the computer and try.

8] In safe mode, run Services.MSC and make sure that the value of Credentials Manager is set the value of “automatically”.

9] In safe mode, open “additional launch parameters” and see if you can restore the installation.

10] Otherwise, being in a safe mode, either reboot the computer, or roll back to the previous OS.

Useful reading. This message shows how to access a safe mode or additional launch parameters, when Windows 10 stucks when loading a certain screen with an infinitely moving animation of rotating points, greeting mode, entrance screen, Windows or launching. is not downloading.

This is the only thing that comes to my mind. If someone has ideas, please share them below in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Reboot Windows 10

One of the working methods to fix the problem with the black screen after repeated turned on Windows 10, apparently, is quite efficient for owners of AMD (ATI) Radeon video cards. completely restart the computer, and then turn off the quick start of Windows 10.

In order to do this blindly, after loading a computer with a black screen, press the Backspace key several times (the arrow to the left to remove the symbol). this will remove the screech of the lock screen and remove any characters from the password input field if you accidentally introduced them there by chance.

After that, switch the keyboard layout (if required, by default to Windows 10 is usually Russian, you can almost guaranteed Windows gaps) and enter your account password. Click Enter and wait until the system boots.

The next step is to reboot the computer. To do this, click on the keyboard Windowsr keyboard, wait 5-10 seconds, enter (again, you may need to switch the keyboard layout if you have Russian by default in the system):

And click Enter. After a few seconds, press Enter again and wait about a minute, the computer will have to reboot. it is quite possible that this time you will see the image on the screen.

The second method of rebooting Windows 10 with a black screen-after turning on the computer several times, press the Backspace key (or any symbol can), then press the TAB key five times (this will transfer us to the turning-on-turn icon on the lock screen), press Enter, press Enter, press then. the Up key and again Enter. After that, the computer will reboot.

If none of these options allows you to reboot the computer, you can try (potentially dangerous) forced turning off the computer with a long holding of the power button. And then turn it on again.

If, as a result of everything proposed, the image on the screen appeared, then the matter is the work of the video card drivers after quick start (which is used by default in Windows 10) and to exclude the repetition of an error.

RAM errors

Since the process of downloading Windows, and any other computer processes are loaded into RAM, its malfunction can lead to the freezing of the entire system. To verify RAM, we will use the Memtest86 program.

Memtest86 performs an infinite number of memory checking cycles. PASS value shows how many cycles have passed. Two checks of the check is quite enough and if the value of errors = 0, then with the ranger everything is in order.

Perhaps you know some other reasons for freezing Windows when downloading that I did not mention? Write Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Entrance through the account Microsoft

Try entering the Microsoft password. A change in authorization data can occur after Windows updating, when the data is displayed on the screen to enter the global Microsoft account instead of local.

If the Microsoft account has not been used for a long time and forgot the password, try to enter the one that you use for Outlook, OneDrive, Skype and other corporation services.

If the OS does not accept the password, go to the next method.

Microsoft account recovery

If you forgot the password, you can drop it using the recovery menu.

  • In the browser, go to the recovery page at: Account.Live.COM/Password/Reset
  • Enter the required information (email address, phone or Skype name) and click “Next”.
  • Confirm the email address to which you want to get a discharge code. Then open the incoming folder, copy the code and insert into the window “Confirm the identification”.
  • In the next window, enter a new password twice, and thereby click “Next” to save.

Now check whether Windows takes a new password Microsoft.

Using integrated video

If you have a way out to connect the monitor not from a discrete video card, but on the motherboard, try to turn off the computer, connect the monitor to this output and turn on the computer again.

There is a high probability (if the integrated adapter is not disconnected in UEFI), which after turning on, you will see the image on the screen and you can roll the rolling of a discrete video card (through the device manager), install new ones or use the recovery of the system.

Use the command line

You can also use BootRac commands to eliminate problems and fix problems with the launch on your computer with Windows 10. Reload the computer into an extended recovery environment (see. Step 1. step 3 above) and follow the following actions.

Enter the following commands (separately) and click the “Enter” button after each command.


These commands restore these configurations of your PC loading and delete damaged files that cause problems with the launch. A console may take several minutes to perform each command. Let everyone go through their course before introducing another.

Finally, you must also run the command below separately.

The first team will launch the Check Disk (Chkdsk) utility, which scans your PC disk for errors, damaged sectors and corrects them. The second team will launch a system of checking system files (SFC) and replace all damaged or missing system files with cash copies.

1] load in safe mode or in expanded launch parameters.

