Which Honor is better than the 20 or 20 pro

Both phones have IPS matrices, but the Honor View 20 has a larger diagonal of 6.4 inches. Next are the test results of both displays.

  • Max. The white brightness is 458 cd/m2
  • Max. black brightness. 0.397 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio 1222:1
  • Minimal color fidelity 1.7

Technically, the screen is better on the Honor View 20. here is higher brightness, contrast, lower color rendering error. However, these differences are minimal and virtually imperceptible.

Honor 20 PRO vs Honor 20: ПОДРОБНЫЙ ТЕСТ! Какой выбрать?

☝The most important thing is the software

The Honor 20 Pro came out in July 2019, that is, before the U.S. imposed sanctions on Huawei. This means that Honor 20 Pro works with Google services, and out of the box the device comes with the Google Play Store. this is important.

The Honor View 30 Pro just recently arrived in April 2020, and yes, it falls under sanctions. Consequently, the smartphone does not support all Google services, including the Play Store. That means you’re bound to have trouble installing apps. Yes, you can use alternative sources: Huawei AppGallery, Amazon AppStore, ApkPure, or just download APK-files from the Internet and install them on your smartphone, but in any case, this is “dancing with tambourine. Surely most users don’t need the extra hassle, and that’s a fat disadvantage of the Honor View 30 Pro.

Processors: Kirin 980 vs 970

Already from the name it is clear that the phones are equipped with flagship processors of different generations. The P20 Pro has the best hardware from Huawei in 2018, which is the 10nm Kirin 970 chip; the Honor 20 has the more recent Kirin 980 processor, made by the 7nm processor. There are already smartphones with Kirin 990 hardware on the market.

There is no point in describing the specifications of the phones, further on. the results of benchmarking tests.

Obviously, the new Honor 20 is a more powerful smartphone with better hardware, and in terms of performance it wins.

  • If we compare with the previous models of this firm, the honor 20 pro specs are very good. We can take the honor 20 pro 8 256gb as an example, so that we do not have to rely on specially sharpened versions of View and Mate.
  • Like all decent smartphones, this model supports 4G and LTE communication format and supports two SIM cards. In this case, strangely enough, the ability to install additional memory card is absent. Also, unlike most smartphones in this price range, it has no dust and moisture protection.
  • The screen diagonal is 6.26,and the resolution is 2340×1080 pixels. The screen itself is frameless is the main feature of the 20 Pro, in which the screen occupies 91.7% of the entire front panel. The matrix is IPS display with Full HD.
  • The processor is an eight-core Kirin 980, and Mali-G76 MP10 is installed for video processing.
  • Also installed all the standard sensors and OTG support, that is, if you have the right devices this smartphone can be turned into a real computer.
  • As charging is used gradually becoming the standard Type-C

The quality of communication

Judging by the reviews available at the moment, the connection of this smartphone holds well, without any complaints.

How good is the sound?

The software is designed primarily for headphone users and produces good sound. In addition, there is an equalizer with ten sliders and five presets. However, you can always tweak everything to your liking.

As for the speaker, it has not changed from last year’s model, but it holds more or less well, although you should not expect any miracles from it.

The best “anti-crisis” smartphone flagship of 2019. Honor 20 Pro

It’s unlikely that Honor has seriously collaborated with the Moschino fashion house. It’s usually a level collaboration:

But the colors of the Honor 20 and 20 Pro are so cool that you begin to believe in the involvement of the house of high fashion in this smartphone. Any non-Huawei smartphones look much more boring in terms of saturation and unusual colors in 2019. It seems that the two Honor 20 varieties look the same, but if the regular Honor 20 has a plastic insert between the glass on the back side and the side frame, the older model has a rounded glass and goes straight into the side frame. It’s not a big deal, but it makes your phone a lot easier to hold.

The front panel looks nice. The “hole” display gives that feeling of framelessness which can’t be achieved with a “monobrow”. And the camera on the desktop can be hidden with a funny wallpaper.

You’ll probably say in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that it would be even better to install a pop-up or rotating camera, but don’t forget that moving parts. the first thing that goes wrong with smartphones over time, and also such tricks will make the smartphone more expensive.

