Wi-Fi router enter the ASUS settings.

How to set up asus router yourself

High.quality electronics are produced under the ASUS brand. ASUS routers are in demand in the market. These are multifunctional devices that do a great job of tasks. Today we will consider how to set up an asus router.

High.quality electronics for the Internet in a private house are produced under the ASUS brand. It is suitable for various kinds of activities. The manufacturer offers a reliable and functional set of equipment for the Internet. ASUS routers for the Internet in Mozhaisk are in demand on the market. These are multifunctional devices that do a great job of tasks. Today we will consider how to set up an asus router.

Brief review of the ASUS router

The manufacturer produces routers in a wide model line. Each device is equipped with many useful functions. Almost all ASUS brand devices have identical characteristics. Devices are delivered in a beautifully designed packaging of cardboard. The devices themselves are usually decorated in dark colors.

On the package, the manufacturer prints the name of the model and demonstrates the product itself.

Standard equipment is as follows:

  • directly the router itself;
  • antennas for independent installation;
  • user manual;
  • power unit;
  • Ethernet wire.

You can figure it out on your own. The text of the instructions is set out in many languages, in Russian inclusive. Additional information about the router can be found on the official resource of the manufacturer.

Many ASUS models have a stylish design. By working characteristics, they can be two.band and three.band. Some devices are equipped with gigabit ports. Due to the presence of powerful dual.core processors, the device works stably.

Installation of the connection with the router.

You have already connected the router to the device (computer, laptop)? If so, then proceed to the next step. And if not, then let’s see how to connect to the ASUS router. We will use the connection on the network cable (since it is the most reliable).

We take out the cable from the kit to the router and insert one end into the connector with the inscription of the LAN router, and the other end to your PC or laptop. There is another Wan connector on the router, do not try to insert the cable into it. If the cable is already connected to the WAN connector, then you can not turn it off, it will not affect our process. Make sure that the power of the router is connected, pay attention to the indicator on the case.

Will connect to the ASUS router by Wi-Fi connection is quite simple. If you have never done this before, it will be useful to get acquainted with this article before. The new router at the first launch will immediately broadcast the wireless network. By default, the name of this network is “asus”, but there is no password. To connect to the Wi-Fi network, just select its name and press the “Connection” button on your computer.

Transition to a router Web

Well, the connection with the router is installed. The next step we open any browser and indicate in the address bar “192.168.one.1 “, click and go to the address. For the ASUS router, setting up for the first time, a village with a quick setup master will open. If problems arise with the opening of the node 192.168.one.1, read the article: 192.168.one.1 entrance to the router via admin-dmin.

In the window of authorization of the router, by default, the login is “admin” and the password. “admin”. This information can be read by the label below on the router case. If for some reason you do not know the password (it was previously changed by someone, it may have been successfully forgotten by you), and the standard ones are not suitable, you need to drop the settings of the router. To reset the router settings, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds, the button is located on the router.Problems when accessing the router control panel and ways to solve them.

When trying to connect to the router control panel, users sometimes have problems at different stages of work. Someone does not manage to establish the connection of the router with the device, and someone does not open the page itself in the browser. A single recipe for solving all the problems that arise among users does not exist. Consider the main ways to solve the problems of access to the router control panel.

Firstly, you need to understand the router to connect to the device. To do this, check the receipt of IP when connecting via cable or Wi-Fi connection. If the IP automatic receipt is installed, check if everything is in order with the cable itself (try to pull it out of the connectors and insert it again, replace it with another cable) or check the connection by Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes the problem lies in the simply disabled power of the router, see the indicator on the case. If you can’t connect through the cable with the router, then try to do it by Wi-Fi connection. And if you tried to connect via Wi-Fi with a connection, then try, on the contrary, use the cable.

If the problem after the above manipulations has not been solved, then perhaps one of the ways from the article “what to do if it does not enter the settings of the router for or 192.168.one.one?”. You can try to connect to the router from another device. Another way is to reset the settings on the router. After that, try to go to address 192 again.168.one.one. Try to use for entering the router.

