Where to see Apple ID on iPhone

How to find out your iPhone warranty expiration date

To check Apple Watch or iPhone by serial number and find out the expiration date of the warranty, you need to find the serial number of the device. There are a lot of ways to do it. They were described in more detail above. If the serial number is on hand, then you should go to the site “Checking the eligibility for service and support” (https://checkcoverage.Apple.com/ru/ru/) and enter it in the appropriate field, confirming this with captcha.

If the phone was bought a long time ago, then in the column “The right to service and repair”, most likely, it will be written “Not provided.” If the year has not yet passed, then the inscription will be “Provided”. The estimated expiration date of the warranty will be indicated below the caption.

Important! To get the exact date of activation, you need to take Honor from the specified date exactly one year (365 days) and add one more day.

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How to Check iPhone Warranty. The Easy Way

All digital and non-digital devices must be sold with a warranty. This confirms the quality of the assembly, the components and the skills of the workers. A guarantee is always provided by a manufacturer who wants to prove and demonstrate the benefits of their products. Therefore, Apple sets a warranty period for its iPhones, iPads and other gadgets. What kind of warranty does the company provide and how to check the status of the iPhone warranty or check the Apple Watch by IMEI?

How to check the warranty on iPhone and Apple Watch by serial number

First you need to find the serial number of the device. How to do this was described in the previous section. In addition to the phone memory, this code can be indicated in the warranty card or on the packaging from the iPhone. You can also find it in the iTunes application on your computer if your phone is synchronized with it. The last resort is to go to the Appleid.Apple.com website, log in to the service using your Apple ID and search for your smartphone in the “Devices” section.

Next, you need to go to another page. the site for checking the official warranty from Apple (https://checkcoverage.Apple.com/ru/ru/). In the corresponding field, insert or write manually the found serial number of the phone and check for a spam robot (simple captcha).

Important! The service will immediately determine if the iPhone owner is eligible for warranty service and will show the expiration date if it has already expired.

The item “Valid date” indicates the date of purchase of the phone. It means that the company knows this day for sure, which greatly simplifies communication and the chances of free repairs. Also, without exception, all users of the products receive a 90-day opportunity to consult by phone from the moment of the purchase. “Eligibility for repair and service” refers to whether a customer’s phone can be repaired under a limited warranty.

You can check the Apple Watch serial number in the gadget itself

What warranty does Apple give on iPhone and Apple Watch

Official information from the Apple website says that the warranty for all devices in the Russian Federation is exactly one year. The only device not covered by the rule is the Apple Watch Edition. The official warranty period for it is set at two years, but there is one “but”. The last smartwatches of this series were released in 2016, so for most people they are not relevant and should not be taken into account.

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Can’t get a warranty for damage that is not described in the agreement

On the territory of Russia, the company is guided by several types of guarantees:

  • Limited annual on all products.
  • The guarantee provided by the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.
  • An additional type called “AppleCare Protection Plan”.

The first, as many have already guessed, is valid for only a year and does not contradict the second type, but even supplements it and gives some advantages to the user. The same cannot be said for the AppleCare Protection Plan, which is not a guarantee, but rather a plan with the literal translation of the Supplemental Service Plan.

This is a paid service, so there is no point in focusing on it. You can only briefly describe it. Service that is included in the Plan may supplement your entitlement to repair free of charge during the warranty period for a certain amount. You can purchase it along with a new Mac or iPhone device or within 12 months from the date of purchase of Apple equipment from an authorized reseller.

Apple Watch Edition with two years of official warranty offered

How to Check iPhone Warranty via iTunes

You cannot directly check the warranty period through iTunes. With its help, you can only find out the unique code of the IMEI phone, with the help of which the warranty and the possibility of free repair and support are checked on a specialized website. To view data through iTunes, your phone and personal computer must be in sync. This can be done during the IMEI check, which looks like this:

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You can find out the code without connecting the device to a PC. To do this, find it in iTunes and go to the application settings. In the list of parameters, select the “Devices” item, where the backups of previously synchronized devices are stored. Among them, you can find your own and click on it. The same information will be shown in another window.

Where to find the serial number of your Apple device

Depending on the type of device, the serial number can be indicated:

  • on the body of the device in the form of a sticker (on the back or bottom side);
  • on a Mac, from the About This Mac menu;
  • on portable gadgets iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod or Apple Watch. in the menu “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.
  • in Finder or iTunes if the device is synced to a Mac or PC.

Important! When searching for and entering a serial number on other services, remember that the unique factory code can only contain the digit “0” and never contain the Latin letter “O”. This will help to avoid mistakes and not fall for the tricks of unscrupulous people.

Information on the warranty period on the website for checking the serial number

In what cases can the warranty service be refused

There are several times when Apple may refuse service under warranty. The most commonplace case. the warranty period ended long ago, and a person with problems came only now.

Other and more subtle failures may follow in such cases:

Repairing a phone not in an official service center completely removes it from the warranty period

Thus, there are several ways to view the warranty on the iPhone and other Apple devices. It is recommended to check the timing through the official service of the company, driving in the serial number of your gadget. Sometimes the result of the check can be a blocking, which means that the gadget has not yet been used and needs to be activated.

