Where To Download Youtube Videos On iPhone

Moving a video on iPhone

  • Connect iPhone via USB cable to computer. Launch iTunes.

Itunes. Media player for playing media content.

The program itself offers a playlist after several played songs, based on your taste and mood, burn a disc and synchronize all movies and music on your PC (personal computer) into a logical library list.

It is this player that most iPhone owners first install on their computer after purchase.

  • Press the CTRLO key combination. In a special window, add the uploaded video from YouTube to the “Media Library”.

Add the uploaded YouTube video to the “Media Library”

  • In the “Media Library” menu, find a section called “Movies” and go to it.

It is noteworthy that the uploaded video can be located in the “Home video” subsection, where our video is now.

Downloaded video from YouTube is in the “Home Video” subsection

Despite this, our video file will still download well on the iPhone. And so that in the “video” application it does not appear as “Home video”, you need to right-click on the desired video and select “Details”.

In the “Information” we find a tab called “Parameters”, go to it. From the items listed in it, select “Median type” and assign it to be this type “Video clip”.

You can also edit the video in the Options tab if you want. For example, by cutting it off or adjusting the sound volume.

After changing the type of media, our video will be in the “Films” section. Where he needs to be. In the same way, it will be reflected in the iPhone.

  • The next step is to go to the device control menu. To do this, click the icon depicting a smartphone in the upper right corner of the player panel.

The icon depicting a smartphone in the upper right corner of the player panel

  • Find the “Settings” block and in the “Films” section put a tick in the box opposite the words “Synchronize movies”, although it can be set there by default.

A check mark in the box opposite the words “Synchronize Movies”

  • Press the Synchronize button. Six steps to sync must go.
  • Open the Video app on iPhone. Make sure that the download was successful and that our video was in the correct section “Films”.

Videos on iPhone under Movies

This method allows users to download both video and music in different quality.

The download takes place in an iPhone-friendly format and does not require any file conversion. Can be directly transferred to iPhone.

Thus, saving any video from YouTube is easy. Fast downloads even if you need HD.

As you can see, in the first way we have successfully added the video downloaded from YouTube to the iPhone. Let’s proceed to a step-by-step consideration of the second method.

Download via VLC media player

It is designed to play various video / audio formats.

For this player to play movies or music, you do not need to download codecs separately. They are already built into it.

The mobile version of this player is no worse than the popular desktop versions, that is, versions of stationary computers.

If this application is already installed on your iPhone, let’s start:

  • Connect iPhone to computer. Enter the smartphone control menu.
  • Find the “Settings” block. In it, go to the “Programs” section.

The “Apps” section in iTunes

  • Scrolling through the list of programs, you will find VLC in the list of programs that can be used to transfer documents. This means that this player can be used to transfer files from iPhone or vice versa.

VLC is a program that can be used to transfer documents

  • Click on VLC. Move the video from YouTube to the field that opens.
  • Everything. All that remains is to go to the VLC application on your iPhone and play the desired video.

VLC app on your iPhone

After the video has been uploaded to the VLC file list, there is no need to start synchronization.

Download via from SaveFrom.Net and Documents 5

To download videos from YouTube, you can also use the SaveFrom.Net service. But already with an application called Documents 5.

It is a file manager suitable for daily use.

  • Download the application from the App Store (Fig. 17), it won’t take up much space by weight;

Download the application in the App Store

  • Find some cool video and copy its link;
  • Next, open SaveFrom.Net and paste the desired link into the “Specify address”;
  • After specifying the desired quality, in the tab that appears, select Share. Copy;
  • Launch Documents 5, insert the link into the browser bar and download the video.

This method is SIMple and does not require complex manipulations. If other options are not satisfied with the option, then this is a very worthy replacement.

Any Video Converter Program

  • On the computer, turn on a browser with Internet access. In the search box, you must enter “YouTube.com”. From the list of videos that appears, click the desired one and launch it. In the browser, in the search bar, copy the link to our video and paste it into the clipboard.

Save video link in Any Video Converter

  • The next step is to open the Any Video Converter program on your computer. In the window that appears on the screen, click the Add URLs button. In the next window that appears, you need to paste the copied link to the video we need. Then click “Start Download”. Those. “Start download”.

Downloading Videos to Computer via Any Video Converter

  • After the download process is complete, put a tick in front of the downloaded file. Settings for video should be as follows: format. Mp4, resolution. 320 × 240. Click “Encode”.

