Which Iphone Is Largest In Size

Before deciding to purchase a specific smartphone model, the buyer should clarify which SIM card is installed in this gadget. This is important: replacing a SIM card can become a problem if the card is registered not on the user himself, but on another person.

Experienced consultants of communication salons still remember the time when buyers were perplexed by the fact that there are non-standard SIM sizes. Now the presence of several types of SIM cards is a common thing. Manufacturers give preference to increasingly smaller cards, because this saves space inside the device. Sims are of a standard size, bulky by modern standards, that and look “sink into oblivion.”

In this article we will talk about all types of SIM and teach how to make a small card out of a large card.

What are the size of SIM cards?

In terms of size, sims are classified into 3 types:

Mini sim

Mini sim. so “in a scientific way” is called a standard SIM card. Its dimensions are 25 × 15 millimeters.

Which Iphone Is Largest In Size

If the phone was released before 2011 (inclusive), you can be sure that it is inserted into it Mini sim. For modern smartphones, this card is too large, but this does not mean that Mini sim. an anachronism. Standard SIM cards are used in simple “dialers”, in phones with large buttons for the elderly, in secure phones for fishing and factory workers. The listed devices cannot boast an abundance of functions, so there is plenty of space inside their cases. in some models, manufacturers can even put 3-4 Mini sim.

Micro sim

First card Micro sim began to use Apple. in the devices of iPhone 4. Dimensions Micro sim. 15 × 12 millimeters.

In modern times, the vast majority of smartphones are installed precisely Micro sim. Apple intercepted the “baton” Nokia, equipping its Lumia devices with slots for Micro, followed by “connected” HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry.


Nano-sim. The newest and smallest card for the phone. Its dimensions are only 12 × 5 millimeters. Visually, the card is a chip with a minimum of plastic edging.

Apple was again an innovator. Exactly Nano-sim users had to insert into the iPhone 5th modification. Later, devices with Nano-SIM-slots began to produce other well-known manufacturers. for example, Samsung and Meizu.

The following illustration will help you understand the differences between the three types of SIM cards from each other:

How to change the size of a SIM card for a phone?

The most obvious way to resize a SIM is replace it in the operator’s cabin. This procedure is completely free, takes only a couple of minutes, the phone number does not change subsequently. However, this method still has a number of disadvantages:

  • The new SIM card will not have numbers stored in the old memory. Of course, a similar problem easy to solve: in the article “How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer”, we talk about several ways to export phone numbers. But, alas, many users consider their time too valuable to spend it on the development of third-party software and backup methods.
  • Replace the SIM card in the office is entitled only its designer and only on the passport. If the card was presented to the user, for example, by his parents, he himself will not be able to replace it. Sometimes this becomes a real problem.
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If the consultant changes the SIM card to a person who is not its designer, this is fraud! For such an operation, the consultant will at least be deprived of a bonus, and at the maximum. they will be dismissed with shame. Therefore, demanding an “exception” is pointless; no one wants to be unemployed with an impartial wording in the work book.

There are several ways to change the dimensions of a SIM card without resorting to replacement. For example, a user may purchase adapter (he. adapter) Adapters look like this:

It is better to order adapters for SIM on Chinese sites. there they are a real trifle. For example, a set of adapters from Noosy along with a needle for the iPhone will cost only 17 rubles. When buying in the salon, a user may require up to 250 rubles. the difference is more than palpable!

The kit, as a rule, includes adapters of 3 types: Nano-SIM to SIM, Micro-SIM to SIM and Nano-SIM to Micro-SIM. Since SIM cards of reduced sizes still continue to be associated with Apple, manufacturers do not forget to put in kits and needles to remove the SIM card slot. Using adapters is easy: a small SIM card is inserted into a suitable adapter, then the adapter with the card inside is placed in the slot of the mobile device.

Adapters help when you need to increase the size of a SIM card, but what about the user if the card, on the contrary, needs to be reduced? The fact that a similar need may arise, the owner of the gadget should think even at the stage of buying a SIM card. and insist on the issuance of the so-called Combi-sim. Combi-sim. This is a standard-sized card from which you can make a micro-SIM in a split second.