You can write about all your problems in connecting the ASUS router control panel in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Let’s try to figure it out and be sure to help you.

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Features of laptop connection

Small models of laptops may have no LAN port, so it is impossible to connect them using the wired connection. In such a situation, there is nothing left to be able to drive the devices on Wi-Fi.

To perform this operation, you need to go on a laptop into the section of wireless installations, find the ASUS network and connect to it using a password. The sequence of secret characters can be detected on the lower plane of the router on the sticker.

If the number for connecting the router was changed and forgotten or was not known, as, for example, when buying a used device, then you will need to reset the installation of the device to factory values. To do this, click on the corresponding reset button located on the device case.

How to open settings

ASUS router settings can only be changed in the web-integent device. To open a page where it will be possible to enter the necessary values ​​for the router, it is enough to turn on the computer and start any Internet browser. If earlier the computer connection with the router was carried out correctly, then in the address line it is necessary to enter the IP address of the router, which can also be found on the body of the device. If IP could not be found, then instead of the digital value the following address should be indicated: “Router.Asus.com “.

On the new page opened, you need to enter the user name and password. By default, the standard values ​​for both fields are both values ​​of “Admin”, but if the used device and password are purchased, and the login from the ASUS router should be dropped, then the values ​​of the router parameters to factory values ​​using the Reset button, located on the case of this device, should be dropped.

After entering the entry and pressing the Sing In.in.click, the user gets to the ASUS router settings page.

Setting a Wi-Fi network

To connect Wi-Fi, the following actions are required:

  • In the web-integrator of the ASUS router, you need to select “Wireless Network” in the menu.
  • Then you should set the name in the “SSID” field. The name will be seen when connecting various digital devices to it. It is recommended to choose a sequence of characters on Latin, which will be easily recognized even if there is a large number of connections in the reception range.
  • At the final stage of the installation of new parameters in the “channel width” field, you should specify: 20/40/80 mHz.

Asus Router Control Outside With Remote Management Access Enable। Remote management enable For asus

For most modifications of the ASUS router, these settings are enough, but to make the connection safer, it is recommended to change the password necessary for connecting devices.

Password setting

To install the password, you need to perform actions in the same section “Wireless Network”:

  • Go to the “Transfer Verment Method”. From the list, select the option “WPA2-Personal”.
  • In the “Preliminary Key key” line, come up with a complex password that it will not be easy for people who want to connect to Wi-Fi without permission.
  • When connecting a computer with a router via Wi-Fi, you will need to re-connect to the router.

Setting up Internet connection

To make the Internet connection, you will need to configure access to the World Wide Web. For this purpose, you will need to use the data provided by the provider. Installation of router parameters for the Internet is also carried out in the web-intake program. Depending on the type of connection, the sequence of actions may vary slightly.

PPPOE settings

Many Internet providers providing their services in the federation use PPPOE protocol. In order to configure the connection of this type, you will need to go through the next chain of actions:

  • Go to the “Internet” section.
  • In the line “Type WAN-Divorce” select “PPPOE”.
  • Then, in the fields “get IP address WAN automatically” and “connect to the DNS server automatically”, it should be noted “yes”.
  • Below you will need to enter an account for access to the service of the provider. this is the user name and password. These data can be found in the contract that was concluded between an individual or organization and the supplier of Internet services.
  • After making changes using the PPPOE protocol, you must click the “apply” button.

PPTP setting

If it is known that the Internet provider provides Internet access through the PPTP protocol, then you need to make changes:

  • Go to the “Internet” section.
  • Next, click on the following line called “type WAN-DECRIP” and set the value “PPTP”.
  • Then, in the fields “get the IP address WAN automatically” and “connect to the DNS server automatically” should be set “yes”.
  • Next, you will need to enter account parameters. User name and password for access to the services of the Internet provider are indicated in the contract that is concluded between the provider and an individual or organization.
  • For the correct operation of the connection, it will also be necessary to enter the address in the VPN field, at which the entire Internet traffic will be redirected. This information can also be found on the pages of the contract concluded with the provider.
  • In the “Host name” field, it is necessary to come up with and introduce any sequence of Latin symbols.
  • After making all the necessary settings, click the “apply” button.

