Wi-Fi network is turned off on a laptop. Unstable work of the router

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work on a laptop at Windows 7/8/10

This is what we will understand in this article. Most of the problems can be solved independently, and if you read to the end and 99% of the reasons you can fix there, I still recorded where some points can be seen clearly.

In general, the source of the problem can be either a router or a laptop. The easiest way to find out is to connect to the Internet from another device, for example, from a smartphone, tablet or other laptop. If it does not connect via wai fay (or not the Internet), then everything is clear. we will dig in the direction of the router. If it works on the phone, but there is no laptop on the laptop. then the reason is in the laptop, but there may simply be inappropriate router settings.

Simple reasons

No matter how it is clear to everyone, but in practice it turns out that not everyone thinks about banal reasons.

If suddenly stopped working from a laptop

First-hand, look, whether the Wi-Fi module is included. On many laptops there is a special lamp with a wireless sign:

Windows 11 WiFi Not Working (Fixed) | Windows 11 WiFi Problem. 2022

Accordingly, if the light does not burn or shines in red, then look for a Wi-Fi module circuit breaker somewhere on the housing:

It can be on the front or side panel, but on modern devices it is just a key combination, for example:

For reference, from standard combinations are known:

Well, this is so, in general, since it depends on the model, just look for the same drawn icon on the keyboard.

From simple, it still helps reload Windows or retico to Wi Fay.

If Wi-Fi does not work due to a router

Next, I recommend checking whether the router has earned first from the phone, and then from the laptop, t.to. It may turn out that something is wrong with your figurative computer, and smartphones have much less problem with Wi-Fi.

Check if the router works. Maybe somewhere the traffic jams were knocked out or turned off the light and it does not work stupidly. Or the power supply moved away from the outlet (smoke :)), the cat was touched, it does not matter. If it works, then reboot it: turn off, wait 10 seconds and turn on again. After 2-3 minutes, when the router loads, check whether Wi-Fi has earned on your computer/laptop.

If after the reboot it earned, but you have to do this several times a day, then most likely you need to look for a new router. Less often the reason for the provider or its settings. It is better to call first and ask why this is happening, name the router model. Maybe he will advise what their network will work best.

Make sure the services of the Internet provider are extended. You can just call or try to go to your personal account on the supplier website. If the problem is only in this, then their site will load. Of course it is necessary that this address be saved in bookmarks.

Wi-Fi will not work if you move far from the router. 10 meters is enough for problems to begin. This is if there are walls. And if not, then 15-20 meters may turn out to be decisive for most routers and laptopes. The quality of the wireless network is evaluated by the icon near the hour:

Wi-Fi hardware inclusion

Since the laptop, first of all, the mobile device, manufacturers achieve the longest period of work from the battery. It just so happened that wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, are the second in the list of “gluttony”, therefore, most laptopes have the possibility of manual shutdown of a wireless module from power from a separate key or combination with FN, as well as a switch.

A separate Wi-Fi button usually looks like this:

And this view can take a switch:

With a key combination, the situation is slightly more complicated: the necessary is usually located in the upper row and indicated by the wi-fi icon.

As a rule, when using this method, the laptop should notify the user of turning on the wireless network. If the switch, a separate button or combination of keys did not have the effect, it is possible that the problem is the absence of suitable drivers for this control element and they must be installed.

Wi-Fi inclusion by Windows 7

In addition to hardware launch, the ability to connect to a wireless Internet should be activated in the system itself. For Windows 7, the procedure is quite simple, but for inexperienced users, our authors have prepared the leadership.

Often the laptop ceases to connect to Wi-Fui after leaving the sleeping state or during the operation of the energy conservation regime. In this case, the problem is in a software failure, which can only be fixed by rebooting the laptop. From such a trouble can be protected by the exception of the deactivation of the module in the settings of the Device power plan.

The problem will be solved, but at the cost of increased consumption of battery resources.

