Wifi iPhone 4 not turning on

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If Wi-Fi does not work on your iPhone, do not rush to take the device to a service center. First, try to fix the problem yourself. As soon as there is a problem connecting to the wireless network, reboot the device and reset the settings. There are also other Wi-Fi troubleshooting methods that depend on the reason the problem occurred.

The main causes of the malfunction

If you often surf the Internet, the quality of wireless reception is very important. Therefore, when Wi-Fi stopped working in the iPhone (does not catch the network, freezes or works at a poor speed), this can become a very unpleasant problem. You can try to restore the device yourself or take the help of experienced professionals.

There are reasons why Wi-Fi might stop working on iPhone:

  • hardware breakdown
  • software failure
  • random reset
  • mechanical damage to the device
  • moisture inside the smartphone

Software failure and flown network settings can be easily fixed by yourself.

Signs of Wai Failures

To understand that there are problems in the work of Wi-Fi is quite simple. If Wi-Fi does not work very fast, perhaps the problem is not in the smartphone, but in the router. Therefore, first check that the settings of the router are correct.

Wifi iPhone 4 not turning on

The following symptoms indicate a Wai-Fault:

  • the device does not catch the network
  • smartphone does not connect to access point
  • Wi-Fi icon is grayed out
  • Wi-Fi freezes after a short period of time
  • Mobile Internet button does not turn on, Wi-Fi connection
  • Internet does not work well (low speed)
  • network settings failed

Of course, Apple’s technology passes rigorous testing in production, but some users notice that even the new iPhone does not catch Wi-Fi. Fixing a software glitch is much simpler than the hardware reason that Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone. In any case, the troubleshooting method depends on the type and complexity of the breakdown.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to a software failure

It happens that Wi-Fi freezes and malfunctions due to system errors. Often the cause is a software failure after updating the operating system. However, there are other programmatic reasons due to which Wifi does not work very fast or does not turn on at all.

If the iPhone has stopped functioning normally, doesn’t work well or Wifi doesn’t turn on at all, the button doesn’t turn on, the icon turns gray or you find other signs of a malfunction, try the following:

  • reboot the router
  • if rebooting the router did not help, make a forced reboot of the mobile device
  • if Wi-Fi does not work or freezes, update the operating system
  • install antivirus, maybe iPhone is infected
  • try connecting mobile internet

If the performed steps did not help, and the Wi-Fi in the Apple mobile phone did not work, the problem is most likely in the hardware. The reasons for such breakdowns are quite diverse, ranging from breaking contacts with the motherboard and the failure of the power button loop, and ending with the breakdown of the module.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to a hardware failure

The hardware malfunction is not related to the OS firmware or malware. This problem is quite unpleasant. Incorrectly performed repairs can affect not only the work of Wi-Fi, but also other functions of the iPhone smartphone.

On the Internet you can find such methods of self-repairing the Wai-Fi hardware:

  • warm the iPhone turned on with a hairdryer at maximum power level. if a warning about an extremely high temperature level appears on the smartphone screen, immediately stop heating and reboot the device
  • if Wifi still doesn’t work, try putting the iPhone in the refrigerator for no more than 15 minutes, then reboot your smartphone

These methods are quite simple, but they are not always suitable, so if you are not sure about the correct actions, it’s better not to do anything until you disassemble the device.

How to repair a gadget by first disassembling it

If the functions of the smartphone do not work well or have not recovered at all, disassemble the device using special tools and try to determine what the problem is.

To disassemble Apple smartphones, usually two screwdrivers are sufficient (a regular Phillips screwdriver and one specialized for smartphones). Having prepared the tools, perform the following steps in stages:

  • unscrew the fasteners and remove the front cover of the iPhone
  • find the Wi-Fi module (1 x 1 cm square covered with a thin film)
  • carefully remove the protective coating using tweezers
  • slowly, at an angle of 90 degrees, start heating the module with a hairdryer, carefully directing hot air to the board
  • evenly drive a hairdryer around the perimeter of the Wi-Fi module
  • after heating the board, press it to the contacts, fix the square with a small piece of cardboard
  • wait until the components have cooled completely and turn on the iPhone

After such actions, Wi-Fi usually begins to function stably, but there were situations in which the owners of smartphones found additional malfunctions.

Such a nuisance can happen with any iPhone model, therefore, if Wi-Fi does not work, and you do not know what exactly the problem is (in a software malfunction, in the module, power and volume buttons, or other hardware elements), you doubt the success of the independent repair, use the services of qualified professionals.

Professional recovery of iPhone with wireless networks

Using the Yudu website, you can quickly find your nearest iPhone service provider. An experienced wizard will immediately arrive at the specified address in order to diagnose the device, determine the cause of the malfunction and repair Wai-Fai.

Ordering the services of certified professionals registered on the Yudu website is beneficial for many reasons:

  • no time wasted going to the service center
  • work is done in your presence
  • For iPhone repair, only high-quality components and spare parts are used
  • the master brings with him all the necessary equipment and tools
  • the specialist provides a guarantee for the work performed

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