Which TV is Better Samsung Or Lg

than half of the country’s population enjoys watching the many television channels with a wide variety of topics in the evenings. Spending a large amount of free time behind the TV is becoming more and more interesting and comfortable, as each generation of TVs is equipped with new additional features that can surprise even modern fans of electronics and gadgets.

Many unique features have appeared in a few years, and the most popular TV models are still Samsung and LG.

Which TV is better: LG or Samsung?

Which TV is Better Samsung Or Lg

Given the continuous improvement of previous technologies of TVs, almost every month various serial news appear, which is why a very simple and logical question arises. which TV is better than Samsung or LG, which has a set of modern functions and digital capabilities?

Samsung TV Special Features

Each of the Samsung TVs is something special, exclusive, for example, Samsung UE-40D6530 has become the standard standard among LCD TVs. This model has a certain set of functions that are combined only in it.

Functional features of the Samsung UE-40D6530 TV:

  • Equipped with a display with a size of 40 inches;
  • Available Full HD;
  • 3D function supported;
  • Side panels are equipped with bright backlight;
  • On the bottom of the perimeter of the TV there are numerous ports for connecting to various external devices;
  • Warranty period over 24 months.

Against the background of a large number of technical features and advantages, this Samsung TV model has several disadvantages. The main ones are two drawbacks:

  • relatively small screen diagonal
  • lack of support for Wi-Fi technology.

In addition, the price category of this TV exceeds the cost of analogues of other LG models.

Technical advantages of LG TV

To create the most natural conditions, for comparing Samsung and LG TVs, it is best to take the LG 42LD550 TV model that is equal in technical level and year of production for analysis. It has a certain set of technical characteristics.

Individual differences of the LG 42LD550 TV:

  • Screen size is 42 inches;
  • Similarly, there is Full HD;
  • Angular view of almost 180 degrees;
  • On the front and rear of the TV there are several types of connectors for connecting peripheral devices, external hard drives, game consoles and memory cards;
  • LG TV is equipped with two tuners;
  • Warranty period is 36 months.

The only significant drawback of this TV model is the lack of a Wi-Fi connection module. This model of the LG 42LD550 TV is optimally suited for use at home.

Choosing a quality low-cost TV

Even modern TV sets of technically high quality may have some drawbacks. But they are not so serious as to worry about this. All these minor flaws are completely dissolved among the large number of significant technical advantages realized by the developers of the companies.

Before buying a TV, thinking about which TV is better than Samsung or LG, you should consider individual capabilities and preferences. For example, if the area of ​​a room or room is small, it is better to choose a Samsung TV, and when it is possible to install a TV with a screen diagonal more, then LG should be preferred.

Each customer will find the TV that suits him, taking into account their own capabilities and personal preferences.

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