Which app downloads videos to iPhone

How to Download YouTube Videos to MP3?

How to convert YouTube video to mp3 file?

  • Paste YouTube keywords or link into the search box.
  • Select the MP3 or video format you want to convert / download the file and click the Download button.
  • Wait for the conversion to complete and download the file. So easy and fast.

How to download music to your phone from YouTube?

In order to download music from YouTube to your phone, you can use the FLVTO service, which was previously mentioned. The download procedure is exactly the same as for a computer: copy the video link. paste the link into the input field. select the format. click Convert. The file will be saved to the Downloads folder.

Where is YouTube video saved on Android?

All saved videos are located on the Downloaded tab. To view them, you need to sign in to the Google account that was used when saving. In addition, the videos will be available in the device gallery and in the file manager.

Which application downloads YouTube videos?

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is an application to download YouTube videos directly to your mobile phone. It allows you to save your favorite videos to your SD card and watch them whenever you want.

How to save video from VK to iPhone from private messages?

  • Open your private messages. Place the cursor on the address bar and write the letter “m” in front of vk.com.
  • Messages will open in the mobile version of the site. Go to the correspondence with a private video.
  • Right click on the video and select “Save As”.
  • Specify a folder on your computer and click “Save”.

How to download from YouTube on Android for free?

  • 1 way we recommend!
  • Method 1 The easiest and fastest way is to add a Download button below the video on the YouTube page.
  • 2 way to Download YouTube video using SSyoutube.com.
  • 3 way Download video from YouTube “sfrom.net/” or “savefrom.net/”
  • 4 way Download using the site SaveFrom.net.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Smartphone?

Downloading from another device

There are third-party players with which you can play videos of any format. You can also download videos through these apps.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. In the section of your device you need to find the section “Applications”.

Next, you need to scroll to the heading “Shared files” and select the VLC for Mobile program.

After that, you need to transfer the video using the “Add” button or simply drag it into the application window.

If this program is not installed on your device for some reason, you can download it.

Paid Apps

A prime example of such an application is Netflix, a program with which you can watch movies and TV shows.

Netflix is ​​constantly showing movies and TV shows, so you can choose the movies you like. and there is a large selection. and watch them wherever it is convenient and where it is convenient, even if you do not have access to the Internet. The first month the application works for free, then a monthly subscription is automatically issued. 10.99.


Paid assistant with charming visual style, memorable interface and total focus on interaction with third-party services.

So, for example, you can save movies from FTP and cloud storage, sites that involve downloading files, and even from a computer over the network (you first have to connect to the same Wi-Fi network). In a word, there is definitely content for offline viewing.

View without downloading

If you need to watch a short video and are too lazy to download, then you can use online viewing on any website. But money can be withdrawn for this, since you use mobile Internet.

Download movies directly from the Internet

First, you need to install an application for downloading videos on your iPad or iPhone, for example, the “Offline Video Player” program, of which there are a lot in the App Store, both paid and free.

As a rule, all such programs work according to the same principle: when you start watching a movie, a special button appears to load a file into the device’s memory.

Movies downloaded in this way can be viewed directly in the program or transferred to any video player. as you like.

Video formats

Before we know the ways in which you can download movies, we need to take a look at the video formats that the iPhone is capable of playing. These include MP4, MOV, M4V, and AVI. If the movie you are going to download is of a different format, then you need to install either a universal video player or a video converter. Converters, unlike video players, are free and do not require any special skills. So, if necessary, choose one of the proposed methods and convert the video to the desired format.

How to download video from VK to iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, 6 PLUS, 6S PLUS, SE, 7, 7 PLUS, Guide-Apple

As you all know, the social network is often used not only for communicating with friends or watching the news feed. Probably many are registered in VK to watch videos or listen to music.

In fact, the database of video files on this site is simply huge and many iPhone owners often ask themselves the question: “Is it possible to download a video from VK to your iPhone?”.

Today, technologies allow us to do many things, including various file manipulations on Apple products. Despite the fact that everything is quite limited on these devices, there is still a way out.

