Wi-Fi identification problem on LG phone

What is a Wi-Fi authentication error on Android phone?

Often this error flies when connecting to a home or office wireless network. You should not be scared, since it is easily solved. In the article we will consider ways to solve the problem both from the phone and from the router.

“Authentication Error” occurs when connecting to the Wi-Fi network on the Android OS. Let’s figure out first what authentication is. In simple terms, this is the user authentication procedure.

Roughly speaking “your”, “not your”. In this case, the phone sends a password for access to Wi-Fi wireless network. If the password is correct, the router connects the phone and gives the use of Internet and local network benefits. If not, then it refuses and just such an error pops up.

Most often, the problem is just in the entered password, but sometimes the technique fails because of which even the correct key is not accepted. In this case, you need to act decisively. I wrote about all the actions that I will help to solve this inconvenience below the example of my Xiaomi A1.

My phone won’t connect to wifi / won’t detect WiFi network available.Fixed

Also, all the following instructions are suitable for resolving the error “Saved, WPA/WPA2 protection is also on phones with the Android operating system.

The term “authentication error

To understand the reasons for the appearance of this error, first of all, you need to understand what a Wi-Fi authentication error is.

[LG Mobile Phones] Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues On Your LG Phone

At its core, authentication is a procedure for checking the authenticity of the entered password or a combination of login or password.

To connect a device like a smartphone or tablet, it is usually enough to enter the correct password, and the problem will be solved by itself. There are also situations when such an error can appear for any other reason.

How to eliminate the authentication error on Android

Password check

The requirements for the length are the same for the access point and for the devices connected to it, if the modern encryption format is used, passwords should include at least 8 characters. Important: layout and register, and each gap is considered to be a separate sign.

You can simply make a mistake when entering, by missing a letter by pressing the wrong key or writing the same symbol twice. If the problem is saved, make sure that the specified password corresponds to the router set in the settings, repeat the attempt:

New versions of Oneui automatically display a window with a proposal to fix the password with its incorrect input, and a similar function is implemented in many other membranes.

Changing wi-fi security settings

Actions vary depending on the brand of the device. If the distribution occurs from the smartphone, follow the following:

You can also install an open network and enable the “White List” mode, in which there is a check of the compliance of the MAC addresses of the connected gadgets with those that are indicated among trusted gadgets. This option provides high compatibility and decent protection, but is not suitable if it is planned to work with a mass of devices. The number of entrances in the list is limited, and the addition of each of several tens or hundreds of devices is not easy.

Wi-Fi Password Change Password

In addition to the algorithm, you can also update the password if it is written with errors, has become known to third parties or is hardly remembered. In the case of distribution of Wi-Fi, the following instruction is relevant with the help of the phone:

Changing access point settings

There are other parameters of routers installed to protect networks.

On the routers Zyxel Keenetic

  • Enter in the address line 192.168.One.1, enter the password from the account needed to configure the gadget. Please note that it often differs from the key required to connect to the network. You can also use a mobile application if it is supported by firmware;
  • Open the “Network” tab by slipping along the columns icon;
  • Select “Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz” or, if the distribution goes in a different range, “Wi-Fi 5 GHz”;
  • Change the password in the form of the “Network”, press the box for completion.

When using old software to control the router, it is recommended to update it. Despite the fact that the firmware version does not play a role in terms of installing a password, the use of the modern version will increase the reliability of the router, bring new functionality and allow you to control the parameters using the phone.

On D-Link routers

To control safety settings on D-Link routers, these steps should be performed:

Web Inteats of many routers of the company do not have a mobile version, so the Inte Weeh will seem uncomfortable, but, nevertheless, a worker.

On ASUS routers

The procedure is represented by these steps:

Depending on the year of release of the device, the design of the panel may differ, but the procedure is identical.

Reloading the phone

One of the simplest options for spreading a lot of problems is re.Inclusion of the device. On Android devices, it is made as follows:

Further, as soon as the shell is loaded, you will need to enter a graphic key or password if something from this is set.

Repeated connection

Similar to the previous version, it involves the connection with the network again, feasible as follows:

Do not perform these actions, if you do not remember the password. You will not work without it, including automatically.

Change in authenticity check algorithms

If the White List is included, only the devices indicated in it will be able to use the network. With active emergency, connection to Wi-Fi is available to all users, except included in the sheet. You can add a password to these security measures to provide high protection connection.

With erroneous activation of the “White List” mode, you should not worry. It can be turned off in the same tab.

You can also manage the activity of the increased safety mode:

Disconnecting the “Hidden Network” mode

In the same section of the modem mode, you can turn off the mode of the hidden network, in which users request an introduction of SSID for connection, and the real name of Wi-Fi in the list is not displayed. You can also read how to enable the modem mode on the iPhone.

SSID SSID wireless network

In addition to the previous item, it is important to make sure that the name does not contain any special characters, and even better-set the name completely in the Latin. This will expand the number of connection devices, adding to the number of supported gadgets that are not compatible with Cyrillic and generally letters of other alphabets than English.

Using the Wi-Fi Fixer program

Free utility is designed to debug the problems associated with Wi-Fi. Information about the current state of connection and the module responsible for communication is contained in the “Status” section. The second tab includes data on saved connections, and the third contains a list of networks available now.

