Why does the iPhone not work modem mode

The modem mode is constantly turned off on the iPhone? There is an exit!

Hello! I really want to start an article without any preface, extraneous conversations and other thoughts that “the modem mode is an incredibly amazing thing that (a surprise-surprime!) allows you to distribute the Internet from your iPhone to other devices and, thereby, will greatly simplify the life of any owner of the gadget from Apple!””. And if I want.

And the first thing to remember: in iOS 15 (as in all previous versions of software) at the time of writing the article (if something changes, I will immediately edit these lines) at the program level laid the periodic shutdown of the iPhone modem during distribution of the Internet by Wi-Fi and no setting to turn off this very “periodic shutdown of the modem mode”.

Iphone 6 нет Прошивки Модема

Well, that’s not all. No Apple has such an option.

It is too early to despair-some chances of “do as it should” still have.

However, before talking about these chances, let’s delve a little into the topic (this is always useful) and understand “What is happening at all?”:

  • Why is the modem mode on the iPhone? I repeat, this is because when distributing the Internet via Wi-Fi, the cliffs are “laid” in the iOS system itself-you can’t influence them practically (more on that below).
  • So, and because of which these “cliffs” occurs? The reason is the “lack of a signal” between two devices. After the receiving device stops “demanding” the Internet for some time, the iPhone disables the modem mode.
  • “During some time”? And if more sweaty? There is no exact data (it cannot be said that the modem mode will necessarily turn off after 5, 10 or 15 minutes of inactivity of the connection and nothing else). In this case, the iOS system decides everything for us.
  • Cool. But why is it needed? Firstly, this is necessary in order to maintain the charge of the iPhone battery. Secondly, there are probably some other unknown to anyone except the “apple” company, the reasons. Anyway, Apple knows how it will be better and thus just take care of us (sarcasm)!

You say: “Care is, of course, very cool. But! Is it possible to get rid of it and make sure that the distribution of the Internet with the iPhone is stable and does not interrupt every few minutes?””

I will answer: “You can. Not directly, of course (as I said. There is no such option in iOS), but with the help of some bypass ways “

So, so that the modem mode on the iPhone does not turn off on its own, you should try:

does, iphone, work, modem
  • Use the wire. Yes, the solution is a bit “out of them” (because we discuss how to “fix” the breaks when distributing the Internet with iPhone via Wi-Fi), but this is the only one hundred percent way to influence the modem mode and make it automatically turned off and itself by oneself.
  • Make the connection between the devices constantly actively. How? Well, for example, on the accepting device, turn on the online radio (to save traffic, select the lowest bitrate, and to save your hearing, unscrew the volume “to zero”)-thanks to this the session will be constantly active, there will be no “downtime”, and, as a result, as a result. The iPhone will not independently turn off the modem mode. Victory!
  • Do not disconnect the iPhone screen (settings. Screen and brightness. Auto.Lock. Never) and the device that the Internet accepts. Rumor has it that in this case, the modem mode will turn off much less often. I tried (while typing this text). It seemed to work. But how will it be if you use the device a little longer I will not say, I didn’t check. Updated! I printed the text, published an article, it seems to be “ok”. Updated ! All this time, my messenger was active (in which correspondence was carried out in parallel), so the results of the experiment with the “constantly turned on the screen” cannot be called 100% reliable.

Here’s a story. These are the tips.

Here is such an Apple, which has already decided everything for us 🙁

By the way, just in case (to save you a little time), I warn you. In “These of your Internet”, you can find the recommendations “fix the modem mode” with such actions as:

  • Bring the devices closer to each other.
  • Put the phone for charging.
  • Send a fan to the smartphone so that it does not overheat.
  • Register the operator settings (by the way, they can be found in this instructions).
  • Make a reset of network settings, a hard reboot, and, just in case, restore iOS through iTunes.
  • As well as many others terribly fascinating stories.

And, I will tell you frankly. All this does not work (I really do not like this phrase, but in another way here) “from the word completely”.

Fine, fine. To be very accurate, sometimes it may work.

does, iphone, work, modem

But only when the problem of “disconnecting the modem on the iPhone” occurs with a constant active connection and (or) is associated with this (malfunctions, overheating, firmware, settings of the operator, etc.D.).

In all other cases, when working with the “ordinary” iPhone, to avoid independent cliffs and a constant disconnection of the modem mode, only those methods that were described a little higher. There are probably no other options.

Finally, as usual, I invite everyone in the commentary:

  • Write a couple of lines about which method helped (or did not help) to you?
  • Tell us what you think (I understand that without obscene vocabulary it will be hard, but we must try!:)) About all this situation?
  • Share your personal experience (other readers and author will tell you a lot of thanks!).
  • And of course, ask your questions (perhaps all together we can solve your problem!)

As they say. Welcome, always glad!

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Iphone does not distribute the Internet in modem mode via wi-fi

This problem appeared among users who were updated to firmware iOS 13 and above.

Consider the example of a laptop with Windows 7 and iPhone XS. As you can see in the photo below, that the connection of the laptop to the phone via Wi-Fi has been successful and there is access to the Internet.

