Why phone only works on charge

Why won’t your phone charge

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Picture this: You usually put your device on to charge one day, but instead of starting to “ravenously consume” power, it won’t even turn on the power LED. What happened, why doesn’t the phone charge, what to do in this situation? We’re going to talk about that today in our new Funduk tip sheet.ua.

The first thing to do if your phone does not charge is to stop panicking. This problem is not uncommon, it is faced by many users, and most of them apply to service centers. At the same time, a very small percentage of appeals are related to really serious problems in the boards or power systems. In most cases the reason for refusing to charge is a much less critical problem that you can fix yourself.

The smartphone does not see the charger

The most common problem is the lack of contact between the main device and its charger unit. At the same time it is also the most difficult to diagnose, because there can be many reasons for it. So what to do if your phone does not charge from the charger, completely ignoring it? Consistently check the possible causes:

Remove all dust from the connector and the connector with a stiff toothbrush, a cotton swab and a can of compressed air;

Clean the contacts on the ports from oxidation with alcohol;

Check the phone charger separately for functionality by connecting another USB cable to it;

Check the integrity and functionality of the USB cable, using it with another charger;

If everything is fine with the cable and the charger itself, the cause is most likely in the smartphone itself. You may want to perform a full software reset to make sure the problem is not with the OS or drivers. And if the problem does not disappear, you should contact the service center.

The cause of such malfunction in most cases is a software failure. It can be the result of complete discharge or overcharge of the device, due to a sudden malfunction in the drafts of the power controller or a wrongly inserted update of some component of the operating system.

If you do not have problems with charging in the off state, charge your smartphone to an acceptable level, and then reset the device. On how to do it yourself, we wrote earlier, the instruction will help you even if your device suddenly stopped turning on.

In rare cases, you may also need to fully re-flash the device, but usually such a need arises in already re-flashed to unofficial versions of the firmware smartphones.

The phone does not charge the battery to the maximum

It is not recommended to charge mobile devices until the indicator is full, except when you need to re-calibrate the device. But nevertheless, some users do it, and as a result are faced with the question “why the phone does not charge to 100 percent?”. The answer to it can be hidden in a software error or in the failure of the battery. The problem can be solved in one of three ways:

Reboot the device and calibrate its power system using the correct discharge-charge cycle (preferably repeat it several times in a row);

Perform a full “zero” reset of the operating system;

Replace the battery with a new one. It may have lost part of its life time.

The phone does not charge, although the indicator shows the charging process

The most common reason why your phone won’t charge, but it is charging (at least if you believe the display system) is a glitch in the software. In this case you need to perform a complete software reset of the operating system. If the reason was hidden in the software, it will be eliminated.

One more reason why the phone does not charge although it shows that it is charging is battery failure. It is simply not able to “absorb” the energy. In this case it is enough to replace the battery for the device to work correctly again.

rare is the hardware problem. If the phone shows that it is charging, but it does not charge as a result, it is possible that the controller in the main board has failed. In this case, you only need to go to the service center for a complete check of the device and replace its cards.

Now you know what to do if your phone does not charge. Samsung, LG, tp-link or less famous brand model, the essence of the actions does not change. you need to try to find out exactly why the device does not go charging. In most cases, the problem can really be solved on their own, and only a small part of them will really make you spend time on a trip to the service center.

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When you need to leave the house urgently, and your mobile device is on charge for hours with no apparent progress, anyone certainly give up nerves. At such moments it is not particularly important why the phone does not charge, it is the fact of malfunction that annoys. Especially if you have not had any problems before, and here at the most crucial moment the right accessory has failed you.

Why the phone does not charge from the charger?

Before you blame the malfunction on the device itself, it is worth checking something:

  • The socket is in good working order.
  • The battery charger’s ability to work.
  • Its correspondence to the working device.
  • The serviceability of the cable itself and the plug.
  • Connector status.

In modern homes, problems with wiring are very rare, except as a result of errors during the design. But if the wiring hasn’t been changed in 20 to 30 years, then the outlets can fail from time to time.

To check their condition is very simple, it is enough to have a voltmeter at hand, it will show both the presence of current in the network and the level of its voltage. But not all people are well-versed in the technical aspects, some electric current scares the hell out of them. And even in such situations there is always a simpler way out. check whether the light bulbs in your room work. If not. that’s reason enough to believe that the problem is not with the phone, but with your power grid. Even if the lights are on, use an electrical device that you are 100% sure is working. Problems have arisen with it as well. definitely the wiring.

Inattention as a cause of the lack of charge.

It is very rare that you can blame the whole thing on the home network, but more often the charger is to blame. Sometimes the cause is banal inattention of the person.

Each of us has a bunch of gadgets at home, nowadays connectors and chargers are practically standardized (microUSB), but you can still find exotic variants. And the phone is 5-6 years old is almost guaranteed to have a unique jack, which fits only a certain charger.

