Will 5 iPhones work

iPhone 5 is officially out of date

IOS updates aren’t always about new features. Updates are often released to fix system bugs or improve security. But do all users install updates?

Judging by recent statistics, not all are updated: of all active smartphones, the new iOS 13 is installed at 50%, iOS 12. at 41%, and the remaining 9% have earlier systems.

Install the update or don’t use your smartphone

Apple decided to remind users of older devices that no longer receive iOS updates to install iOS 10.3.4 by November 3, otherwise almost all services using the Internet will become unavailable.

iphones, work

This is the notification users received

Mail, Safari, iCloud, App Store and some other applications will stop working. Not only iPhone 5 owners, but also iPhone 4S, iPad 2-4 generation and iPad mini users will be able to install the update “over the air”. If this is not done before November 3, then the update will be available through iTunes later.

Apple reminds iPhone 5 owners to update iOS

If this is not done before November 3, then most of the services on the smartphone will stop working.

On November 1, 2018, the iPhone 5 was officially outdated. The smartphone set new standards for the iPhone, which still exist today: this is Lightning, a slot for nano-SIM, EarPods in their usual form.

What’s so important about this update?

We have already figured out that the services will be inactive, but because of what? Old smartphones of the company have a problem with setting the time: iOS automatically adjusts the time via GPS, but the system has a limitation due to which the device will set the incorrect time on November 1.

It might seem like Apple is pushing very furiously to install the update, effectively limiting the user’s choice. But after all, no one wants to use a “brick”, and without the aforementioned services, the device will become just like that.

No, the company, on the contrary, wants to warn and protect users from such a “feature” of the system. Nobody forces you to update from iOS 12 to iOS 13. One can only be surprised at such a step by the company, which reminds a tiny fraction of users about updating a device that has not been officially supported since last year.

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What’s new in iOS 15?

As for iOS 15, there are no rumors on the web yet about new features or changes that will appear in the update. At the same time, Apple is definitely already testing a new version of iOS. usually development begins after the release of the final version of the previous build.

Of course, the main thing is that with the release of the new version of iOS, all devices work stably. In the year iOS 13 was released, Apple had to work hard to get the update to work properly on compatible devices and not cause critical inconvenience to users.

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Apple to end support for multiple iPhones with iOS 15

Many people love Apple for the fact that the company has long supported even older devices, releasing software updates for them. Some flagships on Android in this regard “become obsolete” after 2-3 years, and the old iPhone can work on the current version of iOS for a long time (although it may become slower). But even we were surprised that iOS 14 works even on the first generation iPhone SE, although in March 2021 it will be 5 years old! However, he will soon retire: Apple plans to drop support for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with the release of iOS 15 next year. This was inevitable as all iOS 13 devices were updated to iOS 14 and it was time to “clean up the park.”.

We’ll have to say goodbye to three iPhone models at once

Insider information was shared by The Verifier. It was this site that at one time reported that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 will not receive updates after iOS 12. and so it happened. He was also the first to publish information that iOS 14 will support all the same iPhones as iOS 13. Although few believed in this.

Apparently, next year we really have to say goodbye to three iPhone models at once. Of course, they can still be used, but they will no longer receive iOS updates.

Which iPhones run on iOS 15

This means that iOS 15 will work on the following iPhones:

  • 2021 iPhone lineup
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max;
  • iPhone 12 Pro;
  • iPhone 12 mini;
  • iPhone 12;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8 Plus;
  • iPhone 7;
  • iPhone 7 Plus;
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch (7th generation).

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were unveiled in September 2015, and in March 2016, Apple unveiled the first generation iPhone SE. These devices were incredibly popular and received software updates from Apple for four years. So, it was the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that once broke the sales record among all iPhone models.

The iPhone SE and iPhone 6s, which also upgraded to iOS 14, have been around for over 5 years now, which didn’t stop Apple developers from speeding up their camera shutter speeds, making them shoot up to 90% faster when creating multiple frames in a burst.

iPhone 6s and iPhone SE run pretty well on iOS 14

With the release of the second-generation iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE in 2020, Apple is now selling two more modern devices that match the form factor and design of the iPhone 6s. The second-generation iPhone SE is almost identical to the iPhone 6s in terms of looks, but it has a modern A13 processor inside. iPhone 12 mini is smaller, but offers a larger display due to the removal of the Home button, it has the most powerful A14 processor and an improved camera system.

