Why the HP printer does not print with colored colors. Alignment of printing heads

Why the printer does not print black or color, but there is a paint: what to do

If you often print and do a lot without maintenance, clogging of ink channels inside the cartridge or the print head will not take much time. And in the event that the work with the printer is very rare, it is possible to dry on the surfaces. Any situation can easily lead to the cessation of the seal of the cartridge, even if it is still full of ink.

To eliminate such problems, you can use one of two solutions. software or physical. The first involves performing manipulations inside the device using a special utility, the second requires manual user intervention. That is, rinse and delete the remains of ink.

The inkwells are incorrectly seasoned

  • Refueling the cartridge should only be done with high.quality consumables. Buy goods only from trusted suppliers and respected manufacturers.
  • Ink must correspond to the printer model. The marks indicated in the characteristics of the device must correspond to the marks on the spray cans. Do not forget about the presence of different types of “consumables” for jet apparatuses. There are pigments and water.
  • Sour enough ink in an ink container so that ink does not flow out of the cartridge. It is better to add no more than 90% of the maximum capacity.

The reasons why the printer does not print after refueling, and options for their elimination to resume the operation of the equipment.

Checking the level of paint in cartridges

You can visually check the level if the situation allows. Some models are equipped with transparent plastic cartridges, which is very convenient. Align in an ink and make sure that there are more than half of the liquid inside. Add more if necessary.

If the first method of checking paints is not suitable, this can be done using a special program. For many models, he is “sewn up” into the driver, therefore it has already been installed. Further actions are as follows:

  • Get through the control panel to the section with printers.
  • We find our own and from the context menu (right mouse button) select “Print parameters”.
  • Go to the service tab and at the bottom click “Status Information”.
  • In the next window, click “Data ink”.

The names of the buttons and menu items may vary slightly, but the meaning remains the same.

The problem of having enough ink is especially relevant for colored printers that do not print in color.

Non.original cartridges or incompatible ink are used

If the cartridges that were in the printer at the time of the purchase failed or simply worn out over time, you most likely bought new. If these are non.original “consumables”, over time, a problem may arise in the form of a printer’s refusal to print even if there is ink. In such a situation, you will have to buy an original product or similar to the one used now.

HP Deskjet 2700 Align Ink Cartridges, Clean Printheads, Fix Bad Print Quality, Review !!

The same problem concerns the quality of the colors used liquids. They can be made by the manufacturer, which requires high cost, or they can be compatible with your cartridge model. You can find out more detailed information about this by checking the marking on the spray can and indicated in the characteristics of the cartridge. They must match.

Malfunctions of the print head

The print head itself cannot be excluded from the list of possible perpetrators of problems. This is one of the most expensive parts of any printer. Independent diagnosis and even more so home repair is impossible. In such cases, you need to contact the service center. And if the equipment is under warranty, this is a prerequisite.

Such cardinal actions should be carried out only if all other recommendations of this instruction did not help resume the press.

How to disable color printing on Epson printer?

Go to the “Basic” tab and select one of the quality parameters below. In the “Type” field, select “ordinary paper” or “envelope”. In the “Parameters” section, install the “shades of gray).

Settings in the Windows system

Some important settings in the operating system itself, which are indicated incorrectly, also need to be corrected. Pay attention to these parameters.

  • The default printer is installed. It should be your model with a green checkmark. If the flag is installed on another device, this must be fixed through the printer context menu.
  • There are many documents in the print line that “freeze” and are not printed. Go to the queue window and check this hypothesis. Cleaning can be performed in several ways, all of which are described in a separate article here.
  • In the same window, the file menu contains the items “Work in Autonomous mode” and “suspend print”. There should not be any signs next to them. Remove them with a click of the mouse if they still stay.

