Where to find notes on Samsung

How to create a folder for notes

  • Open the Notes app.
  • Tap on the icon in the form of a small triangle, which is located to the right of the word “Notes” at the top of the screen above the search box.
  • Tap “” (new folder) located at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the “New folder” window that opens, enter the name of your folder and click OK.

To open the folder you created, tap on the triangle next to Notes. A list of folders will open, among them find the one you need and click on it.

1) Install ColorNote on an Android device with enabled root access (ROOT rights). For owners of rooted smartphones and tablets, go directly to item “4)”.

If there are no ROOT-rights, then download from the official site “freeware” the program for launching Android-applications “BlueStacks App Player” (BlueStacks TV) with the necessary ROOT-rights in the kit.

This is not an emulator that slows down wildly, works smartly and intuitively. Launch it and look for ColorNote in the Play store and install it in BlueStacks (by logging into your Google account along the way), just like on a regular Android smartphone.

Search with a single word, otherwise the button will not work.

We go into the account, after which the setup will be completed.

The search result will be displayed, where you will need to go to the ColorNote page.

After installation, the application appears here. Also install “Total Commander”, it will be needed in the future.

how to create, store, hide and restore?

Notes on Huawei and Honor, as well as on other smartphones, are used to save important messages, create reminders. It’s like a digital draft. It is convenient to write a shopping list for the supermarket there, create a list of important things to do, save the date and time of the meeting, and more. But if this smartphone is in your hands for the first time, difficulties will arise with the creation process.

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13 october 2017

8) Now that there is a file “colornote.db”, it should be opened in the free program SQLite Database Browser (or any other similar SQL editor), which opens the databases. Download and install it.

The program is “freeware” from the official site, there is a “Portable” version for convenience.

The structure of the “colornote.db” database file. The necessary notes can be found anyway, but there will be a lot of “garbage”, so let’s move on to the next step.

Where to find a hidden note

In notes, people usually write a variety of information, sometimes very important and confidential. In order to prevent a stranger from seeing this information, the Xiaomi application has a function that allows you to hide the entries selected by the user, protecting them also with a password. How to open hidden notes:

Swipe down to the very end of the main window while sticking to the right side of the screen. Pressing should be quite perceptible, like when dragging, for example, application icons into folders.

A password protected window will appear. You must enter the password that you set for hidden notes (and other apps with additional protection).

After entering the password, you can see hidden notes in this window.

Copy notes from phone to computer

This can be done in several ways:

  • create a document and send it to a PC via Bluetooth or mail;
  • enable USB debugging and transfer the folder to the PC;
  • copy text, place it on an external medium, paste it into a PC or laptop.

Notes accidentally deleted from Samsung Memo app

Be careful when playing with the note taking app. This allows you to permanently delete old notes or notes. In other words, once the note files have been removed from the application, they will soon disappear from both the application and the location of the notes file on the phone. One of the users of the note-taking app accidentally deleted some very important notes and asks how to recover the lost note on Android phone as soon as possible.

“Hi, I made a terrible mistake. I accidentally deleted some notes from the note-taking app on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I can’t find the location of the file either. Could you help me with recovering notes? “

How to find deleted notes in the “Trash” notebook

-To view the contents of your Trash notebook:

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Open the Trash notepad to find your deleted notes. (Notes in the trash can not appear in search results.)

How to recover Samsung Notes data

-Click “Recover” to recover deleted notes on your device.

The Samsung Notes UPDATE Is AWESOME! Went To All Samsung’s

How to Recover Samsung Data

The moment you delete the file, it still exists in its original location as an invisible state. You cannot search or see this directly. Most possible way to recover other Samsung data. use FoneLab Android Data Recovery. The program can help you recover data from Android phone or SD card without backup.

Thus, you can get Samsung notes back within minutes due to virus attack, mistaken deletion, rooting error, device freezing, damaged parts, etc.

  • Selectively recover Samsung messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, videos, music, photos, etc.
  • Preview and select data to recover on Samsung phone or tablet.
  • Works in various recoverable scenarios such as accidental deletion, system crash, forgotten password, SD card problem, device crash, OS error, etc.
  • Safe and easy to use.

Samsung data recovery software free download. Run the program after installation. In the interface, select Android Data Recovery. Then connect Samsung to PC via USB cable.

Enable USB debugging mode by following the instructions on the screen. It depends on the current version of Android you are using. Click Next later. to continue recovery without backing up Samsung notes.

10 tips for using Samsung Notes on your Galaxy phone

The software must get permission to read your Samsung device’s data. Thus, you will need to root Samsung. You can follow Android root guide or install root app to fix the problem.

Select and view all recoverable Samsung notes. You can run on Only display deleted items. to retrieve only deleted notes or notes. Check in front of the files you want to recover. Finally, click Recover and set the destination folder to recover deleted notes and notes on Samsung Galaxy and other devices.

Now you can preview and recover deleted photos. Click Gallery & Image Library in the left pane so you can view the recovered photos in thumbnail size, and double-click it to view its full size in the registered version. Check the ones you want to return and click Restore. to save them to your computer. Photos will be saved as jpg and png files and sorted by file type on your computer.

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All in all, you can recover Samsung notes by the above two ways. If you don’t have the latest backup files, the most likely way would be to use a third-party Android data recovery software. Stop using your Samsung phone if data is overwritten. Now download FoneLab Android Data Recovery for free and connect Samsung to PC. You can easily and quickly restore notes and notes without backup.

How to Recover Deleted Texts on Samsung Galaxy / Note in 2019

It is true that SMS still plays a key role for most mobile phone users, especially when receiving SMS verification code for some online accounts. Many friends are accustomed to regularly clearing text messages on their mobile phone, which entails a problem: there is no trash bin or “Recover” button for SMS messages, you cannot recover deleted messages directly from your phone even if you are using Samsung phones. So, how to accurately recover deleted texts on Samsung device if you accidentally deleted the wrong text messages?

In fact, if you want to recover deleted text messages from Samsung devices, there is always a way out! Let’s learn together how to find deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / S6, Note 9/8/7/6, etc. with the latest guide.

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Why can lost text messages be recovered? How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung Phone Directly? How to Find Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Kies Backup? How to Recover Deleted Texts on Samsung without Computer? How to Safely Preserve Samsung Messages from Loss Again?

S Memo and S Note

Samsung users should be very familiar with these two note-taking apps, S Memo and S Note. The apps are so popular that almost all Samsung users use them everywhere to jot down ideas instantly and for free. Notes, notes, or notes can be taken in several forms. For example, pictures, voice recordings, typed texts, handwritten notes, or drawings.

How wonderful it is to capture your ideas and save them in note-taking apps before they fly away! What’s more, both S Memo and S Note let you effectively create categories, move or delete files from the app, just like Samsung’s note app makes your life easier and more fun.