Longreads for you

Apple has decided that the space near the MacBook trackpad is poorly used, and wants to build in there vibration motors. You receive a message, the laptop vibrates slightly at hand. See how it might look.

iOS 14.4 is an unusual update that Apple has been testing in just two phases, although in most cases there are at least five. We figure out what this update brings us and whether it is worth installing

iOS 14.5 beta 4 is already available for download to users with accounts or a corresponding beta profile. We figure out what’s new in the update and what innovations we understood differently than Apple intended

Well, it’s not that bad. For example, 2013 5S and others are still receiving the necessary security updates.

iOS 11 Compatibility (Complete List)

Will iOS 11 support iPhone 5s, 5c, 5?

iOS 11 Compatibility: As Apple has already launched the highly anticipated iOS 10 software, fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of the next generation of the operating system. But before iOS 11, the biggest question is: what can we expect from this operating system and, most importantly, which devices will support iOS 11.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of devices for iOS compatible devices, especially iPhones, iPads and iPods, that are eligible for this new operating system. Therefore, before the long-awaited operating system, you need to check your Apple device.

iOS 11 iPhone 5s Compatible Devices

All iPhones that fall under the iPhone 5 series and up are compatible with the iOS 10 operating system. But for iOS 11, it won’t. According to various reports, iOS 11 will be compatible with the iPhone 5s or higher series. So if you’re not sure what iPhone model number you have, just go to your phone’s “settings” and click on “phone options”. You will get all the details about your phone and can check if your phone is compatible with iOS 11 or not.

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iOS 11 iPhone 5s

Will iOS 11 support iPhone 5 and 5c?

The iPhone 5C, unfortunately, will not receive the iOS 11 update. The reason is that the 5C runs on 32-bit applications. 5C iPhone does not support 64-bit applications. And with iOS 11, there will only be 64-bit apps. This means that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C will be removed from the regular iPhone suite and only the iPhone 5s model will continue to be supported. It is interesting to note that the last released operating system, iOS 10, was discontinued support for the iPhone 4. Going by tradition, we expect support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C to end this season for the iPhone.

Will support iOS 11 on iPad mini 3?

Just like iPhones, not all iPads will be compatible with iOS 11. iOS 10 will work with iPad mini 2 and above models. But for iPads too, the scenario will change in iOS 11. According to our sources, iPad mini 3 and higher will be compatible with iOS 11. So check the list below:

  • for iPad Pro 12.9-inch
  • for iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • 4th generation iPad
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3

For players, the compatibility will be different. The update only applies to the 6th generation iPod will be compatible with iOS 10 and it seems that only this device will be compatible with iOS 11.

Will iPhone work after water

Even the highest quality and most expensive electronics are not protected from breakdowns, falls and human inattention. The most popular gadget is also at risk. a smartphone, which we use almost around the clock. Any careless movement can lead to breakage, damage to the device, therefore, when handling it, you must be careful.

What to do if water gets on iPhone X?

If water gets on the iPhone X, then first of all it is necessary to make attempts to remove water, both from the case of the device and from the internal elements, if the liquid has penetrated inside. After the natural drying of the gadget, it must be shown to specialists who will carry out a full diagnosis in order to find out if there are malfunctions in the device and what is the degree of damage to the internal components.

If water gets into iPhone 10, unplug it as soon as possible and remove all connected headsets. In addition, the device must be forcibly turned off. This is due to the fact that the parts of the gadget fail not so much because of the penetration of water, but because of the negative effects of electric current. Oxidative reactions begin to occur inside the phone, which cause a malfunction of the board and radioelements.