The Local section is most important in this matter-the category presents data on the method of password transmitting, Essid, MAC address, signal level to the point. Among the similar programs: Wi-Fi Fixer Ssid, Wi-Fi Analyzer.

Checking for restriction on the number of connected devices

In the settings of the access point, you can set a restriction on the maximum number of devices that can simultaneously use the network. It is easy to expand as follows:

There are many ways to solve the problem, a specific action plan depends on the reason that caused a problem. If you know any other options for correcting the situation, it will not be superfluous to share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев-this will help thousands of readers.

Ways to solve the authentication problem

Based on the causes of the malfunction described above when connecting to a wireless network, it becomes clear that there is no single answer to the question of how to quickly remove the authentication error. In each case, its own algorithm is used to solve problems with identification. Details they will be described below.

Network retic

If an identification error occurs, you must first try to connect again. To do this, the device is transferred to a flight mode of 20-30 seconds. Sometimes the problem with the connection helps to correct the banal deletion of the network data. Consider this on the example of Samsung’s smartphone. In the first case, the swipe is made from top to bottom, the “flight mode” button is pressed, and then turns off. In the second case, you need to go to the settings, go to the Wi-Fi subparagraph, choose the right network there. By long.Term holding of the finger, the menu is called on its name, where the item “Forget the network” is selected. After that, information regarding a specific wireless network is erased from the memory of a smartphone or tablet and, most likely, authentication errors can be avoided. In addition, one should take into account the impossibility of some devices to work with the standard 802.11n. To do this, the b/g/n mixed mode should be changed to b/g mixed:

Error when checking authenticity

There are situations when Android devices are unable to connect to the network when making authenticity due to a conflict with a version of the security standard established in the settings. Over, this applies to both modern phones and outdated models. In this situation, the simplest exit is to change the latest WPA-2 to a more old WPA. In most cases, this is due to a failure in the firmware of the router, so the described solution is temporary, it is worth updating for a more new and current version of the firmware.

Sometimes, an authentication error means the presence of incompatibility of outdated versions of Android with the AES algorithm. In this case, the authenticity testing method changes to WPA-Auto-Personal, after which it will be possible to choose the TKIP protocol. ASUS routers use an advanced version using two protocols at once, depending on the connected device.

The fact that the cause of the error in authentication is this is determined by the temporary installation of open access. In the method of checking the authenticity from the drop.Down menu, the Open System item is selected. If after such a step successful authentication of the smartphone takes place, it is obvious that it should be experimenting with this field. The method of overbearing to determine the method that will function without errors.

Search for the reason in the router

If the authentication error is supposedly caused by a router that is an access point, the following simple manipulations are carried out with it. The simplest decision of the error is a banal reboot. This is done by turning off the power button and a repeated press after half a minute. In the event that this did not help, see if the network is available for authentication. This is done through the administrator integration, where it is easy to go by introducing 192.168.One.1 It is necessary that the SSID (network name) be written in English, and there is no checkbox to “hide ssid”.

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Changing passwords

When correcting authentication errors, one cannot but say about the change of the established password. Instead of a complex set of characters and signs, make a simple password of numbers, which will successfully undergo authentication.

Automatic errors correction tools

If you are faced with an authentication error when connecting to Wi-Fi on Android, but you have a mobile Internet, install the Android Wi-Fi Fixer from the Google Play store. This utility is an analogue of the diagnostic tool for connecting in Windows and is intended to search and automatically fix the Wi-Fi connection errors on mobile devices running Android. Being running, the application checks all network settings and tries to connect to Wi-Fi bypassing.

Changing encryption settings

If you are sure that the entered password is 100% correct, most likely the matter is the safety settings installed in the router. You can check them and fix them by following this algorithm:

  • Open the web-integrate control of the router: Launch a suitable Internet recrecer and enter the access address in it, in most cases this is 192.168.One.1 or 192.168.0.One
  • Here you need to find a wireless network settings-depending on the type of integration, it can be called “Wlan”, “Wi-Fi”, “Wireless” or simply “Wireless Network”, focus on the analogy.
wi-fi, identification, problem, phone

Roter setup

It often happens that authenticity checking occurs through the fault of an incorrectly confident router.

    The first thing to pay attention to is password. It so happens that some official characters may not be recognized by Samsung firmware and as a result the password does not coincide. The solution in this case is simple: we must enter the parameters of the router and install another code sequence in it, with other symbols, preferably. Letters and numbers of the Latin.

Find the parameters that are responsible for encryption. They can be called “protection”, “type of encryption”, “authentication testing” and similar, depends on the manufacturer and version of the built.In. By default, most devices set the “WPA/WPA2-PERSONAL” parameter, and “AES” as a type of encryption.

If the problem under consideration is observed in these settings, change to “tkip” and, accordingly, on the contrary.

Hardware breakdown

A rare, but most unpleasant cause of malfunctions. Check the router simply. If the problems are with it, then other devices (for example, a desktop computer, laptop or other phone, tablet) will also not be able to connect. The malfunction of the Android Device itself can be determined by the fact that neither the reset to the factory settings, nor the flashing gave the result. In the case of a broken router, it is easiest to purchase and install a new one (trying to repair them unprofitable), and in the case of a faulty apparatus, take it to the service.

Fortunately, most of the reasons described above are software, and are decided on their own.