For no “sees” refueling

Manufacturers often install special paint counters in their equipment. When the printer makes a certain amount of prints, the system reports a low level of ink. In fact, it can be like this, even if inkwells are not always completely empty. Therefore, physical replenishment of consumables is not always enough to continue printing with black or colored cartridges. The user must drop this counter.

You can reset an ink level sensor in several ways:

  • Use special software for these purposes. The most popular programs are IPTool and MTool “.
  • Restore, applying glue to the contacts of the cartridge itself. This method is most often used for HP equipment.
  • Buy and install compatible consumables without meters.

You need to update the printer driver

  • Update the software through the device manager.
  • Click the “My Computer” icon with the right mouse button and select “Properties”.
  • In the properties window on the left, click the link “Device Manager”.
  • Find your printer in the equipment list and highlight it.
  • Click the driver update icon above.
  • Launch the procedure according to an automatic scenario or indicate the path to previously uploaded software files.

Possible reasons

Take for example a printer of a standard design that is able to print by means of four colors. The containers for them are divided into two blocks: in the first there is black paint, and in the second ink of blue, red and yellow color. The choice of such a color scheme is due to the ability to create the necessary color shades with its help.

The reason that the Canon printer does not print in red color:

  • Air entering the cartridge. often this occurs when replacing original ink, cartridge and papers with analog.
  • Combining in one device of cartridges of different manufacturers. As a result, some printer identifies, but does not notice the presence of others.
  • Clogging sniffs in the print head. It provokes simple peripheral equipment or incorrectly selected analog paint of red color. To correct the situation, the print head is cleaned using a special liquid. It is made specifically for each brand (Canon, Epson), there are also universal cleaners. In their absence, they use distilled water.
  • Incorrect procedure for refueling the cartridge. This happens if the user first introduces red paint into the print head without following the instructions for operating.
  • Damage to the jumpers between the tanks. The presence of such problems leads to mixing colors of different colors located in neighboring tanks.

If there is no self.confidence, then do not try to establish peripheral equipment yourself. The risk of aggravation of the problem or final breakdown of the Canon Pixma MP250, HP or EPSON device will only increase.

Color setups

This measure, in fact, is the easiest to execute. It is recommended to use it after checking the level of paint in the tank. If the red ink has not ended yet, and the printer does not print, then the driver to cleanse the PG is launched. Such a measure is effective if the jet printer Canon, HP or Epson is rarely used as intended.

But neither software cleansing, nor other restoring measures will help those cartridges whose lips are hardened, electronics are damaged, and the sealing of the snot is disturbed.

Washing the cartridge containing a absorbent sponge

First, the sponge is brought to normal. To do this, you need to extract PG from a printer that does not print, and place it in a pre.prepared solution of distilled water or purifying liquid. The cartridge is placed down nozzles.

The next step will be the cartridge refueling. It is desirable to do this through a special suction or syringe. It is slowly delayed by means of smooth movements. Before installing the element, back into the peripheral device is cleaned of excess paint. In this case, pay attention to the state of contacts. They should not be damaged or stained with ink.

If after 3 cleaning the printer does not print or the quality of the received imprint is bad, then it remains to replace the cartridge. Unfortunately, Epson printers with a similar design require frequent replacement, since it is impossible to restore them. The procedure is shown in the photo.

Restoration of cartridges with vacuum deduction of ink

What to do in this case? PG characterized by vacuum retention of paint is easier to reanimate. To begin with, 10 ml of a cleansing solution is poured into the cartridge. After a couple of minutes, it should be shaken out of it from there. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times. After the cartridge is placed in the composition for washing for a day (nozzles down).

Next, it is required to fill in ink, stop air access to the cartridge and extract no more than 10 ml of paint through a special suction. If the process occurred without complications, then it remains to carry out 3 cleaning of the PG and check the result by trial print.

Cleaning of separate pg

If the problems with the tank for ink are diagnosed, then there is no sense in its repair. The print head can still be reanimated. They do this with the help of special utilities, which are on the installation disk that is included in the attachment of the printer Canon (Epson) when acquiring it.

