Why do new headphones do not work. One headphone does not work on the phone

Why does the computer not see headphones?

It is often necessary to watch a movie, listen to music on PC or hold a conference in Skype. However, a serious problem may arise: the computer does not see the headphones on Windows 10 or 8. This is a common problem for all types of headphones, when users complain that they don’t hear anything, even if the speaker works normally.

These and many other issues are constantly interested in users. And I will give answers below them:

  • What to do if a laptop or computer does not see the headphones of Windows 10, 8, 7?
  • Why does the computer not see stuck headings?
  • What to do if the computer does not see headphones with a microphone?
  • Why does a PC or laptop not see Bluetooth headphones?

Fortunately, there are several ways to find out how to fix the headphones if the Windows 10 computer does not see them or a laptop.

The computer does not see the headphones: what to do?

Below I cited several ways that helped to eliminate the problem of detecting headphones on a laptop and PC. Most likely, you will not need to experience every option. Just go in order until you can find a headset.

If the headphones are disabled on a laptop or PC, it is logical that you cannot use them. Checking the correctness of the work is very simple:

❔ 1. Why does the computer not see the headphones (Windows 10 or 7). we update the driver

Combined mini-jack and two separate plugs

Why does the computer not see headphones with a microphone (or without)? Either the headphones are connected incorrectly, or the drivers for sound “flew”.

If the computer does not see wired headphones (3.5 mm), and they are accurately connected to the right connectors, and are checked on other devices (working headphones), we check whether there are headphones for headphones in Windows and whether they work correctly.

Open the task manager. Windows 7. Start. control panel. system and safety. device manager. For Windows 10:

Side panel. all the parameters are looking for a “dispatcher of tasks”

Choosing our audio device and updating the driver. If there is an exclamation mark near the device, it is necessary to update. If you have several sound devices, make sure that the default is used that you need (for example, a discrete sound card, not a built.in chip).

  • You can update the driver by downloading it from the official website of the audio card manufacturer, or through the program to update the drivers.
  • If you have a chip from Realtek (a standard sound card built into the motherboard), then new versions of drivers can be downloaded here. If the manufacturer of the audio card is different, download from his site. Downloaded, installed, rebooted PC. everything is usually.
  • There are interesting programs for automatic updating drivers. For example iOBIT DRIVER BOOSTER. Install the program, and then through it. the right drivers (sound, at least).
  • You can try to turn off the device, update the equipment configuration and turn it on again. Everything is done in the same menu.

Updating drivers using iOBIT DRIVER BOOSTER:

Choose the installation of drivers, highlight only the necessary launch the process, first drivers download, then the completion of the installation is installed

We set up headphones for headphones in the Realtek utility on a computer

If the computer does not see the headphones after updating the drivers, it makes sense to check the setting of the connectors. Perhaps the driver (and utility) Realtek does not see the headphones, since the exits are incorrectly configured. Realtek label will appear after installing the drivers, in the tray for about hours. If an audio card from another manufacturer, there should also be an application, the setting is similar.

The procedure described in screenshots is done so that the audio stream goes simultaneously on all outputs, and not just on the speakers (very often the computer sees headphones as speakers during the first connection). The same applies to the microphone from headphones (if it is connected through a separate plug). You can immediately connect speakers and headphones at the same time.

Sound card does not see headphones with a regular 3.5 mm connection. To be precise, they are not at all determined by the computer, as a device. the computer does not recognize the headphones. But it normal. The sound continues to go through the audio card (this is what means the inscription “Realtek’s speakers” and the like in the list of audio devices), and it “decides” on which connector to give the signal.

We go to Realtek settings: divide all input nests as independent input devices: 3. Disconnect the definition of the front panel’s nests (for laptops it may not be relevant):

One wireless headphone does not work

Bluetooth devices everywhere displace wired gadgets. However, they may also have problems with sound. And here it can only be in the hardware, since these devices are wireless.

Why is one Bluetooth nashthe does not work

There are a number of reasons why one ear does not work in the headphones:

  • The speaker was clogged with gray.
  • The device was dropped on a hard surface.
  • Contacts oxidized.
  • A speaker or a head of a headset was crushed.
  • The power element is incorrectly installed.
  • During the connection of the device, an error occurred.
  • Sound source has incorrect settings.
  • The Bluetooth capsule is incorrectly located and the headset itself.
  • Water or dirt getting inward.
  • A malfunction of any parts of the headphone (dynamics, membranes, etc.D.).

