Why Airpods Don’t Connect To iPhone

Despite the fact that Apple creates the best-quality devices, they also often happen incidents. In the article, we will consider what to do if the iPhone version X / 8/7/6/5 does not see the connected headphones. And also we will analyze cases when the device sees the earbuds, but they do not reproduce sound.

What to do if there is no sound in the iPhone X headphones

In the kit for each version of the iPhone there are headphones. Earpods. These are not wireless AirPods yet; they have a wire. But they sound good enough. Often, when connected, the smartphone does not respond to them.

No settings help to connect the headphones. If the device has been serving you for several months, it is quite possible that the contacts in the smartphone are clogged, clogged with dust and dirt.

This happens when we put the phone in our pocket where other items may be.

Handbags can also be source of petty litter. Due to a certain layer of dirt, the connector may not be fully connected. And do not fit enough to the port contacts on the iPhone. To clean it, preference should be given to a wooden device: pointy match, toothpicks, etc..

Do not use metal tools. With them you can harm the fragile contacts of the port.

Use a flashlight in order to better see the contaminated port areas due to which the iPhone does not see wired headphones. At the end of a toothpick or match you need to wrap a little cotton wool to better collect dirt.

The tip can also be dipped in alcohol. But it’s not plentiful that it does not spread inside the port. Alcohol will help break down dirt better. Wand with a wand until you clear the entire port. Clean the headphone jack. It may also need to be cleaned.

Why iPhone 6 does not see wired headphones

If you connected the headphones to your smartphone, but he does not see them, try to solve this problem with simple methods. If the gadget does not detect wired inserts. disconnect the wire from the port on the smartphone. Try restarting iPhone 6. The problem may be in the headphones themselves.

To check this, try connecting others. Accordingly, if you managed to connect others. the reason is found, you need to replace devices or repair them.

For wired headphones, most problems are due to port contamination. Therefore, always check for impurities in it. Check the wire itself. Perhaps in some place he was bitten by pets or damaged in other circumstances.

Other headphones with the same port can also detect this. The reasons may be in the port to which the earbuds on your iPhone 6 are connected. Perhaps it is out of order. it will help to identify service employees. If other methods do not help determine the true cause of the breakdown.

One of the headphones is quieter on the iPhone 5. what to do?

Over time, any device fails, temporarily fails, or breaks completely. Our task is to determine the type of breakdown and decide what to do. repair or buy a new one. often than not, any damage can be repaired. But the question is different: is it worth the time and money. One of your headphones on iPhone 5 may play weaker than the other. This means that we can probably solve such a failure at home.

First, make sure that the headphone mesh is clean, the port sees connections, and the wire is intact:

    Open the settings of your fifth iPhone;

In this window, there is a knob that allows you to adjust the balance between the right and left channels on the iPhone 5. Adjust them so that the sound in both headphones is approximately the same. By default, the knob is centered. Assume in your case a problem with the left liner. try moving the balance a little to the right. In this case, the overall volume will be slightly underestimated. But then you can get equal sound volume from each earphone.

Why Airpods Don't Connect To iPhone

When the sound balance is adjusted, try increasing the overall volume using the buttons on the cabinet or programmatically. There will not be much sound loss. If your headphones do not see the iPhone X / 8/7/6/5 device or the sound of one of them is quieter than the other, use all the above methods to solve the problem.

What to do if iPhone 7 does not see AirPods

Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones also sometimes cause problems for users. In our case, AirPods do not want to connect to the iPhone. We will analyze this situation in order. This headphone model connects to mobile devices quite simply. You need to enable Bluetooth on iPhone 7 and open the cover of the case on the wireless headphones.

A window will appear on the screen of the smartphone with the inscription AirPods and the connect button.

After clicking, the headphones should automatically connect and they will be visible in the list.

You can find them in the section with connected devices.

If this does not happen, reboot your phone and try connecting the headphones again.

Disconnect other bluetooth devices, they may interfere with the current connection. Keep other Bluetooth devices away from your smartphone and headphones. If you tried to connect them to iPhone 7, but they do not play after connecting, remove the pairing and reconnect.

You can disable AirPods in the window of devices connected via Bluetooth. Select the one you need from the list and go to the options to select the item to delete.

Reset AirPods

No matter how tidy you are, the headphones begin to malfunction over time. Malfunctions can occur in small things, for example, one earphone itself sometimes turns off. Or the indicator that indicates the status of the device does not light. All these problems can be resolved by rebooting the AirPods and resetting their settings. After that, the gadget will again work stably.

To reset, you need to put the headphones that your iPhone does not see in their case:

    Open the case cover. Press and hold the button, which is located on the back of the case;