If it is useless, Pg is disassembled. In this case, it is necessary to follow the instructions. Otherwise, hoping for the further operation of peripheral equipment is useless. After you need to carry out 10 software cleaners. If the print result does not delight, then the main element of the jet printer Epson is replaced.

Ultrasonic cleaning of a separate print head is considered effective, but it is used only in the service center. If at home it was not possible to correct the situation, then they turn to professionals.

Does not print HP printer. what to do?

Like any printers, HP technique is unable to work without a time of an infinite amount of time. The worst that can happen to printing equipment is a refusal to print. This happens for various reasons. Not all malfunctions can be eliminated by an ordinary user, but there are such things that can be dealt with with minimal skills in handling any office equipment in general. Then the most common problems in the operation of the HP printers will be considered, as well as recommendations for their elimination.

The sudden refusal of any equipment connected to the computer is often associated with software faults. Incorrect settings or malfunctions of the operating system (OS), damage to the system files and/or drivers of the printer, the actions of malicious programs. all these problems can be easily eliminated by the user on their own. Consider this issue.

printer, does, print, colored, colors, printing

Lack of malicious programs

Viruses are not able to harm the printing machine itself. They can only violate or completely block the data transfer from the computer to the printer, because of which the latter simply will not receive any commands from the user to print. Even an antivirus is installed on the computer, it will not be superfluous to check the printer’s performance in the condition disconnected from PC. For this:

  • Disconnect a USB cable (or other intense cable) from a computer.
  • Then it is necessary to give a command to the printer to print a trial page.
  • Depending on the printer model, this is done from the control panel (LCD screen) or by pressing and holding a certain key.
  • For printers with the LCD screen, you need to do the following: go from the main menu to the “Settings” section, select “Report”, then “Printing Report”.
  • For printers without an LCD screen-press and hold the button that shows the “X” cross (the button may vary, depends on the device model).

If the printer prints a test page, then the problem is the computer. First of all, you should update the antivirus databases and remove all viruses with its help. After rebooting the computer and the printer, you need to repeat the attempt to print, if it does not come out. the option with the presence of malicious programs can be excluded. Move on.

Elimination of malfunctions in automatic mode

The manufacturer of HP printers has developed a special utility that helps detect and eliminate software malfunctions in automatic mode. The program is called “HP Print and Scan Doctor”, it can be downloaded from the official HP website.

After starting the utility, it is enough to simply follow the instructions, choosing options proposed by the program.

Hanging the line of print

When the user sends the document for printing, a special system file is created with a list of tasks for the printer. Any changes in the file or its damage can lead to the fact that the printing machine “does not understand” which document should be printed first of all, there will be freezing. To eliminate this problem, it is enough to delete this file. This is done in the following sequence (for Windows):

  • Open on the computer the Service Service application. To do this, press the “Winr” key combination, copy in the opening window “Services.MSC “and click OK”.
  • A window with a large list will open. In the section “Name” you need to find the service “dispatcher of the Printing Print” (or “Print Spooler”).
  • Click the right mouse button by the name of the service and select in the “Stop” context menu.
  • Next, go to the Printers system folder, which is located at “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \”. Remove the entire contents of the folder.


Now it remains to restart the computer and the printer itself, and then try to carry out the seal.

Restarting the Printing Manager Service

With the “Print Manager” disconnected or dependent, work with the printer will be impossible in principle. To turn it on/restart it, you must also enter the Service system application and find the corresponding item in the list. With the right click of the mouse we call the context menu. If the service is disabled, the “run” point will be active. click on it. If necessary, restart the service first disconnect it (“stop”), and then start again.

Default printing devices

If several printers were used on the same computer at different times, it is likely that the operating system is trying to give a command to print the currently disconnected device from PC. To fix this, we do the following:

  • Find in the “Start” menu and open the “control panel”;
  • Go to the “Devices and Printers” section;
  • Find among other icons the “problem” printer (by the name of the model);
  • Click on the icon with the right mouse button and select the item “Use by default”.