How to save video from VK to iPhone

I have been rustling in the App Store for a very long time and looking for programs to realize the ability to save videos and my searches were successful. Of course, I expected more applications, but they are there and in a couple of seconds you will get acquainted with them.

Before describing the found programs, I want to say that the situation with programs for downloading videos on iPad or iPhone is exactly the same as with music for VK. They are often removed from the App Store.

The choice was not very great, but I found a couple of great programs and I want to share them with you.

Downloading with Cludy Video

The instruction for the appearance of a video on your phone through this application is quite simple:

  • open the application;
  • click on the item VK. choose My videos ;

go to your profile (if there is an application from VK, then you can go through it);

to download a video. click on the right on the cloud, which is located opposite the desired video;

now in the tab Imported. you can find uploaded videos.

The application is free, so we immediately prepare for advertising. Although there is not much of it, compared to other programs. Use is comfortable enough.

This program has two more nice things that will help you find a video to download: in the tab Friends videos. we find videos from friends, on the tab Search (VK). you can search all videos from the social network.

Download using Video Cache Video Editor

Here you can name a whole category of programs, most often these are file managers and sometimes they are equipped with built-in video editors, like Video Cache Video Editor. If you find a file manager for video with a browser, then you can try downloading it. Most often, you can save videos from YouTube and other sites to your phone from it.

In this program, the entire process of video appearing on your iPhone will look like this:

  • open the program;
  • choose Internet Download Browser. below we write “Vk.com” and go to the profile;

go to the section with videos, start the video and a button appears Download. which we press;

  • by pressing the standard back button, go to the initial menu and in the section My video find the file you want.
  • Using the application is rather unpleasant, because advertising is found at every step and it is simply impossible to work in it. Plus, the interface to refine and refine.

    Since the choice with programs of this nature is quite narrow, I showed you this particular product as an example.

    How to upload video to VK from iPhone

    If suddenly you shot a video on your iPhone and when you go to the social network you just do not know how you can upload it to your profile, now I will tell you how to do it.

    The process is very simple and fast: go to the official application. select the section Video recordings. press the button Add video. we write the name, description, etc Ready. The download time depends on the quality of the video and its length. Then it will still be processed for some time and will be available for full viewing.

    There were already other programs, like Wtakte or AVDownload, which also allowed you to download videos from VK to your iPhone. New ones appear all the time, some cut functionality, or disappear from the App Store altogether.

    The first option, which I presented to you today, is good enough and if there is no way at all without downloading a video from VK, then it is ideal.


    • Music VK for iPhone
    • Melody Player for iPhone
    • Color Player for iPhone
    • Cool player for iPhone

    through which program to download video to iPhone

    How to download videos to iPhone?

    Many users of Apple devices are interested in the question of how to download a video on an iPhone? Many people had it that when they watched a video they wanted to save it in order to show it to friends later. But they did not know how to do it. Today’s review will be specifically for those people who are not yet aware that there is such an opportunity.

    How to download a video on iPhone from YouTube?

    YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting service. Thousands of people share their creative work or just work of an entertainment nature in this service. Sometimes you want to save a video to your smartphone in order to watch it again in the future, but YouTube itself does not provide such a function. Most likely, so that the copyright of the authors of the video is not violated.

    Therefore, people have to resort to creating various programs and services with which it will be possible to download videos from YouTube. There is no application for iOS for downloading videos directly, but you can use a bundle of services.

    It is necessary to use the SaveFrom.Net website and the Drobox application, having registered in it beforehand. To download a video, you need to follow the steps below:

    • Copy the link to the video through the “Share” button (available both in the application and in the browser);
    • Paste the link into a special field on the SaveFrom.Net website (located on the main page);
    • You must select the quality in which you want to save the video;
    • A new page will open. After opening it in a browser, you need to click on the “Share” button and select “Save to Dropbox”;
    • Select the folder where you want to download the video. Wait for the download to finish.

    Selecting parameters on the SaveFrom.Net website

    Save to Dropbox

    This method has been working for several years. There is no doubt that he will be working for the next few years. It remains to wait for the appearance of a convenient iOS application that will allow you to directly download videos from YouTube.