One wireless headphone does not work: what to do?

  • Clean the headphone from dirt/sulfur.
  • Check the polarity of the batteries.
  • Some headphones work, for example, only when putting on the neck, so the correct position is important for the correct work.
  • Make sure that the device is fraught with a phone or other device to which you connect it.
  • Check the settings: sometimes as the main audio device is not the one you want to connect, and therefore it does not work.

Features of the repair of headphones of various brands

Xiaomi Airdots: One headphone does not work

Owners of this wireless device often complain that one Xiaomi headphone does not work (therefore, before buying, be sure to read our rating of the best headphones from this manufacturer). Often this is due to the specifics of their work: first the right (leading) headphone connects with the left and only then synchronizes with the phone. Due to the fact that many do not wait for the end of the conjugation, one headphone may not find the second.

It is easy to fix this problem: you just need to roll back the device to factory settings:

  • Click on the phone “Forget the device” to cancel the existing conjugation of devices.
  • We take out headphones from the case and reboot them with a long press.
  • Then we return the headphones to boxing.
  • We wait until the headphones are first synchronized among themselves.
  • The device will warn you about the end of synchronization with a signal, after which you can again connect them to the phone.

Why is one JBL wireless headphone and devices of other brands does not work

In fact, work on errors in the case of wireless headphones always begins from rollback to factory settings. If this measure does not help, then you should look for another reason from the above. You can try to fix the headphones yourself, however, keep in mind that in this case you will not have to count on the repairs under the warranty. Therefore, it is better to entrust your favorite device to professionals. And then he will delight you with high.quality sound for a long time!

Fix Apple Earpods Not Working on Left/Right Side

How to fix the headphone? The article shows a step.by.step instruction with answers to the question “What to do if one headphone does not work? Why one headphone doesn’t work?”. Is it possible to fix wireless or wired headphones? Causes of breakdowns JBL, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony. FAQ from EARPHones-Review. Help and advice! Characteristics ratings reviews advice

No sound in headphones: what to do if the sound disappears?

In his favorite wireless headset, sound began to disappear? So, it’s time to look for the cause of the signal loss and do something about it. In our article, we will consider in detail what could affect the malfunction with the sound.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication channel that has a limited range. That is why different reasons can affect the signal transmission:

  • Active electrical appliances are located near, for example, a refrigerator, microwave, a computer. Their own waves interfere with the passage of the signal, so it is best to activate Bluetooth devices where there is no extraneous technology.
  • If the apartment has other active Bluetooth devices, this can also make it difficult to listen to.
  • Wear a smartphone in your trouser or jacket? Such a distance can also cause why there is no sound in one headphone.
  • Trite, but fact: many forget that wireless devices must be constantly rechargeed. When the battery sits down, the sound can be interrupted and disappear altogether.
  • The incompatibility of versions of the Bluetooth module also affects the quality of the signal: in the smartphone and among headphones, they should be identical.
  • A bunch of applications running simultaneously can interfere with pure sound.
  • The reboot decides! If you are sure that the reason is not liable in any of the points described above, try to retake the device.

Why there is no sound in headphones on the phone?

Interruption of sound while playing the song can terribly annoy, especially if you are faced with such a problem constantly. There are several simple ways to identify the cause of this problem:

Why is there no sound in Windows headphones?

The most common reason for the interruption or loss of sound lies in the drivers. Their update and subsequent reinstallation help to cope with the malfunction:

  • Go to the device manager.
  • Find the item “Sound, game and video devices”.
  • Make sure that the driver is installed for the right device (if problems are with it, the system will mark the device with yellow or sign it as a “device with support for High Definition Audio”).
  • Find the driver on the Internet (if the system itself could not find it, try to look manually using the model of your laptop or mother card).
  • Install the drivers and reboot the computer.

Problems may occur due to sound settings on the computer itself or disconnecting the audio card in BIOS or Windows Audio service. This problem is easy to solve through the “Administration” section.