Behind all rather simple: three cameras are located in one module, which projects on millimetre and a half from the case, and here flash and the fourth camera have appeared overboard this projection.

While most manufacturers mold the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device or try to embed it in the display itself, Honor decided to place the scanner in the power button. First of all, it’s cheap, and secondly, the scanner is in the most convenient place to install it, because a normal grip immediately puts your finger in place.

Sony were the first to implement this feature, but they gave it up. The scanner and the button on the side of the Xperia are separate.

If you did not see the headphone jack in the photo, you can rest assured. It is really not present in Honor 20 Pro, though the smartphone is not the thinnest in the market, water protection is not burdened and mini jack could easily fit. But it comes with an adapter for headphones.

No memory card slot. None at all. If in the Huawei P30 Pro they at least installed the Huawei standard Nano-SD, here they decided not to bother. But this is compensated for by a gigantic 256 GB of internal memory.

Design and ergonomics

Honor 20 Pro, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful Huawei smartphones in 2019. It is notable for its unusual colors with an interesting holographic 3D effect. The back of the smartphone is made of three layers of tempered glass, a color layer and a so-called depth layer. The purpose of the first two is clear, and here the last consists of a huge number of tiny prisms, getting on which the light is scattered and illuminates neighboring pigments, thereby creating a three-dimensional effect. It looks really nice, but it is restrained, unlike the screaming gradients of most manufacturers.

which, honor, better

In contrast to the younger version with a flat back, the back cover here is noticeably curved around the edges. This gives the phone a very comfortable grip, but the glass remains just as slippery and dirty.

The lenses of the main cameras of all of Huawei’s latest smartphones are emphatically large, but the Honor 20 Pro has bulging optics by the case optical stabilization here at once on two modules. It is not particularly practical in use, on the table the device noticeably wiggles when tapping on the screen. If this is a problem for you, buy a case that will cover the camera protrusion.

Against the backdrop of an overpopulation of single-type devices, the Honor 20 Pro has managed to maintain its recognizability and the front. A cutout for the front left is a unique Huawei feature, only Samsung’s flagships have it, but their camera island is on the right side of the screen. These notches are not in a hurry to appear in more budget devices, so the device will look premium for a long time.

The bottom frame is slightly thicker than the symmetrical indents on the top and sides of the screen, but it does not spoil the feeling of “framelessness” the difference is insignificant. In the grille of the speakerphone over the screen is a color notification LED, which is clearly visible only if you look at the phone perpendicularly, if it is on the table in front of you, the visibility of the LED may be a problem.

Connectors and buttons are located in a typical way: USB Type-C port, speaker and microphone are on the bottom, another microphone and proximity sensor are on the top. On the right are the volume and power keys, and on the left is the card tray, which, alas, does not support MicroSD.

On the top end in an oval window is a proximity sensor, not the IR port, as mistakenly suggested in some reviews. To use the smartphone instead of a remote control, as it was with the Honor 10, it is impossible. The sensor itself works correctly.

And everything is much more interesting with the fingerprint scanner, it is located on the right side, directly in the power button of the smartphone. To the quality of the fingerprint no complaints: it is very fast and accurate, it works almost instantly, while pressing the button is not necessary, a simple touch is enough.

But you can not call this location scanner unconditional advantage. it’s convenient, because your finger immediately get on the button when you take the phone in your hand. But this solution is suitable only for right-handed people, and if the phone is on the table to unlock it you have to lift it up, because Huawei smartphones do not traditionally support turning the screen on by double tap. In addition, the scanner does not recognize gestures to view the notification curtain and flip photos will not.

the Honor 20 Pro by modern standards has standard dimensions, the smartphone is not a shovel, but it is also problematic to operate it with one hand, reaching to the top of the screen is inconvenient. Of course, the case could be thinner here it is almost 8.5 mm, but then there would be no room for a high-capacity battery inside, so the size is justified

Differences between Honor 20 and Honor View 20

Honor View 20 is still the current model, which went on sale in early 2019. Many of the features of the “twenty” are the same, but there are a few important differences.