To minimize the effects of moisture on iPhone 10, remove the liquid. To do this, gently dry the case with a dry napkin or towel. This will help prevent moisture from penetrating to other parts inside the enclosure. It is almost impossible to troubleshoot iPhone X on your own. To do this, you need to be well versed in technology and have the appropriate skills and knowledge. To restore the smartphone’s operation, it is worth contacting specialists who will help you troubleshoot in a short time.

If the iPhone X falls into the water, then do not despair, as there is an opportunity to restore the normal operation of the device. A specialized company can solve problems that have appeared due to moisture ingress. You can eliminate the consequences with the help of special equipment and solutions. Carrying out such procedures is possible only under the terms of service. If cleaning did not help in restoring the phone, then a complete replacement of the damaged elements with new parts may be required. To assess the damage done to the smartphone, a comprehensive and detailed diagnostics is carried out.

Useful Tips for Working with an iPhone 10 Damaged by Water

If water gets into the iPhone X, the chances of saving the equipment are still high. The main thing is to quickly take the necessary measures that will help minimize repair costs, as well as avoid the occurrence of more complex malfunctions. To increase the chances of a favorable outcome after water gets inside the device, you should:

  • exclude the use of electronic devices for drying a smartphone (hair dryer, oil cooler);
  • Hold iPhone upside down and shake it slightly to drain water through ports and outlets;
  • pull out the SIM-card, connected accessories from the gadget;
  • dry the gadget by placing it in a bag with dry rice for 2-3 days.

Drying of wet apparatus with rice is known to many. Some people have already become convinced of the effectiveness of this method. Rice is able to absorb moisture and reduce the consequences of an unpleasant incident. If your iPhone 10 gets wet, turn it off immediately, even if it’s working normally. The penetration of moisture cannot pass without leaving a trace for any electronic device. Next, you need to carefully remove the display module and disconnect the battery.

If you have never done such actions, then you should refrain, since careless actions can easily damage the motherboard. If you need to quickly neutralize the effects of water ingress, then feel free to go to specialists. Any damage to the board makes it non-repairable. over, in case of any contact with water, the iPhone must be cleaned of oxides.

It is also necessary to contact the specialists if, after three days of drying, the smartphone does not turn on, oxides and traces of corrosion have appeared on the internal parts. Sometimes there are situations when the iPhone turns on normally, but there is an interruption in its work. In this case, it will be necessary to carry out diagnostics in order to identify which element is out of order.

IPhone X Professional Repair

If the phone falls into water or water gets inside the iPhone 10, then the only correct solution will be to contact the Apple-Sapphire service center, which has been repairing and servicing iPhone technology since 2009. Timely competent assistance from professionals allows you to simplify the maintenance process, as well as reduce the cost of repair work. The sooner the client asks for help, the more chances that the electronics will work properly for many more years.

If you want to repair your iPhoneX smartphone and restore its normal functioning after getting wet, then our service center is ready to offer you our professional services. We provide:

  • a full range of services for the diagnosis of malfunctions, repair, maintenance of iPhone equipment;
  • qualified consulting support at a convenient time for the client;
  • convenient online application form;
  • affordable, unremarkable for iPhone X repair;
  • warranty for all work performed and used spare parts.

For consulting assistance or registration of an application, contact our employees at the specified contacts or use the simple online form that is presented on the website. The cost of our services is not overpriced and is acceptable for everyone. We never raise and try to make every possible effort to eliminate even the most complex breakdowns.

An iPhone that falls into the water can plunge the owner into despondency and panic. However, you should not be upset prematurely. And, of course, don’t rush to send your phone to the trash can. There is a real opportunity to return the device to working condition. If your iPhone falls into water, please follow the instructions below immediately.

Consequences of moisture getting inside the phone

There are frequent cases when the owner of a mobile phone accidentally drops it into water, or liquid is spilled onto the surface of the gadget. It can be a pool, a bathroom or a sink in the house, a puddle in the street. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules that will help to revive the phone and reduce the damage. Especially when it comes to expensive popular smartphones iPhone X.

The ingress of water into the gadget provokes complex breakdowns, which may require not only replacement of damaged parts, repairs, but also the purchase of a new device due to the complete failure of the mobile phone. To minimize risks, you need to act quickly.

