Which Tv Is Better Than Lg Or Samsung? Lg Or Samsung Tv – Comparison, Reviews

Which Tv Is Better Than Lg Or Samsung? Lg Or Samsung Tv. Comparison, Reviews

LG and Samsung, probably. the most popular brands of TVs, however, like other digital technology. This is facilitated by the price category that manufacturers have determined for their products. But precisely because the cost of models of these brands is approximately the same, consumers often have a question about which TV is better. LG or Samsung. In order to answer it, we take two transistors and compare their characteristics. Along the way, we will find out what the size of the diagonal is, how to determine the sound quality, how important the screen expansion is, and what can be done with the design.

Diagonal and rules for its selection

So, as a sample, we will choose two models:

  1. LG. 42LB673V.
  2. Samsung. UE40F613OAK.

Screen Resolution and Image Quality

Size is not everything. Even with a small screen, I want the picture to be clear. What can we say about widescreen TVs. Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 40 inches, including the model in question, have a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. LG, it would seem, is not far behind in this indicator. But do not forget about the screen size.

LCD screens are composed of cells. Call them pixels. The image quality depends on how many of them are displayed horizontally and vertically (hence the designation 1920×1080). If you consider that with a smaller screen area, Samsung guarantees the same resolution with the LG model, then, of course, preference should be given to the first.

The choice of TV (LG or Samsung) should also be based on the way the frame is displayed on the screen. Digital, satellite television is broadcast in high definition. Therefore, the screen sweep method must be progressive. To determine whether it is in the models that are selected as an example, you can prefix to the resolution indicator. An indicator of 1080p indicates that the scan is progressive. The previous generation is four-line, indicated by the English letter i.

Support Full HD. A comparison of Samsung and LG TVs selected as an example for this parameter shows exactly the same results. Both 42LB673V and UE40F613OAK support Full HD resolution. But you can only take it seriously if you own a Blu-ray player or satellite dish. Digital and cable television do not transmit a signal in this format, so there is no advantage of one model over another.

Screen response time

In questions about which TV is better. LG or Samsung. not the last determining factor will be the quality of the display of dynamic scenes. There will be no blurring of moving objects during playback if the response time of the matrix is ​​no more than 8 ms. The Samsung UE40F613ОАК model meets these requirements. But the passport of the LG model does not contain information about this technical characteristic, which is surprising. The TV is not a plasma, but an LCD. It is the crystal rotation speed that underlies the response time. We can conclude that the 42LB673V loses to its 40-inch counterpart.

High contrast

You can enjoy watchings and films while enjoying the full gamut of colors only with automatic brightness control of the screen or the presence of LED backlighting on the LCD screen. Both Korean manufacturers equipped their products with it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Samsung or LG: you can buy a TV with the LED prefix in your name without fear that due to insufficient contrast you will have to darken the room to enjoy a movie or HD.

The most comfortable viewing of TV shows will be possible with an indicator of the ratio of white to black 5,000,000 to 1. But this contrast is achieved only in expensive models of modern digital TVs. The transistors that are selected as an example do not have such a high rate. Their contrast remains in the range of 10,000 to 1. So we put a solid three in the assessment of this parameter, and both.

It is no secret that a long time in front of a computer monitor or TV screen can lead to blurred vision. To prevent this from happening, you need to choose TVs with a high brightness indicator. Plasma panels occupy a leading position in the consumer market in this parameter. LCD screens, until recently, lagged far behind them. But the same LED-backlighting with LEDs came to the rescue.

The brightness of the Samsung UE40F613ОАК model is not inferior to the color rendering quality of LG 42LB673V. This parameter equals 400 candelas per square meter. This is an indicator of the middle class of the transistor. This level of brightness can be attributed to good. But this parameter cannot be considered subjectively. Only in combination with a decent level of contrast, the brightness indicator can talk about something. 10000 to 1 for the first, and 400 cd / m2. almost the optimal combination. Otherwise, increased brightness will make the colors dull and dull.

Peals of thunder, rustling leaves

An LG or Samsung 3D TV does not live up to expectations if its sound is far from perfect. And if the latter manufacturers have enriched the Sports Mode technology with their arsenal, which will allow them to enjoy the pure sound of stadiums, the splash of water in the pool or the noise of car engines when watching sports shows, then LG is only making an offer to its consumer to connect a modern audio system.

By and large, sound is the weakest point of digital TVs. In order not to be completely disappointed with the purchase, even at the stage of selection you should not consider models that have less than 4 speakers with a height of 6 centimeters each. The power that sales consultants often try to present as one of the main indicators of sound can be ignored. A more significant indicator is the intensity. As a rule, the value of this parameter is not displayed on the price tags. But in the technical passport you can always find a number with the prefix I. The higher its value, the better.

The models chosen for comparison do not quite meet the requirements for which the sound will be perfect, but both Koreans have a stereo system. But the number of columns in one and the other. two. Draw your own conclusions.


Let’s try to compare these (Samsung and LG) TVs by the function of integrating them with the Internet, but again there will be no losers or winners. Both in their name have the prefix Smart. This means that the consumer can freely use the TV as a computer monitor, and easily play online games on the big screen. It is disappointing that both models do not support Wi-Fi. In this case, you could get rid of the wires.

Watch from any angle

Plasma panels differ from LCD models in the contents between the plates. The former are filled with gas, the latter with liquid crystals. Cells in the plasma themselves are source of light. While crystals have a poor transparency rate. Hence, a smaller viewing angle for TVs of previous generations.

Using LED technology, manufacturers almost managed to get rid of such a significant drawback. The viewing angle of the Samsung UE40F613OAK is 178 degrees. This is an excellent indicator. But how far behind is the LG transistor? And this “Korean” did not miss the opportunity to cope with the problem of the review. If the viewer is almost perpendicular to the screen, he will not see any other colors than natural ones. And the negative effect cannot prevent you from watching your favorite show, even if you sit on the side of the TV.

Design and advanced features

Which TV is better. LG or Samsung? As it turns out, according to technical characteristics, they go almost side by side. But not everything is and is not always determined only by the capabilities of the device indicated in the device passport. So, any woman will appreciate a purchase only if it fits perfectly into the interior of the living room. So, maybe one of the selected models will take the lead in terms of design.

But there are no special visible differences. Both TVs are framed by a black frame. And only coasters differ from each other in their shape. Such a nondescript appearance can be corrected by purchasing additional tuning. Baguette for TV. an invention of designers, which allows you to fit the black rectangle of the screen into almost any interior.

The competitive market makes the conditions for manufacturers so tough that each of them seeks to equip its models with additional advantageous functions. It’s just that it’s difficult to make sure that the TV remains in its price range. Therefore, what two years ago could be considered a pleasant advantage, today has become almost the standard. Timer, TV guide, automatic volume control. all this is present in the electronic filling of each of the selected models.