Why cannot you tie the card to Apple Pay. How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay card to add a card to the card issuer. what to do

Apple Service Drink from the company with the “apple” logo is responsible for contactless cash transfers. It is popular, provides complete confidentiality of information. Despite the prevalence of the service, the Apple Pay card is possible, “refer to the card issuer”. such an inscription appears on the screen. We offer to deal with the causes of this phenomenon and methods for their elimination.

This is the Wallet application, which transfers bank cards into electronic version. After such an operation, you will not have to carry a payment product with you. the necessary information is entered into the phone.

Debt and credit, club and subscription, discount and bonus cards, tickets are tied to the wallet.

If you are the owner of a visa or a mastercard, pay a smartphone without problems. In addition, the Vallet application supports electronic payment systems and cellular operators.

The following conditions are met to perform payment transactions from the wallet:

With the fulfillment of these conditions, you get the opportunity to pay a smartphone in places where support for contactless cash transfers is organized. Unlock your mobile phone, bring to the scanner of the payment terminal. and payment is made.

Search, download and install an electronic wallet is not necessary. it has entered a set of standard applications.

How to correctly make a card?

Before starting work in the application, banking products are entered, which are supposed to make payment.

How discharge or other maps are loaded into the jack application? For binding, enter the wallet, find the “Add Map” item, an algorithm of actions to be executed will appear in front of you.

If you need to connect several cards, use one of the ways:

  • use a program supporting a wallet;
  • Scan the barcode or QR code;
  • Open the notification received from the wallet following the transfer of funds through Apple drink;
  • Use email, browser or messages.

It is possible to bind the cards to the gadget using the MAS, through the Safari browser, after synchronizing the mobile device with iCloud.

The setting of difficulties does not cause. There are many tips in the wallet that help perform the necessary actions.

Using this card is impossible

The world cards to Apple Pay no longer tie. But, if MasterCard and Visa return, the service will work again

Now we can say with confidence that Apple Pay is actually closing for the market for an indefinite period. Why vague? Because if MasterCard and Visa return to Apple Pay will work again. After all, no one turned off the banks from the Apple payment service.

Apparently, the disconnection of the Mir cards from Apple Pay occurs gradually, so someone probably can take place. However, most likely this is precisely the exception, and not the rule. Many employees of our editorial office of the card of the domestic payment system have already disconnected and do not work anymore.

According to some reports, the blocking will not be simultaneous. It will last until the end of March-month. By that time, even those cards that still continue to work with Apple Pay will turn off. But since it is not known when exactly your card is specifically, it is best not to rely on the iPhone anymore and carry a bank card with you.

If you are not used to carrying a wallet with you and prefer to pay a smartphone, you can buy such a cardholder. It glues on the rear cover of the iPhone or the cover that protects it. Just put your bank card there, and then put the device to the terminal when you need to pay.

Apple Pay does not work in what to do

Now you can pay for iPhone purchases only for SBP

The transaction will pass in the same way as if you paid via Apple Pay. True, it is necessary that the card in the be alone and does not occur. Otherwise there are no difficulties. Unless to confirm the payment by biometria is no longer required. But the Pin code will need. So it is recommended to remember it and constantly keep it in memory.

However, if you fundamentally do not want to use bank cards, you still have the opportunity to pay a phone contactlessly. No, Sberpay does not work on the iPhone. Mir Pay. too. But there is an alternative. She doesn’t even need NFC, because I suggest you pay through a system of quick payments. It allows you to pay a smartphone on a QR code.

You can read more about how it works in this article. Now I will say that so far, unfortunately, this method of payment is not accepted in all stores, but many retail outlets and catering establishments are already offering payment by QR. Therefore, try. sometimes discounts are given for such payment.

The fast payments and payment by QR supports most banks. Thanks to her, you can transfer money to other users by phone number. So, if you have such an opportunity, then your bank supports SBP. And you just have to go to the bank’s mobile client, turn on the QR scanner, scan it and confirm payment.

