Why the printer gives no cartridge. Contacts flooded with paint

What to do if the printer does not see the cartridge

The cartridge is a container responsible for serving ink. For proper operation, the contacts located on the bottom of the inkwell must fit tightly to the contact site of the printer itself.

With an incorrect installation on the case, the indicator burns or flashes, it is usually indicated by the image of a drop. On some inkjet printers about the improper installation of the inkwell notify the driver, displaying errors with codes 1660, 1682, 1684, 1687 or E05 on the screen.

If the printer does not see the cartridge, remove the container and put it back again, pressing more tightly to the contacts of the carriage. In some models you need to insert to a characteristic click. You can not touch the fingers to copper contacts, since the static current accumulated in the body can disable the technique. It will be useful to blow on contacts to remove dust that accidentally got on them.

If the cartridge does not get to the contacts, you can put the paper or other material folded several times, for example, thin foam rubber.

If a new cartridge is installed, a protective film may not be removed. Remove the inkwell and open the sticker.

A short circuit of contacts

If pieces of foil or other small metallized items are stuck on the cartridge chips, contacts may be short. With a magnifying glass and a flashlight, remove foreign bodies.

In some devices manufactured by HP, the Karetka contacts move, and with an inaccurate installation of inkwell, they can accidentally bend and shorten each other. Bend the contacts to the starting position by any subtle subject.

Basic breakdowns in printers

Situations when the printer does not print after refueling. The main reasons, as practice shows, is several or one:

  • PC or device software failure;
  • improper conjugation of the printer with a computer;
  • After changing the cartridge, refueling in ink was conducted with violations;
  • mechanical damage (fall, blows);
  • The operating life of cartridges has expired or they failed;
  • problems in the printing device.

The above malfunctions can affect the performance of the peripheral device, when after filling out the cartridge it can be possible. A white sheet comes out or nothing happens at all.

In some situations, attentive reading of the user leadership helps, which comes with the printer. Sometimes the problem is solved quickly: for example, instead of a faulty cartridge, a new head is placed or flashing is performed, reinstalling. After replacing the necessary components, the printing device begins to work.

However, one important point should be clarified.

In the jet and laser printers, problems are different, so if in one apparatus the employees set up the cartridge with new ink and solved the problem, then the other device with the same actions can give out an empty sheet.

If an employee replaced the cartridge, he should be in a jet printer as long as possible. As practice shows, storing such a device outside the device will affect further performance. Ink will quickly dry out, so you have to look for a new solution to a difficult problem.

With laser printers, the situation is somewhat different. The toner is used here. a special powder substance. If a person does not have a practice in such a matter, he, in order not to spoil the expensive device, should take advantage of the help of experienced specialists to transfer information from an electronic form to paper.

Now consider the malfunction of each type of printer separately.


If he refuses to print a jet printer, there are several main problems.

  • “Failed” software on the computer. A common cause of failures, especially after the updates of the system.
  • The cartridge was unusable due to prolonged operation. In this case, there is nothing but to buy a new print head.
  • The ink has dried. This happens when the printer is rarely used and a characteristic plaque of hardened ink is formed on the nozzles. Here I must also say that you should choose high.quality supplies.
  • Installation with errors. In the newly acquired print heads, the nozzle is protected by a translucent film. Before use, it must be removed.
  • Exceeded the print limit. In modern cartridges, chips are installed that calculate the number of prints. If the number of copies exceeded the programmed limit, the chip blocks the seal. In this case, you can try to reprogram along.
  • Incorrect connection of the USB cable. Sometimes it is enough to change the sequence of ports in the computer (connect the wire into another nest) so that the printer earns.

Before starting the required actions, you should make sure that the printer cover is closed correctly, and foreign objects did not get inside the device.

In some cases, malfunctions are often associated with air that fall on the dozen of the print head. If this happens, the paint can easily dry out in the capillaries of the head. It will also be if it has been parked incorrectly at the end of work: then the air will quickly dry the head. After the seal process is completed, it is important to control the position of the carriage: it should park in an accurately designated place.

In certain situations, printing in jet printers cannot be configured due to an erroneously selected paint. If the cartridge and ink are incompatible, something will not work out.

