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We all know Samsung as a very large manufacturer of consumer and consumer electronics. TVs, laptops, air conditioners. all this is in the assortment of the South Korean company. But one of the main areas of Samsung production is smartphones, which are popular, including in our country. The reasons for the popularity are quite simple. the company launched the production of “smart” phones among the first, while ensuring fairly affordable and good quality. Of course, at present many Chinese companies sometimes offer even more powerful and high-quality models for a lower price, but the high loyalty to Samsung allows it to hold a considerable segment of the market by the beginning of 2017.

Just a couple of years ago, the company was scolded for the so-called “remnants”. the same type of smartphones that were released almost every week, and even a fan of the brand could get confused in their naming. Now the situation has become much better. there are only three main lines in the Samsung assortment: J. budget devices; A. middle class and S. flagships. Recently, the Note line, which has temporarily ceased to exist after problems with the Galaxy Note 7, has returned to the market, which has been revived from the ashes (excuse the pun). Thus, we now have a huge lineup in which there is a smartphone for almost every taste and budget.

Which Budget Samsung is Better

So, let’s finally go directly to our ranking of the best Samsung smartphones.

The best low-cost Samsung smartphones: budget up to 15,000 rubles

Here we have collected the best low-cost phones from Samsung. These are representatives of the “J” and “A” lines. Models compete with the creations of Chinese companies not only due to the inscription “Samsung” on the case, but also due to the stylish design, the presence of NFC, good batteries, a comfortable shell, cameras with decent features and AMOLED matrices.

5 Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) SM-J120F / DS

This smartphone is one of the easiest in the J line. J1 Mini has even weaker characteristics and lower price. Nevertheless, the Galaxy J1 cannot be called weak or powerful, because its performance will not be enough for some demanding tasks, but you will not notice any slowdowns in the interface. In general, see the full specifications:

  • A 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels is the most compact in the ranking.
  • Quad-core processor operating at 1.3 GHz.

The disadvantages include:

  • The amount of RAM is only 1 GB. This is not enough for a modern Android device.

4 Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F

Before moving directly to the device, it’s worth clarifying that the J2 Prime is only partly part of the J line. On the international market, this model is called Grand Prime. What is so special about this “hermit”?

  • The presence of a frontal flash, which allows you to take high-quality selfies even in low light conditions.
  • Quad-core MediaTek MT6737T processor.
  • A more modern version of the operating system is Android 6.1.
  • 1.5 GB of RAM.
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3 Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018)

The top three opens with the Galaxy J2 2018 model year. First of all, the design catches your eye. it looks somewhat more expensive than its cost. Pleasantly smooth body made of aluminum. They even had a hand in touch buttons under the screen. henceforth they are in the style of those of the flagships of the company. On this, the advantages, of course, do not end there:

  • The rear camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels can shoot FullHD. There is also autofocus, which many colleagues in the workshop cannot boast of.
  • Modern communication modules. A greater number of cellular frequencies are supported, which allows you to travel around the world without any problems. The new version of Bluetooth. 4.2. provides a higher transmission speed with less power consumption.
  • The amount of internal memory is sufficient for comfortable use. 16 GB is enough to install all the necessary applications and store files.

2 Samsung Galaxy A20

There are also disadvantages in the model. this is insufficient screen resolution for such a diagonal. Users have to be content with a resolution of 1560 × 720 with a 6.4-inch matrix. They also complain about the strength of the surface of the screen and are advised to immediately stick a protective glass. The camera does not reach the flagship level (which is expected), but it fulfills its megapixels honestly. This is one of the best alternative options for models from Xiaomi and Huawei, if it is important for you to admire the Samsung inscription on the device.

1 Samsung Galaxy A30 SM-A305F 32GB

A budget smartphone from Samsung, which is very surprising. This fresh model is very popular, and all because for a modest amount of money the manufacturer offers an expensive looking device with a frameless design, non-trivial colors, a dual camera with a wide-angle lens and even NFC and Samsung Pay on board.

The best Samsung smartphones of the middle price category: budget up to 25,000 rubles

In the price category up to 25 thousand rubles, another line of devices already rules. A. Although all the models here belong to the conditional “middle” class, the characteristics are very impressive. An update conducted earlier this year brought many useful and interesting details to smartphones. In particular, it is worth noting the emergence of USB Type-C, a fingerprint scanner and water resistance. And these are only the most obvious innovations! In addition, it is worth noting the refreshed design, now made in the spirit of flagship devices. Of course, there is no curved screen, but 2.5D glass leaves only a positive impression on the use of the smartphone.

3 Samsung Galaxy A8 SM-A730F / DS

The camera is single-module, and it takes excellent shots with a solid 16 megapixel sensor with autofocus and f / 1.7 aperture. The front camera also received a 16-megapixel module. Headphone jack in place, NFC too. Batteries with a capacity of 3500 mAh are not always enough for a day, but the situation is leveled out by fast charging.

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2 Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) 6 / 128GB

A cool smartphone with the Samsung logo, which can not be called budget, but every ruble of its value is justified by wide functionality and high performance. This model of 2018 has become one of the best-selling among devices with a price of up to 25,000 rubles. The main advantage of the phone lies in the four eyes of the camera. Sensors with 25/5/10/8 megapixels create decent photo masterpieces. Artificial intelligence improves images, bringing them to an aesthetically pleasing state.