Some people have a whole bunch of different wires on their charger shelf, it’s easy to mix them up in a hurry. And if you’re still thinking about something else and haven’t noticed that the cable itself fits into the connector with great difficulty, troubleshooting is guaranteed to take hours.

Rarely do we immediately think of our mistakes, at first you are guaranteed to look for the problem in the tech. But this can be attributed to an unfortunate oversight, all you need to do to remedy the situation is choose the right cable. What if there really is a malfunction?

Battery charger and cable

The problem could be with the wire or the connector itself. Every thing has its margin of safety, especially wires, which can wear out and tear not


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Crappy battery. The phone turns on and then shuts off right away. What to do

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Every time you twist or coil a USB cable around something, its lifespan is shortened. So think about whether it’s worth it to shorten the length and save those crumbs of space this way? If you put your phone on the edge of the table while charging, the wire is squeezed against its surface, this doesn’t extend the life of the device either.

You can usually tell by the cable how worn out it is, but sometimes, even the raggedy-looking wires work just fine. At the same time, a perfectly intact looking cable can stop charging your phone, so you can never really guess. The connector can “malfunction” if one of the contacts is loose. In the most extreme cases. coating with rust, the presence of water on the contacts or their deformation. The child can press or bend contacts, without really noticing it.

If you are sure it is a problem with your cable, you can see if it is a problem with the connector or the wire. And from a practical point of view, it doesn’t make much difference, because You will have to change everything at once.

Watch this step-by-step instructional video on how to proceed if your cell phone or smartphone fails to charge:

Why it charges, but the phone doesn’t charge?

But the most infuriating variant is the one that shows that the charging process is going on, but in fact there is no result. You take the phone off after a few hours, and there’s one or two percent. There are only three main reasons:

In the first case The phone still detects the charge, but can’t use it properly because of a technical mismatch. The situation is not that rare, but more often such an error will not charge at all. This often happens with iPhone phones when using a non-original cable. To check. connect another cable and see the result.

A common reason for the lack of charging is inattention

The electricity grid is not always to blame for everything. In most cases, however, the problem lurks in the charger itself. It is often the case that the user is simply inattentive. And then the question of how to repair the cell phone, if it does not charge, loses its topicality.

Nowadays, the house can not exist without the fact that it does not have any gadgets. And that’s why the connectors of modern devices are practically brought to one standard (microUSB). But in some cases you can encounter some exotic variant. And if you take any mobile device which is 5-6 years old, it will have a unique connector for sure. And it can only fit a certain charger.

IMPORTANT! There are some people who have a big tangle of all sorts of wires on their charger shelf. And if you’re in a hurry, you can easily get them mixed up. That’s why when you have such a problem with the charge, you need to immediately check whether you took the right charger.

Let’s check if the problem is in the battery.

One more experiment will help to understand exactly, whether the problem is in the battery: put the phone on a charge and turn it on. If after 5-10 minutes the smartphone shows 100% battery charge, then it indicates a malfunction of both the battery itself and the charging controller on the battery. Now you should definitely be sure that if you have an Android smartphone running only on the charger, then the problem is in the battery.

By the way, sometimes it happens that, after several switching on and off smartphone ceases to turn on at all. This is exactly the case when the battery is out of order.

In this case, to solve the problem with the help of flashing or resetting settings will not work, because the problem is not in the operating system. Only buying a new battery will help. But what to do if your smartphone battery is not removable? In fact, in 99% of cases the battery is removable, it is just screwed (and probably glued) to the phone. It is removed in the same way as a normal battery, but first you need to unscrew it.

Inattention as a reason for the lack of charge.

Blame it on the home network is very rare, much more often the fault lies in the charger. Sometimes it’s a matter of banal inattention.

Each of us has a bunch of gadgets at home, now the connectors and chargers are almost brought to a single standard (microUSB), but still there are exotic options. And the phone is 5-6 years old is almost guaranteed to have a unique connector, which will fit only a certain charger.

Some people have a whole bunch of different wires on their charger shelf, it’s easy to mix them up in a hurry. And if you have something else in mind and haven’t noticed that the cable itself fits into the connector with great difficulty, troubleshooting is guaranteed to take hours.

Rarely do we immediately think of our mistakes, at first guaranteed to look for the problem in the technique. But it can be attributed to an unfortunate oversight, to correct the situation it is enough to choose the right cable. But what if there really is a problem??

Running applications

Another reason why your iPhone 6 and above, or Android device is charging only when turned off, is a load of resource-intensive apps. Any switched on mobile device consumes power, and if there are numerous programs running on it, especially those with high resource consumption, including battery charging, the power consumption increases many times over. Even when you quit an app, it may continue to run in the background, wasting power.

Powerful software or numerous running programs reduce the charging speed significantly, actually not allowing the phone to charge while the device is on, because the energy consumption exceeds its supply. It is obvious that when the smartphone is in the off state and the software is not working, nothing prevents the device to charge normally.

