Which Bracket To Choose For A Tv

Which Bracket To Choose For A TV

To install modern flat-panel TVs, a completely new design has been developed. a TV bracket for the wall. Before buying a device, you should familiarize yourself with its features and the types of fasteners used.

Main characteristics

Devices for installation of television receivers differ in the scope and functionality.

  • Universality. The dimensions of the bracket depend on the diagonal of the TV. The best option is a universal model, the dimensions of which can be changed. in case you purchase other television equipment.
  • The presence of additional accessories. Modern brackets are equipped with additional shelves for DVD-player, TV-tuner, receiver. Boxes may be included to protect the cords from damage.

Maximum load. the instructions indicate the mass of equipment for which the device is designed, so you should first find out how much the TV weighs. Sometimes a bracket designed for a TV with a large diagonal does not withstand the weight load.

  • Exterior design. the design is distinguished by its shape, color scheme, and structural materials.

How to choose a TV bracket for the wall?

In order not to be mistaken when buying a model, you should find out whether it complies with the VESA standards system. The mounting dimensions for flat-screen TVs and the position of the cable connectors are specified in the FDMI standard, which is part of VESA. According to the regulations, the following mounting bolt placement schemes are used: 75 x 75, 200 x 200, 100 x 200, sometimes 800 x 400. The markings of the TV and the bracket must match.

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Types of fastening. Additional mechanisms

When installing a large TV in the living room, it is clearly fixed in a position convenient for viewing from several points: the turns and tilts of the screen in this case are optional. A completely different thing is a kitchen television set, which very often has to give the desired position. Manufacturers offer wall brackets with different types of mounting mechanisms.

  • Fixed. An option in which the television panel is placed close to the wall. It is characterized by simplicity of design, reliable mounting, compactness and low cost. The only drawback is the difficulty of accessing the connectors, mainly located at the rear.
  • Inclined. The design allows you to adjust the angle of the screen. you can’t do without it if the TV panel is placed above eye level. In addition, it is necessary to tilt the screen to improve the image due to the restriction of the vertical viewing angle for some TV models.
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The tilt bracket allows you to get rid of sun glare (this is harmful to the display and interferes with television viewing). This type of mount is suitable for a small TV (19 to 40 inches) that is viewed from one place (for example, in a bedroom).

  • Inclined and rotary. The mechanism involves changing the position of the screen, both in the vertical and horizontal planes. Such opportunities are especially in demand in the kitchen, where the viewer moves from place to place.

Keep in mind that when you mount the swivel bracket for the TV on the wall, they lose a lot of space: the larger the TV, the more space is needed to rotate it. The dimensions and weight of the bracket require reliable fastening. the option is not recommended for plasterboard walls. At the same time, this type of mechanism is the most durable and reliable.

Popular models of brackets. Characteristics and prices

For comparison, devices with different types of mounts and sizes are given.

  • SanusVMT 14. The maximum load is 36 kg, the diagonal of the TV panel is 26. 55 inches, the VESA mount system is up to 400 x 400, there is an inclined mechanism. You can buy this TV wall bracket for 2280 rubles.
  • KVADO K-53. The maximum weight of the TV is 45 kg, the diagonal is 30. 62 inches. VESA 200 x 200, 400 x 400. The swivel mechanism changes the screen angle to 140 °. Installation of large equipment is possible. Price 1850 rub.
  • BrateckLP 03-46FB. Designed for fixed mounting TVs weighing up to 75 kg with a diagonal of up to 63 inches. VESA from 100 x 100 to 600 x 400. The cost of 1000 rubles.
    When buying the selected model, check its completeness (the presence of fasteners and accessories), specify the possibility of warranty repair.
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To mount the TV bracket on the wall, you need to prepare a place for it and install additional sockets.