Setting 2 L2TP

Setting up a router to work through the L2TP protocol is carried out in a similar way. As when making the changes described above, the following actions must be performed:

  • Go to the “Internet” section.
  • Then you should choose the type of connection WAN. “L2TP”.
  • In the fields where it is necessary to note the automatic receipt of the IP address and the DNS address, you should put “yes”.
  • Then the user name and the password received from the provider are necessarily indicated.
  • At the next stage, “VPN server” is prescribed. This value can be obtained if you call the operator’s Support or find this redirection address in the contract.
  • The “host name” should be indicated, which should consist of any sequence of Latin letters.
  • To preserve the entered parameters, press the “apply” button.

Password setting on the router integration

If outsiders can use the computer, on which the ASUS router settings were introduced, then you can install a password to protect the router integration. For this purpose, the following actions must be carried out:

ASUS admense at the address 192.168.one.one

Where to get the address that is prescribed in the address bar of the browser for access to the settings? It is indicated on the building of the router itself. Here:

Wireless or wired router

Wireless routers (t.e. Wi-Fi support devices do not require the use of any special equipment for their configuration. There is enough smartphone, tablet, laptop or even Smart-TV-any device that can connect to Wi-Fi network. Wended routers can only be configured from a computer and for this you will need to prepare a network cable (as a rule, it is attached to the ruteer, but any) is suitable at all).

Entrance to the settings of ASUS wireless routers

It is enough to take a few simple steps to enter the Roter Support Cettlements menu.

When you turn on the wireless router in the “Wi-Fi” section (on the phone, laptop, etc.D.) a new connection will appear. If the router has just been purchased, then the name of the Wi-Fi network will have approximately the following view-“asus-“, where “” is the number of the device model or any set of characters. The network will be open, t.e. You do not need to use any passwords to connect to it (if it is still present, go to the step).

Open any browser (Opera, Google Chrome and T.D.). IP addresses must be entered into the address line, according to which the router is being connected. This address can be written on the back of the device, if not, we look at the instructions. If it is not there, enter the standard line (set by default with new routers) IP address-“192.168.one.1 “, then press the input. When the browser appears in the window of the type “, it was not possible to open the site” go to step 4.

If you managed to go to the address, a dialog box will be displayed in the browser with a request to enter a login and password. By silence it is “admin/admin” (both login and password are the same). After clicking on the OK button, the Web-Inteatheis (aka Settings) of the router should open. If this does not happen (incorrect login or password), go to step 3.

Step 3-Wi-Fi network requires a password, incorrect login/password for a router Web-integer.

With an incorrect password for the Wi-Fi network, you will need to either return all the settings to the factory values ​​(t.to. Carry out settings), or configure the router when using a network cable (as in the case of wired devices). There is a password for changing the password on our website. The latter will be discussed in more detail. To reset the settings (both the password to Wi-Fi and the Login/Password from the Web-Inteate) you need to do the following:

  • Find the inscription “Reset”, “Reset” or “Restore” on the router’s case.
  • A button or a hole with a button inside will be located next to the inscription.
  • You need to click on the button (if the hole is using a thin object) and hold it for about 8-10 seconds.
  • When holding the button, all the LEDs on the front panel of the router light up at the same time, and then go out. this will mean that the discharge is completed.
  • If the reset was not followed, you can try to turn off and then turn on the device without releasing the “Reset” buttons.

A detailed article on resetting the ASUS router settings is posted at the link.

After reset, all actions from 1 and 2 steps should be performed.

Step 4-Error entry into the Web-Inteatheis via IP address by default.