Problems on different models of laptops

The causes of frequent interruptions in the wireless network can be associated with a specific brand of laptops, or more precisely, with components, which the manufacturer inserts into his laptops.

So, some ASUS laptops have a network adapter, unable to support a wireless network, the speed of which exceeds 300 megabits per second. And it is precisely because of this that Wi-Fi begins to disappear on laptops with Windows 10 from “ASUS”. To solve this problem, you can limit the network speed using router settings.

To do this, you need to enter the Router settings menu through the browser, select the menu item “Settings of the Wireless Network” (or something similar, since the names may vary slightly in different models of routers). In the menu that opened, put a check from the option “Limit the speed of the wireless network” and enter the desired speed in the lines that appear.

After entering the necessary data. click on the “Save” button and wait for the reloading of the modem.

Another example of not the highest quality work of laptop manufacturers is HP laptops. On some laptops, their Wi-Fi models may fall off while transmitting data via Bluetooth. To solve this problem, it is necessary to change the frequency of the Wi-Fi adapter.

To do this, open the “control panel”, go to the “Network and the Internet” menu, click on the wireless network adapter icon with your right button and go to the Properties menu. Next, click on the icon “Configure” and select the bookmark “Additionally”. After that, select the “Country and Region” and “Play” menu that has appeared with the “meaning” parameter: to choose it until the problem of joint operation of the wireless Internet network with Bluetooth will disappear, and the laptop will not stop flying out of the network.

Important! Wi-Fi fall off on a laptop for the following reason. Many laptop users from HP, Acer, as well as Lenovo complain about the falling Wi-Fi while downloading large files. This is no longer due to the network adapter or Wi-Fi router, but with the hard drive of the computer.

This is explained by the fact that while downloading a large file, a program that is responsible for this (utorrent, for example) does not have time to reserve a place for it and writes “Disk Overloaded”, stopping loading and turning off the laptop from Wi-Fi. In this case, the only way to solve the problem is to replace the hard drive of the laptop.

Systematizing all the above information, we can say that the problem of the falling Wi-Fi on a laptop with the Windows 10 operating system is not so terrible. In most cases, solving it is quite simple even to a person who does not understand in this topic. Everything that is required for this is to follow the instructions from this article exactly.

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Program inclusion

When Wi-Fi has stopped working and its hardware is not included in positive results, it is also necessary to carry out its software inclusion, which is carried out directly from the operating system, which is controlled by the laptop.

To carry out the program inclusion of Wi-Fi, which stopped working, on Windows 7, 8 or 10, you need to perform this sequence of actions:

On the notification panel, which is located near the clock, the network of the status of network connections is selected;

From the list opened, the item “Center for Control of networks and total access” or “network parameters” depending on the version of the operating system is selected;

The next step is “Changing the parameters of the adapter”.

Among the list of all existing connections, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of the icon “Wireless network connection”. If your Wi-Fi does not work and the wireless adapter is disconnected, then the connection icon will not be highlighted. In this case, on its icon, click the right button, from the opened context menu, select the “enable” item. In this case, the color of the compound icon should change.

At the same time, the wireless network adapter turns on, it remains to find the necessary wireless networks in the list of available wireless networks and connect to it.

If even after such actions Wi-Fi, which has stopped working, continues to inactive, you need to proceed to the next method of solving the problem.

Installation and updating the driver

Quite often, the wire-fi wireless connection is not turned on due to the lack of a driver or if it is very outdated. To determine the presence of the installed driver, the “My Computer” icon is necessary from the context menu, which is located on the desktop or in the “Start” menu, select “Properties”. Further, in the window that opens from the menu on the left, the “Device Manager” command is selected.

In the new window that opens with a list of connected devices, it is necessary to find the name of the network wireless adapter of the laptop. Typically, its name is “Wireless Network Adapter” Wireless Network Adapter, with which the manufacturer of the device: Realtek, Ateros, Qualcomm or something else should be indicated.

