Why does not Samsung phone charges

Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy charging

Many owners of Samsung smartphones are faced with incorrect charging of their devices. Some users can’t achieve 100% charge at all. Others complain that the process is very slow, or that the gadget does not respond at all when the power supply is connected to it. The reasons for this can be several, and not all of them can be eliminated at home. Let’s look at why the Samsung cell phone does not charge and what to do in a particular case.

In all smartphones the power supply circuit is the most unreliable module. This is mainly due to the fact that the charging jacks are often exposed to mechanical stress and the battery has a limited lifespan.

The main reasons that lead to problems with Samsung Galaxy charging are considered to be:

  • Mechanical damage of the power cable;
  • Failure of the power supply unit or its failure to meet the required characteristics;
  • Battery failure;
  • Damaged or clogged micro USB connector on the phone;
  • Power controller burnout;
  • The battery is incorrectly calibrated;
  • Malfunction in the software operation.

Let’s try to understand each of these problems in more detail and if possible fix them ourselves.

How else to fix the problem

If the charging unit, USB cable, Samsung Galaxy M21 smartphone connector and its battery are not suspicious, you need to move on to software troubleshooting the error. Problems with charging arise due to a malfunction of the Android operating system. To get out of the situation you can only reset to factory settings:

Performing this operation deletes all files from the memory of the device. To avoid losing important information, we recommend that you make a backup in advance through the settings.


Test the charger on another device, connect the cord to a PC. You must rule out the problem with the cord and power supply.

Inspect cord and power supply carefully. Visually, they should not have any damage. The cord should be straight, with no bends, kinks, or fractures. Insulation must be all the way around.

If you find any damage. be sure to replace the cord or unit with a new one. The use of such components is fraught with short circuit and failure of more serious and expensive components of the phone.

OS Errors

It happens that you received the update and your phone turned off, but after rebooting it is not responding to your actions and does not respond in any way. What happened and why the official update had such an effect? It’s all about developers forgetting about the old hardware and the whole line of supported devices, which is why a new unoptimized OS version can “put down” thousands of devices in one day.

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Roll back the update

The good thing is, that this update is fixed in a few clicks. Connect the phone to the power supply, before this let it lie in peace for 2-3 days to volatilize the residual charge.

The indicator light should light up, if it doesn’t respond to power, unplug the gadget and let it sit for a couple more days. Then try again. When you will see the cherished red color of the indicator, try to turn the gadget on. It will shut down right away? That’s how it should be.

Hold down the power button and press the volume button down, you will enter Recovery mode. Then select data management and press the reset button. The phone will go back to the nearest backup or to the factory settings. If you haven’t backed up your memory, it will erase all your media and settings, so it’s best to do it periodically.

After that, the problem with the fact that Android suddenly sat down, went out and stopped turning on, should disappear completely.

What to do if the smartphone does not turn on after installing pirated firmware

After installing the pirated firmware the screen is blank, the device has stopped turning on and even Recovery does not start? Most likely the fault is wrongly set and not adapted to the processor OS. Every custom system must be adjusted for the specific device and its characteristics, otherwise fatal crashes can happen and the device turns into a “brick”. But this condition can be cured.

Immediately after the complete discharge, connect the mobile to your computer. You need to see a response in the system, for example the inscription “Installing a new driver”. If the device is somehow recognized it will be enough to completely demolish the frozen system and install a normal one.

For the same reason the smartphone always restarts and it is necessary to remove the battery and connect the device to your PC the same way. Then just wait until the installation is complete and run the gadget, if it does not start automatically.

What to do if the Samsung Galaxy A3 does not turn on after these manipulations? Or the screen lights up and sharply turns off? Perhaps the problem is already in the hardware and it is worth to carry an accessory to the service.

Why does not Samsung a50, a40, a51, a30, a20, a71, a21, a01, a21s, a10, a30s, a70, a31, m21 charge?

Despite the fact that Samsung phones a50, a40, a51, a30, a20, a71, a21, a01, a21s, a10, a30s, a70, a31, m21 belong to the latest generation they can also have problems with charging.

Why does not it charge? There is no single answer. The cause can be different, and the most common is the charger.

It is usually made either in China or India, but let’s not blame the manufacturer as it is an electronic unit.

So the first thing I recommend is to try either the other, or test it on another phone.

The second reason is the cable. They are, oddly enough, although not electronic, but also not eternal. While we usually handle our phones with care, no one is looking at the cable.

There is another great way to fix problems with your Android phone even if it won’t turn on. I recommend to remember. Then you’ll say, “Thank you!”

As a result, one wire can get damaged and your Samsung stops charging. It can also be replaced or checked with another.