If the iPhone 10 has been in the water for a long time, then the chances of salvation are almost zero. After such water procedures, you will need to incur serious costs, since you will need to pay for the replacement of the microcircuit, peripheral devices, RAM, processor. Determine the degree of damage to the elements of the smartphone can only be diagnosed. Even if the phone works normally after getting wet, this does not guarantee that it will work properly the next day.

What to do if iPhone falls into water?

If the iPhone is dropped in water, a proper “rescue operation” will avoid costly repairs. However, you need to understand: time is against you. The longer you delay contacting a service center, the more serious the consequences will be. A quick appeal to the master will allow you to reduce financial losses to a minimum.

Long-term exposure to moisture on the internal elements of an electronic device provokes the failure of individual parts, which means that the owner will have to pay for their replacement. Contact our service center Service-Apple.ru and we will take all the necessary steps to save your iPhone from moisture.

You can read more complete and detailed instructions at the link

First, a little theory about the battery

IPhone / iPod / iPad contains lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries provide longer battery life with less weight because lithium is the lightest metal. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can be charged at any time without having to wait until they are completely discharged, as was the case with the first mobile phones with nickel batteries.

In day-to-day use, keeping a lithium battery in good condition requires that the electrons in it be periodically in motion. To do this and to calibrate the battery indicator, it is necessary to carry out at least one recharging cycle per month (fully charging and then discharging the battery).

How to charge iPhone and what kind of chargers you can use

With the increase in the number of gadgets, the number of chargers increases. And if earlier only its own cable was suitable for almost every device, now many manufacturers have taken the path of unification, that is, charging has a USB output, and which cable to connect with which device is already the user’s choice. So the question arises: is it possible to take one charger and charge the iPhone, iPad, etc. without harm to the battery?

Charge iPhone from a computer using a USB cable

Another answer is how to charge an iPhone. plug the cable into the USB port of the computer. But first, it is advisable to figure out what USB ports your computer has.

Today they are equipped with three types: USB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0. The first and second are capable of providing 500 mA (2.5 W) current, while USB 3.0 is almost twice as much. up to 900 mA (5 W).

Charging times can vary greatly depending on the type of USB the phone is connected to. Accordingly, the iPhone takes a long time to charge from USB 1.0, almost twice as fast from USB 3.0. Distinguishing USB 3.0 from USB 1.0, 2.0 is simple:

How to charge iPhone with chargers

At the output, they provide different amperage.

Native iPhone chargers, Europe and Asia. At the exit they give. 5W (5V. 1A).

Chinese universal for travelers :. 2.5W (5V. 0.5A).

Universal charging from an e-book (the manufacturer recommends using only it in the instructions). 5W (5V. 1A).

Battery for emergency recharging of the device in the absence of an electrical network. 5W (5V. 1A).

Remembering the course of school physics, I can make the statement that the stronger the charging current, the shorter the battery life. By the way, lithium batteries are much more sensitive to excessive charging currents than nickel ones, and the faster the battery is charged, the fewer operating cycles it will have before the working capacity begins to decrease. It follows from this logic that you should not charge your iPhone with an iPad charger.

However, Apple’s website says that using a “native” USB cable and any iPad charger, you can charge your iPhone. Source.

The table also lists all power adapters and talks about the ability to connect the iPhone to an adapter that produces a higher current.

Charging with a lower current simply lengthens the charging time of the device.

macOS Big Sur 11.5 is Out!. What’s New?

It would seem, why is Apple not important about the strength of the incoming current into the device? Everything is very simple, the iPhone has a separate charge controller that regulates the charge current, so nothing terrible should happen.

Summarizing all of the above, for myself I made the following conclusion

It is better to use a different adapter for each device.

For iPhone, this is 1 amp adapter included. although if there is no time and you need to quickly recharge the device, you can use it from the iPad, though I personally am confused by the heating of the cable at the place of docking with the phone.