The sound in the headphone disappeared: what to do?

The reason for the complete loss of sound in the headphones may be the smartphone itself, to which the gadget is connected, or a malfunction of the ears. There are several ways to identify and eliminate the problem:

  • First of all, check the charge level.
  • Then it is worth rebooting both the smartphone and headphones.
  • If the house has other Bluetooth devices, try using them to check the quality of the work of both headphones.
  • Be sure to study the external condition of the ears: there should be no damage to them.
  • Check the compatibility of versions of conjugated devices.
  • Check the conjugation of the devices, if necessary, completely drop the settings and connect the headphones to each other again.
  • Make sure that both ears are fraught with each other (separate material on the topic “What to do if one headphone does not work”).

note! If the sound disappears sharply, it can be not only in a completely discharged battery. Perhaps the cause of the malfunction is hidden in the battery or headphone board. You yourself will not be able to replace the battery or a fee, so you will need to contact specialists.

What to do if sound disappears in the headphones? In the article we analyze the causes of sound malfunctions on a computer, laptop or phone. What to do if wireless or wired headphones do not play? FAQ from EARPHones-Review. Help and advice! Characteristics ratings reviews advice

❔ 1. Why does the laptop not see the headphones. Windows 10 or 7

If the laptop does not see the headphones (wired) on Windows 10 or another version, then you need to check the audio card drivers and connectors. We check in series:

  • We go to launch. control panel. system and safety. device manager. Or just in the internal search (near the “Win” button on Windows 10), we collect the “Device Manager”.
  • Choosing “Audiocations and Audio Exit” and the right device in them.
  • If there is an exclamation mark, we update the drivers in the device dispatcher (as in a screenshot) or manually.
  • If there is no exclamation mark, we set up the sound in the Realtek utility, and then in the Windows system.
  • If it did not help, we check the performance of the connectors.

By the way, first of all, if the laptop does not see the headset, check it on another source (from a computer or phone, for example). Perhaps this is not a laptop does not see the headphones (Windows 7 or 10 no difference), and the headphones themselves are faulty.

Updating the sound drivers

If the headphones are not connected to the laptop, it is worth checking the operability of sound in the system. Namely, the performance of the drivers.

We go to launch. control panel. system and safety. device manager.

First you can try updating the driver with standard Windows methods. Right button on the right device. update the driver. Do not forget that Windows 10 independently “pulls up” and installs all the main drivers.

If wired headphones are not connected to the laptop after checking / updating the drivers, you can try to make a small setting in the system. But first it is better to run the following steps.

2.1 if it does not work out, we are updated manually

In the vast majority of laptops, a realtek sound chip is installed, so there are 2 main ways to update audio drivers, because they are often the main reason why the headphones on the laptop do not work:

Install a program for automatically searching for the right drivers. For example iOBIT DRIVER BOOSTER. This application can also update the drivers for the Bluetooth module. Accordingly, we start the application, select the necessary (audio and Bluetoooth, if necessary) drivers and start the process.

Be careful as iOBIT DRIVER and detailed programs can automatically install many unnecessary programs. Closely.

headphones, work, headphone, does, phone

Choose the installation of drivers, highlight only the necessary launch the process, first drivers download, then the completion of the installation is installed

Diagnosis and elimination of hardware problems

If serviceable headphones have earned, then the smartphone connector is working

Checking the serviceability is carried out as follows:

  • For headphones:
  • Move the cable in different places, especially at the junction with the plug. If the sound appears or becomes louder, then the cable veins are damaged.
  • If the sound does not appear, then connect the audited copy to another phone, laptop or tablet. If they earned, then the problem is in the phone connector.
  • For smartphone: connect knowingly serviceable headphones. If they earned, then the smartphone connector is working.

In the first case, after clarifying the scene of the cores, to eliminate, you can clean the cable from isolation and connect the whole fate of the wires by twisting or soldering them and closing the repair site with island. If the price of headphones is small, then you can not bother with the repair, but buy new ones.

In the second case, the connector can be repaired in the smartphone repair service. But before that you should try to clean the contacts of the connector from dirt and oxides.