If you configured an automatic entrance to Windows 10 after updating, the completion process may be difficult. You can turn off the automatic entrance after updating, loading in a safe mode or in expanded launch mode, and then turn off the automatic input. This will allow you to make an automatic entrance.

If you recently installed antivirus, and this happened, it would be nice to remove it. Since you cannot enter the system in the usual way, delete software.

  • Load from the recovery disk and select the elimination of problems to continue.
  • Go to the “launch parameters” “reboot” “Press the key”.
  • After loading the computer, enter the system with the administrator account and delete the antivirus.
  • Reload the computer as usual and check if the problem is solved.

Reload the computer in normal mode and wait for the update to complete.

Once on the desktop, you can continue the elimination of problems.

You can also familiarize yourself with these general tips if you cannot enter Windows 10.

Checking the integrity of system files

One of the reasons why it is not possible to launch Windows is damage to system files. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to carry out the procedure for the corresponding verification with subsequent restoration.

windows, does, load, password, computer

    The indicated procedure is performed through the “command line”. If you can download Windows in a “safe mode”, then open the specified utility with the standard method through the Start menu, crossing the name “All Programs”, and then going to the “Standard” folder.

If you cannot start Windows at all, then in this case, open the window “Elimination of computer problems”. The procedure for its activation was described in the previous method. Then, from the opening list of tools, select the “command line”.

If you activate the utility from the recovery environment, and not in a “safe mode”, then the team should look like this:

SFC /Scannow /Offbootdir = C: \ /Offwindir = C: \ Windows

Instead of the symbol “C”, you need to specify another letter if your OS is located in the section under a different name.

Disk scan for errors

One of the reasons for the impossibility of loading Windows may be physical damage to the hard drive or logical errors in it. Most often, this is manifested in the fact that the loading of the OS does not begin at all or it ends in the same place, never reaching the end. To identify this kind of problem and try to fix them, it is necessary to check with the CHKDSK utility.

    CHKDSK activation, like the previous utility, is carried out by entering the command into the “command line”. You can call this tool in the same way as it was described in the previous method of action. In her integration, enter the following team:

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If the reason for the lack of loading the operating system lies in the problems with the equipment, and specifically, with the hard drive on which the boot sector is located, then we see various kinds of messages on the black screen. The most common one:

In addition, we can get a cyclic reboot in which the loading screen with the Windows XP logo appears (or does not appear), and then the rebellus occurs. And so to infinity until we turn off the car. Such symptoms indicate that there was a critical error called the “blue death screen” or bsod. We do not see this screen, since by default, in case of such an error, the system should restart.

In order to stop the process and see BSOD, you need to perform the following setting:

  • When loading, after the BIOS signal (single “squeak”), it is necessary to quickly press the F8 key to call the screens of the parameters, which we talked about a little higher.
  • Select a item that disables rebooting at BSODA, and press the Enter key. The system will automatically accept the settings and restart.

Now we can see the error that prevents us from starting Windows. About problems associated with a hard drive, says BSOD with the code 0x000000ed.

In the first case, with a black screen and a message, first of all, you should pay attention to whether all the loops and cables of power are connected correctly, whether they are so bent so much that they could simply become unusable. Next, you need to check the cable that comes from the power supply, try to connect another, similar.

Perhaps that fishing line for the trimmer of the PSU, which supplies the hard drive with electricity, was out of order. Connect another block to the computer and check the performance. If the situation is repeated, then there is a problem with a hard drive.

Please note that the recommendations given there are suitable only for HDD, for solid.state drives you need to use a program, which will be discussed below.

If the previous actions did not bring the result, then the reason lies in the software or physical damage of the Kharda sectors. The specialized HDD Regenerator program can help check and fix Bades can help. To use it, you will have to use the second computer.

a special case with a flash drive

This reason is very non.obvious, but can also cause problems with Windows loading. The drive connected to the flash system, especially a large volume, can be regarded by the operating system, as an additional disk space for storing some information. In this case, the hidden folder “System Volume Information” can be recorded on the flash drive (information about the system volume).

There were cases when, when the drive is turned off from the non-working PC, the system refused to load, apparently not finding any data. If you have a similar situation, then insert the flash drive back into the same port and download Windows.

Also, turning off the flash drive can cause a failure in the boot order in BIOS. CD-ROM can be placed in the first place, and the boot disk is generally removed from the list. In this case, go to the BIOS and change the order, or click the F12 key or another when loading, which opens the list of drives. The purpose of the keys can be found out by carefully reading the manual for your motherboard.