Convert Video to Any Video Converter

After the end of the conversion, a folder with the finished file should open. This folder is located by the computer at “My Documents \ Any Video Converter \ MP4”.

The resulting video is easily saved to your iPhone and available for offline viewing at any time convenient for you.

So, to summarize, we will provide a short instruction on how to add YouTube videos to iPhone in the most proven way:

Where To Download Youtube Videos On iPhone
  • Go to the SaveFrom.Net service website;
  • Paste the video URL into the dedicated field;
  • Wait for the links to download the video file to appear;
  • Wait for the file to download to your computer;
  • Add downloaded files to your iTunes library;
  • Synchronize and wait for it to complete.

Apple has always put copyright first. That is why all applications for illegal downloading of videos have been removed from iPhones.

However, there are a large number of different services to download videos from YouTube to your computer.

Therefore, it is still possible for the owners of iPhones to “pass the time” by watching their favorite videos without huge losses of Internet traffic.

How else can you download ?

This method shows that iTunes syncing may not be useful in order to successfully download YouTube videos to iPhone.

One of the video players from the App Store, or some kind of cloud service application will do.

How can you download

When you don’t know how to add a YouTube video to your iPhone, you don’t need to “rush” for help on the Internet. To thematic portals and forums.

There “experts” will give you outdated information on how to download and upload videos for free. But!

“This service is not supported, and also contradicts the terms of use of services for downloading files”. This answer appears when in the section “Help / Info” to the question “why can not I download a video from YouTube?” in “My Video Downloader”.

Downloading YouTube videos to iPhone is not possible in “My Video Downloader”

Download via Video Cache

You can also try downloading videos to iPhone using Video Cache.

On the main page of this application, go to downloads from the browser.

Enter a link to the desired video from YouTube. When the video starts loading, stop this process.

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At the bottom there is an icon that allows you to download the video, and then save the one you need to the library.

The video will be available for viewing there.

The only drawback of this app is the large amount of ads.

Saving a file to a computer

  • Select the video you like on YouTube.com. Right click on it to start playback.

Select a video on YouTube.com

  • In the search bar, which contains a link to your video, select it and add two letters s to the word youtube. You should get ssyoutube. After that, press Enter on the computer keyboard, or on “find” on the right of the search bar.

Subscribe to the video link with two letters s for youtube

If you do everything right, go to the Savefrom service page.

  • Next to the green “Download” button, expand the field with the format and resolution for the video and select the one you need. When choosing a format, proceed from the characteristics of your iPhone. For example, for iPhone 3 or 4, high-definition (HD) videos will not be able to play, will not pull.

Select video format and resolution

  • After clicking the “Download” button, the download of the selected file will begin.

Using the Safari browser

If your gadget runs on iOS 13 or later, you can download videos via Safari. This requires a dedicated downloader site.

Copy the link to the video you want to download. For example, we took the URL of a YouTube video.

Launch Safari and open the site of any downloader in it that can download videos from the site you need. The service can be selected from this list. For example, to save YouTube videos, YBmate.com will do.

Paste the link you copied earlier into the text box on the downloader site and hit enter.

When links to different video download formats are displayed, select the appropriate one and click on the button next to it. If the service then offers a new download button, use it.

In the window that appears, select “Download”.

In the upper right corner, click on the arrow icon to open the Downloads menu.

When the video downloads, click on it.

After starting the player, use the “Share” button.

In the “Share” menu, select “Save video”. After that it will appear in the standard “Photos” application.

2 Easiest Ways to Download Videos on iPhone and iPad

Download videos from YouTube,. Instagram, and other popular video hosting sites without a computer.

Using the Documents app

If you have an older version of the OS where Safari cannot download videos, you can use the free iOS program Documents. It is a file manager with a built-in browser that is capable of downloading video files from the internet via a direct link.

Copy the link to the video you want to download. For example, let’s save the URL of the YouTube video.

Launch Documents and open the built-in browser.

Go to the site of any downloader that can download videos from the desired site. You can choose a suitable service from the Lifehacker’s selection. As an example, we will use the YBmate.com downloader, which is capable of downloading videos from YouTube.

Paste the previously copied URL into the field on the downloader site and press “Enter”.

When links to different video download formats are displayed, select the appropriate one and click on the button next to it. If the service then offers a new download button, use it.

In the window that appears, enter any name for the video and click “Finish”.