  • The camera. Instead of the Honor 20’s scattering of lenses, the View series model has only the main 48-megapixel sensor and depth sensor. There is also a TOF-camera for better display of virtual reality, but the prospects of this technology are too vague, and you can’t take pictures with this sensor.
  • Screen diagonal. The View has a slightly larger 6.4 inches vs. 6.26.
  • Rear panel design. View gradient overlays are not vertical, but in the shape of the letter V.
  • The fingerprint scanner. The View has it on the back of the smartphone, the 20 and 20 Pro have it on the power button. A point in favor of the latter.
  • Mini jack. The 20 and 20 Pro lost the headphone jack, it is replaced by the USB Type-C adapter included. The View has everything in place.
  • sits between the 20 and 20 Pro.

Differences from the flagships

If I may say so, the Honor 20 is the flagship of the economy class. The user gets almost the same experience if they were to buy some Huawei P30. Differences only in individual quality features.

  • OLED display and IPS
  • Not a bad main camera 48 megapixel Sony IMX586 instead of the top sensor RYBY 40 megapixel
  • No super fast and wireless charging
  • No moisture protection (only in P30 Pro)

Huawei P20 Pro. The effect of the shimmering color is just space!

Huawei P30 Pro is one of the few smartphones in which fingerprinting in the display works adequately. I can also highlight the Samsung S10. There scanner also works tolerably, unlike all other devices on the market. However, the manufacturer did not get fancy with the fingerprint scanner and used the proven solution of the physical module. In the new Honor, the contact pad was placed on the side, at the same time embedded in it the power button. As a result, the sensor is neatly located directly under the right thumb. For left-handed people, it will be the index or middle finger to use also convenient.

At the same time, the novelty costs noticeably cheaper than its older brethren:

Honor 20 release date in Russia is scheduled for June this year. However, the Pro version, most likely, will not be presented in the domestic market. It’s time to break down what we lose.

Honor 20s is the youngest device in the line, so it has the most affordable price tag. The heart of the model was the already proven chipset of its own production. Kirin 710. An octa-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz. It has support for machine intelligence, is not too demanding on power, and is able to provide performance for game play. The most powerful games like PUBG can be run on medium settings, more simple games run at maximum settings. Memory 20s is represented by a combination of 6/128 GB. this option is enough for any user. Optionally you can put MicroSD up to 512 GB, the slot is combined. so you have to choose what is more important. a lot of memory or two SIM cards. The device got a fairly typical appearance, both for the 2019 model and Honor and Huawei devices. the back cover is beautifully shimmering, but here there is immediately a drawback. the model is slippery and quickly covered with fingerprints. Housing is thin 7,4 mm, frames are metal, very light 159 gr. The triple camera module protrudes over the surface due to its thinness. A few years ago, everyone swore about this solution, but today the camera is in favor of all manufacturers, there is not much sense to pick on. On the back panel in the center is located fingerprint. The display is IPS, 6.15 inches, FHD. No problems with brightness or color transfer. the picture is juicy, accurate and beautiful. Triple camera module is a combination of 48 MP8 MP2 MP. The main sensor is responsible for taking pictures in the dark and in low light. 8 megapixel. a 120 degree wide-angle. The last sensor is responsible for depth. It makes the now popular Bokeh. The device got a fast phase autofocus and is able to shoot in FHD. Front module. 24 megapixel, it is installed in a drop-shaped notch. In fact, the 20s focuses on him. The manufacturer positions the device as a selfies smartphone and there is a special mode for taking selfies at night. According to reviews, the camera capabilities of this smartphone justify its positioning. The battery in the model turned out to be modest. 3340 mAh for a screen of more than 6 inches is not enough, so you should count on a working day of autonomy, if you do not load the gadget heavily. Otherwise, look for an outlet earlier. There is no quick charge. full capacity is reached in 2 hours. A full range of wireless modules, including NFC and dual-band Wi-Fi are among the pluses. Wired interfaces are type-C and 3.5. The “junior” flagship runs on Android 9.0.

( Russia. Moscow and not only ).