Is Apple Pay working with Visa and Mastercard

We tell you whether it is possible to pay Visa and MasterCard in the fact that Visa and MasterCard have stopped working with foreign services, payment on Apple Pay via Visa and MasterCard in the morning I passed without problems. My colleagues also had no problems. At the same time, another problem. All transactions via Apple Pay are not recorded in the Wallet application. Starting from March 1, colleagues cannot check what purchases they made through Apple Pay. At the same time, everything is clearly visible in the bank application.

Left transaction on Apple Pay. On the right in the bank application.

Many readers report that payment does not pass. over, the iPhone or Apple Watch itself does not send any notifications. Payment does not pass exclusively through the terminal itself. At the same time, users note that the terminal itself was not served by banks from the sanctions list and the payment of Apple Pay through the world on the same device passed without problems.

Just left the store, Apple Pay through Visa does not work. iPhone shows that payment has passed, and shows an error on the device. At the same time, the physical card works without problems, paid everything through plastic, the reader writes.

It is possible that the changes will enter into force a little later, in the afternoon of time in time. By the way, we have already encountered problems in the Apple Apple Apps store. We have already written about how to pay for purchases in App Store bypassing restrictions. Be sure to read it.

Is it possible to pay Apple Pay today there are news that some applications and services refuse to accept payment on Apple Pay. Yandex.Food, Yandex.Taxi, Uber and some other companies with Apple‘s proprietary payment system do not work. On the official website Yandex Go, information was not updated in any way.

Pay a taxi from Apple Pay yet.

AppleinSider editors.ru recommend always carrying a plastic card with you in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. It is not very clear why they refused to pay Apple Pay through the world. At the moment, we do not know the exact list of companies where you can not pay for purchases through the iPhone, it is quite possible that it will be replenished soon.

Subscribers, readers and just caring users! Unsubscribe in a comment under fasting or in our telegram chat. How are you doing, whether it was possible to pay for purchases and at what stage the problem arises. Now it is important.

Problems when paying through Apple Pay and options for their elimination

There are several factors by which Apple drink does not work on the iPhone 7 or other gadgets at all, or works unstable. The very first step is to make sure that the device supports work through the payment service. If so, but the payment does not happen, then the problem may be as follows:

IOS malfunction

This is expressed in various failures of the service, for example, the payment does not complete. The reason may be in applications that can damage the OS: antiviral, harmful or without a license. In addition, problems with the software often arise due to the device battery, which serves for a long time and needs to be replaced, as well as due to the incorrectly executed renewal of the system through the Wi-Fi network. To eliminate the problems that have arisen, you need:

If there is no result, it is recommended to go to the following steps:

  • Make a reset of settings. To do this, go to the “Basic” menu and press the “Reset” key, then perform the function “Reset all the settings”.
  • Delete a bank account binding and create it again in the Kid/ Wallet application.

If there is no positive result, it is necessary to change the firmware of the phone using the DFU mode, and then check the online payments in the reserve copy mode. This follows:

  • Turn on iTunes and connect the gadget to the computer.
  • Turn off the device.
  • At the same time, squeeze the Home button and the inclusion key located below the screen, which is located on top or right on the smartphone.
  • Keep 10 seconds, then release the power button, meanwhile continuing to keep the Home button.
  • Keep the button for another 10 seconds.

After making a purchase in the store, you can check if the system works. If everything is regular, then the mobile device should send a notification with the text “Ready” after writing off funds from a bank account.

In the case when this did not help, and Apple Pay still does not function, the best way out will visit the service center so that its experts change software and eliminate problems.

The operation is not carried out due to problems with the card

Most banks cards work with the Apple Pay service. But when making purchases, it is better to clarify whether the financial institution is on the list of partners:

  • Sberbank;
  • Bank
  • VTB;
  • Yandex. Money;
  • MTS Bank;
  • UniCredit Bank;
  • Raiffeisen Bank;
  • “Russian standard”;
  • Minbank.
  • “St. Petersburg”;
  • Rocketbank;
  • Tinkoff;
  • Alfa Bank;
  • Gazprom Bank;
  • “Opening”;
  • AK BARS;
  • MDM Binbank;

Why is a situation possible when a financial institution is a partner, but Apple drink still does not work? This can be due to incompatibility with some types of cards.