    How to download a video from on an iPhone?

    Millions of people use the social network. hundreds of thousands watch various videos there. Many users would like to download their favorite videos directly from VK so that they can watch them without an Internet connection. This opportunity came thanks to the Cludy Video application, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It is worth noting that recently we analyzed how you can download music from VK to iPhone.

    Video Lite App

    If the video on the page has a direct link, you won’t be able to download it through the iOS browser. You can only view it. To work around this limitation, you can use the Video Lite app. Download Video Lite, open it and enter the link to the page where the video is located in the line.

    Then click on the “Save” button in the taskbar and confirm this action by clicking on the “Save to memory” button.

    Now go to the “Downloads” tab, where you can already view the downloaded video offline. You can export your videos to the Photos application to work with it, or synchronize it with your computer. To do this, click on the “i” button, which is located to the right of the file name, and then on the green button with the camera image.

    The Video Lite application works great with YouTube hosting, but sometimes problems arise with other services.


    In conclusion, we note that starting with iOS 9, users have the opportunity to download most files using standard tools, but for some formats such applications are still needed. We hope that in the future, the iOS operating system will continue to pursue liberalization so that users can get more options for working with files without using third-party programs.

    Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

    Downloading video to iPhone: applications

    If you are preparing, for example, for a long trip, then you probably first download the video to your iPhone for later viewing it offline. Apple product owners are well aware of the program for working with videos and other files. iTunes, but downloading files with its help is sometimes similar to a shamanic rite. For example, to download a video to an iPhone using it, you first need to download it to your computer, convert it to MP4 format, add it to your library, connect your iPhone, select the files you want and sync them. For those who have been using iTunes for a long time, this process may seem quick, but most users want it even faster.

    In general, iTunes is a good program with impressive functionality, but only it often looks like a big giant who ineptly controls his hands and feet. For this reason, we will provide you with an alternative to iTunes. applications with which you can download videos to iPhone much faster (possibly other files too).

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    Hi, in short, I have an iPhone 4 I need to flash it or I need to change the iclode, PIN-code asks I don’t know what to do now? Help, there’s nothing I can’t download.

    AnyTrans video download app

    Install the AnyTrans application on your computer, launch it, open the “Video Download” tab. Here you will see several sources from which you can download videos. It can be a YouTube service, or you can insert a direct link from the site to the video. The process of pasting a link is simplified as much as possible: when you copy it from the browser, it will be automatically inserted into the required field.

    Now you need to select the folder where you want to download the video. Since we want to upload the video directly to our iPhone, we connect it via a cord and drop it immediately on it (you need to click the “Download” button).

    If you downloaded a video to your computer, then you need to look for it in the Downloads folder. This can be done by clicking on the circle with an arrow down in the upper right corner. Note that it is not possible to rename the name, even after downloading it to the Downloads folder. Negative little thing, but the ability to load quickly overrides it.

    To download a video to iPhone, you need to click on the icon with the image of a smartphone. The process usually lasts no more than a minute, depending on the size of the video. You can find it in the “Videos” folder.

    With this application it is also possible to work with music files and make backups.

    How to download files from the Internet to iPhone

    Top 5 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Videos

    # 2: Hyper Timelapse

    Notable features of this application are the ability to record with a camera at normal speed, the ability to share videos on various sites, and a professionally designed interface for a better user experience. This application will be useful for you on any Android device.

    Benefit: Easy-to-use app that makes video editing a breeze.

    Disadvantage: Due to the fact that the application is free, be prepared for a not quite perfect result, since some features in the application are missing.

    # 3: Lapse It

    This application has absolutely all the features that you will need for video editing. Freeze motion is the main feature that allows you to speed up the video according to your wishes. If you choose the free version, be prepared for some functional limitations. The application works on any Android devices.

    Benefit: Easy to use application due to its relaxed interface, while its functionality is amazing.

    Disadvantage: White spot never appears during recording, but always appears during playback.

