Why is there no vibration on the iPhone when calling. How to disable vibro in the iPhone alarm clock

VIBRA does not work on iPhone 7

If you need to convert the smartphone into a soundless mode, then the only way to get a message about the received SMS or call is vibration. Reasons why the vibro does not work on the iPhone 7 may be several.

How to Set iPhone Alarm to Vibrate Only

To solve the problem, follow the following actions:

  • Open the “Settings” and start the “Sounds” tab.
  • In the window that opens, turn on the two switches “in silent mode” and “during the call”.
  • Save the changes. Check the performance of the vibration ground.


The previous way to turn on the iPhone 7 vibromotor may not work, so we recommend using an alternative way to turn on the vibration ground. This method, which cancels all your user settings, returning them to the installed manufacturer, is not able to harm your saved data. We recommend using it in the same case in cases where the change in the working parameters of the smartphone has led to a deterioration in its performance.

  • Open the “Settings” tab.
  • Open the “Basic” section.
  • Move the scroll strip down and select “Reset”.
  • Confirm the selected item “Reset all the settings”.
  • Check the performance of the vibration ground.

How to disable vibration on iPhone with incoming challenges, notifications and messages

First of all, we go into the settings of the device;

Then we select the menu item “Sounds, tactile signals”;

How to set iPhone alarm vibrate only no sound

In the “Vibration” section, there will be a toggle switch (“During the call” and “in silent mode”), which should be transferred to the “OKL” position.

Immediately after this, the vibration ground will be disconnected. At the same time, it does not matter at what mode the smartphone is at that moment. in ordinary or silent.

How to disable vibration (tactile response) on the iPhone when pressed on the screen

By default when interacting with the system (turning on / off the parameters in the settings and t.D.) Vibration also appears on the latest iPhone models, which can be turned off along the settings path → Sounds, tactile signals → System Tactile.

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What to do if the vibration disappeared after the moisture enters the iPhone?

If the iPhone 11 vibration does not work due to moisture that has fallen inside the device, then first of all you should dry it well. The smartphone can be wetted in the rain or drop in a puddle, a container with water.This will lead to the accumulation of fluid in the case, which will prevent the normal operation of the vibration engine and other parts. It is impossible to put off the drying of a smartphone in any case. This must be done immediately, since the longer the water will be inside the case, the more it damage the metal and electronic components.

To dry the gadget, you need to open the lid using the screwdrivers, which are designed specifically for Apple technology. Also, to open the device, you will need a suction cup and a plastic shoulder blade. If you do not have such tools, then do not risk your phone. Urgently contact the service center. Masters will dry and clean the iPhone at an affordable, renewed price in a short time.

If you have all the necessary devices, then you can start unscrewing the back cover. The main thing is to first turn off the iPhone 11. All actions should be as accurate as possible. It is advisable to dry the smartphone using a special mounting hairdryer. Using a household hair dryer or other heating devices can lead to a gadget overheating. In addition, you need to remove the battery and dry it separately.

How a vibromotor is replaced by a replacement?

One of the most common reasons for the lack of vibration is damage to the vibrational motor. It controls the generation of low sound frequencies, which leads to the emergence of the vibration process in the smartphone. To replace the vibration engine, a set of special screwdrivers, a plastic shoulder blade, suction cup and a new spare part will be required. In the conditions of the service center, the process of replacing the vibrational engine is as follows:

  • The back cover of the case opens and is disconnected using a plastic scapula.
  • The protective panel of the motherboard is removed, cables are disconnected.
  • The battery is disabled and disconnected from the train.
  • The screws are twisted, the bracket is seized that closes the vibration engine.
  • Remove the motor and install a new.

It is not recommended to replace the vibrational engine on its own, since there is a great risk of damage to other elements. If vibration is gone, then you should use professional help. Experienced craftsmen work in our service center who specialize in the repair of iPhone 11. All work carried out is provided with a guarantee. The restoration of vibration function in the smartphone does not require a lot of time and money.