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Inside a sim card, standard in size, Micro sim already cut along the contour, so it’s quite easy for the user to press a finger and break a piece of plastic.

You don’t need to hurry to throw out the frame. She is still able to do good service. If it becomes necessary to re-insert the card into the slot under Mini-SIM the frame can be used as an adapter.

Using Combi-sim. One of the ways to change the size of the SIM card in the direction of reduction. Cards Combi provided to mobile users is free. Of course, if you have them in the operator’s office.

If the user already owns a standard SIM card and wants to turn it into Micro, without losing his contacts, he has no other choice but to go to crop the SIM card. Trimming, as a rule, is carried out using a special device called stapler for sim (it is. cutter for sim, it is Sim cutter)

Make from a standard card Micro sim in the presence of such a stapler, a second procedure. However, expect that in the sales office or in the workshop this procedure will be performed. is free, not worth it. Salon employees will require 149 rubles for trimming and even knock out a check for the provision of a paid service. Repair shops will also ask for money. or they will send the user to deal with the operator at all.

Trimming the SIM card is associated with some risk. if the person performing the procedure hurries up or is inattentive, he will damage the chip and, as a result, the SIM card will not function. Hence the high cost of trimming services. no one wants to take risks “for no reason.”

How to cut a SIM card with your own hands?

Not all mobile phone stores have SIM staplers. some consultants continue to cut cards with their own hands and ordinary scissors. Perhaps the reader will be surprised by the fact that no one is teaching this adviser. They hone such a skill on their own, and for many they successfully trim a SIM card the first time.

No wonder. in reality the procedure is extremely primitive! Usually the main difficulty is finding a template. The consultants have the whole table, as a rule, littered with SIM cards of various sizes, working and having served their time. they use them as samples. An ordinary user can only dream of such an abundance. however, if he still managed to borrow a SIM card of the right size for the role of a template, he can safely try to do it with his own hands. If not, he should resort to using a printer and a template print out (here is a suitable link).

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To trim a SIM card, no felt-tip pens, rulers and pencils are needed. if you follow these instructions:

  • Take the big SIM in your hand with the chip up.
  • On top, attach a sample card so that it completely covers the chip, hold it firmly with your thumb and do not let go. If desired, the template can be attached to a large SIM using double-sided tape, but experts do not recommend doing this. you can damage the chip.
  • Carefully cut the plastic on the sides. Try not to get too much, otherwise the SIM in the slot will “hang out”, and the signal will be lost.
  • Trim the card according to the pattern. across. Here you can act less scrupulously; the main thing is not to touch the chip.
  • Remove the corner and slightly round the edges. otherwise the SIM will not fit into the slot.

Next, put the template aside and try to install the cropped card in the phone to check its performance. If the SIM does not fit in the slot, carefully cut the plastic and try again. If the card is just the size of the slot and the phone is being read, celebrate. you just cut your SIM card yourself!

note that not any card you can “trim” to the desired size. The easiest way to redo Mini sim in Micro SIM. such pruning should not cause any difficulties for the user. Trim under Nano-sim always harder; plastic around the chip on the card Nano almost none, so the risk of hooking the scissor blades with the chip is quite high.

In everyday life there are still SIM cards of the old model. with large chips:

Cutting such SIMs is a real nightmare! With a certain amount of luck, a card of this kind can be made Micro sim, but turn it into Nano definitely will not succeed.


The fact that smartphone manufacturers began to produce gadgets that support various types of SIM cards, salon sellers decently enriched themselves. Of course, not all paid services go through the cashier. in many cases, money for pruning is sent to consultants in their pockets. Trimming SIM cards for sellers is a “loaf business”, which means free help consultants have nothing to rely on.

Therefore, it is better for a user who does not want to “feed” salon employees to master cutting skills himself. This procedure is quite simple and does not require “surgical accuracy”.