Epson EcoTank: The Printer That Doesn’t Run Dry

When buying a coloring substance, you should carefully read the instructions for the device, where it is described in detail which color composition can be used.


In laser peripheral devices, a cartridge is also used, but it is filled with a toner-small powder of dark color (for black and white printing). Such a device is much more expensive than similar products used in jet printers, so you need to handle a functional knot very carefully.

What to do?

Eliminate problems with a jet or laser printer, when they stubbornly do not want to print, you can do it yourself. Here the procedure is similar. In most cases, many users get a positive result.

  • If the seal is not performed, the first thing you need to restart the device.
  • Next, you should check the joints of the wires for a reliable connection.

When the measures listed above did not help, further steps must be taken.

Install the printer software again. If the disk and the required drivers are absent, the necessary software can be found on the Internet. Enter the device model of the device in the browser search line, go to the manufacturer’s website and use the menu find the driver of interest. Then download and install on the computer. If the USB cable is connected correctly, PC will determine the printer on its own.

If the computer has not detected the peripheral device, the following actions must be performed:

The printer adders must help.

If the device is found, but still does not perform the functions assigned, the print queue should be cleaned. This will need to open the print manager.

If the jet printer does not work with a cartridge filled with paint, you need to check it.

The best way to verify the performance of the print head is to buy a new cartridge. It costs relatively inexpensively, sooner or later it will come in handy. When, after performing the actions described above, the laser printer refuses to function, this method of verification will be very costly. Therefore, here you can not do without the help of specialists.

Re: Error “no cartridge”

Vitaminka wrote: 2. I also found such a description of the “work” with a white flag: “It is necessary to put the flag of zeroing (a white plastic plate, to be in a semicircular window located from the side of the cartridge in the lower position/ at the new cartridge in the upper) to the upper position using the rotation of the shaft of the cartridge developer and Takers “, but what does” by turning the shaft of the developer of the cartridge and the screwdrivers “where is this shaft and what it is??

The shaft of the developer. rubber shaft in the front of the cartridge. You can crank it with a wide flat screwdriver inserted into a white sleeve with hooks on the same cartridge end as the flag. Turn counterclockwise. In this case, the flag will go to the extreme upper position. However, judging by

Vitaminka wrote:. But he turned literally for a couple of millimeters, and this did not help, he still writes “there is no cartridge”, but this lever goes freely now these couple of millimeters and without unscrewing three screws.

, your flag is already in the required position and is not discarded when installing the cartridge in the printer. It seems that your gear of the cartridge drive is broken. Exit. The device is carried to the service center

Re: Error “no cartridge”

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1 I threw it through the Options button 2 I moved the flag to the initial position (it is the “shot” that shoots when loading a new cartridge) 3 I don’t know why but turned it off out of the outlet. Waited. 4 sealed one eye on the cartridge (optical check of the toner, it gave out the last error)))) 5 inserted the cartridge) everything works)

The first thing you should pay attention to when the printer does not perceive the cartridge is the advice given in the instructions. If the cartridge is old, then most likely it is necessary to determine the level of ink in it. When a new inkwell is also a suitable brand and the installation is made as it should, it is best to use the advice from the official technical support service of a particular manufacturer. Some brands have their own characteristics, which must be taken into account when replacing the cartridge.

printer, gives, cartridge, contacts, paint

It is advisable to purchase SNPC or PZK from official dealers, otherwise there is a possibility of buying a fake cartridge. Often for the original they can give a similar ink from another manufacturer. At the same time, there are very often problems due to chips. When installing a cartridge in the device, in no case should you press with excessive force on it. Pressing the container into the nozzle, rather, will lead to even greater breakdown. Also, you can’t get a container with ink before it returns to its original position. This can lead to a printer breakdown, as well as damage to the one who takes out the cartridge.

If the re.reference of the cartridge is carried out for the first time, then you should ask for advice from professionals before that. It is advisable to find out in advance before refueling what type of paint or toner must be used. As a rule, this information is given in the instructions for the device. You should not try to refill the containers not intended for this. If the inkwell does not belong to the redirected, then it is better to purchase a new. Some SNPF provide for power from USB cable or batteries. In this case, it is important to make sure that it is accurately submitted. Often, when powering from USB on the system, there is a special indicator. When working from batteries, you can try to simply replace with new.

