Windows 7 Image Creator

Hello friends, today I’ll analyze the case of creating an ISO image using special programs. Creating a virtual image is a very important moment when you do not have a CD / DVD burner, with the help of such images you do not need to have a disk to play any game, we will create an emulation using the program, then mount it into the drive.

Today there are a huge number of programs for creating an ISO image, many of them are good and bad, but we will certainly analyze workable and popular programs. Some of them are delivered free of charge and may not be inferior to paid versions, let’s now see what programs are in question.

Program for creating an ISO disk image. CDBurnerXP

The CDBurnerXP utility is very powerful, it works with almost any image. With it, you can both record and overwrite data, as well as erase them. The product is free, therefore, there are no restrictions. CDBurnerXP easily creates a virtual disk with the extension ISO. It works on all Windows operating systems. What do you need to create a disk image?

Windows 7 Image Creator
  • Download CDBurnerXP here for this link. Official site, no need to be afraid of viruses. When installing, carefully monitor all sorts of buttons. One of them “ options”, there you can disable the installation of additional software, such as Amigo, or Yandex Browser. Better to choose a portable version.
  • Now that you have installed the program, run it. In the window that opens, you will see many options. To create an ISO you need to select “Creating ISO-images, burning data discs “. If you want to create an image from a disk, then select “Copy disk.”
  • So, a window opens in which you select any files to create the image.
  • After selecting the files, you need to save our virtual image. To do this, click on the “File” button and select “Save the project as an ISO image”.

Create an ISO disc image using ImgBurn

The next program on our list is ImgBurn. Her interface is very clear, so to figure out what and how, it is possible without my help, but just in case, I will sign everything. To begin with, I want to say that the installation file also carries the installation of unwanted software, therefore, during installation, follow all sorts of checkmarks and points. Here is the official website from where you can download this program.

So, the ImgBurn utility, of course, is functional and has a simple interface. When you first install and run the program, you will see the interface in English, but you can change it to Russian in the settings. True, for this you need to first download the crack from the official site, and then upload the file to the Language folder.

To create a virtual image, a lot is not needed. You just need to click on one of the provided icons in the main program window, add the necessary files and save the image.

ISO Image Program. UltraISO

I do not want such a wonderful program like UltraISO to be in last place. Yes, it is paid, but powerful, it works with all kinds of images, a large number of files, it can create virtual disks and write data to real optical disks.

The demo version of the program allows you to record an image of 300 MB. Not very much. You can download it from this site. If you need the full version for recording large files, you will either have to purchase or find Activation on the Internet. A dishonest way, but you can try.

Create an ISO image using ISO Workshop

Here is another program for creating virtual images. ISO Workshop. The interface is very simple, nothing more. In addition to the ISO format, the program can also work with CUE. This is a format that works with album images.

The program can record images and extract them, as well as check drives for errors. Here is the official website of the program, download and use.

Ashampoo Burning Studio

And the last program on our list is Ashampoo Burning Studio. The program is free and with a nice interface. In addition to the ISO format, it supports many more. It works with almost any drive. If you decide to use this utility, then you can use it to write data to various discs, overwrite several times, copy discs. You can download the program from the official site. Noticed that basically I give only official sources? Some unscrupulous people try to shove their products or give viral sources to steal your data. Before downloading from dubious sites, it is better to study it in more detail.

Once you have installed and launched the utility, you will see a nice window in front of you:

The program is in Russian, therefore, everything is clear. To create a disk image, hover over the tab “Creating an image”. A menu of 3 items will drop out. First option. Record Image allows you to write data to an optical disk already prepared for this business. Second point Create Image allows you to create an image from a disk already inserted into the drive.

To create an ISO image from files, we need the third option. Create Image from Files. So we can create our own ISO images.

Suppose you have already selected this item. A window will appear in front of our eyes in which it is necessary to select the ISO format. In addition to this format, there is still a native format of the program itself and the CUE / BIN format.

That’s all, this is not all programs, there are a lot of them on the Internet, both known and just emerging. Each has many advantages and disadvantages, but with the help of the programs we have reviewed, you can easily create a virtual image and, if necessary, write the necessary files to the finished disk.