You should clean your phone from unnecessary apps and reboot, as well as look at running tasks and disable third-party programs running in the background. The Advanced Task Manager utility or other tools with the function of clearing the device from unnecessary processes can help you to cope with the unwanted processes.

Detecting the reason of a malfunction

Before you take your mobile to be repaired, find out the reason why your phone has stopped charging. Check first of all that the socket and the plug are in good working order. All you need to do is plug the charger into a different outlet. If everything is okay, examine the charger. Often the cord gets bent and the contact is broken. This can be noticed if, by rubbing the cord, charging resumes, and when returning to the previous state, disconnects. In this case you will need to replace the USB cable.

Test the charger

To determine the condition of the power adapter, you need to connect your phone to a computer or use a different charger. If it’s working it’s time to buy a new charger. A faulty adapter often has a cold or too hot body, so the phone doesn’t charge well. Buy a new adapter if you are sure your phone will charge from a different charger.

We examine a socket for charging

Sometimes the phone’s charging jack gets dirty. You can check whether the socket is dirty by looking into it with a magnifying glass in a good light. The accumulated dust causes the conductors to come into bad contact, which impairs the current flow. Use a special anti-static tool (anti-static brush, tweezers, etc.) to clean the connector.п.). The operation should be performed with the phone turned off, if the battery is removable it is recommended to remove it. It is not recommended to use improvised tools, t.к. it can cause damage to the connector, in the absence of the necessary tools recommend to contact the service center to perform these works.

Checking the battery

If you turn on charging your smartphone and phone shows charging, but it does not charge, it indicates battery failure. In this case phone repair can help. Each energy source has its own lifetime, and once it is exceeded, it becomes worthless, when the owner of the smartphone already forgets about it. Usually an old battery will swell and become thicker. If it is tested, the result will show that it is time to replace the battery. The choice of battery should be taken responsibly, since the phone may not be compatible with the non-original battery.

Cleaning the contacts

It happens that after replacing the battery with a new one your cell phone still does not charge. This happens with old phones in which the contacts at the junction with the battery are oxidized. You need to clean the contacts with alcohol.

Your cell phone won’t turn on

It is possible that the phone charges but does not turn on. After connecting the phone to the charger you suddenly find that the indicator light is blinking and the device does not react to turn on. This may be due to the following reasons

  • not enough time has passed for recharging. the battery has died, and requires a longer time to charge the battery;
  • If the phone is used in deep freezing temperatures, it is significantly overcooled, which causes the phone to turn off (similar situation with overheating). Keep the device at room temperature for a while before charging it;
  • Battery is dead and needs to be replaced;
  • Charger or cable not original/faulty. battery charge indicator reacts, but battery not charging. The reason is the weak power of the charger, which is not enough for a full charge or a faulty cable. It is recommended to use original or certified chargers and cables.
  • Apps that are running interfere with charging. Wi-Fi is causing strain on the device. It is necessary to disable wireless connection, GPS, mobile Internet, running programs. It is recommended to scan your smartphone for viruses with the antivirus program downloaded from the official site, as unlicensed software can be perceived as a virus. The virus program can consume the resources of the phone so that when you turn on the charger, the indicator light will be on, but there will be no charging.

Sometimes users turn on their smartphone to charge while listening to music or watching videos. In these cases, the capacity of the charge may be insufficient to recharge the battery and the battery level may not increase, but remain constant or even decrease.

Deep Battery Discharge

A deep discharge (also known as a sleeper or dead battery) is when the battery charge level is at its lowest point and the built-in battery controller locks the circuit inside the battery. A deep discharge occurs when you are actively using your phone and at some point it becomes necessary not to use it in the near future. For example, you are going to another country where you will not use the device for a month or more. If you drain the battery to zero and put the phone on the shelf, in a few weeks you won’t turn the gadget on anymore. there will be a deep discharge. The battery has the ability to self-discharge, that is, after you have already discharged the phone, the battery continues to discharge to a critically low level for some time.

What happens to the battery after a deep discharge?

Secondly, if you manage to wake up a dormant battery, there’s a good chance that it will degrade over time and eventually stop holding a charge.

Third, the battery becomes dangerous after a deep discharge and can even spontaneously combust.

How to save the battery from a deep discharge?

Leaving your phone on for long periods of time should do the following:

  • charge the device up to 60%. Yes, it’s important! Not up to 100% as everyone used to think, but exactly up to 60%!
  • Turn off all applications and the Internet
  • Remove the SIM card

The above tips will help to reduce the use of battery charge, as a result, it will be very slow self-discharge and will not completely go to sleep, even in a few months.

To summarize!

Quite often the problems with charging your smartphone are not about the battery. The cause can be chargers, cables, connectors, etc.д. Battery failure in 99% of cases occurs not because the manufacturers have made a bad battery, but because of improper use of the gadget as a whole.

Stick to the recommendations of manufacturers, use our tips and your device will work like clockwork until you get tired of it

If the irreparable happened to your battery, ALL REPAIRS are at your service. With us you can get advice and buy the necessary battery for your smartphone.

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