How to find IMEI on iPhone

Many of you probably know that any mobile phone has its own unique equipment identifier, the so-called IMEI number. Apple iPhone mobile phones are no exception, each of them also has its own unique identification number. IMEI.

Most users will probably never even need this number, but there are times when you need to know your iPhone. For example, to check if it is blocked by mobile operators.

Briefly about what IMEI is and what it is for, as well as in detail about where to look and how to find out the IMEI of an iPhone phone in several different ways, we will tell you in this article.

The article, unexpectedly for us, turned out to be quite large, since we tried to describe all the methods in detail, with pictures and screenshots, so for faster and more convenient orientation we made with quick links.

Command to display IMEI

Perhaps the fastest way to find out IMEI on iPhone is the command. which you can enter on the dialing screen in the “Phone” application, that is, in the standard “ringer” of the iPhone. Enter the following code there:

Immediately after entering this command, you will see the IMEI right on the screen of your smartphone.

Check the IMEI on the box of your iPhone

If you don’t have a phone in your hands right now, but you urgently need it, have a number, and you never throw away the boxes of your purchases, then the easiest way to find out is to look at the IMEI on the iPhone box. It is printed on the sticker from its back side.

How to find out IMEI iPad or iPhone

IPhones are highly sought after devices in the digital gadget market. And this demand plays into the hands of scammers who often sell fakes or stolen pipes. Therefore, before buying a device from your hands, you need to get some knowledge that allows you to identify a fake and clarify additional information on the phone being sold. How to find out the IMEI iPhone and what can the serial number of the smartphone tell us? We will talk about this and much more in this review.

Find out IMEI on iPhone

Many users are wondering. how to find out IMEI on iPhone? There are several ways to find out this identification number. The first method is the most common. we can find out the IMEI using the command #. IMEI will appear on the smartphone screen immediately after typing this command. By the way, it works on almost all mobile phones and smartphones, as well as on some tablet computers.

Are there other ways to find out IMEI on iPhone? Of course. just look at the back cover of your smartphone. If you have an iPhone 5 or higher in your hands, then you can easily access the IMEI of your device. If you are the proud owner of an older version of the smartphone, pull out the SIM card slot. you will see the IMEI of your smartphone on it. Subsequently, IMEI disappeared from here, migrating to a more correct place.

The IMEI number is imprinted not only on the back cover or on the SIM card slot, but also on the packaging for the smartphone. Take the box out from under your device, take a look at it and find the data you need. IMEI is written here not only in the form of a sequence of numbers, but also in the form of a unique barcode in which the indicated numbers are encrypted.

After checking the IMEI on the box and the IMEI on the smartphone, you will complete the first stage of checking the smartphone before buying. both numbers must match. A similar IMEI number should be shown on the iPhone screen after dialing the command #.

Find out the IMEI number on the iPhone will help the beloved by all Apple users iTunes application. it reads the specified number from the smartphone’s memory and displays it on the computer display. IMEI is displayed on the main tab “Overview”, where technical information about the connected device is shown. This is where you will see the two most important values ​​- Serial Number and IMEI. Naturally, the IMEI code and serial number must match the data indicated on the device packaging.

The last way to find out the IMEI on an iPhone is to look into the device’s settings. We take the iPhone in hand, go to “Settings. General. About this device”. Here you will see all the technical information about your device. In the general list, you will find the IMEI itself, which will need to be compared with other data.

Can i find IMEI by iPhone serial number? Despite the fact that the serial number and IMEI are unique data, they are practically not interconnected with each other.

View IMEI via iTunes

Another place where your iPhone’s IMEI code is listed is your phone information in the iTunes app. To see it there, do the following.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a wire and launch iTunes.
  • In the upper left corner, select the connected Apple device whose IMEI you want to know.
  • In the Overview tab of your device, find information about the capacity, phone number, and serial number of the device. Click the mouse pointer several times on the text “Phone number”.
  • As a result of several clicks, the line “Phone number” will change to the line “IMEI”, in which the iPhone identifier you are looking for will be indicated.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? But what if you have neither the device nor the box on hand? There is an option!

What is IMEI

To begin with, it is worth briefly describing what an IMEI number is, why it is needed and how it is used.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​is an international mobile equipment identifier that is unique for each device using it. It is used in all mobile phones operating in cellular networks of the GSM, CDMA and IDEN standards, as well as in some satellite phones. Any modern phone, smartphone and even a tablet with a 3G / 4G module (that is, any that supports work with a SIM card) has its own unique “have”.

This number is assigned to each device with the ability to work in the networks listed above at the factory and is stored in the memory of the gadget, and it is used to identify your device in mobile networks. IMEI is always 15 digits.

Thus, according to the rules, two mobile devices with the same IMEI cannot exist, although such situations occur in the event of an illegal change of this number (it is a criminal offense in many countries), but this is quite difficult for a simple user to do.

We have decided on the concept, now let’s figure out how and where the IMEI iPhone can be viewed.