Why vibration does not work on iPhone?

Many problems associated with vibro.zerozov can be solved using internal settings. But if this does not give results, then it is necessary to look for the reasons in the hardware of the smartphone. The most common reasons for the lack of vibration are:

  • incorrectly executed update of the operating system;
  • moisture entering the body;
  • the effect of oxidation or corrosion;
  • loop rupture or other mechanical damage to the vibrational motor.

In addition, any blows or falls can lead to a break in contacts, so it is quite difficult to determine the exact cause of the malfunction. The main thing is not to try to independently carry out repair work or the replacement of the vibration engine, since even the most detailed instructions for changing the module cannot guarantee a qualitative result. In this case, a consultation of competent specialists is needed who can provide professional assistance.

What to do if vibration is gone on iPhone?

If the vibration mode on your iPhone has stopped working, then the employees of the Total Apple service center will be happy to help you. Masters will not only perform a detailed diagnosis of your smartphone for free, but also eliminate any breakdown within an hour.

For all work performed, we give a guarantee for 3 years, and a flexible system of discounts will allow regular customers to save money. In addition, after the repair of your iPhone, we will deliver it to you at any point in the sound at the incoming iPhone. the headphone mode is erroneously included

If you tried all of the above methods, but not one of them helped, then the problem is somewhat more complicated. For example, your iPhone could be mistakenly stayed in the headset mode. This is easy to check in the application music or control point by pressing the “device” icon.

Try connecting and disconnecting the headphones several times, carefully clean the audio / lightning connector with a toothpick, restart the iPhone.

Eliminating the problem using AssistiveTouch

Open the Settings menu → Universal Access → Contact.

Go to the AssistiveTouch section and activate this function through the corresponding toggle switch. A virtual button with an additional menu will appear on the screen, which can be placed anywhere in the display.

Tap on the AssistiveTouch menu and select “Apparatus” item.

On the right, there should be a “turn off the sound” icon with a crossed bell (if not, translate this function to this position), and slip on the left on the “louder” button (volume increase) to increase the volume of the call.

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Disconnect AssistiveTouch for unnecessary.

Choose a model to find out the cost of repairs

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Let’s get acquainted

Apple technique is considered a reference in many parameters. But there is nothing perfect in life, so users of “apple” smartphones often face various problems. Some owners do not work on the iPhone vibration. If you are on this page, then you are well familiar with this problem, so you would like to get recommendations on its decision. And we are ready to provide them to you!

In this article we will tell you why the iPhone stopped vibrating under silent mode, and we will also advise you how to get rid of this problem. After all, not every case requires contacting the service center, so you need to know about this malfunction as much as possible.

Factors affecting the physical work of the motor in models 5, 6 and 7

Often the cause of vibration problems are physical problems with the motor.

Moisture hit

The problem with the penetration of moisture inside the smartphone is quite frequent. they drop the phone, talk in it in the rain. As a result, water gradually accumulates in the case, which destroys the device itself and leads to different breakdowns. The presence of fluid is dangerous because different details suffer:

When moisture gets inside, it is necessary to disassemble the device as soon as possible and leave it on drying. It is important to dry the iPhone very well, because the remaining water will further violate the operation of the device:

  • Using a special set of screwdrivers for the iPhone, a suction cup to disconnect the display module from the rear cover and a plastic blade must be very careful to disconnect the back cover. The phone must be turned off before this.
  • It is recommended to use a mounting hair dryer to dry all the details.
  • It is better to pull out and dry the battery separately.
  • After the manipulations carried out, put all the parts into a bag with rice so that the cereal absorbs moisture.

If everything is done quickly and right, then moisture will not affect the work of a smartphone.

Falls and blows

Even if, after the fall or shock, the iPhone remains whole and continues to work, this does not mean that inside all the details also remained in normal condition. Lack of vibration after the device has fallen, indicates any internal problems. In this case, it is recommended to attribute the device to the specialized repair service. It is not ruled out that the lack of vibration is only one of the problems that have arisen.

