Why Iphone Doesn’T Play Video What To Do

Why Iphone DoesnT Play What To Do

If the iPhone does not play, there can be many reasons. We will analyze step by step what you can do in such a situation.


1. Check the format and file

It is important to remember that not all formats are played on iPhones. To be specific, it is only AVI, MP4, MOV and M4V.

In the case when the format matches, it is also important to check the compression standard (this information can be found, for example, if you open the “Properties” of the file on the computer or “Information” on the mobile device) and the resolution. Table 1 lists the standards and their corresponding formats.

Table 1. Compression standards and formats acceptable for use in iPhones

If all this matches, be sure to check whether the file you are trying to play is damaged. It’s best to try to play it on another device.

2. Reboot the smartphone

In some cases, a trivial reboot helps. Then it’s simply impossible to understand why the on the iPhone is not playing. Most likely, the problem is in some minor defect in the operation of the device.

There are two ways to reboot:

  • Soft reset. just hold down the Power button and wait for the device to turn off and on again.
  • Hard reset. simultaneously hold down the keys “Home” and “Power” and also wait for the end of the process.

Fig. No. 1. Buttons on the gadget to restart it

3. Check your internet connection

Oddly enough, in some cases, a banal reconnection to the Internet helps. This means that you need to turn off Wi-Fi or a mobile connection in the settings, and then turn it on again.

If this does not help, you can try changing the DNS address of the connection.

This is done as follows:

  • Open the settings, go to the “Wi-Fi”.
  • Near the connection that you are using, click on the information icon (in the form of the letter “i” in the circle).
  • In the “DNS” field, enter “”

Fig. No. 2. Change DNS on iPhone

The method is quite contradictory, but it helps.

4. Set the correct date and time

It happens that the cause of a variety of malfunctions in the operation of devices from Apple is the wrong date and time, and to be precise, problems in the automatic determination of these parameters. Therefore, they must be set manually.

It is done like this:

  • In the settings, open the “General” section.
  • Select “Date and Time.”
  • Turn off the automatic installation. put the switch next to the inscription “Automatically” in the “Off” position (it will turn white).
  • Set these parameters a little lower manually.

Fig. Number 3. Set date and time on iPhone

If all this does not help, contact Apple Support.