Whether To Update The iPad 2019

By analogy with the iPhone, which last year changed beyond recognition with the advent of the Model X, this year the iPad was in for a major transformation. There is a gap between the new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pros and all previous Apple tablets: the new Pros are so far ahead of what we used to see on the iPad.

But even with this “margin”, it’s hard to believe that the new iPad Pro is finally able to replace a computer. Let’s understand.

Specifications iPad Pro 2018:

  • Dimensions: 247.6 × 178.5, × 5.9 mm, 468 g
  • Display: 11 / 12.9 inches, 2388 × 1668/2732 × 2048 pixels (

264 ppi), Liquid Retina, IPS

  • Cpu: Apple A12X Bionic
  • Memory: 4/6 GB of RAM, 64/256/512/1024 GB of ROM
  • Camera: 12 megapixels, f / 1.8 (main), 7 megapixels, f / 2.2 (front)
  • Os: iOS 12
  • Body color: silver, “gray space”
  • Thin frames change everything

    Whether To Update The iPad 2019

    The new iPad Pro offers TrueDepth camera, instead of Touch ID, a new gesture system, modest body dimensions and all thanks to the thin rounded frames around the displays.

    The 11-inch iPad Pro in size and feel is the poured iPad Pro of the 17th year by 10.5 inches. The situation is more interesting with the iPad Pro by 12.9 inches. The dimensions of the case have decreased by 25 percent compared to last year’s model. In both cases, the thickness of the rectangular faces with rounded edges is 5.9 mm. These are the thinnest iPad to date.

    However, for the small thickness and small weight of 468 and 631 g for modifications of 11 and 12.9 inches, respectively, you have to pay the rigidity of the case. The new iPad Pro can be bent with bare hands. Over, the tablets bend slightly during active use without a case and even come already bent in a box. Be careful and stock up on a case.

    The volume keys and the “power” are located in the same places: on the right side and the upper end, respectively. With ports, things are not so smooth: there is no 3.5 mm audio output, and the usual Lightning is replaced with Type-C (USB 3.1). Focus on him.

    At last! Almost.

    The innovative Type-C, unlike the unnecessary Lightning, can do a lot of different things, but their list in the new iPad Pro is significantly reduced. While it is known that using it via an adapter to HDMI or VGA, you can connect external monitors with a resolution of up to 5K, as well as keyboards, cameras and mobile devices for charging from iPad.

    But forget about external drives and accessories for the Thunderbolt 3 interface. Card readers for importing photos are the ceiling. Over, you cannot “drop” photos onto a card, only upload to a tablet.

    And something else. Included with the new iPad Pro is a Type-C charging cable on both sides. A joyful user of the current Mac model will connect the new tablet to the computer through the same cable and see that it is only for charging. Apple, that’s not funny at all!

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    What hides Liquid Retina?

    For the first time, Liquid Retina became known along with the announcement of the iPhone XR. This term refers to a set of hardware and software chips, such as anti-aliasing at the sub-pixel level, to achieve the effect of curvature of frames on the IPS display.

    And now about the more important. The display resolution of the iPad Pro 11 ″ is 2388 × 1668 pixels, the iPad Pro 12.9 ″. 2732 × 2048 pixels. In both cases, the brightness is 600 cd / m² and the refresh rate is 120 Hz.

    Using ProMotion technology, the iPad Pro offers high-speed response from Apple Pencil’s signature stylus and incredible smoothness. The tablet automatically adjusts the frame rate, ensuring maximum fps where possible.

    Not without technology, True Tone, which adjusts the color of the display and the intensity of its backlight, taking into account the lighting conditions. This is a useful “trick” for reading before bedtime, but it is not suitable for viewing and certainly creating graphic content, as it distorts colors.

    By the way, about the flowers. Apple has been working with IPS displays for a long time and, of course, the calibration of displays on the new iPad Pro does not raise any questions. Let’s take into account the refresh rate of 120 Hz and get that these are the best displays that tablets can offer today.

    Face ID and cameras

    It had to happen. Ipad received the TrueDepth camera system for implementing three-dimensional face scanning. Technology works from any orientation. If the cameras are from the bottom, the tablet will tell you to lower your head down. Did you accidentally close the cameras with your hand? Ipad Pro directly “arrows” will show where they are hidden, and will ask you to remove your hand. In general, now rotate the tablet as you want. In any case, he will recognize you.

    Since the release of the iPhone X, Apple has worked on the speed of face recognition. The acceleration of processes associated with machine learning is also facilitated by the Neural Engine system, which is included in the new A12X Bionic proprietary processor. I mean, there are no complaints about the speed of recognition.

    Truedepth also introduced portrait shooting on the iPad with a 7 megapixel front camera, Animoji, Memoji, and 3D scenes in Clips.

    The main single camera on the back of the case is equipped with a 12 megapixel sensor with an aperture of f / 1.8. It supports Smart HDR technology, writes 4K 60 frames / s and slow motion 240 frames / s at a resolution of 720p.

    Apple A12X Bionic

    In both 2018 iPad Pro models, the proprietary A12X Bionic 8-core processor is installed, made using 7-nm technology, complemented by 4 GB of RAM in the basic versions of 64 GB of ROM. With this configuration, 1 TB of ROM comes with 6 GB of RAM.