Firmware for iPhone-14.5 and 14.5.1

After months in beta, the next big update to iOS 14. iOS 14.5. is now available to install on your iPhone. And these are not the usual presets, bug fixes and security updates, but something more substantial. Let’s take a look at what the 14.5 update has to offer. As we noted in our iOS 14.5 review, this update brings the most significant software changes to Apple’s phone since the debut of iOS 14 in the fall. While you’ll see some minor software improvements here and there, iOS 14.5 is notable for introducing several important features that will change the way you use your phone in the long run.

The privacy changes related to app tracking highlight the improvements that iOS 14.5 has to offer, but this update isn’t just that. The new software gives you the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch, select advanced Siri voice options, and use the new Apple AirTag trackers. We researched iOS 14.5. both beta and production. to find the most important add-ons you can use now that the full update is out. Here are the main changes you’ll find in iOS 14.5.

iOS 14.5 was released on April 26 after two months of beta releases. The finished version is pretty stable. we were able to run it on the latest iPhones as well as older models like the original iPhone SE without any problems.

If you can run iOS 14 on your phone, iOS 14.5 will work too. As a reminder, you need an iPhone 6s or newer to download iOS 14.5. Apple followed iOS 14.5 with the hasty release of iOS 14.5.1. You should definitely upgrade to this version. fixing a couple of security bugs that Apple found in iPhone software.

We learned about the shortcomings of Face ID when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Face masks have confused Face ID sensors, which means that for the past year or so we’ve had to manually unlock our iPhones. Fortunately, Apple has found a workaround, although it does have one big caveat: you need an Apple Watch. Unlocking with Apple Watch is exactly that. What does it look like. Using an Apple wrist device, you can bypass Face ID to unlock your iPhone. This requires that both devices are in close proximity to each other, otherwise you will have to unlock the phone manually. The Apple Watch must also be unlocked in order for you to do this. With iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 installed on their respective devices, you can go to Settings under Face ID & Passcode. Keep in mind that you cannot use Unlock with Apple Watch to authenticate purchases from Apple Pay or the App Store. They will still require your face or password.

This is a great addition to this software update. IOS 14.5 adds new App Tracking Transparency Policies, a major change that Apple has been planning to release since the first announcement of iOS 14 last summer. Application developers such as. will need to ask for your permission to access your advertising ID. This identifier allows them to track you across apps and websites. An AdWeek report expects roughly two-thirds of iPhone users to take advantage of this feature, which could affect free iOS apps in particular. Some of these privacy features already exist in iOS 14, but 14.5 serves as the latest guideline for app developers to implement the new policy. Before apps are removed from the App Store

Now that iOS 14.5 is out, you’ll get a new popup asking if you want to allow the app to track you on every boot. You can also go to Settings to specify which apps may and may not track when you are using your phone. Apple is striving again for ease of use for the user. This is a huge step forward in privacy and we are delighted to see it come true. Please note that several users have reported an issue with app tracking transparency features. Where the option to require apps to ask for permission to track you is disabled rather than enabled by default. According to Apple, this happens to users with child accounts. when your Apple ID is managed by a school, or if you’ve recently set up an Apple ID. (Get Apple’s full explanation of how App Tracking Transparency works.) Here’s how you can prevent apps from tracking you with App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5.

In iOS 14.5, Apple Maps copies the popular key feature of Waze. The mapping application will use real drivers to collect information about road accidents, speed traps and other traffic hazards just like its main competitors. Maps now has a dedicated message button, available on both your phone and CarPlay. simple but effective. You can also report accidents, speed traps and hazards using your voice and Siri. a very important feature considering that no one should be distracted from the road. To mess with my iPhone. One feature that appeared in Maps during the iOS 14.5 beta but did not appear to make it into the final version is crowd data. The beta version of the iOS location services menu noted that launching certain apps when you are in a place of interest or business will anonymously send encrypted information that the Maps app can use to determine the number of people on a site at a given time. The idea is that ultimately Maps can show how crowded a place is during the day. However, it looks like Apple is still working on this feature.

