Why Sony Playstation 4 Does Not Recognize Disk

Why Sony Playstation 4 Does Not Recognize Disk

Here is an article on one of the most frequently asked questions about the PS1 prefix. This article describes how to properly burn a disc for the Sony Playstation 1 console using the Alcohol 120% program.

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From the author. After I received a huge amount of posts on the social network “In contact with” and in private messages asking me to tell you how to properly record discs for the Sony Playstation, I decided to write this article, which will be useful to all owners of this console. I wrote this article based on my recording experience. There are many articles on the Internet about this, but almost all of them are copies of a single article from one author. I’ll add from myself that I wrote this article with you based on your comments in the posts. Therefore, I’ll immediately make a reservation, for the first time you need to stock up with 2-3 blank CD-R discs and patience. Since if you are recording a disc for the first time, you will have to sweat to determine the optimal recording speed. For some reason, sometimes the same game, recorded the same way on different drives for different people, works for someone, but for someone. not. But after the recording is successful, record the games this way and everything should work.

So, for recording, we need the Alcohol 120% program. It’s not necessary to chase the latest version. Any version will do. Just keep in mind that for Windows 7 you need version 2.0 and higher. Links to download the program Alcohol 120% you will find at the bottom of the article.

Now let’s start recording.

A few words about the choice of recording speed. Many articles write that it is necessary to choose the lowest recording speed of 2x or 4x. This is partly a lie. Why? Yes, because the recording speed depends on the model of the console for which you are burning a disc. We look at the pictures below.

So. If you gray old model prefixes shown on the left in the picture, then the games should be recorded at speed 2x or 4x. Not higher.
If you have a new one small white PSone prefix model, shown on the right, it is recommended to record at a speed 8x. You can record on 16x. But at a speed of 2x or 4x games most likely will not work.
IMPORTANT! If after recording the game does not play on the console, try recording to another disc at a different speed. For example, if it doesn’t work on 4x, then try 8x and vice versa. Why is this happening? I do not know. It seems to me that the problem is in our modern drives. But in this way, having spent 2-3 blanks, you will determine the optimal speed for your case. In the future, record at this speed, and the games will work.

Well, that’s all it takes to burn discs. Often messages come, such as “I recorded a disc, but the console does not read it. What to do?” I will list the possible reasons due to which the console may NOT read the disc:

1. The game is recorded on a CD-RW, or even better. DVD-R or DVD-RW. Be careful! The Playstation 1 prefix reads ONLY CD-R discs.

2. Perhaps you do not have a chip-top box. But in this case, not a single Russian disc will work for you.

3. Perhaps you made a mistake when writing the game to disk. Maybe you made a mistake when choosing the speed to disk or did not select the option “Playstation“. Be careful. Reread the article.

4. The CD-R may be of very poor quality. Verbatim and TDK discs are recommended. On my own, I’ll add that the disks from Mirex work fine for me. I do not recommend drives from Smartbuy. They have very bad drives.

5. You downloaded not my release. I can not answer for other users. When downloading a game, pay attention to the author of the news. My nickname is on the site. Vized. Also, high-quality images are laid out Lucky and our editor Sersh. But again, I repeat, I’m testing completely and completely, I only release my own on WINSTATION.RU

The question also often comes up: “My program Alcohol 120% minimum speed. 48x (or 24x). How to set a lower speed?
Answer. Probably. no way. Just apparently your drive does not support low speeds. You can try to insert CD-R first, and then run the Alcohol program. But if even after that it will be impossible to choose a low speed, then your drive does not exactly support low write speeds. Of course, you can try to record at high speed. And it is very likely that the game will work on the console even after recording at 48x, but you do this at your own peril and risk. It is very likely that the game will not work on the console, or the music /s will be very buggy. But these days, CD-Rs are not so expensive, so it’s worth a try.

That’s all I personally know about burning discs. I am VKontakte. here you can express “thank you”, ask questions, give gifts, throw rotten tomatoes, express dissatisfaction. If that does not work. we’ll figure out. Just keep in mind that in this article I expressed everything that I know about the record and maybe I can not help you. Only one request. do not add to friends. If you really need quick access to my message page, then add to bookmarks. Well, of course, you can ask questions right here in the comments or in private messages. Well, best of all. In contact with.

Perhaps your antivirus will swear at viruses in the archive. But be sure that there are no viruses there, and the antivirus swears on Crack (medicine). Although most likely everything will be fine.

If you still have problems with the above version v1.9.6.5429, then you can download a newer version with another activator.