    Basic 4/64 GB iPad Pro models gain 5041 and 18287 in single-core and multi-core Geekbench 4 tests. We have 557679 “parrots” in AnTuTu. An absolute record among all devices ever tested.

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    Such power will allow the iPad Pro 2018 to launch resource-intensive programs, like full-fledged Photoshop, whose release is scheduled for 2019. Of course, with any of the existing applications in the App Store, the new iPad Pro will not have any problems.


    Apple says the four speakers in the new iPad Pro have become louder. In fact, some people think that they, on the contrary, have become quieter, but sound cleaner. In general, the story is subjective. But if you discard comparisons, it’s clear that they sound cool.

    Ios 12 and new “chips”

    For iPad Pro 2018 in iOS 12, gestures familiar from the iPhone X, XS / XS Max and XR are stockpiled. The Dock bar turns into a strip, swiping through which switches screens that include one or more applications in multitasking mode. Short swipe up displays the Dock-bar, and swipe up through the entire screen to go to the home screen. Another touch on the turned off display activates it.

    Unfortunately, iOS in the 12th version did not get a normal file manager. I still can’t create my own folder, for example, “Responses to tickets”, to put a file there, “arrived” by mail, and after a while send it to someone through the messenger from the same folder.

    All such actions are done through applications. This is wildly inconvenient for those who are used to working with a PC, but we will touch on this topic a bit later.

    Need to get used to

    New gestures and replacing a Touch ID key with a TrueDepth camera system can cause difficulties for users of previous iPad Pro models or regular iPad.

    Many of them are used to holding the Home key under the thumb of their right or left hand to quickly get to the home screen or call up the multitasking menu. Now for these actions you need to pull your hand to the bottom edge of the display.

    In addition, absolutely all users of the new iPad Pro will have to learn not to close the TrueDepth camera system with their fingers.

    Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio

    The Apple Pencil signature stylus and Smart Keyboard have also been updated. Now the Apple Pencil is mounted on magnets to the right side of the iPad Pro and charges in that state wirelessly. To “separate” this “couple”, you have to try. The magnets are strong enough to minimize the risk of losing the stylus, but it still exists.

    Also, the updated Apple Pencil perceives double tapping, which application developers can assign various actions. A touch of the stylus on the turned off display activates the application “Notes”.

    Such innovations probably require special technical solutions that do not allow the old Apple Pencil to be used with the new iPad Pro and vice versa.

    Smart Keyboard Folio is a new keyboard cover designed specifically for the iPad Pro 2018. It locks the tablet in two positions and protects it on both sides. The Smart Connector magnetic connector is used to connect, and the accessory design no longer resembles a sophisticated origami.

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    The key stroke of the updated keyboard cover remained unchanged, the trackpad was not delivered. Double-clicking on the space bar unlocks the tablet.


    Apple claims that built-in batteries with capacities of 29.37 Wh and 36.71 Wh are enough for 10 and 12.9 inches models for 10 hours of Wi-Fi network operation. In fact, we get 6-7 hours of watching movies online and about 5 hours at maximum load on both tablets.

    Mixed use will give more than 8 hours of work, which should be enough for the whole day.

    Ipad Pro 11 inches:

    • 64 GB. 65 990 rubles
    • 256 GB. 77 990 rubles
    • 512 GB. 93 990 rubles
    • 1 TB. 125,990 rubles

    Ipad Pro 12.9 inches:

    • 64 GB. 81 990 rubles
    • 256 GB. 93 990 rubles
    • 512 GB. 109 990 rubles
    • 1 TB. 141 990 rubles
    • Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 11 ″. 14 990 rubles.
    • Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 12.9 ″. 16,490 rubles.
    • The second generation of Apple Pencil. 10 790 rubles.

    Why iPad Pro will not replace my computer?

    For my work, Photoshop and a keyboard are needed to process images and print quickly. It would seem that the iPad Pro is ready to offer this, but there are a couple of nuances.

    Full-fledged Photoshop will appear on the iPad next year, and the proprietary Smart Keyboard Folio keyboard has only two tablet positions and is still unsuitable for use on your lap. And most of the time I have to work in any conceivable and inconceivable positions, but not at the table.

    Still annoying is the need to always reach for the display, instead of using the trackpad under the keyboard, which in recent MacBook models has reached unrealistic sizes. For example, on my MacBook Pro 13 ″ 2017, I can move the cursor with my thumb, without taking my hands off the keyboard.

    Add to the above iOS 12, which does not allow you to work normally with the file system and we get that the laptop for me remains a more universal working tool. And most importantly: cheaper.

    The most affordable new iPad Pro 11 ″ in the basic version with a branded cover-keyboard will cost 80 980 rubles. My basic “firmware” of the 17th year with a large amount of memory cost me 76 thousand rubles in the “gray” market. And I see no reason to change it to the new iPad Pro.

    Perhaps the new iPad Pro is perfect for designers or users whose tasks are limited to browsing, mobile games and watching content, but definitely not for me.


    For new iPad Pros, the refresh rate and display resolution, memory size, performance, and other parameters can be an order of magnitude higher than that of your computer. But still they cannot replace him. Because iPad Pro 2018 is not a computer.

    Ipad Pro 2018 is the most innovative tablet ever. If you just need a good tablet, check out the more affordable iPad models. Those wishing to be on the cutting edge of progress should take a closer look at the new iPad Pro.