Cartridges, like all the details of the printer, have their own service life. It is worth carrying out a periodic inspection of the entire device in order to timely identify the problems that arise in this regard. In case of damage to other internal details of the printer, in addition to the inkwell, you should contact a specialized service center. Independent repair can lead to irreversible consequences.

Rarely, but it happens that prolonged operation of the printer leads to its failure. In this case, the best solution will be the purchase of a new printing device for printing.

What to do if the printer does not define the catriotic catriotic, watch in the next video.

Hardware malfunctions

Unfortunately, hardware malfunctions cannot be eliminated without special equipment and printer repair skills. In such cases, contact the nearest HP service center. If this is not in your city. in any center for repairing computers and equipment.

Cartridge is not just a toner container, all these devices are equipped with sensors that track how much ink is left. Even if you filled it and he is full of toner, it still needs to be washed. This procedure is carried out using special software and technical devices. Without appropriate knowledge, it is impossible to do it yourself at home.

Why is this shit? Yes, you can’t say otherwise. The fact is that in this way printer manufacturers receive long.term profits. The printer itself is a one.time purchase, but you can make good money on the cartridges that are supplied in the kit.

printer, gives, cartridge, contacts, paint

As a result, the developers are unprofitable when “smart” customers refuel cartridges instead of buying new.

Problems with SNPH

Problems with the non.value CISS arise much less often and usually after installing.

  • Check and clean the contacts. If there are pollution or dried ink, do not use sharp objects to remove them. You can use a regular paper gum that you can easily buy in a regular store. After such cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the surface with a microchip with a clean cloth.
  • Check the presence of defects and damaged contacts. It will not be easy to do. Most likely, you will have to look for a replacement or make an equivalent manually using a thin wire.
  • If you have turned on the automatic installation of a new microprogram in the printer settings, check if a new version has been installed over the past few days. If so, then the old chip must be replaced with a newer. For experienced users, the decision is an attempt to “roll back” the device to the old firmware, but it is quite difficult to do it yourself.
  • Hardware blocking of the chip. Very unpleasant situation for some models. If your cartridge is one of these, it is almost impossible to refuel and correct the error of non.knowledge. This problem can only be solved in the service center.
  • The service life of the battery has expired. Some SNPCs are supplied with a battery, which should be replaced. The average life expectancy is about one year.

What to do if the printer does not see the cartridge at all?

If nothing of the proposed list helps you to eliminate the problem, most likely there are damage in the printer chip. You can disassemble the design and see the damaged parts, with minor breakdowns, you can replace them.

But, most likely, the internal components will be significantly damaged. In this case, do not make independent repairs. You can contact the Service Center, there, under the guarantee, they will provide free assistance in thorough diagnosis and eliminate faults.

It is likely that the device was out of order due to long-term operation. In this case, it will be much more profitable to purchase a new model. You can see popular versions on the Internet to choose the perfect price ratio and quality.

Does not see the cartridge in the jet printer

The new cartridge is incorrectly installed or does not recognize the old after refueling.

On each cartridge of a jet printer, during a detailed examination, it is easy to see special chips and other unfamiliar parts. They are located on the case for a reason. Therefore, it is important that the installation is done correctly. This may indicate a slight click at the time of installation, but this is not relevant for all models. To throw back the option with improper installation, just remove and install it again.

If you install new cartridges that have not been previously used, then it will be useful to check the presence of protective films or other extra items on the case. Relevant, in some cases, there may be a lining of paper or cardboard, which will help to take the cartridge the right place in the carriage.

For an inexperienced user, such a reason may seem not entirely clear. The explanation is quite simple and requires information about the device of the print cartridge itself. For a jet printer, if you compare it with laser, then this is a fairly smart “creature” that has its own memory and can make programmed decisions.

The fact is that it has a special chip that records information about its possibility of printing a certain number of sheets. And there is also an electronic counter that calculates how many prints have already been done. At the moment when the difference begins to strive for zero, special messages about the low ink level will be displayed. As a rule, they are simply ignored. The problem occurs at the time of comparing a possible and really printed number of pages.

