Why Do I Need An Hdmi Connector On The Tv?

Why Do I Need An Hdmi Connector On The Tv?

In modern televisions of the middle price segment and above, and sometimes budget models, the user can find several outputs with a different interface. Almost always, among them there is HDMI, one or more pieces. In this regard, many people are interested in what can be connected to this connector and how to do it.

HDMI destination on the TV

HDMI transmits digital audio and to a high definition television (HD). You can connect any device with an HDMI connector to the TV: laptop / PC, smartphone, tablet, game console, etc. Quite often, using HDMI, the TV is connected as a monitor, because, due to its size, it is more convenient for games, viewing movies listening to music.

The specification of this interface improves with each new version, so the exact specifications may vary depending on the version of HDMI installed on your TV.

The main parameters of the latest versions of HDMI (1.4b, 2.0, 2.1):

  • Support for 2K and 4K resolutions (50 / 60Hz and 100 / 120Hz), in the future, 5K, 8K and 10K resolutions will be supported when such displays appear;
  • Support for 3D 1080p at 120Hz;
  • Bandwidth up to 48 Gbit / s;
  • Up to 32 channels of audio;
  • Improved CEC support, DVI compatibility.

If your TV can be outdated, the above options may be lower or absent.

As can be seen from the above characteristics, such a wired connection is fully justified, since it has a high speed and without any problems transmits an image in the highest quality. Wireless technology is inferior in quality and speed, therefore, is a weak alternative to HDMI, which has certain limitations.

Select HDMI cable for TV and set up connection

Most likely, you will have questions regarding the choice of cable for the TV. We already have two articles that talk in detail about the types of HDMI cables and the rules for choosing the right cable.

Due to the large length of the cable itself (up to 35 meters) and the ability to wear special rings that protect against interference, you can connect devices to HDMI from other rooms. This is relevant, for example, if you want to connect a computer to a TV without changing the location of any of the devices.

Sometimes, there may be cases when, after physically connecting the device to the TV, problems occur or the connection does not occur. In this case, our troubleshooting materials can help you:

As we already found out, HDMI significantly expands the capabilities of the TV and other equipment. Thanks to it, you can display audio and in high quality on the screen by connecting entertainment devices to it.