Finding the desired point and clicking on it with the right button, from the context menu, “Properties” are selected. In the window, which will open at the same time, the item “devices works fine” should be present. But even if there is a note about the normal operation of the device, this is far from a guarantee that the correct version of the driver is established and Wi-Fi is turned on correctly. To check it, in the window with the properties of a wireless device we go to the Driver tab and pay attention to the points “Date of Development” and “Supplier”.

In the event that the supplier is Microsoft or the program development date is behind the current for several years. we go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and download the fresh official version of the driver.

The same must be done if there was no wireless adapter among the list of installed devices.

If in the list of devices a wireless module is present, but marked with a yellow exclamation mark, this means that the device is disabled, as a result of which the network stopped working. In this case, opening the window of the properties of the device, you need to click the “Encabe” button.

Another reason why Wi-Fi has stopped working on a laptop is an involved economy energy consumption regime that prevents the operation of a wireless connection. To turn it off, you need to do the following: 1. Open the control panel; 2. Select the “power” icon;

In the window that opens, select the “high performance” or “balanced” mode.

A weak signal of the router

Often, the cause of a weak signal from the router is the loss of communication with the Internet. The signal from the router is a standard radio wave, which is affected by many factors that affect the stability and power of the transmitted signal. Most users believe that if the router and laptop are located close, but concrete walls or other obstacles are found in the way, then the signal quality will not always be strong enough. The distance does not always play a decisive role. If there are many walls, interior items or just a large enough, on the way from the router to the laptop, it is necessary to reconsider the place of work or provide for the installation of amplifiers, relayers or other auxiliary devices.

The signal power is also affected by household electrical appliances and routers of neighbors who function at the identical frequency. For these reasons, a signal about the absence of communication may also appear on the lid of light indicators.

The steel objects that are located between the devices have a great influence, they transport and reflect the signal, which affects the quality of communication.

internet dropping out solved!! issue with online gaming?

note! All of these factors should be taken into account when building the interior of the room and choosing a workplace for the user.

A bad signal of the network

In the case when the service provider supplies a user’s router is not a strong signal, the device begins to unstable, interrupting the connection with all gadgets or turning off the access point. It is recommended to leave the Support service company by telling about problems.

If the user uses a mobile modem with Wi-Fi, which is disconnected on its own on a laptop, then you can try to install a remote antenna or purchase an amplifier. Perhaps the device is in the zone of a weak or unstable signal from a cellular operator. To find out the reasons, you can also contact the center.

What to do if the Internet disappears after sleep

To do this, you first need to open the device manager. The easiest way to do this is to press a combination of Winx keys (relevant for Windows 8, 10). Cm. The screenshot below.

Alternative option: click the combination of Winpause (Windows Properties Window should open). in the menu on the left, open the link “Device Manager”.

Just in case, I bring a link to the instructions below.

To call this menu. Click the combination of Winx

In the device manager, open the “Network Adapters” tab and open the properties of a wireless adapter (in its name you can find the words “Wireless”, “802.eleven. “, etc.).

Device manager. properties of a wireless adapter

After that in the “Power Management Management” tab, remove the checkbox from the point “Allow the shutdown of this device to save energy”. Save the settings and close the window.

Power supply. allow the shutdown of this device to save energy

In addition, I recommend entering the Windows control panel (how to do it) and open the “Equipment and Sound/Power Subject” tab. Opposite the current power supply scheme. follow the link link (see. screenshot below).

Next, click on the link “Change additional power parameters”.

In the list of settings, find the tab “Wireless network adapter parameters” and translate the mode to Max. performance. Save the settings.

Wireless.communication adapter parameters. Max. performance

After rebooting the laptop and check the Wi-Fi operation (after the device exits from the sleep mode).

❷ Check and update the driver on Wi-Fi adapter

If you have a new laptop (or you recently reinstalled Windows OS): then most likely the driver on Wi-Fi adapter is not updated (t.e. installed the one that Windows itself found). It works, but the quality of his work often leaves much to be desired.