In different models, the reaction of the apparatus to this situation is different. Often gives an error not to identify the cartridge. It is logical that the exit from this problem will be discharged the counter. This procedure is individual for each printer model and can only be similar to devices from one series.

Non.original cartridge or not for your model.

If your HP printer does not see the cartridge, then it is highly likely that the problem is precisely the originality of consumables. This manufacturer fiercely fights for fakes of their products.

When, the cartridges that were in the printer at the time of its purchase stopped printing and the gas station does not help to revive them. And sometimes it is simply impossible to add ink. Will be the question of buying new. Many people know that original goods can cost a lot of money. But there is always an option to get out of a difficult situation. What can be done:

Each option has its own pros and cons of. Restored and compatible can cause an error “cartridge is not identified. In such a situation, we recommend that the events described in the subsection “not correctly installed” and “counters”. There are no guarantees of correction, but it is worth trying.

Very often, users try to insert expenditures into the printer that do not fit him. The fact is that for each individual model of the device there is a type of cartridge. They can be interchangeable, but not always, only for models of one manufacturer and the model line of devices. Before buying, you should always find out the exact brand of your cartridges. You can get this information from the characteristics of the printer on the official website of its manufacturer on the Internet.

Toner Cartridge Printing Defects: Causes and Solutions

Lack of contact. In some cases, he writes a message that it is impossible to recognize ink cartridges.

Between the printer and the cartridge at the time of its installation, contact forms and due to this, the presence is determined. If there is no such contact, then it is guaranteed to get the message “no cartridge” or “cartridge is not found”.

Often can not see after refueling, and this is especially true for Canon printers. Since this business is quite “dirty”, a situation occurs easily when the paint falls on the chip, which is the linking link. Wipe the contacts of the chip with a special napkin or ordinary. For prevention, wipe the contacts neatly in the printer itself, they can also be contaminated.

  • Check the presence of third.party objects in contact places.
  • Make an inspection of the chip for the correct installation. If necessary, correct its position.

Pollution or drying after long downtime.

If you have not printed anything on your printer for a long time, then a very real cause of malfunctions may be drying out. Some models of printing devices identify the cartridge according to the state of the print head. In this case, complete cleaning of the cartridge will help. In the future, do not postpone preventive measures for your printer in a “long box”.

Pollution of inknings or printer itself can occur after prolonged use or mechanical damage to the internal parts, which entailed the flow of paint. In case of damage that we cannot foresee, the malfunction can only be solved in the service center. But pollution from the process of operation of the device can be prevented by regular “cleaning” inside the printer. The main thing is to prevent the ink drying out.

The replacement is not fully fulfilled.

In addition to physical replacement, for many models of jet printing devices, it is necessary to inform about the change or installation of new “consumables” programmatic way. Pay attention to the control screen on the printer. There should be a message about changing the cartridge or several (then messages may appear in turn). All that needs to be done in such a situation is to follow the instructions on the screen. Some time after several procedures, the printer should begin to print.

If all the above reasons are eliminated or confident in their innocence in the malfunctions of the printer, then, as an option, you can consider software failures. A malfunction when the printer does not see the cartridge even new, is observed for most HP and Canon models. What to do in this case read in the last subsection of this article.

The reasons for not recognition in laser

As in the case of jet printers, laser devices may not see the cartridge due to its incorrect installation. What to do:

  • Disconnect the cord power supply from the device.
  • Open the printer cover.
  • Remove the cartridge completely.
  • Make an inspection inside the apparatus for the presence of third.party items.
  • Insert back on the grooves on the case to the very end and click at the end.
  • Close the lid. It should be closed tightly and without effort.
  • Connect the power and turn on the printer itself.
  • Try to print any document or focus on notifications.

In the case of using a cartridge, which has already been refueled several times, pay attention to the wear of the details.

Compatible are consumables that are not original, but in terms of characteristics they approach the printer and should easily replace the original. Printing manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Samsung, Xerox are trying in every possible way to make it impossible to replace their consumables with third.party products. For these reasons, some, and often the old modifications of products, may not approach a particular printer model.

