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Which Samsung has the Best Camera

Smartphones have long taken a huge market share from and cameras. We find out what best camera in smartphone among the five leaders.

Fifth place. iPhone5S

In the first place from the end, the former favorite of the list is the camera on Apple’s smartphone. Cameras from a well-known brand have always shot well in any conditions and with good balance. But time passed when 8 megapixels could impress. Today, when there are 41 megapixels matrices, it is difficult to compete. But even in such conditions, in low light, panoramic shots are very, very good. The taken during the day did not give way to any other smartphone.

Fourth Place. LG G2

High-quality photos of the Galaxy Note 3 level are not yet characteristic of the LG G2, and in low light is not the best. The same applies to pictures in HDR mode. Samsung is still far from the level of Samsung. But a set of programs for processing images and fully compensates for these shortcomings.

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Third place. Sony Xperia Z1

Just like its predecessor by rating, in daylight the Sony Xperia Z1 camera produces very high-quality pictures ands. But, like most devices, with a low level of illumination, the quality begins to resemble a well-known cartoon: “it is good, but lame.” You should not even try to compare the zoom and panorama with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Second Place. Galaxy Note 3

This place of honor was the best of the 2013 smartphones. High-quality photos and in the shooting mode 2160p c 30 FPS, and 1080p / 60 frames per second makes an impression even on the sophisticated.

First Place. Nokia Lumia 1020

In addition to the recognized superiority of images in daylight, this unit and in insufficient lighting will give odds to rivals. The dynamic range is very large, the “newly invented” six-time digital zoom, which brings objects closer to it with virtually no loss of quality.

An optical stabilizer, and six lenses from Carl Zeiss. what a joke. When shooting with very bright light, there are small problems, but against the background of other advantages, this small drawback loses its relevance.

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What can be contrasted with a camera with a 41-megapixel matrix, packed to the eyeballs with imaginable and inconceivable DSLR devices for taking high-quality photos?

It is precisely for its unsurpassed camera that the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone is called a camera phone. The software filling of the gadget allows you to easily and adequately work with pictures ands.

Although this does not apply to the camera, the sound quality is noted as the best among smartphones. All this brought Nokia to its well-deserved first place.

Now, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the best smartphone cameras, among the presented models you can make a balanced choice with an eye to the required and photo quality.