The third reason is the connector. It can either be damaged or simply dusty. From wearing in the in it can get a particle of debris.

As a result, there’s no contact and the result is obvious. It’s not tragic and it can be cleaned. You can use a brush or you can blow it out.

The third reason is the battery. Although the battery usually lasts at least three years, the surprise can come sooner.

For example, if you play games and at the same time keep on the charge, then the failure will not have to wait long.

The fifth reason is the controller. It is he who is responsible for charging the phone. If it burns out you’re screwed, your phone doesn’t charge and that’s it.

To diagnose it, you need to have instruments that the owners do not have. So without service is not a solution, no matter how unfortunate.

Of course, I have not listed all the reasons. there are at least five others, but they are not as common, so I will not cite them now. Success.

What to do to restore the charger

Let’s start by ruling out random factors. Check the socket, whether there is current in it, whether it normally charges other phones. With a lack of current in the socket or with a low voltage in the network are most often we face at airports and train stations. Charging is very slow with low voltage.

Check the cord and adapter for mechanical damage. Torn wires, breaks, torn braid, cracks on the body and other visible damage. leave attempts to reanimate the faulty adapter, do not tape it up with duct tape. A phone ruined by a broken adapter will cost more.

Check whether other devices are charged from the adapter. If the adapter is faulty. take it to the repair shop or throw it away and buy a new, preferably branded. If the adapter is damaged you can not use it, it can seriously damage your smartphone. The sharp current drop can completely destroy the electronics.

Question. Answer

Stopped charging, charged a couple of percent then discharged on the charge, eventually turned off and does not turn on

Good day, Andrew. Bring it for diagnosis, we will see what the problem is.

The battery won’t charge, the cost and duration of warranty on the battery. Phone was purchased one year ago

Good day, Dmitriy. Usually the battery lasts for 2-3 years and a year it should not be out of order. Take your device for diagnostics.

Stopped charging the phone, tried charging from the wall outlet, from a portable and from Nokia, charging does not go, advise the cost and how much will be to repair!?

Hello, Alexey. Approximate cost of repair 1300-1500, during the day.

The phone stopped charging from the original charger

Hello Daria. You can bring it to us for inspection, together with your charger.

Not charging how much will it cost to change?

Hello, Ilya. Approximate repair cost 1300-1500.

Good day, Saina. Approximate cost of repair 1500-2000.

Stopped charging, changed the screen a month ago

Hello, Nikolay. Bring it to us for inspection.

It charges slowly after replacing the display. Before replacing the display the phone was bent crooked (fell on the phone when the phone was in the ) when the service opened the phone to replace the display battery was also a bit bent straightened and put back and assembled.

Good day, Aydyn. It is necessary to look for the problem in the sub-board with the charging connector.

Hello The phone is completely discharged and now no way takes a charge two weeks ago, already had a similar situation somehow grabbed and I have not led him to fully discharge it worked fine and then did not put it on the charge it is completely discharged and now how not start

Hello, Dmitry. Bring it to us in the service for diagnosis, we will figure out what the problem.

Samsung A5 2017 does not charge the phone, the problem with the connector, need replacement

Good day, Oleg. Charging connector replacement costs 2000.

Everything was fine the phone did not fall down, it worked as it should, but one day it just stopped charging

Hello, Vyacheslav. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

Good afternoon, Sergey. Repair of charging jack costs 1500-2000.

Good day, Anyuta. Repair of the speaker costs 1500, repair of the charging jack 1500-2000.

Hello. Stopped charging from any charger, it shows charging, but nothing.Charging only via USB (car/laptop/PC)

Good day, Roman. Maybe the problem is in the sub-board. The cost of replacement of 2000.

Hello! Washing ( Cleaning with wet swabs) Stopped charging what to do? Can you please tell me!

Good day, Alina. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, it is free of charge.

The phone is not infected, it is not infected when turned on, and when turned off, it shows charging, turns off and immediately begins to show so. Please help me.

Good day, Cyril. Bring it to us for repair, we will help solve the problem.

Hello, there is a problem. Bought this phone. Phone was fine for a month, always charged without any problems. After a month it stopped charging. Or rather, from time to time, then charges, then not. What can it be? From the computer charging again, then slowly, then quickly. Don’t understand what the problem is. With the phone carefully, do not drop it. Please advise how to fix it? I don’t understand what to do.

Good day Ilona. If your phone is under warranty, please contact the store.

Reboot the phone

From time to time, any software gets a glitch that disappears after restarting the phone. It sounds banal, but take your Samsung Galaxy and reboot it. It can be done in a simple way: turn it off and then turn it back on.

It often happens that the operating system does not understand whether moisture is left in the USB port, and rebooting is an effective way to solve the problem.