If you have acquired a compatible cartridge and it is not determined by the printer or he does not see it, then he will be able to make sure that the problem is precisely in its unoriginality, and not in the malfunctions of the printer itself, try the seal on the original old cartridge.

In recent years, manufacturers began to complete their cartridges with special chips. The minimum that this microcircuit performs is the calculation of the number of printed sheets. If the established limit is achieved, there may be several options for the development of events.

  • You will begin to receive notifications of a low number of toner demanding to replace the cartridge.
  • The seal will be pale or white stripes will appear on the sheets.
  • The saddest option is that the cartridge will be disconnected or blocked. The printer will stop determining it and see it at all.

In this case, the meter should be reset (for some models, such a procedure must be done after each refueling), if it is possible for it, or buy a new chip.

A very rare cause of a malfunction can be a low toner level. There are printers of the printers of some manufacturers who block the cartridge if there are very few toner.

After refueling, the jet printer does not print

Cartridge check

The just refueling cartridge must be tested. You will need a clean paper towel or several dry white napkins. Press the bottom of the inkwell to the paper surface with light pressure. Depending on the cartridge (h/b or color), a black trace or triple colored strip should remain on the napkin.

If the print has uneven edges, gaps or trace of ink is not visible at all, then the reasons can be hidden both in the air entering and in pollution of the aisles.

You can believe the cartridge program method. Let us give instructions on the example of the Canon brand.

  • In the list of devices, find the desired model.
  • Click PKM and select the line “Setting up the print parameters”.
  • In the window that opens, find the section “Service” or “Service”.
  • Choose the desired procedure, for example, cleaning the DUZ printer of varying degrees, cleaning the print head or calibration.

Drying in the nozzle

Ink.based ink.based inkjet printering. If the remnants of the paint accumulate in the nozzles, clogging occurs and the printer stops printing.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended to print a test page at least once every 3-7 days.

If the nozzles are still clogged, soak them in warm distilled water or alcohol, and after 5 minutes, rub the remaining paint dry.

A more difficult task is to flush the head located separately from the cartridge. This was written in the last section.

Air hit

During the re.reference of the cartridge or the continuous supply system of ink, air could get inside. An ordinary inkwell responds weakly to air bubbles, in such a situation it can be wrapped in a napkin and shake it like a thermometer. In the SNPC, you will need to beat air, strictly following the instructions for your model. It is necessary to force an air cork from the channel forcibly.

Traffic jams in SNPCh are more often formed in pipes going from containers with dye to the head. To remove excess air, remove the block of the inknings, open the traffic jams, insert a syringe seasoned with air, open the holes on banks with ink and blow out the channels.

For most printers with SNPH, just such a sequence of actions is used.

When ink ends, air enters the dose of the head, which leads to drying the paint in its capillaries. Air can also get if at the end of the printout the system is not correctly parked, that is, the carriage does not reach the parking point. Due to drying, the head fails. Especially often, such problems arise in Epson printers with fixed heads.

Inappropriate ink

For each model of printing equipment, a certain type and modification of the inkwell is provided. If you choose a consumable not suitable for parameters, the printer may not see the cartridge. Original inknings are expensive.

To save money, you can buy a compatible model that is far from for every printer.

If there were no problems with the old cartridge with a printout, and they appeared only after buying and installing a new consumable, there is a high probability that the matter is in its incompatibility.

A jet printer can stop printing even with ink if they are chosen incorrectly. If the cartridge is filled with inappropriate ink, you will have to do complete flushing, sometimes wash the entire system and even a printing device.

When buying, be sure to look at the shelf life of ink.

Overflow of ink during refueling

The inkwell must be refueled by no more than 90% of the total capacity.

If the ink container is transparent, the level of refueling is visually visible. If the walls are dense, familiarize yourself with the instructions or documents for equipment where the maximum permissible amount of ink for refueling is indicated.

Incorrect installation of a cartridge or print head

In the jet, the inkwell is fixed in the compartment called a carriage.