This can happen for various reasons. The most common ones, of which-the computer enters the network via VPN service or browser works through a proxy server. To solve the problem, it is enough to turn off the VPN and/or proxy. Also, the error may be due to the fact that the factory IP address of the router has been changed. Solution. reset the settings or determine the current IP device. For this (for example, Windows 10):

  • Open the “control panel” through the Start menu.
  • Go to the “Network and Internet” section.
  • Next. “Networks Management Center”.
  • On the left side of the newly opened window, go to the “Change of adapter parameters” section.
  • Find an active connection icon (Wi-Fi wireless communication or Ethernet network) and click 2 times by it.
  • In the newly opened window, press the “Information” button.
  • Here you need to find the “default gateway” parameter “.
  • IP address opposite this parameter will be an IP address to enter the router of the router.

Upon learning the current IP address of the router, go to 2 steps.

wi-fi, router, enter, asus

Initial setting

However, the change of password is not the only thing that can be done in this menu. Administration menu is a universal tool that provides the opportunity to change any setting in the router. That is why it is often used only by experts, because you can easily do something wrong.

Ordinary users are recommended to use the initial setting program. It’s step by step about how to install a password, change the name and choose the type of encryption. The advantage is that the user is not given “extra” functions. Everything is as simple as possible and aimed precisely at those who do not understand the technical part.

You can get such a program either on the manufacturer’s website by going to the model page and select the “Support” tab, or by installing it from the disk, which is still put in the kit for each device. In the event that none of these methods is suitable, then you can always download it from the phone via mobile Internet and move it to PC by means of a USB cable.

change Password

However, you do not always need to install a new password after the first launch. There are only two situations when it really needs it: the first purchase and reset of settings due to the fact that you forgot the password on the router. In the event that you need to change the password on the ASUS router, when the old one is known, we do the following:

  • We go to the settings menu through an indication in the address bar of the browser “192.168.one.one.””.
  • We go to the “Administration” section.
  • Then select the “System” tab.
  • Find the section “Changing the password of the router“. Here you can observe two values. User name: by default it is admin, but it is also recommended to change it to a personal login. Password: this is exactly the “code” that we need to change. Both parameters can be changed.
  • How to change the password and login: you need to specify the necessary values ​​in their forms and click on the “Save” button.

It’s done, now you know how to change the password on a Wi-Fi-Rooter and change the user name.

Varieties of connecting the asus router

The routers from the famous ASUS company are impressive with their reliability and functionality. Great for connecting smartphones, tablets, laptops and stationary computers. The user will be able to implement both a wireless connection and wired in an office or home room. Often 4 LAN ports are available in such routers. Thus, User can connect four devices with a network cable. Other portable devices-by Wi-Fi.

Wan and LAN ports Router ASUS

Settling scheme of some parameters

When setting the router, we work according to the following scheme:

  • Equipment connection and entrance to the admin panel.
  • Setting up by the classic method (selection of an individual type of connection).
  • Creating a password and a name for a wireless network.
  • Creating a unique Password for admin panel.

Before setting up, you should get a consultation in the technical department of the provider in a type of connection type, which is used in the Internet company. Do not forget to clarify for binding by MAC address.

Setting a Wi-Fi network

How to enter the settings of the asus router? For the entrance and the administrator panel, the subscriber is recommended to use standard tutorials from the manufacturer. But the principle of setting up routers is almost the same (with the exception of individual configurations).

Connect to the router via cable or Wi-Fi. Next, open any popular browser (Chrome, Opera, Friefox) and indicate in the address line the address of the personal account. 192.168.one.one. You can go to the equipment control panel from any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or stationary computer. For greater convenience, it is recommended to perform the settings procedure on a computer connected by a cable from a router. If there is no such possibility, connect to Wi-Fi. Just never flash the Wi-Fi equipment. Otherwise, get a “brick”.

Complete with a router is provided with a patch cord.

Patch cord with a connector RJ45

We connect one end to the LAN port of the router, and the other to the computer network connector. If a network cable is connected to the WAN port, you can not disconnect it. This is not critical.