Apple Pay: How To Add a Card

The Apple Pay federation interacts with two types of cards: Visa and Mastercard. In addition, the plastic card should be equipped with a non.contact payment of PayWave or PayPass. To make sure that the card is suitable for making payment, you need to find the radio signal icon on its front side. Social and pension cards may not function with this technology, so making purchases with their help will not work. Apple Pay can refuse to make a payment on the iPhone SE or other devices due to error during the binding of a bank card, incorrectly introduced PIN code or insufficient amounts of funds. To resolve this situation, you need to check the virtual account and the correctness of the pin code. Otherwise, you will have to re.connect the card to NFC. To add a bank account you need:

  • Go to the virtual “wallet” and register the card.
  • Scan the card or enter information about it manually.
  • Wait for confirmation from Apple Pay.

After that, you can use the online account and accumulate bonuses. There is simply no reason to worry about the security of encrypted information.

If everything is to no avail, then to connect a virtual account, you need to resort to the help of bank employees.

The age, starting from which you can pay through Apple Pay, is determined by the country or the region where the operation to transfer funds is performed.

NFC chip or module antenna does not work

These devices provide information for the operation. If the iPhone does not work NFC or antenna, then using the Apple Pay system will be impossible.

  • hand over the phone according to the warranty if it still acts;
  • If the warranty period is expired, you need to visit the service center so that its employees make repairs and eliminate the malfunctions.

If there are no necessary skills and knowledge in the field of smartphone repair, it is better not to try to fix the device yourself. This can lead to a breakdown of the gadget.

Chip-NFC fault or antennas on the iPhone model 1660 or other devices may occur due to the fact that someone had already used the phone earlier, or the device is a fake. Another reason for NFC operations may be dust and garbage that got into the device case. You need to visit the service center to clean the device from the inside.

If 56 error appears when updating or recovery in ITUNES, this can indirectly indicate that the NFC does not work.

The location is incorrectly indicated

The wrong region is another reason due to which no payment takes place. It is necessary to check if everything is installed correctly, because in some countries Apple Pay is not supported. It is necessary to go to the “Basic”. “language and region” in the settings, choose the country where the service works. After making changes, restart the device.

After using Apple Pay, the display freezes

Many service users complain that after using Apple, drink the device screen freezes and does not respond to touch, and buttons also do not work. At the same time, the operation ends successfully, after starting the bloom, everything begins to work, there are no other problems in the screen. There are several reasons for this malfunction:

Methods of removal

It is allowed to connect from one to eight payment tools simultaneously. Here is one way to delete a card from Apple Pay Wallet:

  • First you need to open the Wallet application.
  • In this case, you can see a list of already connected bank cards.
  • Select the one that needs to be disconnected, click on it.
  • The “Information” tab will open on the screen.
  • Click on the “Delete” button.

There is another option for removing all connected cards.

Removal can also be carried out by activating the loss regime.

We offer another way to untie the cards. This will be necessary:

  • Go to the site icloud.com;
  • come in using Apple ID;
  • Having viewed connected devices, select the phone;
  • You need to press the “Remove All” button.

After that, all connected cards from the smartphone will be deleted.

Common errors

Sometimes when adding bank plastic, the operating system refuses to complete the procedure and reports an error.

This most often happens in the following cases:

  • The bank whose card wants to add does not participate in the operation of the Apple Pay system. In this case, use the plastic that is involved in the program.
  • If eight are already connected, then when adding another payment tool, the program will refuse.
  • Perhaps the entry of data was made with errors. This may relate to the card number, CVC2 code or validity period.
  • There was an error when entering a verification code that came in an SMS message.
  • Availability of problems with a payment card: blocked, expired, plastic has worn out and a replacement is required.
  • Problems associated with the quality of the connection with the world network.
  • The smartphone does not use enough new iOS.

