Which Browser Is Better For Iphone Se

It is too early to talk about the winner. The competition is just beginning, Microsoft’s new browser looks almost no different from Google Chrome. Inside, there is also much in common, in particular, browsers use the same engine (Chromium). But there are differences, at least they are declared: both “under the hood”, and in intentions. The latter almost do not differ from those declared by Apple: in their browsers, both companies want to protect users from surveillance and protect them from the dangers of the global network. At a minimum, Safari has a strong competitor.

Which Browser Is Better For Iphone Se

Choosing a browser for Mac. responsible business

The most popular browser in the world, Alphabet / Google Chrome, seems to have to make a little space. Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, the new version of the world’s most widely used operating system for personal computers, even if Microsoft Edge was used exclusively in it, it would be doomed to take one of the first places in the world popularity charts. But Microsoft Edge is available on almost all common platforms, on Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS. The browser is free, it is actively advertised. very many, at least, will try it.

Chrome once “offended” Microsoft Internet Explorer, which before the advent of Chrome was used by almost 95% of travelers on the global web. IE was a virtual monopolist, and suddenly some company engaged in search engines and collecting data on user behavior on the network captivated 17% of Internet visitors. And Safari, ahead of FireFox and Mozilla, was in third place with five or six percent. Alphabet / Google Chrome is now the leader, with a wide margin from everyone else, and stagnation in browsers. Status Quo. There were no reasons to seriously improve. There are many problems and unsuccessful solutions. Let the storm break out. in any case, whoever turns out to be the winner, we win.

Microsoft’s new browser is very good

User interface

I prefer Safari. With all its shortcomings, which no one has been dealing with for a long time, he successfully copes with his duties. Safari has a terrible bookmark management system, a lot of it is not thought out and contradicts the laws of a good user interface, but in Chrome and in all other browsers it is even worse. Perhaps this is my subjective opinion, but after trying many alternatives, I returned to Safari. There is nothing threatening on this side of Safari, at least for now. Appearance closely repeating Chrome is a Microsoft trick.

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At this stage, you need to get as wide a range of users as possible to try Microsoft Edge, and since three quarters of users are well versed in this interface, this task is made easier. Microsoft promises, over time, to radically change everything. Most likely, the new interface, with revolutionary changes and embodying fresh ideas and finds of the world’s worst interface designer (decades of confrontation with Apple have not been in vain), has already been developed. but its exit, for strategic reasons, has been delayed.


But with regard to Apple’s favorite callus (protecting privacy and security of information, countering surveillance of a browser user on the network, etc.), Safari may have problems. In the summer of 2019, researchers from Google discovered serious vulnerabilities in one of the main “diamonds in the crown” of Apple Safari, in the Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention system.

The very idea of ​​counteracting tracking, especially with the epithet Intelligent (intellectual), seems to me to be completely hopeless. There is only one way to guaranteedly avoid snooping on the network. for this you need to disconnect from it. What Craig Federigi told in 2017, of course, was impressive, but still left doubts. Alas, the counteraction system, instead of protecting the user from surveillance, made him vulnerable to five types of attacks. A description of the problems was sent to Apple in August 2019, on December 10, 2019 Apple released an update with vulnerability fixes, not forgetting to thank the researchers.

Safari has a feature to ban tracking

Instead of being courteous, the researchers subjected the new version of Safari to the same tests and found out that none of the vulnerabilities were fixed. If Apple employees hadn’t reported this publicly on Twitter, publicity could have been avoided. but not fate. On January 22, Justin Shu, Google’s lead developer of Chrome, publicly denied the report. Vulnerabilities in place.

Microsoft Edge with the anti-tracking system is doing great so far. Their browser simply has not yet been subjected to intensive testing, and by the number of vulnerabilities identified in it (there are so far 0), it is in a much better position. Perhaps the same evil researchers, from Google (the company developing Google Chrome), with an addiction, are already looking for dirt on Microsoft Edge. Nothing personal, truth is more expensive. If Microsoft actually invented some fantastically effective tool to counter network surveillance, Microsoft Edge’s chances of taking leadership from Alphabet / Google Chrome will increase. Everything can be.

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Microsoft Edge or Safari?

At least he’s beautiful

Microsoft Edge is not perfect, but absolutely in no way inferior to the current leader (Google Chrome). The browser is reliable enough, fast, opens the most complex sites without any problems. Unlike Safari, thanks to the Google Chromium engine shared with Chrome, you can use Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge. For Safari there are also extensions, there are many of them. about a hundred. They failed to convince Mac’s developers to write these extensions (and, in my opinion, they didn’t especially try). And extensions for Chrome, for all occasions, more than 190 thousand. Microsoft Edge, for now, has solid advantages over veterans of the movement. The feeling as in the first minutes of a very important and interesting match. The tension rises, something is about to happen. We will observe.

Best commentary

katschalow, If you take the iPhone for example, it’s better than Safari have not yet come up with, 3D tuch fulfills itself 100%. I think in a laptop as well. By speed, the safari tears all together. Purely my opinion.