Which wireless charger to choose for the iPhone 11

What kind of charging to choose

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Easiest Wireless Charging on AliExpress

As I said, any QI charging will do. I myself chose the only station from a seller who sold charging cases so that the devices arrived at the same time.

Charging was pretty decent. There is fast charging, backlight and charge indication (backlight in a different color).

The wireless station is highlighted in red, and when charging gadgets. in pulsating blue

From such charging with fully charged headphones, the case is charged by 85% in an hour.

You can choose the model to suit your needs:

Baseus wireless charger. 893 rubles.

The simplest charging K9 QI. 131 rubles.

Wireless charger RAXFLY. 952 rubles.

Wireless charging for two devices. 2 450 rubles.

Analogue of the “legendary” AirPower. 2,041 rubles.

The last link can be used to take the charger along with the Airpods case.

How to add wireless charging to old Airpods

Instead of waiting for a miracle from Apple, you can already take and use the achievements of Chinese masters.

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I myself thought for a long time whether such an upgrade was needed for the headphones, but in the end I realized that it was induction charging that made Airpods truly wireless. When using a headset, you don’t bump into a cable at all.

When a convenient way to charge the headset appeared, I began to use it much more often. Before that, I took a case to listen to music or talk on the road, and now I almost always use Airpods also with a computer. It’s easier to charge them now.

What do we need

You only need a couple of pieces from AliExpress: a special case for Airpods and wireless charging with support for the QI standard.

With wireless charging, everything is much easier, almost any station from any brand will do. You can use either an expensive one from Samsung or the most affordable no-name brand. If you already have one for charging your smartphone, then it is also suitable for charging Airpods.

What kind of cover is this

Looks strange, but not very scary

The Chinese just took and made the second generation Airpods for Apple. Of course, we will not get any innovations and additional chips besides wireless charging.

The Best Wireless Charger For iPhone 11 | You Can Buy

The charging case is larger than the original one by a few millimeters in each direction. As a result, you get a too big design, you quickly get used to it and do not experience any discomfort.

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5 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max) 2020 | mrkwd tech

Airpods charging case easily fits inside the “shell”, if necessary, it can be removed in a few seconds.

The upgrade happens instantly

The first couple of hours it seemed that instead of Airpods in the hands of a wild replica from China, then I got used to it and stopped paying attention. Only Airpods owners notice the unusual size case.

The material is pleasant to the touch, the color quite accurately matches the color of the original charging case. On the back there is a button that duplicates the button for pairing the headset with other devices (not Apple gadgets).

There is a Lightning connector inside the case, and on one of the side faces there is a plate for wireless charging.

The plate is so large that the case is charged on any QI charge, there are no difficulties or problems. The device does not need to be laid in a strictly defined position or long search for the desired position.

Charging starts in a second or one and a half. With a small offset, the process is not interrupted.

On the back of the case, the main drawback is the rubber connector

The main complaint about this case is the rubber connector of the upper and lower parts.

Looks a little strange, but at the same time provides free movement of the lid so that it does not interfere with the original case.

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The case has its own charging indicator

Perhaps the developers should have come up with a sleeker solution or added a rubber tab to the back of the case instead of the buLGing hinge.

Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about. A device for this price with a very useful feature is a real must-have for Airpods owners.

Buy charging case for Airpods on AliExpress: 664 rub.

Take it or not

The thing is really cool and has a number of positive aspects:

  • Lets you forget about the Airpods charging wire
  • additionally protects the original case when dropped
  • hides scuffs and scratches on an old case
  • made of material similar in color and quality
  • Works with any wireless smartphone charger
  • is inexpensive

Not without drawbacks:

  • the dimensions of the device will increase significantly
  • it is not so convenient to take out the headphones
  • there is a rubber protruding partition on the back side

But such a case can be safely decorated or “bombed” with stickers to your taste.