Which Wireless Headphones To Choose For Iphone

Which Wireless Headphones To Choose For Iphone

Best iPhone Headphones in 2020, These are Wireless Headphones with AAC Codec Support. Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple treacherously got rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, preferring wireless headphones. Therefore, 9 out of 10 positions in our TOP 10 are occupied by Bluetooth headphones, which go well with the new models of Apple iPhone phones (7), and with the old ones too.

We also considered 2 wire models for the iPhone, if you are not alien to use the adapter if your iPhone is above version 7.

In the ranking of headphones of various form factors, and types, which have one thing in common. they are well suited to your favorite iPhone. Namely, the TOP includes:

  • Original headphones for iPhone, such as: wired Apple EarPods (come with an iPhone) and wireless Apple Airpods (released for iPhone 7 and later, without a headphone jack);
  • Other models of wireless portable headsets with a control panel and a microphone that are ideal for any phone, or are created specifically for devices from Apple (ipod, iphone, ipad);
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Which wireless headphones fit your iPhone?

IPhone (and Apple as a whole) “recognizes” only AAC codec (excluding standard SBC) for wireless audio transmission. Accordingly, buying wireless bluetooth headphones with aptX or LDAC support does not make much sense if they are more expensive than the option with only SBC and / or AAC.

Why does a Cupertino-based manufacturer refuse to implement high-resolution codec support? The answer is simple: you have to pay for licenses, but Apple does not see the point, and AAC is good. And the implementation of this codec gives a sound no worse than aptX.

All presented headphones are universal. Apple has taken a clear path to abandoning the standard 3.5 mm jack in their smartphones, it is best to look specifically at wireless models. After all, there are not many options on the market with lightning-connection. But bothering with adapters is not pleasant enough. Although, sometimes it makes sense.

For the new iPhone 7, 8, 10 and older, there are wired original Apple EarPods with a lightning connector, which solves the connection problem (it is also possible to connect via an adapter).

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Which wireless headphones to choose for iPhone?

The easiest option. AirPods first or second generation. After all, Apple has always been famous for its ecosystem. Their devices work perfectly or almost perfectly together.

Isn’t it nice that you just open the case with AirPods, how they are instantly detected by the iPhone and mated with it? And there are a lot of such nice little things. # 128526;

But frankly, the sound of AirPods is not the best in the industry. Current iPhone models “can do more.” For them, you can look for options with better sound. over, they will not always be more expensive.

It’s very important that the headphones for the iPhone are stylish, They looked interesting and were assembled from quality materials. After all, smartphones have their own recognizable design. And they are bought in many ways by people for whom it is important that their gadgets are also also stylish accessories.

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So, the question of a decent appearance in this case is very acute. # 128521;

Choosing the best wireless headphones for iPhone 7 is almost a must for all iPhone 7 owners. All the same Earpods are included, but they will only work through an adapter (since there is no 3.5 headphone jack). New wireless Apple Airpods, you need to buy separately at a price of 13,000 p. Despite the fact that companies Apple puts Lightning — 3.5-Jack adapter in box, Many flagship owners have a need to simultaneously charge their phone and listen to their favorite music. That is why it is very important to know what are the wireless bluetooth headphones for iphone 7 Best for you, as a complete replacement for expensive Airpods or wired Earpods.