For the procedure, you will need: a cotton wool/match with cotton wool wound on it and ethyl alcohol. The procedure is as follows:

  • Turn off the smartphone.
  • Blow the nest with compressed air. From a bicycle pump, for example.
  • Moisten a cotton wool in alcohol.
  • Insert it into the nest and crank.
  • Pull out and replace the new one if there is too much dirt on it.
  • Repeat steps and 4 until cotton wool ceases to be clean.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes to completely dry alcohol.
headphones, work, headphone, does, phone

After that, you can check the operability of the connector.

Diagnosis and elimination of software problems

Diagnosis and elimination of software problems

The main feature of the software failure is to play sound through the speaker if there are notifications of the icon of connected headphones in the notification line.

  • Reload the phone.
  • Check and change the volume level:
  • Open the “settings” and go to the subparagraph “sound” or “sound and vibration”.
  • Go to the subparagraph “Volume”.
  • Check the sound volume level in applications and change it if necessary.
  • Install applications that neutralize viral, spy and advertising software, and check the system.
  • Update the firmware using the “System Update” item in the smartphone settings.

If these measures have not taken the effect of the effect, then reset the settings of the device to the factory, having previously made backups of important information and untie the Google account from devices running Android 6.0 and newer.

  • Go to the “Settings” and find the subparagraph “Restoration and Reset”. It can be mainly a menu or subsection “extended” or “additional”.
  • Click on the “reset of settings” and “reset the phone settings.

If the reset to the factory installations was useless, then the last remedy is flashing. You can reflash the phone yourself, according to the instructions. but it is better to contact the workshop for the repair of such devices. This will eliminate the transformation of the gadget into a non.working “brick”.

Summing up, we can say that the main reason for non.working headphones is the hardware malfunction of the accessory and the connector for it. Less commonly, the reason for such a problem is errors in the software filling of a smartphone. In some cases, you can cope with problems yourself, but it is better to contact the workshop. This will reduce the risk of damage to the device from inept hands.

Solving contextual problems

Some problems with the connection of headphones to the laptop have a clearly pronounced context, for example, when the sound is absent only in the browser. In such cases, in addition to checking the system parameters, it is necessary to make changes to the configuration of the web faceller directly. Sometimes you even need to install additional software to solve the problem. The implementation of all these actions is described in detail in another article on our website. If necessary, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.

If the sound in the headphones disappears periodically, there is a chance that the device itself came out of the system. But before its repair, it is recommended to try to correct the situation with software tools of the operating system. Sometimes the reason for this problem is the incorrect operation of the Windows Audio service, which is responsible for the sound, or the absence of current audio.divers. Follow the link below to get to the page with a list of ways to eliminate problems with periodic disappearance of sound on a laptop.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Why does the phone not see the headphones: the main reasons

If the phone does not see new headphones (wired or wireless), there may be several reasons.

Specialists and simply experienced users say that there are several varieties of miniature speakers that can be used on the device: two-pin mono, three/four-pin stereo. The differences between them go on the sound, details that make up the general design and characteristics for each device.

If the phone stopped recognizing the headphones or “does not see” just unpacked and connected, they can influence this:

  • Falf in the smartphone.
  • Damage to the headset.
  • The extension cord has broken or there is a production marriage.
  • There are problems with software.

Before trying to independently check the performance of each element or diagnosis, you need to keep in mind that modern devices are equipped with various types of connectors-mini-jack (3.5 mm) and micro-jack (2.5 mm). Wireless connection technologies can also be used. Bluetooth.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that if the headphone connector stops working, it will be difficult to replace the replacement on its own. Diagnosis will help establish primary problems (or most likely).

At the very beginning, it is recommended to make sure that the Mini-Jack plug is so inserted into the port and securely fixed in it.

The next action is to press the sound volume button on the phone, and then visually check the cleanliness of the connector. In the case when after these actions the sound did not appear (did not recover), it is necessary to perform a detailed examination of the device.

Headphones Not Working? This Simple Cleaning Method Could Help! (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Some problems are specific and depend on which company has produced a smartphone.

The causes of malfunctions are not limited only to mechanical damage

Problems on the iPhone

In the case of Apple products, there may be several reasons why the phone does not see the headphones. Smartphones constantly monitor the state of operation of the connectors, making measurements of resistance in the network. In the case when it is closed, the indicators increase.