I recommend either to go to the site of the manufacturer of your laptop (how to find out the laptop model) and download the driver on Wi-Fi, or use the special. Updating drivers. https: // ocomp.info/update-drivers.html#driver_booster

If earlier everything worked for you as expected. And now the Internet after sleeping a laptop began to disappear. pay attention to one point: Windows could update the driver independently (and, of course, this problem could appear after that).

In this case, I recommend trying the following:

  • go to the device manager;
  • Next, click on the Wi-Fi as a Wi-Fi adapter and select the “update the driver” option (see. screenshot below);

Search and installation of drivers on this computer

Select the driver from the list available for this PC

Remoteness of access point and obstacles

We started with this reason not in vain, since it is it that often leads to the disconnection of the device from the network. As obstacles in the apartment are walls, especially capital. If only two divisions (or one) are displayed on the signal scale, this is our case. Under such conditions, temporary disconects may be observed with all the ensuing. cliffs of slopes, stopping video and other. The same behavior can be observed when moving away from the router to a long distance.

You can do the following in this situation:

    If possible, switch the network to the standard 802.11n in the settings of the router. This will increase the range of the coating, as well as the data transfer rate. The problem is that not all devices can work in this mode.


Interference on the channel can cause neighboring wireless networks and some electrical appliances. With an unstable signal from the router, they often lead to interchange of the connection. There are two solutions:

  • Take the router away from sources of electromagnetic interference. household appliances that are constantly included in the network or regularly consume greater power (refrigerator, microwave, computer). This will minimize signal losses.
  • Switch to another channel in settings. You can find less loaded channels at random or using a free WifiinfoView program.

Then select the desired channel in the drop.down list.

and in the corresponding line, switch.

Wi-Fi adapter update

Often, Wi-Fi connection problems cause problems in the system software for connecting with wireless networks. Updating the drivers for this device is no different from any other computer component, so you can refer to the next article as a guide.

Another common cause of the problem may be an active energy saving regime, in which the Wi-Fi adapter is disconnected to save energy. This happens as follows:

Changing the router settings

We examined the solutions to the problem with spontaneous disconnection from the Wi-Fi network on laptops running Windows 10. Note that the described problem often arises due to hardware problems with the Wi-Fi adapter in particular or the computer as a whole.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Weak signal of the network

If too weak a signal comes from the Internet provider on the Internet or on a cellular network, the router can unstable, turning off the access point and interrupting the connection with the devices connected to it. In such a situation, it is better to contact the Support of the provider, describing in detail the essence of the problem. If we are talking about a mobile router and about its work in places of uncertain signal receipt, where a message about searching for a network is displayed on the display of a router or a mobile device, and the removal antenna can improve the quality of reception. To clarify information about the coverage of specific settlements, you should also contact the provider representatives.

If you observe the unstable operation of the router, which leads to regular disconnection of the wireless connection, we recommend restart the device several times and closely trace its further operation. Or go to its control panel, check the availability of software updates and install them if necessary. Since the router works under the control of a special operating system, it, like any other, can accumulate systemic errors, work is not entirely stable and demand a periodic update.

The full dropping of the router settings can also help. We recommend this only if you know the settings for your provider and you can, after reset, adjust it again. Otherwise, contact the provider through an official website or by phone of a hot line.

Driver failure

If your laptop has not been updated for a long time for a wireless network adapter or a problem with the Wi-Fi disconnection after the last reinstalling the operating system, it may well be that an outdated or not the most suitable driver is installed. We recommend that you find out the manufacturer of the network adapter installed in your laptop and download the newest driver. We recommend that we do this on the official website of the manufacturer.

Whatever the reason for turning off Wi-Fi in your laptop, one of the above instructions to eliminate problems can help you normalize the network work. If you have tried all the instructions from this article, but not one of them helped to identify the cause and get rid of the problem, you should contact the service center for testing your router and network adapter in your laptop, since the problem, apparently, lies A little deeper.