Which Video Player Is Best For Android

If you still do not know which player to download to your Android device, our article will help you with this, in which we will briefly consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular playback applications on smartphones and tablets. For convenience in choosing a player, we suggest you use a plate in which the main features or their absence in the programs are clearly visible. The table will allow you to quickly determine the choice of the desired application.

As you can see from the table, the BSPlayer FREE application covers the largest number of useful features, but based on our own experience, we would advise you to stay on the MX Player application, as it has established itself as the most reliable.
Next, we offer a description of the main features and features of each player.

First on our list is the leader in downloads from Google Play. MX Player app. After downloading, the program will offer to download codecs that match your processor architecture (ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7, MIPS, or x86). This Android player supports multi-core decoding, which greatly improves performance. The program has convenient intuitive controls, it supports external subtitles, streaming and image scaling.

The pay for all this is an advertising banner that pops up during a pause and about once per hour on top of the reproduced material (click on the screen. It will disappear). Disabling advertising will cost you six dollars.

Which Player is Best for Android

A simple player, without troubles. It will play the most popular formats on your smartphone. In the settings of this program you will not get confused when they are simply absent.

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After starting, the program automatically scans the entire memory for and displays a list of the ones found in alphabetical order. When playing movies, you can only rewind the and control its volume and brightness. This all functionality is limited.

Using the application, you cannot view streaming, but it plays FLV files (flash) without the Flash Player plugin.

A popular cross-platform media player for playing and audio files. The application has a built-in search engine that allows you to search and watchs from YouTube and other hosting services directly through the user interface. Using the program, you can download and view streaming.

Despite its advantages, quite often users of various devices encounter various kinds of functional problems.

As for the audio part. to listen to music. everything is much better here. You can create playlists, sort music and control playback using headphones.

Free multimedia player for listening to music and watching movies. With this program you can play most of the multimedia files on your device and watch streaming.

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The program has practical intuitive controls, external subtitles are supported, there is a widget to control music playback.

Feature of the program. This is a sleep timer and setting the playback speed (from x0.25 to x4).

The missing feature of the application is hardware decoding, which does not work on many devices.

A powerful player for Android, with which you can view files in most formats. The player allows you to view streaming, connect external subtitles, supports the construction of built-in subtitles in MKV, MPV and MOV and can play several movies at the same time.

Feature of the program. This playback on top of any application that allows you to watch a movie and at the same time use any other application.

To work on some devices, the program will offer to download the necessary codecs.

Mighty media player for Android from Polish developers. It has a built-in set of codecs, making it easy to play all common formats. Subtitle support and equalizer are implemented here. There is also a brightness and contrast setting. But rewinding is not fully worked out. In general, the player demonstrates good functionality and is suitable for those who have an open mind about the appearance of applications.

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An omnivorous player on Android for playing almost all known media formats. In addition, it has a lot of useful features, for example, support for external subtitles and auto-search them on the Internet, the ability to plays on top of other applications, support for dual and quad-core decoding, streaming, intuitive control settings, sleep timer and many other useful functions.

And having bought the full version of the program for seven dollars, you will get even more useful “goodies”, plus advertising will be removed from the application.

The mobile version of the most popular media player is now available for users of Android devices. You can watch clips and movies in all common formats. Subtitle formats are also supported. you can download more than a dozen of them, including SRT, SUB, RT and SSA.

KMPlayer on Android can play streaming. that is, to view it is not necessary to download the file from the Internet. It is important to note here that this media player is able to play downloaded and underloadeds, so you do not have to wait for the download to finish. Gestures for managing playback. separate merit of the developers. everything here is no worse than MXPlayer. In addition, it provides for the creation of playlists and media library management.