Wifi Doesn’t Work On Samsung TV

YouTube does not work on the TV? Some users are faced with a similar situation. Let’s explore the possible causes and solutions to the problem.

Why YouTube doesn’t work on Smart TV?

YouTube is the largest hosting service at the moment. There are several reasons for the popularity of the site:

  1. It is absolutely free for users.
  2. Everyone can uploads.
  3. Bloggers get a number of ways to monetize.
  4. A paid subscription is provided, which allows you to remove ads and gain access to additional materials.
  5. Released applications for mobile devices and TVs.
  6. YouTube can be a full replacement for TV shows.
  7. The site provides content for every taste.
  8. Service is gradually developing and getting better over time.
  9. He attracted many “creators”, and the quality of the content is improving every year.
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For smart TVs, a special YouTube client is provided. It allows you to comfortably views and no need to use a browser for this purpose.

But why YouTube does not work on the TV? If you have problems with the application, you need to find the reason. We list the possible options:

Wifi Doesn't Work On Samsung TV

YouTube does not work on Samsung TV

On Samsung TVs, the problems with YouTube are mainly related to the refusal to support older models. In 2017, Google announced that all devices released before 2012 can no longer be used to watchs in the official app.

What does this mean? Just that YouTube will no longer work on devices released before 2012. This restriction cannot be circumvented, the company has changed standards and the official application is not available.

On LG TVs, the application sometimes disappears after updating the firmware. Solving this problem is simple:

Sony Bravia

What to do? Do not try to reset the settings or perform a flashing; checked, this does not help. The only option is to broadcast the signal from another source or start the movie in the browser.

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On Philips TVs, the problem is also related to updating the standards. In the new version of the software, the manufacturer added support to ensure the stable operation of the YouTube application.

But keep in mind that some TVs do not support new standards. Therefore, for owners of such devices, the application becomes completely inaccessible.

Try updating the TV firmware to the latest version. If your device supports the implemented standards, then you can continue to use the application and views in the official client.

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How to return YouTube if it’s lost on smart TV?

If YouTube disappeared on the TV as a result of the refusal to support old devices, then it will not be possible to return the application. Do not waste time updating, resetting and other manipulations.

What to do if YouTube does not work on the TV?

If YouTube stopped working and it is impossible to restore its functioning, then you can use an alternative option. Of course, these are “crutches,” and such a way of watchings is not so convenient. But the owners of old TVs have no alternatives.

  • Download the streaming app from another device. On Samsung, it is called TV Cast.
  • Download @ TV Cast Samsung TV-HD Movie Streaming to your smartphone.
  • Connect devices to the same network.
  • In the application on the smartphone, start broadcasting the signal.
  • The ip-address will appear on the screen, it must be entered in the program on the TV.
  • After the connection is established, go to the YouTube website and start the.
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If your TV has a browser, then the task is simplified. It is enough to go into the application and proceed to the YouTube site. On the page, select a movie and click on the start playback button.