In case of errors in the work, measures are taken to eliminate problems in accordance with the established cause.

What is Apple Pay and how it works

Apple Pay is a universal payment system that allows the owner to use a mobile device as a bank card for contactless payment. The application is compatible with almost all digital gadgets from the popular Apple brand. iPhone, iPad, MacBook and smart watches. With it, the user can make purchases in any store and in the Internet space. But this is not all, in most large settlements through a smartphone you can pay for travel in public transport.

This technology became available after the introduction of a special microchip. NFC into the design of gadgets. It is he who generates the signal of your bank card at a small distance. As a result, the payment terminal takes the device for a credit card and successfully conducts a transaction.

What are the advantages of this service in relation to the classical calculation method:

  • Significant time savings. Payment takes place in just a few seconds, you will not need to wait until the seller gains change and gives it to you. All payment transactions in the amount of less than 1000 do not require confirmation of the input of the PIN code.
  • Comfortable. In modern society and a fast pace. this is the most important aspect. To pay, you need only a mobile phone or watch with which we rarely part for a long period.
  • Safely. The developer guarantees a high level of protection. Each payment procedure requires confirmation by fingerprint or graphic key. No one but you can use your smartphone.

Now in almost every store you can find a terminal that supports this type of contactless payment. Typically, the display is displayed by the proprietary Apple logo and the corresponding inscription. The transaction process itself is as follows:

  • The seller in the store will collect the right amount at the payment terminal. Carefully look that it corresponds to reality.
  • Bring the gadget to the reader at a close distance and attach your finger to the scanner of the Touch ID print.
  • A sound signal confirming the write.off of funds will be heard, get the check.
  • Ready.

It is interesting that you do not even need to remove a smartphone from the sleeping mode and undergo authorization in the utility. Everything happens automatically and instantly. Cash is written off from a bank card, on which you put priority in advance. To make purchases using Smart hours, you need to press the side button twice and bring them to the reader.

In addition, consumers can make payments in online stores and mobile applications. If MacBook is equipped with Touch ID, then everything is very simple. Opposite the selected product, click on the Apple Pay button. On the next page, enter data on the recipient and confirm the purchase by scanning the fingerprint. If there is no scanner, then confirmation is carried out through synchronized iPhone or iPad.

So that you can make payment using gadgets the following conditions and restrictions must be observed:

  • An important component. the device must support contactless technology and be equipped with a NFC chip. Such devices include the iPhone above 6 versions, Apple Watch of the first or second series, iPad Pro or Air, MacBook Pro or Air. Other models do not provide for the use of this payment service.
  • The bank card should be in the list of partner organizations of the developer.
  • You must have a valid account in iCloud.
  • On the device, install the latest current version of the software.

Only if all these rules are met, you can attach a bank card to the gadget and make contactless payments.

How to add a card to Apple Pay via Wallet

To start actively paying a smartphone or add a credit card to the application, you will not need to configure anything and download additional programs. Initially, the Apple technique is installed by the Wallet utility, which is a virtual wallet for storing bank cards. If the device supports the NFC module, then mainly the application menu will be displayed by the corresponding inscription Pay. It should be borne in mind that for each individual gadget it is necessary to add credit cards independently of each other. Consider the features of plastic activation for different manufacturer devices.


The owners of a popular smartphone to activate cards should follow the following algorithm:

Attention! No more than eight bank cards are allowed to attribute to one gadget.

In this case, to tie the card, you will need:

Apple Watch

Smart watches operate in the same bundle with the iPhone, so setting up and adding Apple drink through the smartphone integration:

In this case, it must be borne in mind that not all laptop models are suitable for making purchases on the Internet space. If the Touch ID sensor is not provided on the panel, you will not be able to give confirmation of the fingerprint.