It’s not just apps that Apple changed in iOS 14.5. None of the changes are huge, but they should make it easier to use native iOS 14 apps. The Podcasts app was highlighted during the Apple Spring Loaded event as part of Apple’s plan to introduce Apple Podcasts subscriptions in May. IOS 14.5 introduces a redesigned Show page to simplify playback controls and more control over downloadable episodes. The Up Next screen has more menu options for managing podcast episodes and sharing downloads.

As for other apps, you can now sort tasks in Reminders by priority, date and other factors; you can also print your to-do list. Finally, the News app now has a dedicated search tab, and Apple News Plus subscribers get a redesigned tab to help them find new content.

First, the bad news: you still can’t set the default app for music services like you can for email and browsing. Apple confirmed this during the iOS 14.5 beta. But over time, you can teach Siri your favorite apps. When you tell Siri to play a song without specifying an app, you’ll be presented with a list of possible apps; just click on the one you want to use. Over time, Siri will be able to find out your preferences to the point that it will no longer ask.

Speaking of the changes to Siri, iOS 14.5 introduces a couple. One of the most notable changes. or, to be precise, one of the most audible. is the addition of two new voice options in the American English section of Siri’s preferences. The idea is to foster inclusiveness and give users a better chance of choosing a voice they know. Just open the Settings app and select Siri & Search. Siri’s voice menu now has four options in American English, with options 2 and 3 being new options. (Here’s our detailed guide on how to activate the new Siri voice options in iOS 14.5.) In addition to the new voices, Siri will no longer default to a female voice in the future. Instead, you will be prompted to select a voice when setting up your new iPhone. This feature is unlikely to affect iPhone users who are simply upgrading to iOS 14.5; rather, it looks like this feature will be activated the next time you buy a new iPhone from Apple.

Apple AirTags: Hands-on with the tiny tracker

IOS 14.5 adds a new feature designed to make it easier to determine if your iPhone’s battery is underperforming. A new battery health recalibration tool aims to correct “inaccurate estimates in battery health reports.” It looks like this feature will work automatically in order to more accurately display the maximum battery capacity of your phone. If this capacity has dropped, this is usually a sign that you need to replace the battery. From the Apple support document, battery recalibration currently only works on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is unclear if the finished version will be distributed to other iPhone models. Hopefully this will happen as beta testers have announced more battery life since this feature was introduced.

While the PS5 and Xbox Series X remain in short supply, you can still easily get your hands on one of the new controllers. If you have a Playstation 5 DualSense or Xbox Series X controller | S, you will be able to connect it to your iPhone in iOS 14.5.


iOS 14.5 includes AirPlay 2 support for Apple Fitness Plus, which means you can stream your workouts to any AirPlay 2-compatible display. Keep in mind that Apple Watch metrics won’t show up on the big screen. You will need to view these data points on your iPhone or iPad.

Dual SIM iPhone users can use 5G worldwide on iOS 14.5 with the iPhone 12 series. Dual-SIM means you can have two separate maintenance mowing lines on one device. This is great for people who keep their work and personal affairs separate, or for international travel. Now that iOS 14.5 is out, both SIMs have 5G full speed access.

Here’s a piece of iOS 14.5 that directly impacts AirTag, Apple’s new key finder tool. Find My adds AirTag support, which allows you to track the location of various things installed on your new Apple device. IPhone 11 and 12 users will be able to use Precision Finding, a tracking feature that works with the ultra-wideband sensor in these phones to more accurately guide you to a missing item. Starting with iOS 14.5, iPhone users can find their PowerBeats Pro headphones using the Apple Find My app. Wireless earbuds connect to several other products that support the Find My app, including iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, and Airpods. Users will be able to play sound from PowerBeats Pro to locate the buds. Finally, to prevent people from abusing AirTag to track someone against their will, iOS 14.5 offers what was called “anti-harassment” during the beta testing process. You will receive an alert on your iPhone if an unrecognized AirTag tries to track your location. As good as these efforts are, the anti-retaliation feature is in the form of some worrying loopholes. most notably delayed warnings. Users who are not using iOS 14.5 i.e. Android users with AirTag can also be tracked.

