Which Stylus Is Suitable For Ipad 2019

Description Apple Pencil stylus for iPad Pro (MK0C2ZM / A)

Apple Pencil expands opportunities iPad Pro and opens up new horizons for creativity. It responds to pressure and tilt, so you can change line thickness, stroke and create many other artistic effects, like a regular pencil that draws with pixel precision.

So familiar. So unusual.
For some tasks, you may need to be more precise with the iPad Pro. This is where the Apple Pencil comes in, a tool that makes Multi-Touch experience incredible and versatile. The revolutionary technology behind Apple Pencil will feel incredibly familiar from the moment you pick it up. You can work with pixel precision even on the largest projects.

Apple Pencil erases borders.
It’s easy to get started with Apple Pencil, even if you’ve never held one before. It will meet your expectations from the first minute. And even surpass them. Life sketch, watercolor portrait, technical drawing. Apple Pencil has everything you need in one tool.

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With the speed of thought.
Lightning responsiveness is the hallmark of Apple Pencil. There is practically no waiting time between the moment you start drawing and when the stroke appears on the screen. Plus, iPad Pro knows exactly when you touch the display with your finger and when with your pencil. When working with Apple Pencil, iPad Pro captures twice as many points as when it is tapped with a finger, and the corresponding subsystem scans the signal at an incredible rate of 240 times per second. All this ensures that only milliseconds separate the line you intended from the appearance on the display.

The thickness of the lines lends itself to pressure.
The sleek design of the Apple Pencil houses a sophisticated array of sensors that measure the applied force with maximum precision. In particular, how hard the tip of the Apple Pencil is pressing against the display. The more effort, the thicker the line. The variety of artistic effects is almost endless. Like your possibilities.

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Bias in hatching.
Two sensors built into the tip of Apple Pencil calculate the exact direction and angle of your hand. When you write or draw, their relative position is determined by the Multi-Touch display. This allows you to achieve a shading effect by simply tilting the Apple Pencil, like holding a charcoal or a regular pencil.

12 hours of battery life. Charges for creativity.
Under the magnetic cap of Apple Pencil you’ll find a Lightning connector that you can plug into iPad Pro to recharge your device. Its design is slightly lengthened so that the pencil can be charged even when iPad Pro is in a silicone case. A full charge will last for 12 hours of drawing, sketching, annotating and editing. If your Apple Pencil runs out of battery while you’re using it, you can charge it from iPad Pro in just 15 seconds and run for another 30 minutes.

One tool for all arts.
The precision and versatility of the Apple Pencil makes it the preferred choice for artists. Even those who typically work with traditional techniques.

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Testing conducted by Apple in September 2015 using preproduction Apple Pencil, iPad Pro units and software. Testing included fully draining the battery while drawing on iPad Pro using automated hardware. Fast Charge Testing consisted of 15 seconds of charging a depleted Apple Pencil from a fully charged iPad Pro. Battery life will vary depending on device settings, usage conditions, and many other factors. Charging time is counted from the appearance of the Apple Pencil charging indicator in the battery widget in the Action Center.

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Apple Pencil for iPad Pro (MK0C2ZM / A)

Specifications Apple Pencil Stylus for iPad Pro (MK0C2ZM / A)

Additional characteristics

  • Connections:
    Lightning connector

Magnetic cap
Weight: 20.7g

Which Stylus Is Suitable For Ipad 2019

Contents of delivery:
Apple Pencil
Lightning adapter
Extra tip

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