In this case, transactions are made using a smartphone, which is completely synchronized with MacBook. For this, you need to rummage in the iPhone settings and give consent to make payments through MacBook.

If the fingerprint scanner is installed, then adding to Apple Drink credit cards is as follows:

  • Go to the main settings folder.
  • Open the Wallet application.
  • In the next step, the utility will automatically offer you to connect the card.
  • Enter your own information about plastic and confirm it.
  • If the bank approves the action, then the credit card will appear in the list for use.

Apple Pay does not work in how to enable

Enter the iPhone into the loss mode, but do not enter a message for the founder or your phone number. you do not need them

  • Wait until the smartphone is blocked (the camera button becomes gray) and try to unlock it with your password;
  • If you need to enter the password from Apple ID, and then the 2FA code;
  • After that you will receive a notification about the availability of all your cards.

In principle, the method looks rather strange, given that you need to do what ordinary iOS users almost never do. Nevertheless, cards are really restored and become available as contactless payment with iPhone. But here there are several reservations that you must know about, so as not to go redheaded at the checkout.

  • Firstly, not all cards are restored. Perhaps it depends on the bank, and possibly on the action of American sanctions, although I’m not sure. But for example, I did not recover VTB, Sovcombank and one of the two cards from Tinkoff Bank.
  • Secondly, payment really passes. over, according to users who have experienced this method on themselves, the transaction is equally passing both from MasterCard and Visa cards and from the world cards.
  • Thirdly, the availability of cards in Wallet is a temporary phenomenon. After several hours, they again turn into a state of inaccessible ones, and it becomes no longer possible to pay them.
  • Fourthly, it is no longer possible to tie a new card to Apple Pay, regardless of what kind of payment system you use. Wallet will not even accept the world from you, not to mention everyone else.

Using this card is impossible. Apple Pay

I tried to restore my cards on Apple Pay last night, and I really did it. Even Mastercard and Visa returned to work. True, I haven’t tried to pay them. But many people write that everything works. Apparently, the fact is that the restoration of the iPhone from the loss regime provokes forced creating tokens, and they temporarily return to work.

Last night, all cards in my Wallet were activated, and in the morning half was already inaccessible

True, after some time-for example, it happened to me at night-token flies. Either this happens automatically, or Apple notices that something went wrong. However, whatever one may say, according to the results of the card, they are still blocked, although they can be restored again, having done the entire procedure described above, again. Be sure to tell in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how you had and if you managed to pay at all.

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Another question is whether you need it? In the end, this is wildly inconvenient-for the sake of one or two payments to bother with the introduction of iPhone into the loss mode. It’s even worse than flashing and castorization of android. I’m not talking about the fact that very soon (if this did not happen) Apple will find a loophole and cover it. And it will be good if only the restoration of cards is covered, and not block, for example, in revenge, the possibility of restoring backup copies.

Card check

If everything is in order with the gadget, but it is not possible to tie a payment product to it, it is worth checking the card itself. It must comply with the following conditions:

To date, more than 30 banks and payment systems are cooperating with Apple Pay. But it should be borne in mind that not all cards of the partner banks of the system can work with her. Even if the card belongs to one of the two payment systems compatible with the Epsplovsky service, this does not mean that it can be spifted. The list of cards for working with Apple Pay is determined in each bank individually. Therefore, if the Apple Pay card fails, we recommend that you contact your bank’s website and make sure that the payment product is suitable for working with this system.

Important! Add only bank cards to Apple Pay. Transport cards, for example, known to many “three”, you can not take and use in the service.

Server connection error

For calculations using Apple Pay Internet is not required. But during the settings it is necessary. Check:

  • Is your gadget connected to the Internet;
  • Whether the connection is stable, is there enough speed;
  • Is the Apple ID identifier introduced on the device.

The latter circumstance can be checked using the official Apple website.

How To Use Apple Pay

In addition, one cannot discount such a circumstance as the possible overload of the company’s servers or the problem of them. Try to wait a while and repeat the attempt to bind.