An example of Wi-Fi distribution through iPhone

There is a Wi-Fi connection, but there is no Internet

All recommendations described in the article on the official website do not lead to a positive result. The Internet is also absent, the iPhone does not give out the Internet via Wi-Fi. But preliminary, be sure to check and perform the actions that this article recommends.

To eliminate this problem, we do the following, in stages:

We go to the network control center and total access (see. How to open the network control center and the total access of Windows 10 and 7), select the wireless network connection we need and fall into the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window.

You can go through the network control center and total access

Or in current connections, on the network connection we need, click the right mouse button and select the “condition” item.

Current connections

We also fall into the window “condition. Wireless network connection”. Click on the “Properties” button.

Window wireless network connection

Then, in the next window, highlight the Left button the line “Protocol of the Internet version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and click “Properties”.

Wireless network connection. Properties

Next, get into the window where you see that the IP parameters are assigned automatically, by default.

IP parameters automatically

In this window, we need to be appointed manually:

  • IP address: in the range from 172.20.Ten.2 to172.20.Ten.Fourteen
  • Mask subnet:
  • Route: 172.20.Ten.One
  • DNS server: 8.Eight.Eight.8 and 8.Eight.Eight.0
  • And press approx

IP settings manually

Wireless network connection. Properties

does, iphone, work, modem

These settings will immediately enter into force and after that you should immediately earn everything. The Internet will appear on a laptop or other device.

What is the most interesting. If you again go into the properties of the “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4)”. Return both checkboxes back (get an IP address and DNS server automatically), click OK and then close. Then many, like ours, are the distribution of the Internet on Wi-Fi with the iPhone will continue and will work further, as if nothing had been nothing !

IP parameters automatically

And there is another situation-you appoint an IP address and DNS server manually, as described above, and after that, many are not happening-the Internet is also absent. But it is only worth, further, install the checkmarks back (get the IP address automatically, get the DNS server address automatically), the Internet immediately appears on the receipt device.

Where did the iOS modem go and what to do with “Contact Carrier”?

Hey! For me personally, the “modem mode” is a very useful function that is rarely used (every six months or a year), but aptly. And recently there was an adultery story. I needed to quickly distribute the Internet using the iPhone. I out of habit went into the settings to include the modem mode and.

It turned out that there is simply no such option. It was gone!

I thought: “We need to reboot, suddenly some kind of“ glitch ”?!””. But the hard restart did not correct the situation. Maybe I’m not looking for bad? I climbed on all the settings and found nothing. Apple deleted the modem mode! However, on the iPad with the last firmware everything was in place. The possibility of distributing the Internet did not disappear anywhere. So what has changed? Why did everything work before, but now?

The answer turned out to be very simple-recently I often changed the SIM cards in my iPhone and at one point (after the next SIM shift) for some reason did not sign the operator settings.

There are no settings. The phone does not know that from this SIM card you can distribute the Internet. The modem mode disappears.

Although, as a rule, it is enough to only specify APN.

Where to get this data? Here is a sign for the most popular cellular operators:

Beeline Internet.Beeline.Ru Beeline Beeline
Megaphone Internet Gdata Gdata
Tele 2 Internet.Tele2.Ru We do not indicate We do not indicate
Yota Internet Gdata Gdata
Tinkoff Mobile m.Tinkoff Do not indicate (by default) Do not indicate (by default)

If your operator differs from the above, then:

That’s all, after these manipulations, the point “Modem mode” will appear in the settings menu of your iPhone or iPad. For fidelity, you can restart the device.

But even this cannot guarantee that the distribution of the Internet will work. Why? Because when pressing the “modem mode”, such an inscription may appear.

Setting up modem mode. To enable the modem mode for this account, contact Carrier.

  • “Carrier” says that the iPhone “does not know” what is your name operator and its settings. Therefore, he calls it “Carrier” is a common name. Details about this inscription. Here.
  • Under “Contact Carrier” means you to call your mobile operator support. Perhaps this SIM card is not supported or blocked by the distribution of the Internet to other devices. So, the modem mode will not work.

Ios 15: Wifi Not Working on iPhone! [No Internet Connection Fixed]

Although, most often the whole thing is again in the settings of the device.

Open “Settings. Data parameters. A cellular data transfer network” and fill out absolutely all the lines, and not just those that belong to the modem regime. Reboot the iPhone or iPad-everything should earn without any problems!

Perhaps the article can be finished. How to return the modem mode, I told why to contact Carrier, and if you have questions, feel free to write them in the commentary. We will figure out what’s what!

P.S. Oh yes, who will put the “like”. That big well done and just a good person. My sincere gratitude. Many thanks and low bow!:)

Component repair, replacement of the Wi-Fi module with iPhone

In the process of obtaining and transmitting data (Internet) from a device to a device, a number of technologies and modules are involved. The signal comes to the iPhone connection modem, after which using a Wi-Fi chip and antenna is transmitted to another device. Which in turn accepts it by wireless communication.