Go back to the main Documents menu and open the Downloads folder.

After the download is complete, click on the three dots in the corner of the file you just saved.

When the context menu appears, tap “Move”.

In the window that appears, select “Photo” and click “Move”.

After that, the downloaded video file will appear in the standard “Photos” application.

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad [Instructions]

People love to watch videos on YouTube. Some even “live” there and this can be understood and forgiven. Well, there are so many interesting and cool (and just as much stupid and unnecessary, by the way).

It’s a pity that you always need a more or less tolerable network connection to watch the video. Although NO! After all, you can download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad, and watch them at any time convenient for you. In this article I will show you how to do it.

  • The best way to watch offline
  • Download YouTube videos to iPhone using iOS app
  • Save YouTube video to computer. Then record to iPhone
  • Use a USB flash drive for iPhone

Save YouTube video to computer. Then record to iPhone

Didn’t like the first method? Try the second one! Now we will save the video from the YouTube website to the computer and then transfer it to the iPhone.

STEP 1. Find on YouTube the video you want to download to iPhone.

STEP 2. At the top of the browser (from the address bar), select and copy the URL leading to the YouTube page with this video.

STEP 3. Now go to the savefrom.Net website, paste the copied URL into the line that says “Just paste the link” and press ENTER.

STEP 4. After the link is processed, a video preview and a Download button will appear on the screen.

STEP 5. To the right of the Download button, you can select the format and quality of the video. We need MP4 or 3GP format. Choose the quality at your discretion. From my own experience, I can say that 720p videos were launched on the iPhone with a bang, while 360p did not even want to correspond on the iPhone.

So, now you have a video file on your computer in a format suitable for iOS devices. All we need to do is transfer the video file to our phone or tablet. The site has a separate article “How to download a video or movie on an iPhone or iPad”, although below I also gave a short instruction.

STEP 1. Launch iTunes on the computer and connect with a USB cable to the iPhone.

STEP 2. Click on the Movies icon in the library, and then from the File menu, select Add to Library.

STEP 3. In the window that opens, find your video file and double-click on it. The title of the movie should appear in the media section. Check the Home Videos tab just in case. Videos downloaded from YouTube are likely to end up there.

STEP 4. Now just drag and drop the video onto your iOS device. The file will be copied.

STEP 5. The video downloaded on iPhone YouTube can be viewed in the standard Video application.

Download YouTube videos to iPhone using iOS app

As you already understood from the name of this method, we need a specific iOS application from the App Store. I will say right away that this method is the most optimal and effective. You don’t need a computer to download videos. Let’s take it all step by step.

STEP 1. Download from the App Store one of the applications that you found in the App Store on the request “download video”.

STEP 2. Launch the downloaded application and go to the Browser section (button at the bottom of the screen). In the address bar, enter: m.Youtube.com.

STEP 3. Find the video you need and launch it. When the image expands to full screen, tap on the screen to display the control buttons.

Among them, you will see a highlighted floppy disk. This is the button for downloading YouTube videos. Click on the floppy disk and select Download in the window that appears below.

STEP 4. The selected video will start to be cached (downloaded) to your device. You can view the status of downloaded videos on the Downloads page. You can access saved videos in the Files section.

That’s it! Now the downloaded YouTube video is on your iPhone. You can watch videos only in the program that you downloaded at the beginning of this method. If you are sick of ad insertions, get rid of them by updating the program to the PRO version (for 0.99).

If for some reason you do not have the ability or desire to download applications from the App Store, there is also a way out. And this will be the next way to download YouTube videos to iPhone.

The best way to watch offline

One of the latest YouTube updates to the iOS app brought an unexpected surprise. The YouTube app now has a Save button that lets you download YouTube videos without leaving the app.

On the other hand, some kind of inconsistent move on the part of Google, but oh well. The main thing is that we are now comfortable with you and there is no need to “dance with a tambourine.” Actually in the picture below everything is clear.

The main thing to remember is that videos will be stored in the phone’s memory, provided that your iPhone does not lose its connection to the internet for more than three days.

Perhaps there is no point in reading further, but still.

I have been using the following approach to watching videos for a long time: I download a bunch of video clips from YouTube to my iPhone and as a free minute appears (in transport, in line, on the way to the garage.) I watch them one by one, and then delete.

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I try to save precious minutes of my life. After all, I have to do everything! And time, as you know, is an irrecoverable resource!