Why is the map not added

To start making contactless payments, you need to bind bank cards to the service. Some consumers already have problems and malfunctions in this stage in adding a map. To activate a credit card you will need:

  • In some cases, scanning does not work. To fix this, you will need to independently prescribe all the details of the credit card to the corresponding fields.
  • An error may occur if the number is incorrectly entered, the owner or the duration of the plastic. Carefully check the specified information.
  • It should be borne in mind that the contactless payment service collaborates only with a certain list of partner banking organizations. This list is constantly updated and updated. Among banks, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB, Opening, Tinkoff, Raiffeisenbank, MTS, Beeline, Corn, Yandex can be distinguished. Money, Russian standard. This is far from the whole list, all companies can be seen in advance on the official portal of the Apple Pay service. If when adding a credit card the application begins to “swear” and does not see it, then probably it is not supported by the system.
  • If the plastic is blocked, then attach it will not work.

Why does Apple Pay not work

If a bank card is successfully added, but the contactless transaction does not pass, then the root of the problem should be sought in several directions. First you should follow a number of conditions and restrictions:

  • The main thing is that the mobile device is equipped with an appropriate module by the NFC transmitter. Basically, it began to be installed in modern models released no earlier than 2016.
  • Bank card, should be issued by a partner organization.
  • On the smartphone, it is necessary to install the latest and current version of the software, the presence of a pirate firmware is not allowed.
  • The consumer must have a registered account in the iCloud service and have a unique identifier on the network.

Consider a list of mobile devices that are equipped with the NFC microchip:

  • iPhone not lower than 6 version, including SE model.
  • Smart watches Apple Watch the first and second series.
  • Tablet computer iPad Air or Pro, Mini 3, 4.
  • MacBook Pro or Air laptop.

If the mobile device meets the established requirements, then transactions must be carried out without interference. Other problems are also possible, which we will talk about below.

Connection failure

If the store does not pay, there is an error. the connection failure, then to correct it follow the recommendations:

  • Repeat the purchase, perhaps there was a short.term failure.
  • Reload the mobile device.
  • Set the default mobile phone settings. To do this, go to the system parameters section and go to the network tab and click on the reset of network settings. After restarting the smartphone, try to buy again.

Inappropriate settings

The probable reason for the incorrect operation of the application may be incorrect installations in the smartphone system. Check the relevance of your software and activate updates in a timely manner. If there is a pirate firmware, you will not work to use the service. Work “after time” can be fixed in the following ways:

  • Try to remove the Wallet utility and re.install it. Add credit cards.
  • Change the location of the consumer in the settings of the mobile device. Choose any European country in the language and region as the area.
  • Complete the iOS system reinstall.
  • If you do not have a registered account in the iCloud system, then you need to create it in the corresponding smartphone tab. With a locked account, access to the application is closed.
  • Make sure the latest software version has been installed.

Problems with NFC antenna

There are situations when the culprit is the constructive side. NFC module can be damaged when falling, water or physical exposure. Usually such a problem is difficult to solve yourself, but try to try.

Disassemble the side panel of the mobile device and clean the insides from contaminants and accumulated garbage. Did not help, then head to any service department and order repairs from qualified masters. It should be taken into account, if the smartphone is under warranty, it is not recommended to open the housing on your own. This will lead to the removal of warranty obligations from the manufacturer.

External factors

If the smartphone has stopped working during payment transactions, then pay attention to:

  • Now they began to produce covers with metal inserts that play the role of the screen and prevent the exchange of information, the terminal does not see the gadget, the consumer himself may not suspect this. Therefore, it is recommended to approach the choice of accessory wisely.
  • Often the culprit is the seller read terminal. The reason may be. lack of communication with the banking organization for payment of payment data or a direct malfunction of the equipment. In this case, it is better to contact another store and check the work without a terminal.

The article examined the main reasons in detail why the Apple Pay service does not work. If these methods of the solution did not help you, then it is recommended to contact an issuer of the card or to the technical support of the software developer.