Reinstalling the driver

Even if the printer is displayed in the section “control panels”-“devices and printers”, it can still not work due to problems in the functioning of the driver. First you need to remove the device (driver) from the system, for which it is enough to click on the printer icon with the right button and select “Delete the device”.

After that, reboot the computer and install the driver from the disk or from the file that can be downloaded on the official HP website (just enter the printer model on the site, for example, “Laserjet 1018”).

HP printer’s hardware

If manipulations with settings and drivers have not given any result, perhaps the reason lies in the hardware of the printer or computer. Let’s start with the simplest.

Are there any ink in cartridges?

To see the level of ink, we perform the following actions:

  • Open the HP Resolution Center (Menu “Start”, “All Programs”);
  • Go to the “Parameters” section;
  • Then the “Press Parameters”, where select the “Paner Panel”;
  • Go to the “approximate level of ink” tab.

Graphic images of the installed cartridges will be displayed on the screen. In the case of b/w printers. this will be one single cartridge. If it is empty, it should be replaced or seasoned. For colored printers, it is not always critical if one of the colored inkwells is empty. the seal will take place anyway, but the quality will decrease.

InteEI cable

Modern printers, as a rule, are connected to a computer through an intense USB cable. Even if the computer determines the fact of connecting the device, this does not exclude the possibility of cable damage. Also, in some cases, the computer USB port can work incorrectly. Therefore, first try to connect the cable to another port, and then (if there is), replace it with another.

Strengthening the paper

It is enough to open the printer cover or look into the tray and see if paper or other extraneous item is stuck there. If so, just remove it.

Checking the HP cartridges

Each separate HP printers model requires the use of individual cartridges. When installing inklines designed to work with devices of another model, the printing machine simply will not be able to determine even the fact of their installation. The same applies to the installation of cartridges of non.original origin (fake).

To find out which cartridges are suitable for a specific printer model, you need to read the instructions for it or find the appropriate information on the manufacturer’s website. Each inkwell has an individual number. Having checked it (also on the HP website), you can determine whether the original origin is.

The correct installation of cartridges

When transporting the printer, replacing or refueling cartridges, the latter can get out of their nest or be incorrectly installed. This is a small malfunction that eliminates the reinforcement of the inklits (how to do this is described in the instructions for the printer).

When reinstalling cartridges, it is also recommended to pay attention:

  • Did you get into the compartment where cartridges are installed, any subject. If so, it should be removed.
  • Is there a moisture on the surface of the cartridge. If so. wipe the device with a soft rag.
  • When installing new inkwells. you need to remove the protective plastic film (many forget to do it).

Flowing the nozzle of the cartridge

If the access to the in ink from the cartridge is blocked, the printer will make the characteristic sounds of the print process, but the sheets will come out clean or partially printed. In most cases, blockage of inkwells is associated with drying the paint on the surface of their snot. To clean them, you can use the following advice:

  • Put on the bottom of shallow containers (plates, for example) several clean napkins.
  • Pour watering water (but it is better to use a special liquid for cleaning cartridges) so that it exceeds their thickness by only a few millimeters.
  • Put the cartridge on napkins with nozzles down.
  • Wait a couple of hours.
  • Wipe the nozzles with cotton or soft cloth.
  • Install in the printer and try to perform printing.
  • If the sheets come out partially printed, repeat the procedure.

Cleaning the print head

Cleaning the print head involves passing the ink through it under pressure. This is done using the previously mentioned utility “Center for Solutions HP”. For this:

  • Open the utility and come in successively. “Printing Parameters”, “Paner Panel”.
  • Next, select “Device Services”.
  • Then “Cleaning Printing Heads”.

The process takes place in automatic mode within a few minutes.