With intensive use, the mount becomes less durable, and the cartridge begins to move freely in the carriage, while contacting is lost, and the printer ceases to “see” the consumable. For fastening the cartridge, a piece of cardboard or paper folded in several layers is used. Also check so that there is no clogging of the printer contacts and cartridge.

The printer cover should be tightly closed, because some models have opening/closing sensors.

If SNPC is installed, such a sensor is necessarily blocked by a piece of foam, since the lid will close the lid tightly interfere.

When installing a new cartridge, check that all protective films are shot from it. In some cases, reinstalling or installing the driver may be needed.

If, after cleaning or any other actions, the head was incorrectly inserted before rearranging it in place, read the instructions. The manual can be found in the documents for the printer or on the Internet.

The cause of the white sheet can be a breakdown of electronics caused by a overheating head. This happens when there is no ink, but the nozzles continue to warm up so that the dye is thrown out of them for subsequent printing. The problem is characteristic of Canon brands, hp.

printer, gives, cartridge, contacts, paint

Spoiled chip, counter or diapers

  • Chip.This is a tiny chip installed on each cartridge. Without a chip, the inkwell will not work. The intensive operation of the printer leads to damage and scratching the chip, which is why contact or microcircuit is completely out of order. When breaking the chip, you need replacement with a similar product. In the case of a deterioration in the quality of contact, you can clean the surface of the chip with an ordinary stationery elastic band. In some consumables, the manufacturer provides for the need to regularly replace microcircuits, regardless of the state.
  • Counter. The microcircuit contains a lot of service data, including information about the number of printed pages. When the number of copies displayed reaches a certain value, the printer software blocks the seal. There are three methods of solving the problem: buy a new consumable, replace the microcircuit, reset the counter.
  • “Dampers”.A special gasket that absorbs the remains of the dye that came out of the inkwell, but did not fix it on paper. Over time, the “diaper” (absorber) absorbs too many paint and you need to clean or replace.

Stopped printing a laser printer

So that the laser printer continues to work after the next refueling without problems, it is necessary to do charging in the correct sequence.

  • Remove the consumable from the apparatus.
  • Disassemble the cartridge, having previously promoted all the screws.
  • Clean the bunker with work, regardless of how many remains of the powder in the compartment.
  • Fall asleep the new toner of the desired brand and quality.
  • Eliminate traces of powder if he accidentally woke up on the removed details.
  • Clean the dosage blade and photo. A regular or special vacuum cleaner is used.

If the refueling is not the first, perhaps the reason for stopping the print is the wear of the parts. When the damage is visually visually visible on the consumable, the cartridge must be replaced. First of all, carefully inspect the rocket (cleaning blade), photo bus and magnetic shaft.

On the cartridge of the laser printer (as well as on the jet) there is a microcircuit, the counter of which remembers the number of printed sheets. When the figure reaches the installed mark, the system automatically blocks the possibility of printing. Then it is necessary to discharge the toner meter or the abroad of the cartridge. We described in detail about reset/zeroing in the next section of the article.

If the laser apparatus was not used for a long time, then the powder in the cartridge could be tied. To resume the work, it is enough to make light shaking so that the toner inside the bunker is distributed evenly.

A special case: the printer does not see CNPC

If the device works according to the continuous supply system of ink, then it can not recognize the cartridge for the following reasons:

  • chip contamination;
  • Contact defect for reading microcircuits;
  • incompatibility of the chip with updated software;
  • use of poor.quality ink;
  • Blocking due to the repeating error of the counter.

It is not recommended to solve problems with office equipment of CNPC yourself. High risk of decorating a complex system. Therefore, if you are not a printer repair master and All-in-One Printer, then it is better to contact the service.

Erroneous stereotypes

Internet resources often write that the printer Epson (Samsung, HP, Xerox) does not see the cartridge due to the use of non-original products. This is a marketing move. Compatible consumables in quality, resource, reliability are indistinguishable from the original. Therefore, if you are convinced that the cause of the failures in the wrong choice of a printing unit is an attempt to sell a more expensive cartridge.

The only condition: a compatible cartridge should be developed for a specific model and type of office equipment. Analogues are characterized by the same pros and cons of. Accordingly, the methods of solving problems are identical.