If the headphones are connected to the contacts at this moment and the sound is displayed on them, interference or disconnects arise. It is also often a situation when the smartphone connector is damaged. It can also be clogged (dust, particles of dirt on the street). It is for this reason that the chain remains broken during the attachment of the headset.

As a result, the smartphone ceases to perceive the headphones connected to it. And to correct the situation, it is recommended to first turn off the headset (remove the wire from the connector or turn off the wireless connection), then clean the contacts, connectors and the headphones themselves (you can simply blow).

According to statistics, the most common reasons are also:

  • Damage to the nest into which the plug is connected from the headphones.
  • Poor assembly of the headset.
  • Non.working (outdated) software.
  • Program failure.
  • Using unlicensed software.

The user also needs to know what to do if IPhone shows headphones, but they are not. In this case, it is recommended to restart the device.

The reason for the problem: a failure in the smartphone settings or in the software, which relates directly to sound transmission devices.

You need to take into account the operating system and even the phone model before purchasing accessories

Problems on Android

You need to know why the headphones are not connected to the Android phone, wired or wireless. There may also be several reasons here: problems in the software, malfunctions in the work of the headphones themselves, problems with connectors on the smartphone.

Additionally, you need to consider that headphones can be incompatible with the phone, connectors and cords may have damage (breaks). Water can penetrate the phone case, which leads to the appearance of corrosion processes.

How to eliminate problems

The easiest and most affordable method to restore work on a mobile phone (iPhone) in the mode of the connected headset is the change of parameters. In this case, it is recommended to first check which system language is set by default. If this is Russian, then it is best to replace it with another (for example, English). After that, you need to restart the device.

You can eliminate many problems and problems yourself, without contacting the workshop

If the smartphone operates on the Android operating system, it is recommended that you reload the phone first. If the problem does not disappear, you need to check the compatibility of the headphones (connect them to another smartphone).

You also need to check if Bluetooth is connected (for wireless models). The quality of the cord and the connector is checked visually. If the system fails, you need to reset the settings installed on the phone to factory parameters.

If the headphones are wireless, it is recommended to additionally check the charge level, since the interference in the work can be due to the fact that the energy level is low. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to carry out charging up to 100 %.

Installation of sound card drivers

Another reason for the lack of sound in headphones is the presence of irrelevant or incorrectly installed sound drivers. Perhaps the drivers simply do not correspond to the models of your sound card, and therefore there may be problems with the transmission of sound through headphones, in particular, connected through the front audio units of the computer. In this case, their current version should be established.

The easiest way to complete the specified task is to install a special application for updating drivers, for example, Driverpack Solution, and scan with it a computer.

But it is possible to perform the procedure for us and without the installation of third.party.

But this method does not always help, since sometimes the standard Windows drivers are installed on the computer, which can not work with the available sound adapter. A similar situation is especially often after reinstalling the OS, when the branded drivers are replaced by standard. Then it is necessary to apply an option of actions that differs from the method described above.

    First of all, search the ID driver for your sound adapter. Download it on a computer.

If you use headphones with a USB connector, it is quite possible that an additional driver needs to be installed for them. It should be delivered on the disk with the acoustic device itself.

In addition, complete with some sound cards are provided with programs to manage them. In this case, if you have not installed such an application, then you should find it on the Internet, according to the brand of your sound adapter, and install it on a computer. After that, in the settings of this software, find the sound adjustment parameters and turn on the reproduction for the front panel.

Removing the virus

Another reason why the sound in headphones connected to the computer can be abused is infection of the latter with viruses. This is not the most common reason for this problem, but, nevertheless, it should not be completely excluded.

With the slightest signs of infection, it is necessary to scan PC using a special attending utility. For example, you can use DR.Web Cureit. If viral activity is discovered, adhere to those tips that will be displayed in the shell of antivirus software.

There are quite a lot of reasons why the headphones connected to the PC with the Windows 7 operating system may suddenly stop functioning normally. To choose the appropriate method of correcting the problem, you must first find its source. Only after that, adhering to the recommendations given in this article, you can establish the correct work of the acoustic headset.

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