Which Tablet Is Better Than iPad Air 2

The question of whether to buy an iPad, or is it better to take a tablet on Android or Windows for readers of AppleInsider.Ru, of course, is not worth it. And now there are already few people who refuse to recognize the absolute superiority of Apple’s tablet over others. But if earlier when buying a tablet you could just say: “I want an iPad”, now it’s worthwhile to prepare an answer to the question: “which?”.

Which Tablet Is Better Than iPad Air 2

In October last year, Apple introduced the iPad mini. The second best tablet, forcing buyers to choose not the best of all tablets, but one of the two best. At that time, the devices differed quite a lot. The iPad 3/4 had a stunning screen and a large supply of power, while the mini boasted only ease of use, which, of course, was enough to buy it. A year later, the leaders among the tablets came to a level, and now the iPad Air and the second generation iPad mini are top-of-the-line devices that are very similar in design and with equally excellent screens. It turns out that it all comes down to choosing the dimensions of the case and screen, and this may not be so simple.

  • Weight and size: The iPad Air is 40 mm longer, 35 mm wider and 1 mm thicker than its mini-competitor. The difference in size may not seem so big, but in terms of weight they differ by 137 g, which is quite significant.
  • Display: Both devices are equipped with a Retina-display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, but at the same time, the display is the main difference between the two tablets. The diagonal is 9.7 inches versus 7.9, and the number of pixels per inch is 264 versus 324, which indicates a higher clarity of the display of the new iPad mini. However, it is worth noting that independent tests indicate a better color rendering in the iPad Air display compared to mini. Not every user will notice this, but if it is really important for you, remember. The iPad Air display is better in this respect.
  • Cpu Speed: The Apple A7 processor, installed in both devices, runs on a frequency of 1.4 GHz in iPad Air, while the speed of the same processor in iPad mini and iPhone 5s is 1.3 GHz. Most likely, this is due to the size of the devices and lower requirements for cooling the processor when working at a lower frequency.
  • Price: It should not matter when choosing a tablet from Apple, but somehow it is different. In the USA, this difference is 100, a similar difference is with us (about 4000 rubles).
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But the main difference is not in the numbers, which for most buyers do not say anything at all. The difference is how and why these, albeit similar, but still different tablets, will be used, because that’s what they are bought for. Take a look at each of them separately.

A large screen is either a larger amount of information or a larger amount of information. Both of them are certainly good, and if the iPad is needed for reading, leisurely Web-surfing, watchings at home or on a long trip, or maybe for permanent work with mail or documents, in this case the big screen is better than the small one. A large screen can also be more convenient for people with low vision, it is worth remembering this when choosing a tablet as a gift, for example. And if you plan to use a tablet paired with a physical keyboard, you need to understand that the size of the screen and the tablet body are directly dependent on the size of the keyboards and keys offered for it.

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The iPad mini with Retina display. Unlike the iPad Air. Is a continuation of a completely different iPad line, and a very worthy continuation. If the first iPad mini was a compact version of an already old iPad 2, then the new mini is a compact version of the same new iPad Air.

Compact tablets are undoubtedly convenient, and the new iPad mini is the best of them. To take such a tablet is very simple in any situation, and also just use it when necessary. Mobility is the main advantage of the mini. Such a tablet fits comfortably and harmoniously into a tourist trip when on its screen a map of an unfamiliar city seems to be the best for car navigation, it is great for games thanks to its compact body that fits perfectly in your hands and is not at all difficult to get when you need to urgently find it something on the internet.

The choice between these two tablets is not a choice between technical specifications and capabilities, none of them can do something that the other could not. Understanding the rhythm in which you will use the purchase will help you make the right choice. Ipad Air will work great in your home or at work, waiting in the wings to show you a movie or mail when you decide to take your time. It can be put in a bag, and home or office comfort will move with you on the road or in the hotel room. And the small iPad mini is ready to shake in your pocket to quickly answer all your questions at any time, and without interfering with going back. From myself, I can add, a year ago, my choice fell on the iPad mini, which I did not regret for a second about the year of its use. I wish you to make the right choice!