Which is better iPhone 10 or XR

New product screens

These 2 phablets have a Super Retina OLED display. The dimensions are different for everyone: the small Apple iPhone XS has a 5.8 “display, the model with the Max prefix has a more impressive 6.5” (it’s worth noting that this is the first Apple iPhone with such a large screen). As for the color rendering:

  • colors are bright, juicy;
  • good contrast and tone transition;
  • perfect deep black.

The buttons for phablets are on-screen, no mechanics at the bottom of the display.

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Iron of the new flagships

As mentioned above, the collection of new gadgets of the brand carries a powerful A12 processor “on board”. The manufacturer himself said that this modern 7-nanometer chip is the fastest in the world. In terms of numbers, the devices are 15% faster and 50% more efficient.

The duration of the new products has also been modernized. Compared with the sensational iPhone X, the devices have become 1.5 times more autonomous, while a full charge is enough for:

  • about 20-25 hours of active conversations;
  • about 12-15 hours with constant freezing on the Internet;
  • 14-15 hours of continuous video viewing;
  • 65 hours of listening to your favorite artists.

The battery power is restored through the Qi charging technology or in the standard way, using a cord. It will take about an hour to replenish the lost energy in the battery.

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Apple iPhone XS, XR or XS Max: we determine the best by 6 points

Autumn 2018 will be remembered as a bright event in the world of mobile technologies. Apple released 3 cool flagships: iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. Even with an impressive price tag, smartphones have already won many hearts around the world. But what to choose, which one is better, and whether it is worth chasing a novelty. the article will help you figure it out.

iPhone XR vs iPhone X

Externally: design and beauty

The iPhone XS and XS Max (aka the iPhone 10 C and 10 C Max) are almost identical apart from their size. Frameless devices are housed in stainless steel and glass, which looks expensive and presentable. There are three colors to choose from: “gold”, “silver” and “noble gray”.

The entire front of the devices is occupied by a large screen with “bangs”, which has already become a familiar feature of Apple. This display design is already in the iPhone X, and therefore did not cause significant surprise among fans of the brand.

The XR smartphone differs from its “brothers” in size and color range on the body. Those who love brightness and extraordinary things will definitely like XR. The manufacturer “dressed” the device, in addition to the classic colors, also in coral, red, deep blue, yellow tones.

The so-called “budget option” has noticeable frames around the screen and aluminum on the case, which is better to immediately hide in a protective case so that it does not pick up scratches. In addition, there is no 3D Touch, it is replaced by Haptic Touch.

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Despite the visual differences, the flagships have a lot in common in design:

  • There are no fingerprint sensors. Apple brand smartphones are no longer unlocked with buttons, the company has completely switched to Face ID technology. That is, the device is unlocked only by identifying the user’s face.
  • No headphone jack. This trend is increasingly common in flagship devices.

Two of the presented Apple smartphones boast IP68 waterproofing, XR. 67. This means that the iPhone can easily stay underwater at a depth of 1-2 meters for 30 minutes, while remaining unharmed.

Read about other devices with protection here: TOP-10 protected phones: rating of 2018

Overview of cameras of three devices

As the manufacturer said at the presentation of the flagships, the cameras of smartphones have become better and faster. This became possible thanks to the updated A12 processor, which increases the sensor speed by exactly 2 times. The changes also affected the pixel size. In practice, this guarantees detailed shots even in low light conditions.

Now more about modules. The description of the new iPhone XR reveals several secrets to users. So, the device has one 12 megapixel camera. It has optical stabilization and focusing. The other two flagships from this line have the same camera, only supplemented by a second module, with which it takes good pictures in the dark and at a greater distance to the subject.

iPhone X vs iPhone XR. Which Should You Choose?

  • Recognizes faces by clearly defining their contours.
  • Corrects complexion by correctly calibrating white balance.

In addition, in portraits, the exposure is adjusted and the depth of field changes. What will it give? You can take more complex pictures with deep gradations in tones. This camera upgrade will be appreciated not only by ardent selfies, but also by real professionals in the field of photography.

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What’s interesting about the iPhones presented: new features

The first thing worth mentioning is, of course, the cool GPU. It is strong, productive, has 4 cores, in general. a real gamer’s dream. But the main feature is different: the processor uses Neural Engine technology.

It is a self-learning artificial intelligence that significantly expands the capabilities of graphics, allowing you to plunge into another reality. For example: the user can explore caves or “fall” into deep wells, only slightly tilting the smartphone. Looks. wow, how realistic.

Another cool feature is Smart HDR in cameras. How does it work? After pressing the button, the camera takes 4 pictures, and at the same time. one more picture with a dark background, 1 photo with a light one. As a result, all frames are combined into one. and you get the highest quality, with natural harmony of color, without darkened or too bleached areas of the picture. Video on such a camera can be recorded with stereo sound in 4K format.

Technical parameters of devices

The table shows the generalized characteristics of the iPhone 10 C, 10 C Max and 10 R. Comparison of phones will help determine the right model for yourself, as well as understand whether the devices are worth their money.