Windows 10 1809 Brake Games

After a clean install of the Windows 10 operating system, many users are faced with the problem of lagging games. Why do new and old games slow down on a PC, if earlier they started and worked fine? What to do in such a situation?

If you were able to install the game on Windows 10 without errors, but for some reason it slows down, you should initially restart the PC and check for glitches. If they continue to appear, do the following.

Cause: The PC does not meet the minimum system requirements of the operating system itself.

Description: The game was installed normally, but when it starts, a black screen crashes or the game freezes on the first frame.

Decision: We check your PC for compliance with the system requirements of Windows 10 in the following way.

  • We follow the above link and look at the official requirements.
  • Now we verify these requirements with the performance of our own PC. Click “Start”, right-click on the “Computer” icon. Select “Properties”.

Windows 10 1809 Brake Games

  • A new window will open. We look at the amount of RAM, the frequency of the processor.
  • The volume of the hard drive can be viewed directly in the explorer. For normal operation of Windows 10 and games running on it, you need 30 GB of free space.

If the PC does not meet the system requirements, we roll back the system or upgrade our hardware.

Cause: outdated drivers.

Description: The game does not start. The screen flickers when loading the game menu. When you click on a game’s shortcut, a black screen flies.

Decision: If after installing Windows 10 games do not start on your PC, it is possible that not all drivers and libraries were installed. Therefore, we update the driver to the card. To do this, run the device manager and, right-clicking on the adapter, select “Update driver.”

Or you can use the tips for updating drivers by clicking on the link.

We also recommend that you go to the official Microsoft website and download updates to libraries such as Microsoft Visual C.Net Framework and DirectX. Updating, as well as adding to these libraries (it is impossible to remove DirectX, because when you download a new version, the components are only added to the system, and not replace the old ones), you can get rid of game glitches and freezes.

Cause: Incompatibility with Windows 10.

Description: If the games began to slow down only after installing Windows 10, and on the old operating system they worked fine, perhaps the reason lies in the compatibility of the software with the new product.

Decision: We go to the official website of the game and look at the official requirements for the system. If Windows 10 is not in this list, but you still want to install the game, you should do it in compatibility mode and only with administrator rights.

Cause: Not a licensed game.

Description: The game does not install, does not start, the antivirus issues a warning about the threat.

Decision: If you downloaded the repack of the game from a third-party site and the antivirus does not allow it to run, you can temporarily disable protection. It is worth warning that often games come with viruses. Therefore, you disable the antivirus at your own risk.

Cause: RAM Protection (DEP).

Description: The game freezes at the start or a black screen crashes. It does not start at all.

Solution: Open the “Control Panel”, select “System”, in the left menu, select “Advanced Settings”.

A new window will open. Go to the “Advanced” tab. In the “Performance” section, click “Options”.

Go to the tab “Data Execution Prevention”. Put a checkmark on “Enable DEP for all services except ” and click on the “Add” button.

Specify the path to the exe file.

We save the changes and reboot the system.

Cause: The card can not cope with the graphic settings of the game.

Description: The image of the game crashes. There is sound, but the screen is black.

Decision: Lower the graphics settings in the game itself. It is also worth reinstalling the games and checking the cache if it is a Steam license.

Problem: In the game itself.

Description: Throws out of the game during the mission, the image freezes, and the sound goes.

Decision: Install the update from the developer (if any). Check your internet connection, maybe you have a bad FPS.

If all the above steps did not help to fix errors in Windows 10, the games lag, the image crashes, a black screen appears. change the OS version or roll back to the previous build.