Serious hardware malfunctions

If none of the instructions helped above, it is possible that the printer has more serious hardware and technical malfunctions. They can be associated with the functioning of the print head, paper supply mechanisms, and the operation of electronic components. The elimination of such malfunctions requires specialists’ intervention.

Stalling ink in the nozzle of the cartridge

In some cases, the occurrence of errors with cartridges can occur due to the drying of ink in the nozzle. These are quite small channels that easily clog even the smallest hard object, which ink is becoming when drying out. The main task is to extract frozen paint. The simplest (but far from the only) way to do this:

  • Pour into a small container of clean water (you can add alcohol a little) or a special liquid for cleaning cartridges. Water column should not exceed 1 cm.
  • Install the inkwell into the water with nozzles down.
  • We expect a couple of hours, then wipe the nozzles with a cotton swab or napkin, try to print.
  • This procedure must be repeated if, after the first attempt, the error was never eliminated. You can also increase the time of exciting up to a couple of days.

Program failure

A variety of harmful programs, careless actions of users or malfunctions in the operation of the operating system can disrupt the software responsible for managing the printer from the computer (drivers and applied software). If there is a suspicion that the problem is precisely this, you need to completely remove the driver and related programs, and then install them again.

Removing best performed directly from the installer (located on the disk supplied with the printer, you can also download on the Internet on the official HP website), choosing the corresponding point directly at the beginning of the installation. Some installers can also offer the recovery of the driver. you can try this method.

The printer itself also has its own built-in operating system, and all modern ALL-In-One Printer models are able to store some user settings in their memory. Sometimes malfunctions can be observed precisely in the operation of OS printer. In such cases, you can try to reset the settings for factory. This is usually done from a computer through a special program, which comes with the printer. In the case of modern All-In-One Printer HP, this is the program “Toolbox”. As an example, we consider how the settings are reset with it:

We go to the item “Device Parameters”. “Service”. “Restore”.

The printer will reboot with the dropped settings. It is possible (in rare cases), you will have to re.install the driver.

printer, does, print, colored, colors, printing

The writing head is clogged

The paint over time can clog the nozzles of the print head. The probability of this increases if the color printer has been used for a long time, and it works with water.soluble ink. Both Canon Printer and HP printer refuse to print. It will be necessary to clean the writing of the printer.

On the printer, which uses water.soluble ink, it is recommended to print at least once a week or check the performance of the system using the corresponding driver. If pigment ink is used, it is advisable to print on the printer twice a week at least. In this case, both the color printer Canon and the HP color printer will last without pauses and stops longer, but sooner or later, the need for cleaning the writing head and its snot may still arise. So it is better to regularly perform preventive cleaning. With proper care, the printer always prints much better.

Air in the slopes of cartridges

Over time, the system of continuous ink supply is wears around. One of the problems is air seals. Many printers of different brands fail in connection with this. A sure sign of a malfunction. print is possible only if the level of ink is above the maximum mark. But this trick helps only a short time. Soon, air seals finally fail.

Air enters the train of cartridges and with normal operation. in a small amount. For prevention, you need to open a list of printer properties from time to time, clean.

Incorrect printer refueling

Inexperienced users can incorrectly refue the printer cartridge, which will lead to a partial or complete breakdown of the device. For example, the drum will fail, black stripes will appear on the document.

The most common problem with the improper refueling of the printer. the device ceases to fulfill its main function. print.

How to correct the cartridge of the HP brand printer. At the first stage, you need to place the device on a napkin with a print head down. After that, type ink in a syringe that is used to refuel cartridges. Make sure that air, foam or bubbles do not get into the syringe.

Now you need to insert the needle into the gas station-color or black and white, depending on ink-to a depth of not more than 2-3 cm. Start introducing ink, slowly until they fill the gas station.

Wipe the print head and cartridge from excess ink. To do this, use a dry and clean cloth. Install the component in the printer, after which you can start printing documents.

