Which Housing Do Iphone 7 Have

Why is the case of the iPhone 7 Plus crunching?

When buying a High-End device, the user expects him to perform flawlessly. both from the point of view of software filling, and from the side of the assembly of the case. But what if the brand new smartphone literally crunches in the hands of the owner? Today we will analyze a similar defect on the example of a recent iPhone 7 Plus, We’ll also give a couple of tips to fix the problem.

If you encounter this problem, you may need a new iPhone 7 Plus case after reading this article.

Which Housing Do Iphone 7 Have

Probably, no device at the start of sales can do without manufacturing defects, and the recent iPhone 7 Plus, unfortunately, was no exception. And if the sensational processor defect is more likely to be a manufacturing defect, then the back cover crunch can already be called a design flaw; which means that this malfunction will occur much more often.

This time, the solution to the problem was not so straightforward: it is not always possible to change the smartphone under warranty, since not all distributors recognize this defect as a warranty case. In addition, a problem with the same certainty can manifest itself on a new smartphone.

What caused the crunch of the case

Before making further decisions, you should understand the essence of the problem.

So, once you noticed how crunches the case of the iPhone 7 Plus. Most likely this happened with pressure on the back cover or “twisting” the case (this way users sometimes check the build quality when buying a smartphone in the secondary market). IPhone 7 Plus Owners, that one way or another met with this problem, indicate three main causes of the defect:

The first reason is the recoil of the vibration motor

Most users indicate that when pressure is applied to the back cover, the components of the device act on the display module, which triggers the 3D Touch. Unfortunately, in our case, this option is the least likely: of course, a false triggering of the Taptic Engine can take place (especially considering the additional sensors that appeared in the iPhone 7), however iPhone 7 Plus owners often experience a crunch and on the switched off smartphone, when the motor is simply de-energized.

The second reason is battery mounting

Since the iPhone’s rechargeable battery is traditionally attached to the case using double-sided tape, unreliable fastening (for example, if the “grip” of the glue loosens due to overheating of the internal components) leads to a slight movement in the battery area. This option is also unlikely, however, the data of official SOs indicate that for this reason in some cases crunches the case of the iPhone 7 Plus early parties.

The third reason is the backlash of the display module

The iPhone 7 display is attached to the case with just two screws, which under normal operating conditions is quite enough for a reliable screen fixation. However, on some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the screws located near the Lightning port loosen relatively quickly and loosen the display module. In addition, in rare cases, the glass of the display module may peel off the screen, which can also lead to a crunch when pressed.

What can i do?

Be careful: before starting work, clean the screws from dirt with a thin object so as not to damage the splines. Also, do not apply excessive force when twisting.

How will MacPlus help?

If you do not have a screwdriver or you want to get rid of the problem for sure, you should contact the warranty or post-warranty service center. If the warranty period has ended or the Service Center has refused service for some reason, our engineers will help to establish and eliminate the malfunction within a day. This work does not require large investments and can be performed remotely (using the courier service), however opening the device will deprive the smartphone of moisture resistance.

If body crunch it doesn’t interfere much, perhaps the smartphone should be kept in its original state. Otherwise, our specialists are always ready to provide qualified assistance.