Which Smartphone Is Better Samsung Or Xiaomi

Samsung. this brand has been known all over the world for decades. The Korean manufacturer has proven itself well, and today rightfully occupies a leading position in the market of smartphones and other mobile gadgets. However, he has many competitors! Take the same Xiaomi. The products of this Chinese company are in great demand, the sales of smartphones of this brand are growing, the model range is expanding almost every month, and new features are regularly tried in the devices. All this attracts people and many decide to purchase a gadget from xiaomi.

But who is better? Which of these brands to choose? Give preference to the well-known and time-tested Samsung or try a new manufacturer in the person of Xiaomi? Of course, the decision is yours. We want to tell you about the pros and cons of each of them. Go!

Brand itself

You can’t argue here. Xiaomi is gaining popularity every day, in terms of its “celebrity” it is inferior to its competitor. Everyone knows about Samsung. from a kindergarten child to a senior citizen. Xiaomi is so far better known to its fans and those who are interested in gadgets, smartphones, new products, and in general the field of high technology.

Which Smartphone is Better Samsung Or Xiaomi


A hardware platform and hardware. this is what almost all users pay attention to before buying a smartphone. Which of the two brands is better in this regard? Let’s compare the models of one price segment. To begin with, we turn to state employees. Redmi 5A vs Galaxy J3.

  1. The processor of the “Chinese” is Qualcomm Snapdragon 425. Its Korean competitor has Exynos 4 Quad 7570. They are almost identical in their characteristics and performance.
  2. Graphics Accelerator. The j3 has a Mali-T720 MP2 installed. This is a budget chip. Xiaomi is equipped with a more powerful Adreno 308, which even more often goes not on state employees, but on smartphones of a solid middle class.
  3. Otherwise, full parity is 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and 4 cores with a frequency of 1.4 GHz.

It turns out that xiaomi is not inferior to the more eminent rival in his “stuffing”. But this is all the budget segment. How are things among the flagships? Compare Xiaomi Mi6 and Samsung S8:

  • The central processor of Mi6 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Many Samsung s have the same chip. True, some of them got a slightly more efficient Exynos 8895 (with a frequency of 2.5 GHz).
  • RAM 6 GB vs 4 GB in favor of Xiaomi.
  • The graphic chip of the “Chinese” is Adreno Samsung. Mali-G71. According to different tests, these are about the same accelerators in their characteristics and capabilities.
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The screen in xiaomi smartphones is definitely not the strongest place. The Chinese manufacturer is trying to apply good and high-quality IPS-matrix, but without outstanding characteristics. For many, FullHD resolution, a decent diagonal, high pixel density per inch, etc. On the displays of xiaomi phones there is always good brightness, contrast and anti-glare properties. That’s probably all.

While Samsung boasts a SuperAMOLED screen, which is now recognized by many experts as the best among existing ones. Such displays are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • adaptive brightness;
  • higher contrast;
  • best black transmission;
  • smaller thickness;
  • low power consumption.

At the same time, some models of smartphones from Samsung (galaxy s8, s9, note 8) have a QHD display. Recall this as much as 2960 × 1440 pixels. With this resolution you get maximum comfort when watchings and photo content.

For reference! Xiaomi also began to introduce displays with active matrices on organic LEDs on their smartphones (AMOLED) A vivid example is the flagship Xiaomi Mi 8.


By this criterion, xiaomi has a clear victory. Most models have batteries with a capacity above 4000 mAh:

  • redmi 3 (4100 mAh);
  • redmi 4x (4100 mAh);
  • redmi note 5 (4000 mAh);
  • redmi 5 plus (4000 mAh), etc.

There are devices with even larger batteries. For example, in Mi Max 2 with a huge display, it is already at 5300 mAh. As a result, the “Chinese” without charge is easy to hold for three days with moderate use.

What is samsung? Such a battery life does not distinguish him. The manufacturer from Korea has only a couple of devices with batteries with a capacity of over 3000 mAh. This is Galaxy j7, a7, s8, etc. The rest of the devices are equipped with batteries of 2600-3000 mAh (the most popular are galaxy j3, j5, s8, s9, etc.).

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By this criterion, it is hardly possible to determine the winner. Still, the exterior design is a matter of taste. But let’s try to note the pros and cons.

Let’s start with Xiaomi. They are sometimes criticized, calling cheaper counterfeit smartphones from Apple. In terms of design, the Chinese really borrowed some of the solutions from the “apple” brand. But xiaomi phones are no fake. At the same time, many models look impressive and individual. Cases of top-end and “near-flagship” devices are made of glass, ceramics, and metal. Always a choice of several color schemes.

Claims to the design of mobile devices from the Samsung are noticeably less. Of course, some do not like the fact that Korean smartphones resemble devices from the future. But in our opinion, this is a nice feature. In addition, even the mid-range and low-end models look very expensive. On the window, the same galaxy a5, a6 or a8 is easily confused with the flagship or top mid-range.

We can not tell you about another highlight. This is a frameless curved screen that several Samsung smartphones can boast at once. Firstly, it looks very elegant and bright. Secondly, viewing widescreen and other content on such a display comes with the effect of complete immersion.

For reference! Many reviews say that in terms of ergonomics, the Chinese manufacturer wins at all. By weight and dimensions, most xiaomi devices are significantly smaller, so it’s more convenient to use them.


This is definitely not the strongest side of xiaomi. On smartphones that were released 2-3 years ago, not the most sophisticated sensors were installed with software that was far from ideal. Therefore, often the pictures on them were noisy, blurry in places. Sometimes the color rendition was not happy either.

Naturally, Xiaomi understood this problem and with each new model the camera was noticeably improved. The same mi a1 has already shown itself better. There was a zoom camera, HDR mode, better color reproduction and good portrait shooting. If we take the relatively “fresh” flagship mi 6, then the situation here is even better.

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But in general, the Samsung is still far away. Korean smartphones are a real benchmark. Even the budget j-series devices have good cameras that are superior to their competitors from Xiaomi. Flagships and devices of the middle class are also ahead of the “Chinese”. over, for many parameters. clarity, color reproduction, contrast, night shooting, etc.

There is an unconditional advantage with xiaomi. If you take the gadgets of two brands and one class, then the “Chinese” is cheaper by a couple of thousand rubles, or even more.

We will not go into details. you can find out and compare the cost of phones on the Internet.

What is the result?

Samsung wins? Have you doubted? After all, for so many years, Koreans managed to “get big cones” and gain experience, understand what is important to the consumer, and develop and implement unique options. But Xiaomi needs to be given credit. The company from the Middle Kingdom is developing very actively. In a short period of time, she managed to grow from a small player manufacturing company into the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Now, Xiaomi products bypass the opponent in terms of price. Smartphones of the Chinese brand are offered much cheaper. over, in terms of hardware, they are practically not inferior to Samsung devices in a specific segment (state employees, middle class, flagships, etc.). Xiaomi plays in the number of software chips, the quality of OS optimization. The display and camera are also better on Korean phones. But they cost more.

What advice can we give you? If you are limited in money, but want to get a smartphone that is powerful in its filling and at the same time you are not afraid of some flaws in the firmware, then feel free to choose Xiaomi. If you need the highest quality device, the brand is important and you can’t imagine life without a SuperAMOLED screen and cool photos, then it is best to give preference to Samsung.