Which Tablet To Choose In 2019

You should not count on the help of a consultant in choosing a tablet. salon employees sell what is beneficial to them. It’s better to go for a tablet, clearly understanding which device you want to purchase.

Which Tablet to Choose in 2019

Choosing a tablet is no easier than a smartphone. The leaders in the tablet market are also 2 “giants”, Samsung and Apple. there are many Asian companies that do not claim the throne, but produce high-quality products worthy of the attention of buyers.

Which tablet to choose and what you need to look at first? You will learn about this by reading this article to the end.

How to choose a tablet by parameters?

The choice of a tablet must be approached somewhat differently than the choice of a smartphone. nevertheless, these 2 devices have different purposes. A smartphone is needed primarily for calls; The main function of the tablet is to provide the user with access to the Internet. Therefore, when choosing a tablet, those criteria that affect the convenience of Internet surfing should be given priority. overall performance and display size.


The speed of the tablet when searching for information on the network, watching movies and, in particular, the game process depends on the model of the chipset, the number of cores, clock speed, graphics accelerator, and the amount of RAM. An ordinary user who does not expect “miracles” from the tablet should purchase a device with the following minimum performance characteristics:

  • The number of cores. from 4. 2 cores are now enough except for tablets from Apple, which uses its own processors. Buying a 2-core device with the Android OS is only in case of acute shortage of money.
  • Clock frequency. from 1.4 GHz. You can watch movies and surf the Internet already at 600 MHz, but for demanding games and applications this frequency is clearly not enough.
  • The amount of RAM. from 2 GB. The buyer needs to remember that when you start the tablet, the installed processes instantly take about 600 MB of RAM. If the tablet has 1 GB of RAM, then only 400 MB remains for user processes. this is only enough to solve the simplest tasks.
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For games, it is best to take a gadget with an NVIDIA Tegra line processor. for example, Asus Transformer Prime.

Display: size and resolution

Tablets are available in the following form factors: 7 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. The device with a 7-inch screen has compact dimensions and can even fit in the lining of a jacket. It is convenient to use it as an e-book, but for watching movies. not really.

A 10-inch tablet is more suitable for working with multimedia files. However, buying a budget gadget with a large screen is not recommended. for 2 reasons: Firstly, such a tablet can be very bulky and heavy, Secondly, on the display of a cheap device, graininess will probably be noticeable.

8-inch gadgets are not common. This is a border option, which in fact is devoid of the advantages of both of the above. It’s worthwhile to refrain from buying an 8-inch gadget. especially since the “cat cried” accessories for this form factor.

As for screen resolution, the best option for a 7-inch device is HD (1280 × 720), for a 10-inch FullHD (1920 × 1080). Buy tablets with baboutHigher resolution is meaningless: the user will not notice the difference in the quality of the picture, but will suffer from the fact that the gadget is quickly discharged.

3G availability

You won’t be able to put a SIM card on a tablet that does not support 3G. you can only access the Internet from such a gadget if you have a Wi-Fi network connection. As a rule, Wi-Fi tablets are much cheaper than 3G counterparts. Therefore, for a buyer who intends to use the device mainly at home, it is more profitable to purchase a device without a SIM slot.

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If you can put a SIM card on the tablet, this does not mean that you can make a call from it. iPad devices, for example, do not have a call function. Whether a particular tablet model supports the call function, you need to check immediately before purchase.

operating system

The following operating systems are installed on modern tablets:

Customers who have experience using Apple technology should prefer an iOS gadget; for newcomers, it is better to take a device with a green robot. A tablet with Windows 10 is still an amateur option; such a device can be advised to “scorched” geeks. to broaden one’s horizons.


How much the tablet will last without recharging depends on the capacity of the battery. This parameter should only be considered in conjunction with the performance and display characteristics of the device. A gadget with premium filling and FullHD-display, of course, will consume energy much faster than the budget model. For an inexpensive gadget, on the contrary, a large battery is an unnecessary luxury.

For those who are waiting for specifics, we’ll clarify: a gadget with a 7-inch screen has enough batteries with a capacity of 3,500. 4,000 mAh, a 10-inch tablet needs 5,000. 7,000 mAh. The battery of the 7,340 mAh iPad Air 2 tablet was enough for 10 hours of continuous Internet surfing.


Expecting professional-quality shots on a tablet is naive. Tablets take pictures worse than smartphones. because this is not their main function. A feature of tablets is that the front cameras they have, as a rule, are no worse than the rear ones. The quality of the image from the front camera is important. because the user, due to the possible lack of a call function on the tablet, will probably chat on Skype.

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If the rear and front cameras of the tablet are capable of boasting a resolution of 5 megapixels, this is more than enough.

What else is worth paying attention to?

When choosing a tablet, the buyer should also pay attention to such minor points:

  • Body material. Metal tablets are considered more reliable and look much more solid than plastic ones, but they catch Wi-Fi worse. Therefore, if the buyer intends to take a metal tablet, he should take care of 3G support.
  • OTG support. If the tablet is equipped with the On-The-Go (OTG) function, the user will be able to connect a USB flash drive to it and import / export documents literally on the go.
  • Stylus support. Using the stylus, the user will be much more convenient and pleasant to work with graphics. This material talks about the best tablets with a stylus.
  • Expandable memory. The amount of internal memory of the device is not so important if the memory can be expanded due to the microSD flash drive. Buying such a flash drive is not difficult right now. they are being sold for nothing.
  • GPS / SupportGLONASS. If the tablet is able to receive information from satellite systems, it’s just as easy to upload a car navigator to Avito. a mobile device will cope with laying a route no worse.


Answering a question for yourself Wi-Fi or 3G, the buyer should pay attention to the performance characteristics and display device. By purchasing a 4-core device with 2 GB of RAM and a FullHD-display, the user is unlikely to experience any inconvenience during Internet surfing.