Wi-Fi won’t connect on LG TV


If the TV does not pick up Wi-Fi well, what should I do? The equipment is being rebooted to correct the incorrect performance of functions. Re-enabling the device requires its obligatory disconnection from the local grid. Most receivers need to be additionally disconnected from electricity. for 15. 20 seconds.

After rebooting the equipment, they wait a similar time. before starting again. This approach allows you to start a new session and completely close the previous one. Violation of the rule will not allow the settings to be reset, and the equipment will continue to work under the old parameters.

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Restart menu

DNS errors

Problems interfere with direct Internet connection, the fix does not affect the services of the hardware manufacturer. You can find out information through the technical support service of the provider. The second method is open servers of Yandex or Google services.

To use the latter, you need to register the main IP-server “”, and the secondary. “”.

Important! If it is impossible to specify an additional address, then only the main status is entered in the information field.

Change the connection method

The use of WPS technology is relevant when manually entering a password. The function helps to quickly connect the TV set to the Internet. Activation takes place both on the TV and on the distributor. To execute the algorithm, just find the corresponding key on the body of the device or use the control panel.

Why the TV does not see Wi-Fi

There are several sources of problems leading to the inoperability of the Internet. The main thing is the lack of Smart TV functionality. Sometimes the question is related to the parameters of the TV or router, which also will not allow you to be included in the broadcasting band. In the latter case, the distributor will not be visible to any gadget, and in the first. only to the TV receiver.

Smart TV firmware update

Changing the software does not require complex tasks. The procedure is the same as for any Smart TV receiver:

  • After formatting the flash card into the “FAT32” system, a folder is created on it and called “LG_DTV“.
  • Download the update from the manufacturer’s official website and transfer it to a USB flash drive (in a folder).
  • After unpacking the file, the card is inserted into the TV receiver.
  • The system automatically recognizes the new software version and suggests making changes. After confirming the action, the update process will start.
  • Until the process is completely completed and the TV receiver is turned off on its own, it is strictly forbidden to remove the flash card. If the rules are violated, the system may completely crash and no longer respond to commands.

For the updates to take effect, you need to return the device to the factory settings. The procedure is performed through the subsection “reset settings”.

For reference! The instructions for the equipment detail information on self-flashing the TV.

Wi-Fi won’t turn on on LG TV

If the TV does not see Wi-Fi, then restarting the receiver will help fix the situation. In the absence of the expected effect, the question arises of the inoperability of the adapter. The problem is solved by contacting a service center and subsequent repair.

TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Why does the Internet still not work on the TV: when the message “wrong password” or “connection failed” appears on the screen, you need to do a little debugging:

  • Reboot the hardware.
  • Double-check the entered password is correct.
  • Try to connect other devices (phone, laptop) to the broadcasting band, and the TV to an extraneous signal source. a smartphone standing on the distribution, etc.
  • Check the settings or move the distributor closer to the TV receiver.
  • Disable WPS.

Important! If the TV still does not connect to Wi-Fi after the events, you need to contact the specialists.

LG Smart TV won’t Connect to Wifi Fix it Now

LG TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi

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To update the firmware, follow these steps:

  • log into the official website of the brand;
  • drive in the name of the model of the device;
  • redirected to the “Support” sub-item;
  • open the “Software” tab;
  • the newest option is selected from the presented list;
  • download software to a laptop or computer;
  • a new folder is created on the screen, where the downloaded file is sent;
  • the folder is copied to the drive, after which it is inserted into the corresponding slot of the device;
  • confirm the process of updating the program after a request by the system.

How to connect correctly?

The reasons for the lack of connection of the smart TV to the Internet may lie in the incorrect connection. To avoid such a problem, the connection should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

LG Smart TV WIFI Connection Issues (SOLVED)

To set up a WI-FI connection, proceed as follows:

  • turn on the router;
  • enter the TV menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” subsection;
  • click on the inscription “Network settings”;
  • in the “Connection Type” section, put a checkmark against the inscription “Wireless connection”;
  • select the desired network and click on the “Next” button;
  • enter the password, after which they wait for the connection and confirm the actions by clicking on the “OK” button.

After that, you can go to the Internet from the receiver. If the connection to WI-FI failed, then there is a problem. Internet access can only be obtained if the malfunction is identified and eliminated.

The following video describes how to connect to the Internet via cable and WI-FI:

Using a cable connection

A breakdown of the radio module in the TV is the main reason why the previous tips may not help to solve the problem. If you have tried all the ways to solve the difficulties with WI-FI, most likely there is a malfunction at the hardware level. It is recommended to take the device to a service center. Within the warranty period, the replacement of the WI-FI module will be performed free of charge.

If it is not possible to take the device to a workshop, you can use a cable connection. To do this, plug one end of the power cord into the “LAN” port on the router, and connect the other to the TV. Routers usually have 2-4 Ethernet outputs, you can use any of them to connect a TV.

Finding problems with a WI-FI router

If you are having difficulty connecting to a wireless network, the router settings may be incorrect. To change them, go to the control panel. Click the DHCP tab and make sure the DHCP server is enabled and working properly. Disabling it will not automatically assign a local IP address to the TV and other network devices. Normal routing and internet access will not be possible.

