Which is Better Iphone Se Or 6

Which is Better Iphone Se Or 6

Today, the smartphone market is more than ever pleased with its diversity. IPhone models are becoming available for everyone, are no longer scary.

The question is simple. what is better to take as conditional 25-30 thousand rubles? A compact iPhone SE in a classic case or iPhone 6S, which is still a fighter?

We understand the pros and cons of each.

Case Size = Convenience

For starters. information from the “captain’s bridge”.

In fact, the iPhone SE is enclosed in the classic iPhone 5s case. One of the most recognizable smartphone designs, proven over the years and thousands of crash tests. This is a direct descendant of the beloved iPhone 4s.

iPhone SE is one of the few smartphones on the market that is convenient to use with one hand and control all functions with one finger. No problem, interceptions and fear of dropping the device.

iPhone 6s received the body of the usual “six”. In the manufacture of used aluminum alloy 7000 series. Unlike its predecessor, it is more resistant to bending. Otherwise, the case is nasty slippery, and the bands on the back of the antennas are still disgusting (as in the iPhone 6).

iPhone 6s is unlikely to survive a fall with its rounded side edge to the floor. A smartphone without a cover tries to go flying. Skydiver without equipment.

The age of content consumption requires an appropriate display

iPhone SE is equipped with a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. A very tiny display by modern standards. Someone will say. it’s okay, all the basic information is always in the palm of your hand, iOS is smartly adapted and so on.

But when you pick up the iPhone 6s, you compare with the baby and immediately feel the difference.

Six-s has a 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels, on which more useful (and not so) information is corny. The dial keys are also slightly larger, which means it is more convenient to use such a keyboard. Less random clicks.

We live in an era of information consumption. Texts,s, photos, even navigator maps are more convenient to watch on a larger display. About the game and say no. The banal truth against which the iPhone SE simply has no arguments.

By the way, the contrast of the iPhone SE screen is only 800: 1, while in all new models (except the “ten”), this figure is at the level of 1400: 1.

1-1. iPhone 6s compares the score.

Equal Performance

Given leapfrogs with new iOS 11 firmware, it makes no sense to talk about the advantage of one of the two smartphones that came out two years ago.

Both work on the Apple A9 processor with the M9 coprocessor, the amount of RAM is 2 GB. Parity. In the AnTuTu performance test, the smartphone scored 134 358 points. For comparison, the iPhone 6s obeyed a figure of 132,620 points.

Videos showing the performance of devices on new firmware also show roughly the same reaction speed in iOS 11.

In general, both devices are able to cope with any urgent tasks for 2018 without any problems. Without strong brakes and glitches. from them is not required.

Photographic component. deceptive similarity

The cameras in both models are identical: 12-megapixel modules with a high-speed focusing system (Focus Pixels), True Tone flash, 4K and the Live Photos option.

But lovers of “self” can safely pass by SE. Its front camera received a module with a resolution of 1.2 megapixels with ƒ / 2.4 aperture. Against 5 megapixels resolution and ƒ / 2.2 aperture in iPhone 6s.

2-3. Six s comes forward

Familiar technologies 2018. Not for everyone

The iPhone 6s has a second-generation Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The screen incorporates proprietary 3D Touch technology. Inside the Taptic Engine.

None of the above are found in SE.

In general, the first-generation Touch ID also does its job, albeit a little slower. Without 3D Touch and Taptic Engine, you can live. These are not chips of paramount importance.

2-4. iPhone 6s secures victory

It’s 2018, and the iPhone SE is starting to look outdated.

It’s like a car with 150 thousandth mileage. She is still good, she fulfills her task, but she already looks tired. The design is obsolete; he is six years old. Crazy figure for the world of smartphones.

There are no objective reasons to buy an iPhone SE except “it is compact, lightweight and comfortable in my hand”. An exception is a group of consumers for whom a smartphone is an exceptionally reliable working tool.

Given the ongoing rumors of withdrawal second generation “budget compact” consider today iPhone SE for purchase is a dubious matter.

At the same time, taking the iPhone 6s instead of any Xiaomi smartphone is quite a reasonable solution. What would you take for 25-30 thousand rubles? Share in the comments.