It so happens that these parts, or as they are often called “radio modules”. Receive damage. For example, the modem chip, Wi-Fi, their contacts, antenna may be damaged. Most often this happens when the phone falls (and which of us did not drop it), getting into moisture, wear from time. In this case, no manipulations with systemic settings and rebooting will not help. To solve the problem requires professional diagnosis and component repair. Therefore, if the modem mode or other wireless functions stopped working on your smartphone. Come to our Apple Pro (Moscow) service to inspect the gadget with a specialist. You do not decide this malfunction yourself exactly, we will provide services at a pleasant price and of course with a guarantee.

The modem mode in iOS by default is in the “Settings” “Moral Communication” “Modem”. With it, you can distribute the Internet to other devices by creating a Wi-Fi access point for connecting.

Apple provides mobile operators with a tool that allows you to disconnect the possibility of distributing the Internet using a modem in iPhone. This is actively used by mobile operators in the United States, which in this way sell cheap tariffs. If the operator prohibits the distribution of the Internet, then in iOS there simply will not be appropriate setting.

Some cellular operators use special tariffs that have a cheap cost of Internet access, but impose restrictions on its distribution to other devices. For example, in Russia, such a mobile operator is Yota. Subscribers of this operator have the opportunity to distribute mobile Internet to other devices, but the data transfer speed will be cut to a possible minimum.

Russian cellular operators have no tariffs that completely turn off the distribution of mobile Internet. Most often they allow this to do this either without restrictions, or at low speeds or with the ability to connect this service for a short period for a small fee. However, sometimes even subscribers of Russian operators in iOS settings lack the modem mode. What to do in such cases?

1) Check that your mobile device works on the latest version of iOS. This is important because updates often bring the settings necessary for the correct interaction of iOS with the infrastructure of the mobile operator.

2) update the settings of the cell operator. To do this, connect the smartphone to iTunes if a new settings profile from a mobile operator are available, the program will automatically offer them to install them. Check which version of the settings is installed on the iPhone can be sequentially selecting the following items in iOS: “Settings” “Basic” “Operator” “Operator” on this device. You can clarify the assembly number of the current settings from a mobile operator.

3) If this does not solve problems, then try to prescribe APN settings manually. This can be done as follows: “Settings” “Mobile data” “Mobile data parameters” “Mobile data transfer network”.

You can find APN settings on the website of every cellular operator: Megafon, MTS, Beeline.

4) if none of the above helped, then it is necessary to change the SIM card in the nearest salon of a mobile operator.

It is important to remember that any iPhone knows how to work in modem mode, therefore, if this setting is absent, you must first deal with the cell operator. The problem will most likely be on his side.

What to check if the modem does not work on the iPhone?

  • In the case when the modem mode is turned on, but it does not function, it is necessary to restart the phone. If this action did not help, you should try to restart the host device.
  • It is necessary to check whether the latest version of iOS is worth on a distributing phone.
  • If the above actions did not help, it is recommended to reset the network settings. The command of the same name is in the section “Basic”. “reset” in the “Settings” menu.

Why is there no modem mode in iPhone settings

The reason why, after the iOS update on the iPhone, the modem mode disappears is to reset the Internet access parameters on a mobile network (APN). At the same time, given that most cellular operators maintain access without settings, the Internet works, however, points for turning on and setting up the modem mode do not appear.

Accordingly, in order to return the ability to include the iPhone operation in the modem mode, it is necessary to prescribe APN parameters for its telecom operator.

To do this, just perform the following simple steps.

  • Go to settings. Cellular communication. Data parameters. Cellular data transfer network.
  • In the section “Modem mode” at the bottom of the page, write down the data of the APN of your communication operator (see. Further information on APN for MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2 and Yota).
  • Exit from the specified page of the parameters and if you have a mobile Internet (“cell data” in the iPhone settings), turn it off and reinstall it.
  • The Modem mode option will appear on the main page of the settings, as well as in the “Cellular Communication” subsection (sometimes with some pause after connecting to a mobile network).

Ready, you can use the iPhone as a Wi-Fi router or 3G/4G modem (the settings instructions are given at the beginning of the article).

Using iPhone in modem mode on Mac OS X

As for the iPhone connection as a modem to Mac, I don’t even know what to write, it’s even easier here:

  • When using Wi-Fi, just connect to the iPhone access point with a password set on the Modem mode settings page on the phone (in some cases, the password may not even be required if you use one iCloud account and iPhone).
  • When using the mode of the USB modem, everything will work automatically (provided that the modem mode on the iPhone is included). If you haven’t earned, go to the OS X system settings. A network, select the USB on the iPhone and remove the mark “Disconnect if you do not need”.
  • And only Bluetooth will need actions: go to the Mac systemic settings, select the “Network”, and then Bluetooth Pan. Click “Configure the Bluetooth device and find your iPhone. After installing a communication between two devices, the Internet will become affordable.

That’s perhaps all. If you have any questions, ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If the iPhone modem mode has disappeared from the settings, first check if the data transfer on the mobile network is turned on and the data transfer.