For good, there’s still a screen with 6.3 inches of diagonal and a resolution of 2280 × 1080, 6 GB of RAM, NFC and a 3800 mAh battery. The latter is enough for a day’s work, and in ultra-economical mode, the battery life can really be extended to a day and a half. Reviews are full of admiration and positive emotions, although some users were disappointed in the cameras: they expected the flagship quality of shooting.

1 Samsung Galaxy A50 128GB

A fresh Samsung model with the 9th Android on board, a 6.4-inch screen, a triple camera of 25 8 5 megapixels. Built-in memory is limited to 128 GB, operational reaches 6 GB. NFC chip for contactless payment on the spot. This is the most popular current Samsung smartphone from the middle price segment.

The best Samsung smartphones in the premium segment: budget from 30,000 rubles

So we got to the top devices from Samsung. No doubt the Eski rule here. These are precisely those devices that are more powerful than not only brand neighbors, but also the vast majority of smartphones of other brands. Yes, for example, take at least the popular AnTuTu benchmark, in which one of the participants in the rating is gaining just breathtaking 265 thousand “parrots”. In addition, you can not help but pay attention to the design. yet it was Samsung’s flagships that introduced fashion to the most frameless displays. Finally, a lot of useful or just interesting chips. Where else to introduce them, if not on the flagships? Among the top-end smartphones of the S-series, a representative of a different class was haunted. Are they worse? Not a drop.

4 Samsung Galaxy S10 8 / 128GB

Fresh flagship, which won the title of the best in the ranking of smartphones with the best front-facing camera. The main camera also did not disappoint. the device shared the first place with the camera phone Huawei P30 Pro. The gadget looks gorgeous. a frameless design, the screen occupies the maximum front surface, and the front camera’s eyes are neatly inscribed in an island on the screen itself. No “bangs” and drop-shaped cutouts.

Under the case there were 8 GB of RAM, 128. built-in, mandatory NFC, a smart processor from Samsung on 8 cores, stereo speakers that produce a loud deep sound, and even a headphone jack. The delivery set is not poor. even headphones give, from the factory a protective film is glued on the screen. Useful information: a modification with an Exynos 9820 processor is being delivered to the Russian market. If you want more performance, buy a model from Hong Kong on the Snapdragon 855. the most powerful chip in the world at the moment.

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3 Samsung Galaxy Note8 64GB

After the infamous Galaxy Note 7 (some copies, we recall, exploded), the company simply could not release a bad “Note”, because its reputation depended on it. And the engineers did not save. Note 8 came out with an excellent device. The huge 6.3-inch Infinity display is inscribed in a relatively compact and slightly more “square” than the “eski” case, which immediately made it a favorite of many observers and ordinary users. The model is largely reminiscent of the well-known Galaxy S8, but unique chips are enough with the head.

  • The stylus is the main distinguishing feature of the line. No other smartphone in the world offers such functionality. With it, you can make text notes, draw, edit photos ands, and much, much more.
  • Dual rear camera. The resolution of both modules is 12 megapixels. Aperture f / 1.7 and f / 2.4. The second module is designed for shooting with double optical zoom. I am glad that optical stabilization is on both matrices.
  • The largest amount of RAM is 6 GB. The figure is unlikely to surprise the owners of the Chinese flagships, but for Samsung it’s a lot.

The drawback of the model is only one. the cost. Even after many months, the price of Note 8 does not plan to fall.

2 Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB

The flagship smartphones of large companies are waiting like manna from heaven. Rumors about the Galaxy S9 began to go almost immediately after the presentation of the previous generation. And, it is worth saying, we waited not in vain. Before us is one of the most powerful, most innovative and most coveted smartphones in the world. Appearance and basic elements migrated directly from the Galaxy S8, but plenty of changes inside:

  • Performance. The smartphone came to Russia with Exynos 9810 on board. a processor that is among the top 10 most powerful chips.
  • Great cameras. The 12 megapixel module has a variable (!) Aperture. from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4. This allows you to get the most clear and bright pictures, regardless of external lighting. Also appeared Super Slow-mo shooting mode with a frame rate of 960 / sec.
  • Great sound. AKG engineers helped Samsung create stunning stereo speakers. Yes, and the 3.5mm headphone jack remains (hello, Apple).

1 Samsung Galaxy S8

“The main advantage of the Galaxy S9 is that after its release, the Galaxy S8 will become cheaper.” We agree with this statement at 100%. The old man, despite the release of more modern flagships, has not lost any relevance. Now its value has fallen to an average of 40 thousand rubles. over, the characteristics can hardly be called obsolete. The Samsung Exynos 8895 processor will ensure the fast work of everything and everything for a couple of years. The camera without unnecessary “troubles”, but it removes better than the vast majority of smartphones. Modern communication modules, fast wireless charging, stylish design (almost indistinguishable from the Galaxy S9). Complain about anything is extremely difficult. It turns out that the flagship of 2017, which is sold at a very attractive price, becomes an excellent choice in 2019.