Wan and LAN Ports

If there is no PC, you can connect by Wi-Fi from a tablet or smartphone. Connect the equipment to the mains. Go to the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Your router is most likely called asus. You can connect to it without a password (or it is indicated from behind on the label). If you forgot the password, complete the reset to factory.

It is possible to change the name and password from the wireless network immediately in the main configuration window “Network”. There is an opportunity to immediately set a new name and safety key. Next, keep the data by pressing the Apply button. Detailed settings can be performed by moving to the category “Wireless Network”. After saving, you will need to reconnect all your portable devices. If difficulties arise, delete the existing router from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and perform authentication again.

Launch of the router

Before you configure, you must correctly connect the ASUS RT-N12 router to the computer. Fortunately, everything is simple here:

  • First of all, it is connected to power supply.
  • Next, a cable extended to the apartment with a provider is connected to the Wan port. On the RT-N12 model, this connector is highlighted in blue.
  • Now PC is connected to network equipment. To do this, you need a network cord, which is included. It is inserted into one of the LAN ports indicated by the yellow color.

At this stage, one point should be clarified-the function of automatic receipt of IP addresses should be active on the computer. As a rule, nothing needs to be done, this is already provided by default. But it is better to check immediately, otherwise during the settings you will have to be distracted and returned back. To do this, perform a sequence of actions:

  • By connecting a router, go to the computer.
  • Press “Start”.
  • Choose a “control panel”.
  • Find the “Network and the Internet”.
  • Enter the “Networks Management and General Access” Center “.
  • On the left side of the window opened, they are included in the “Change of adapter parameters”.
  • Find “Connection via Local Network”. The right key is chosen “Properties”.
  • For the IPV4 component, “Properties” open.
  • In the window that opens, checks are installed opposite the points that make it possible to receive the IP address and the address of the DNS server automatically.

The router is installed and launched, now it remains to configure it on a special page.


For subsequent actions, any browser must be installed on the computer, otherwise it will not be possible to access the page built into the router. The entrance to the settings is as follows:

  • Open any browser.
  • The numbers “192.168.0.one”. If not fit, then “192.168.one.one”.
  • The window opens where it is necessary to enter data to verify the authenticity. This is the user name and password. If network equipment is new, not used earlier, then the default name and password are “admin”. It is better to change them at the end of the settings, otherwise anyone can go to the router integral, where you can see the Wi-Fi network and other data.
  • If the router has already been in work, the former owner probably changed the accounting data that differs from the standard. To return the router to the original state, you need to clamp the button on the back of the Reset button for a few seconds. It is deepened, so you will need an object like a paper clip. If everything is done correctly, the settings will be “reset”.


For inexperienced users, this is the best way to set up a router. Consider how to do this:

Как настроить и подключить Wi Fi роутер ASUS? (на примере ASUS RT-N16)

  • If the equipment is connected correctly, then at the entrance to the browser, after entering the login and password, the window of the main page of the settings will appear.
  • If the router has already tuned before, then to start the settings master select the “Fast Settings of the Internet” button.
  • Next, click “Cross”.
  • A new window will open, where they will ask you to install a new password to enter the router. It will be requested every time when trying to change the settings. It is better not to use too complicated or simple combination, so as not to forget. Press “Next”.
  • Then an auto.determination type of connection will start. Each provider has his own. Sometimes this step passes in automatic mode, but more often a window appears where you need to enter data for connection. It is worth noting that the type of connection is not always selected correctly. In any case, the right one can always be selected in the settings, but already manually.
  • The next window will be called the “Wireless Network Parameters”, where the name of the Wi-Fi access point is introduced (by default-ASUS) and the password to it. Other parameters are displayed automatically, for example, the WPA2-Personal AES protection protocol. This is the optimal type of encryption for the home use network, so you can manually change nothing.
  • The auto.building is completed. The user will transfer to the window where information about the selected parameters will be displayed. In conclusion, click “Next”.
  • Then the window will open with the requirement to enter the login and password from the router. After the input, a reconnecting will occur, the router of the router will be displayed.