    Guide to Speed ​​Up / Slow Down Videos in Filmora Video Editor

    Download and install Filmora Video Editor on your computer. Run it and click on “Import Media” to add the video you want to speed up or slow down.

    Drag the video to the timeline, where you can speed up or slow down.

    Double-click a video in the timeline to launch the Video Inspector window. Here, move the cursor in the Speed ​​area to adjust the video speed.

    Click on the play button in the preview window to see the changes. If you are satisfied with the result, click on “Export” to save the video to your computer or share it directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

    Best Video Speed ​​Up / Slow Down Software (Desktop)

    Filmora Video Editor is the most popular video editing software in 2015. It helps users create professional-looking videos. It also allows you to speed up or slow down the video as the user wants. In addition, over 300 effects are available to users to create outstanding filters, overlays, transitions, titles and animations. What’s important is that this program is easy to learn and use. In less than 5 minutes you can understand how to use it.

    Top 10 Apps to Speed ​​Up / Slow Down Videos

    Are there applications that speed up videos?

    While looking for a suitable application to speed up or slow down your video, you can find an endless number of programs and download them to work. Think carefully about what application and what features you need, including all the advantages and disadvantages.

    # 1: KineMaster

    This is a professional video editor that you can use on your Android device to speed up videos. It offers some very powerful post-edit results as it is quite advanced with a multitasking timeline for easy editing.

    Benefit: Stylish and intuitive interface that makes the app the best editing app.

    Disadvantage: The price range may not quite match what the program offers.

    Price: 0.99. 39.99 per item

    # 3: SloPro

    This application has a detailed editing system with which you will get the best slow motion effects. Then share the edited video on any site like YouTube or YouTube. The final product will be a real masterpiece.

    Advantage: Your video will not contain annoying ads, in addition, serial downloads are available in the program.

    Disadvantage: You may encounter some editing restrictions that you will apply to the video.

    Top 10 Apps to Crop Videos on iPhone

    Download iPhone video

    After starting the program, just drag the clips you want to trim into the program or use the menu by clicking on “Import media files here”.

    Cut the iPhone clips

    Parts of the video will be deleted after executing the “Trim” or “Delete” commands.

    The best iPhone trimming app for desktop PC. Filmora video Editor

    For your convenience, we strongly recommend that you use a desktop editor such as Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) to trim your iPhone (iPhone 8 / X) clips on Mac (macOS 10.13 High Sierra) or Windows PC, for easy editing and higher quality videos. This video editor will help you import your iPhone videos and photos directly into the program. Convenient editing tools and multiple video and audio effects will be available to you.

    Main Features of Filmora Video Editor

    • Download videos in any format or from iPhone, camera or other devices.
    • Easily trim, crop, crop, merge and split videos.
    • You can choose from over 300 video and audio effects.
    • Great for beginners and professionals.

    # 5: Video Crop

    With Video Crop, you will have a solution to all the problems associated with cropping videos on iPhone. The program has the necessary functions and capabilities for this.

    • Easy video editing with the ability to customize all video parameters.
    • Some virtual functions are missing.

    Top 10 Apps for Cropping, Cropping and Cutting Videos on iPhone

    How can I crop video directly on iPhone?

    When you record awesome videos with iPhone, you may need to crop video on iPhone directly. Can we crop videos and photos directly on iPhone? Actually, iPhone video editor can help you crop, crop or trim your video on iPhone with ease. A search on the internet reveals that there are tons of video cropping / cutting applications on the iPhone. To make your life easier, we have selected the top 10 apps and show you how to crop video on iPhone (including iPhone 8 Plus).

    Crop iPhone clips

    Drag the downloaded clips from the timeline. Filmora Video Editor has several features for trimming iPhone clips. And you can crop the video or cut off the unnecessary part. Start by marking the video and playing the video, then click on the “Scissors” button at the beginning and at the end of the part you want to trim.

    Top 6 Apps to Watch Videos on iPhone or iPad

    Most users watch videos on their iPhone or iPad. The default player may be enough to watch your personal videos, if you plan to watch locally saved movies and TV shows then you will need something with additional features.