Here’s another feature that Apple confirmed at the Spring Loaded event as the company addresses one of the disadvantages of the Apple Card credit card. Until now, there has been no way to e Apple Card between multiple family members. This creates a headache if you want all your expenses and balances under one roof. Get ready for Apple Card Family features in iOS 14.5. As we saw in the beta, you will be able to use iCloud Family Sharing to give other people access to your Apple Card. You can give them full account access if you want them to have access to balances and expense history, or you can simply restrict this access so they can use the card for purchases.

iOS 14.5 has yet to be out before Apple made the iOS 14.6 beta available to its beta program members. Unlike iOS 14.5 and a lot of changes, iOS 14.6 looks more like a debug version. The most notable change we’ve seen so far is a feature that allows beta program members to decide whether to upgrade to iOS 14.6 or continue using iOS 14.5. This is all in preparation for Apple’s next major software update, iOS 15, which will debut later this year, most likely in the fall. However, we will get a quick glimpse of what Apple has planned for next month during the Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple will definitely unveil iOS 15.

As you can see, iOS 14.5 is a pretty significant update. If you’ve been using iOS 14, there’s no reason not to update and enjoy the many new benefits that are part of this update (though be sure to update to iOS 14.5.1 to get the necessary security fixes). And if you were worried about adding iOS 14 to your compatible phone, now is the time to take the leap.

MyCloudStore recommends using the new firmware. Since this time it really does bring significant improvements.

Who else is in danger

Apple sent out warnings only to iPhone 5 owners, but users of other outdated gadgets of the company may also be under attack. These include the iPhone 4S, the second, third, and fourth generation iPad, and the first generation compact iPad mini. For these devices, Apple has released iOS version 9.3.6. Additionally, Apple noted that the GPS issue does not affect iPod touch players or older iPads that only support Wi-Fi and do not include a cellular modem.

The Apple website has published detailed instructions on how to update the firmware to the required version using an over-the-air update. Those who do not have time to install the necessary patch before November 3, 2019 will have to use the update method by connecting a smartphone or tablet via a cable to a computer.

What is the reason

The need to install iOS 10.3.4 on the iPhone 5 is associated with a problem with the geolocation (GPS) operation found in older versions of the system, due to which many applications that synchronize the time using the navigation system cannot function normally. The problem is that in iOS itself, the time is also automatically adjusted via GPS, but due to the fact that there is a certain limitation in the time counting system, which Apple does not cover in detail, after November 3, 2019, the smartphone will start setting the incorrect time. As a result, this error in the system will turn off GPS in the smartphone, and therefore the Safari browser, which needs to synchronize the time, will stop working.

Smartphones without GPS

Apple has warned all owners of iPhone 5 smartphones to update iOS to the latest available version. This must be done as soon as possible, literally within a few days, otherwise smartphones will automatically lose a significant part of the most important functions and turn almost into players.

You need to update iPhone 5 firmware to version 10.3.4. Apple released this update in early October 2019 and it is available for download over the air. The patch should be installed before November 3, 2019. after this date, automatic installation will be impossible, and you will have to use other, less simple methods of updating the software.

The problem is not massive

A minimum number of users will face the problem of disabling half of the main functions, although Apple does not specify exactly how many users are under attack. This is due to three aspects.

First of all, the warning sent out by Apple contains a list of features to be disabled soon, which should push users to update the system on their smartphone. Further, the iPhone 5 itself was released more than seven years ago, in September 2012, and its production was discontinued a year later, at the beginning of autumn 2013.The device is not supported for a long time. fresh versions of iOS are no longer available on it, and the update 10.3.4 was his last.

The third aspect is the total number of Apple mobile devices running on older firmware versions. According to Apple itself, as of October 2019, of all its mobile gadgets, iOS devices below version 12 account for no more than 7%, and this number also includes devices based on the widespread iOS 11.

By the way, the iPhone 5 is the penultimate Apple smartphone at the time of the publication of the material, the support of which has officially ended. The last to go out of order was its successor, the iPhone 5S. in September 2019, Apple released iOS 13, which cannot be installed on this 2013 model. The latest version available for it is 12.4.2, and it went on sale with iOS 7.0.