If the network does not find or it does not work to connect to it, then they are set up manually.


If the automatic setting did not give a result, for example, the router did not catch the parameters for access to the Internet, then you will have to set them yourself. Here, the user sets up IPTV, parental control, prescribes routes and so on.

It happens that the router cannot determine the Internet settings from Beeline and other providers.

To enter the Internet uses the type of connection PPPOE.

wi-fi, router, enter, asus

Settings that must be entered in the “Connection” integration:

  • “Turn on WAN”. “Yes”.
  • “Turn on NAT”. “Yes”.
  • “Turn on UPNP”. “No”.
  • “Get IP address WAN automatically”-“Yes”.
  • “Connect to the DNS server automatically”-“Yes”.
  • “User Name” and “Password”. are taken from the contract concluded between the client and the Service Service.
  • “Time of disconnecting with simple in seconds”. “0”.
  • “MTU.” 1492 “.
  • “Mru.” 1492 “.

In the intese, it looks as shown in the figure below.

Other parameters do not change. Press “save”. And if everything is true, then after a few seconds the router will connect to the Internet. Now the user will be able to open sites and everything else from this computer.

Roter Settings: manual, through the control panel

The rapid setting of the router was described above. Consider another 2 settings. Everyone chooses to whom what kind of setting is suitable. If you can’t configure one of the methods, then try the other. One of the methods will definitely help you.

Manual: for this, in the Router settings menu we find the Internet tab. It is located on the left in the “Additional Settings” block.

In the section “Internet” you can make all the settings of your Internet. Each provider has its own settings, you need to find out from those support data on the settings and make full manual setting.

You need not to make a mistake with the type of connection. After its choice, the list of settings changes. If everything is done correctly, then everything will be tuned easily and without problems.

Below in the screenshot, a Beeline settings are given.

Through the control panel: We prescribe in the address bar of the browser 192.168.one.one

In the settings opened panel, click on the “Go” button.

Then the system will offer to come up with a password for the control panel. It must be indicated. First, we do this mainly in the input field, then in the additional one and go to the next window, just by clicking “Next”.

In the parameters window that appears, we find the Network Field. Enter the name of the Wi-Fi network used in it. In the line “network key” we prescribe a new key, it will be used when connecting to the network. Having prescribed the parameters in all fields, click “Apply”.

You have to wait a bit.to. The router will be rebooted. After rebooting in the network connection field, a new Wi-Fi network will occur, instead of an old network. When connecting to it, a new password will be requested.

After connection, we return to the “control panel”. There we open a page with information about the connection. Click “Next” and the system issues a new window.

In the window that appears, the inscription “enter the system” will appear and you will see a password and login request. They need to be introduced into these fields.

On this, the setting through the “control panel” is completed.

Setting up the Wi-Fi network

Find the “Roter Settings” tab and click on it. Two fields will appear there, enter the name of the network (SSID) into one, and into the second network key (password) for entering the system. Press the “Apply” button.

Next, check all the configurations and parameters. Click the “Next” button and leave the master of the quick setting.

For the convenience of entering, do not change in the IP settings, and leave the standard address 192.168.one.one

If you want to change something in the settings after the first connection, then you need to go to the Internet tab, all the settings are there.

Wi-Fi connection parameters change in the “Wireless Network” tab.

And that’s it, the network is fully configured and ready to work.

You read the full instructions for setting up the ASUS RT-N12 router. There are enough articles on this topic on the Internet, but this article is the most detailed and reveals the main points of settings. Instructions in the article are applicable not only to this model, but also to others.

Try and do not worry, if suddenly nothing came of it the first time. Read the article more carefully and try again. You will definitely be able to configure your router.

Success to you in setting up a router and most importantly, do not rush. Reread everything in detail and only then try to do it. Better yet, they read the section and immediately did it, then another section, etc.

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