    Which is the best video player for iPhone and iPad?

    VLC is considered one of the best video players available. The application supports a huge number of video formats, including all the most common file types and codecs. Importantly, for Mac and iOS users, VLC also supports AirPlay video and audio streaming. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel. https://t.me/appdatemedia. in order to receive updates of our technoblog in time.

    How To Download Any Video On iPhone [Without App]

    The most important VLC features include support for network streams (including HLS, MMS, and RTSP), integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive and Box, and support for file servers (SMB, FTP, UPnP, and DLNA). Other nice additions like subtitle support, multitrack audio and speed control are also available.

    PlayerXtreme Media Player. widely used video player for iPhone and iPad. It has one of the most extensive feature lists of any video player in the App Store. All major file formats are supported, including 3GP, ASF, DIVX, M2P, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, OGV, PS, QT, VOB, WEBM, and VIDEO_TS. You can also stream content from NAS drives, Windows and Mac computers, DLNA devices, and even Kodi.

    AirPlay and Google Cast support lets you stream videos from iOS to Apple TV or Google Chromecast, and you can use the app to download subtitles and movies in real time.

    KMPlayer. great app for iPhone. It is suitable for anyone who wants to play high definition content. You can use it to watch 4K, UHD and FHD videos (if your iPhone model supports this). The app can theoretically play 8K content, but Apple does not sell products that support 8K video yet.

    How to Download ANY Videos on iPhone/iPad from Internet? (UPDATED 2021)

    Other important features of KMPlayer. network playback from Google Drive, FTP servers and Dropbox, mirror mode and advanced gesture support. KMPlayer is free to download and use.

    Infuse is another app worthy of your attention. It has been around for several years and is considered one of the best video players for iPhone and iPad. Thus, it is a direct competitor to PlayerXtreme Media Player.

    Before we look at the features, it’s worth mentioning the Infuse aesthetic. This is probably the most attractive app on the list. If beautiful design is important to you, Infuse should be great for you.

    Supported file types include MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, MTS, ISO, VIDEO_TS, FLV, OGM, OGV, ASF, 3GP, DVR-MS, WEBM, and WTV. You can view locally saved iOS videos, but you can also use Infuse to stream videos from external sources like Mac, PC, NAS drive, Wi-Fi hard drive, DLNA device, or even Plex and Kodi.

    Infuse has AirPlay and Google Cast integration, free subtitles courtesy of OpenSubtitles.com, and support for video chapters, multiple audio tracks, and continuous playback.

    Uniquely, Infuse also has Trakt integration. For those who don’t know, Trakt is similar to Last.fm for movies and TV shows. It logs what you watched, syncs across your devices, and provides recommendations based on your browsing habits.

    If Infuse is considered a competitor to PlayerXtreme Media Player, GPlayer is the closest contender for the VLC counterpart. Since it gained a lot of popularity before the VLC port finally hit iOS, it mimics many of VLC’s best features.

    For example, like VLC, GPlayer has a Wi-Fi download feature. It allows you to transfer video files between PC and device over Wi-Fi so that you can watch them when you are not connected to the Internet. Especially for Windows users, it is one of the best ways to transfer video files from computer to iPhone or iPad.

    The app also competes with VLC when it comes to network streaming. You can play RTSP and MMS streams and videos from HTTP and FTP sources. Other important features include AirPlay support, gesture support, and iTunes integration. File types such as AVI, WMV, RMVB, ASF, H264, MKV, TS and M2TS can be played in the application. There is also support for multiple subtitle formats including SMI, ASS, SUB, SRT and TXT.

    You can use the Play function to view local files on the device or to stream video from cloud storage and local networks.

    The app offers playback resolutions up to 1080p, can play videos via AirPlay, and has Dolby Digital audio output. It supports multiple video file formats including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, VOB and RMVB.

    Other Ways to Play Videos on iOS

    If your main reason for downloading the video player on your iPhone or iPad is watching movies and TV shows, then it’s better to use Plex. You can use it to manage your media collection, broadcast to all screens in your home, and remotely watch videos when you’re on the go.