Below are solutions for a situation where Windows loaded, but instead of the desktop we see an empty black screen without inscriptions and text (only the mouse cursor arrow can be present).

Since nothing is displayed on the screen, most of the solutions described below are performed in safe mode or in the command line. The latter can be called by pressing the combination of Ctrl Shift Esc. File. Launch a new task.

Reloading or waiting

Before starting the decision, try the following:

  • reload the computer again. it is possible that the problem will be solved.
  • wait, 2-3 hours-the system can start checking the condition without displaying the process on the screen, which is why it seems that it did not load correctly.

Reinstalling the video card driver

If the problem began after installing/updating the driver for the video card, start the computer in safe mode and try to remove the video card driver. To do this, go to the device manager (DevmgMt command.MSC). We open video adapters. We delete the adapter used:

Recovery of system files

As a result of the loss of part of the files of the operating system, it can work unstable, in particular, not load the conductor, leaving us with a black screen.

To check the system for the availability of files with damage or their absence, we launch the command line on behalf of the administrator (by pressing the combination of Ctrl Shift ESC. File. Launch a new task. Enter the CMD command and set the box “Create a task with administrator rights”).

If the check shows an error and cannot fix them, we will fulfill the command:

Dism.Exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

System rollback

The rollback of the system can help. Read more in the article how to make a system rollback.

Several displays and default monitor

a) We click the combination of Win P. the window will open the operating mode of several displays on the right. We try to select only the computer screen or only the second screen:

b) when using several monitors, try to turn off everything except the main and restart the computer. If the image appears, check the setting of the main display.

c) open the device manager (DevmgMt command.MSC). In the Monitors section, we delete the monitor:

Removal of antivirus

In some cases, the means of deleting malicious software can cause blocking an important system file.

We try to remove the antivirus program. To do this, try to enter into safe mode. For reliability, from the developer’s website it is worth downloading a specialized utility for removing antivirus.

Checking the disk

Check the disk for errors. To do this, we perform the command:

where C:. the name of the disk on which the system is installed.

If the check shows the error, we perform a check with the correction of errors:

We respond to a disk check request when starting the system:

It is impossible to execute the Chkdsk command, since the indicated volume is used by another process. Whether this volume check should be performed the next reloading of the system? [Y (yes)/n (no)] y

If the audit did not show errors, it is also worth checking the condition of the disk program Crystaldiskinfo and scan it for physical errors by HD Tune program. If the surface errors are found, it is necessary to replace it with a new.

Removing updates

Try to delete the latest corrections. To do this, open the control panel (Control team or use Windows search). Programs. Programs and components. Installed updates:

We sort up the updates by the installation date and delete the latest installed:

windows, does, load, password, computer

The list of updates is divided into categories, which makes the sorting not logical, so you have to scroll through the scroll.

Problem with Windows conductor

A conductor is the main program in Windows responsible for displaying windows. During malfunctions in its work, problems of empty desktop display may be observed.

You can start the conductor through the task dispatcher. Read more in the article the desktop disappeared.

windows, does, load, password, computer

Reducing the screen resolution

We go into safe mode and change the screen resolution, for example, 1024 x 768.

Run the computer as usual. with the correct load, we return the previous resolution. At the same time, if the problem is not solved and we will see a black screen again, you need to make sure that the power supply is working (if there is not enough power, the video card will not be able to work on optimal settings) or the video card itself.

Automol of applications

The problem may occur when trying to start a program that does not work correctly or is not compatible with the Windows version. Try to disconnect everything from the auto starting. If the problem is solved, we turn on one program back to find the one that leads to the problem. Read more about disconnecting programs from Windows Automatic loading.

Antivirus check

Check the computer for viruses. To do this, you can use disposable utilities, for example, Cureit.

Reinstalling the operating system

If all the methods mentioned above did not help to eliminate the problem, it is obvious that the cause of the problem was an unknown failure and the only option for restoring the computer’s performance will be a new installation of the operating system. either completely, with the removal of user data, or over a non.working OS, which should only be done in case when at all costs it is required to save data.

In the most rare options, an error may consist of hardware failure of components of a computer, primarily the motherboard. As practice shows, the user is almost unrealistic to independently eliminate this kind of problem, so you should contact the service center.

We examined the possible sources of the problem when Windows 7 is not loaded or installed, as well as methods for eliminating the malfunction. Finally, we want to note that for such cases it is important to have a “on.duty” image recorded on a disk or on a flash drive at hand.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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