Cleaning the rollers

Signs of malfunction of the feed roller:

In any case, one or two videos can be worn out or polluted. In case of wear, replace the rubber lining with a new. The wear of the surface is evidenced by a smooth surface.

If you notice traces of dirt on the video, you can clean it yourself. To do this, dip a cotton swab in clean water or a special detergent and gently wipe the rollers throughout the circle.

You can also use the recommendations of manufacturers. For example, Epson shows a way when a simple leaf from below is slightly sprayed with blue Mister Muscle. Then the sheet is placed in the tray, the seal begins, and the sheet is held by the hands so that the rollers do not catch. The latter slide along the lower part of the sheet, thus eliminating.

Cleaning software

After a long period of inaction or recent refueling, the print head or the cartridge itself can clog and, thus, form the gaps between the lines. First of all, it is worth cleaning it with the help of built.in means. Go through the control panel in the section with printers, select your model and select the “Printing Properties”. Then go to the “Service” tab and start “deep cleaning”. This can be done several times.

HP printer does not print: options for solving a malfunction

This article will talk about a particular manufacturer whose products are so popular that almost everyone knows about it. But this does not cancel the fact that high.quality devices, in particular printers, have breakdowns, which many cannot cope on their own. It is necessary to understand the main problems and options for solving them.

Those people who have a print defect, that is, white stripes, rows on the sheet, a little happier than those whose printer is not displayed on the computer. It is difficult to disagree that with such a defect, at least some seal is already a success. In this situation, you first need to check the integrity of the USB cable. Especially if there are pets. This is not so simple, because damage can be hidden.

However, a USB connection is not only a cord, but also special connectors in a computer. The failure of such a component is unlikely, but still happens. Check it is very simple. get a wire from one nest and attach to another. You can even use the front panel if we are talking about home computer. If the device is still not determined, and confidence in the cable is one hundred percent, then you need to move on.

Problem 2: Printer drivers

It is impossible to connect the printer to the computer and hope that it will work correctly if the drivers are not installed for it. This is relevant, by the way, not only with the first launch of the device, but also after its long-term use, since the operating system is subjected to constant changes and damage the files of any software-the task is not so difficult.

The driver is installed either with CD, which is distributed similar software when buying a new device, or from the official site of the manufacturer. One way or another, you need to download only the most modern software and then you can count on the fact that the computer will “see” the printer.

On our site you will find individual instructions for installing drivers for the printer. Follow this link, enter the brand and model of your device in the search field and read all the available installation/update methods for HP.

If this does not help, then you need to check for viruses, as they can simply block the operation of the device.

The printer prints vague prints? Correct this problem in 5 minutes!

  • Press the start and select the settings.
  • Click “Devices” “Printers and scanners”.
  • Click on your printer and select control.
  • Now click the “Printer properties” in the “Device Management” window.
  • Go to the “Color Management” tab.
  • Next, click “Add” to see a list of available color profiles.
  • He will appear in the “Add Profile” window. Select Diamon Compatible 9300k G2.2.ICM.
  • Press the Add button again and click OK to save changes.
  • Print the file again and check if the application can print a yellow document.
  • Open the HP Director software and click “Help”.
  • Open the “” tab and click the list for your multifunctional printer.
  • Click “Support your HP PSC or OfficeJet”.
  • Click on “Work with cartridges”.
  • Now click “Peel the contracts for printing”.

Check the common Microsoft drivers for printers

  • Press Windows Key R to open Run.
  • Enter DEVMGMT.MSC and click OK to open the device manager.
  • Expand the queues of the printers.
  • Click with your right mouse button on your printer and select “Update the driver”.
  • Select allow the search for the window and load the drivers automatically.
  • That’s all. Windows will boot if a new driver is available.
  • Restart the system and check if there are improvements.

Here are a few quick and simple solutions that you can try if your printer does not print yellow. Feel free to try all our solutions and tell us which one works for you.