It is better to change the motor in the service center

Poor.quality repair

The most common cause of problems with the vibration signal is the usual replacement of the display. This happens when using low.quality materials for the repair of the device. Therefore, in case of problems with the iPhone, it is better to contact specialized centers and not save on technical materials.

What to do if the motor is broken

The most unpleasant situation is the breakdown of the motor. In this case, no above actions will help, you need to contact specialists. However, some craftsmen are able to replace themselves. The part itself is inexpensive, and under all the rules, its replacement will not take much time. Before starting the repair, it is recommended to prepare all the necessary details:

  • Set of special screwdrivers to open the housing,
  • Pudger. a small plastic shoulder blade,
  • Suction cup. will allow separating the display module from the cover in the rear,
  • New vibrationotor.
  • You need to open the back cover and disconnect the display from it.
  • To unscrew the protective panel of the motherboard and separate three cables located in the upper right corner.
  • Disconnect the battery train, after which it will turn off.
  • In the upper left corner you can see two small screws, which also need to be unscrewed.
  • Gently remove the bracket covering the vibration motor, and then unscrew the screw located near the inner end of the body.
  • It is important to remember how the original part is located. Then it is required to replace with a new motor and repeat all actions in the reverse sequence.

After all the iPhone actions, you need to enable and check its work. If all actions were performed correctly, then the device will function normally.

In the upper left corner you need to spin two screws

The sound button for iPhone does not work

The volume button can stick, especially if shortly before that the phone fell or wet. In this case, you can check its performance by just by clicking. At this time, a characteristic click should sound. If it is not, a mechanical problem, and the phone will have to be carried to the service for fixing.

If the work is not violated, it is worth rebooting the device or reset the settings to factory. To do this, in the section of the phone settings, you need to find the item “Basic”. The very last line will have a necessary discharge tab. After the process is completed, the problem usually disappears.

The sound on the iPhone can disappear for various reasons: from careless change of settings to mechanical problems in the device. You can fix the situation in some cases yourself, but sometimes contacting the service is a necessary measure.

First, let’s figure out why the melody plays loudly on incoming calls, but then the sound begins to fade. In fact, this is one of the Face ID functions. It works even when you do not use a face scanner to unlock your device. The fact is that Face ID cameras are always scanning your face, regardless of whether they are used for authentication or not. Even if you do not use the scanner, it still remains active to ensure the full operation of other functions, one of which is to reduce the volume of the ringtone.

How to disable the function of reducing ringtone volume on the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X

In order to turn off the attenuation of the melody of the call, you need to deactivate the function of the face scanning that determines whether you look at your iPhone 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X. When the function is deactivated, the device will not be able to determine whether you look at the display while the melody of the incoming call plays, and the sound of the rington will not become quieter. For this:

Open the “Settings” application on the iPhone;

Move the switch opposite the “attention recognition” to the “off” position;

Having done all of the above, you can check the volume by asking someone to call you. If the sound remains equally loud throughout the whole time, then you did everything. If you still think that the iPhone is calling too quietly, you can set the volume of the rington to the maximum. For this:

Open the “Settings” application on the smartphone → “Sounds, Tactile signals”;

In the section “Rington and the sound of the message”, move the runner to the right to the stop to turn on the maximum volume;

If you want to adjust the volume of the rington using physical buttons, move the runner opposite the option “Change the buttons”.

Some users deliberately disconnect the ability to adjust the volume using physical buttons, knowing the habit of their children to play with the device. However, in many new iPhone models, this function is deactivated by default.

If your iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X suddenly disappeared, check if the “silent mode” is active (Mute switch, located on the side of the device). A small orange indicator on the switch will inform about the activation of a silent regime. Also check if the “not to disturb” function is turned on, in which the sound of incoming calls is completely disconnected.