Check the “Security” tab in the router settings. If client MAC filtering is enabled, disable it. On routers ASUS, TP-Link, D-Link, Huawei and some other manufacturers, the MAC address of any device can be whitelisted. In the future, the connections of devices from this list will not be blocked, so the normal operation of WI-FI on the TV will be restored.

The MAC address of Smart TV is specified in the settings. The exact path differs depending on the brand, on most TVs of popular manufacturers, the necessary information is in the menu:

  • Samsung: “Support. Contact Samsung. Arrow to down. Wireless MAC “.
  • LG: “Setting. Support. Product Information “.
  • Philips: “Installation. Manual network configuration. View network settings. Start”.

Important! After adding MAC address of Smart TV to the “white list” or changing other parameters of the router, restart it. To do this, use the menu item “System” or “System Tools”. You can also use the power button on the case or temporarily disconnect the device from the outlet.

Manual data entry

If Smart TV does not connect to WI-FI, you can try to enter data for connection manually. What do we have to do:

  • We need to get to the Smart TV menu;
  • Now our goal is the parameters of the WI-FI connection;
  • Select the manual mode for entering settings;
  • in the column “IP-address” enter the corresponding values;
  • in the column “Subnet mask” designate which part of the corresponding address will be used for users of the home network;
  • in the “Gateway” column indicate the address of the router.


If the receiver does not connect to WI-FI, then it is recommended to reboot the router and the TV itself. To do this, remove the TV plug from the socket and put it back in a few seconds. The router is also turned off. After 20 seconds, the device is turned on. During this time, the Internet session will be interrupted and you can try to connect to the network.

Determining the health of the built-in Wi-Fi module

Before you start looking for the reasons why your Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you need to check the availability of this feature on the device you are using. To do this, just read the instructions attached to the TV.

For your information! If the provisions of the user manual do not indicate the presence of a wireless network module, you will have to purchase a special device yourself to gain access to television. It looks like a standard-sized flash drive and connects via a USB connector.

If the module is installed, but still the TV does not see Wi-Fi, it will be necessary to diagnose this element of the device. For this you need:

  • check if the router itself is working. It is enough to set up a connection to the router of any smartphone, laptop or other similar device. If there is a network on the phone, and the files are loaded without problems, then the problem is not in the equipment;
  • check serviceability through the TV menu. Depending on the device model, the available options may vary, but in most cases, you need to go to the “Support” section and pay attention to the position in which the MAC address is registered. If the communication module is faulty, this line contains dashes, zeros and other symbols.

It looks like an external adapter for wireless connection

Note! If your LG TV does not see the Wi-Fi network due to a broken element, you will not be able to fix it on your own. In such circumstances, to resolve the problem, you will have to contact specialists.

The TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi router, but it sees the network

Modern TVs allow not only receiving and playing special radio signals, but also have a number of other options, which significantly expands the functionality of the devices. One of them is the ability to access the global network, through which you can access multimedia content from the Internet. The connection can be made via a wireless router, which makes it convenient to use the option. However, due to the imperfection of the technology, problems may periodically arise, some of which the user can solve on their own.

Clarification of how far the TV is from the Wi-Fi router

It is important to understand that you can connect equipment via Wi-Fi in a fairly limited radius. If there is a long distance between the router and the TV, the signal will be weak or completely absent. The radius in which the network operates is also affected by the presence of:

  • walls (especially load-bearing);
  • furniture;
  • other radio devices.

All of them contribute to a significant attenuation of the signal. You can check the distance at which the TV connected to the router will work without problems using your smartphone. Also, before installing the equipment, it is recommended to initially determine the place where the signal is strong enough.

Important! If the Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi for this reason, to solve the problem, you just need to move the router closer to the device.

Updating the TV’s firmware

Another reason why the TV does not see the Wi-Fi signal is an outdated version of the device software. You can solve it by updating the TV firmware using two options.

The first method involves connecting the TV to the router using a cable. via a LAN-wire, because to install a new version of the software, you will need to have access to the corresponding resources on the Internet. In this case, the process runs automatically.

The second option involves updating via an external drive, for example, downloading the software to a USB flash drive and connecting to a TV for a successful installation. You can get the necessary files through the official website of the equipment manufacturer. However, it should be borne in mind that this method is not suitable for every model.

Firmware update via standard TV menu

Note! When updating the firmware, it is important not to disconnect the equipment from the mains, otherwise the files may be installed with disruptions, which will lead to the inoperability of the TV.

Resetting network settings on the TV

One of the most obvious and simple options that can be used to solve the error with access to the network is to reset the settings to factory defaults. However, it is recommended to use it as a last resort, if all other methods did not help with the elimination of the problem. It is important to understand that all early settings set by the user will be reset.

To reset the TV, you need to go to the TV menu and select the item “Reset factory settings”. After that, the equipment reboots, the TV turns on, and the user will have to re-configure all the functionality for himself: set the access password, specify the IP settings, prescribe the subnet mask, determine the screen frequency in hertz, etc.