Traditionally, I offer you several ways to download YouTube videos to iPhone. The first way is using an iOS application. The second method is using a computer with further copying the video to the iPhone.

Recently, YouTube has changed the terms on its website, according to which downloading video content using applications for offline viewing is PROHIBITED. There is a condition, but experience shows that not all developers listen to it.

Apps for downloading videos from YouTube still sneak into the App Store, but over time, they fly out of there in the same way. They are replaced by SIMilar applications and almost always from the same developers.

Such is the turnover. Therefore, enter the request “download video” in the App Store search field and install a couple of the first applications from the search results. Be guided by description and rating.

At the moment, the App Store gives out quite a few applications for the request “download video”. I would focus on the first two, because they are usually the most popular, and therefore the most working.

I do not specifically mention the names of the applications, tk. The issue is constantly changing. Apps don’t stay in the top for so long, because Apple throws them out of the App Store, but they are replaced by new ones with a different name.

In fact, all these programs are ordinary browsers that allow you to download videos from any sites (not only from YouTube).

Use a USB flash drive for iPhone

If at the mention of iTunes you get a gag reflex, I understand you perfectly. Recently, I got hold of one miracle device that solved many issues when transferring information from computer to iPhone. This miracle device is a USB flash drive for iPhone.

You can still download a YouTube video file to your computer and then copy it to your iPhone using a USB flash drive. How to do this, I described in detail in the article “Ideal USB flash drive for iPhone”. Be sure to read, because this must have accessory.

Summing up, I want to say. Both the first and second methods are good and the main thing is that they work. In the first case, to download a video from YouTube, you do not need a computer or a cable, which in turn is convenient.

The second way is a little tricky, but without advertising and any restrictions. Choose you friends!

Everyone who clicks the Like button in one of the social. Networks will receive ice cream. And do not forget to subscribe to updates. I have planned a whole series of articles from which will SIMply blow the tower.

How to download videos to iPhone and iPad from the Internet?

Uploading videos, especially from YouTube.. Instagram and other platforms is very important for iOS users. Most of us usually try to record a video in some way for later viewing from our device without access to the Internet. Here are the methods to download videos on iPhone and iPad.

Open the page where you want to download the video and copy the link to the video. The screenshots below show an example of downloading a video to iPhone from YouTube.

Open, for example, 9xbuddy.Org or select another from our overview of sites that are used to download videos from social networks and paste the copied URL in the provided field.

Click the Download button and select the quality of the downloaded video.

In the pop-up window that appears, click Download. The Download icon will appear in the upper right corner of Safari, showing the download progress.

The downloaded video will be saved in the Downloads folder of the Files application.

If you want to save the uploaded video to the Photos application, then launch the video in the Files application and click the Share button → Save video.

The video will be saved in the Video folder of the Photos application.

Saving files to iPhone or iPad from Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Dropbox or other third-party cloud storage

Yandex.Disk, Google Drive and Dropbox are for many users the most popular sources for storing and sharing files or documents across multiple devices. The advantage of Google Drive is due to the additional ability to create documents using the Google Docs service and then save them directly in it.

All of the listed cloud storages provide cross-platform access from any of your devices, including computers, smartphones, etc. With direct upload option to save documents from the cloud to device storage.

Where files are saved on iPhone and iPad?

One of the most frustrating problems with iOS devices was the lack of a traditional file system with which to work with local files. On the one hand, this is great, because thanks to this, it is protected both from outside intruders and from the crooked handles of users who can accidentally break something.

However, with the introduction of the Files app on the iPhone and iPad, this problem has been somewhat resolved. Nevertheless, it’s too early to talk about a full-fledged solution, there are significant differences regarding Android or Windows. But this approach is already able to satisfy most of the needs of users, and with the release of iOS 13, even more opportunities for working with files have appeared.

Previously, it was not possible to upload files to iPhone and iPad, as there was no way to manage them. Now, if you download a file, document, or even a video to your iPad or iPad, they’ll all be saved directly to the Files app right on your device. The iCloud Drive directory in the Files app has a Downloads folder where iOS saves all downloaded files by default.

Thus, all downloaded files are automatically backed up and then it is synchronized on all your Apple devices, united by one Apple ID (iCloud) account.

How to download zip archives on iPhone?

Downloading zip files in iOS and iPadOS is the same as the above media types.

Open Safari, the email program or messenger that contains the ZIP archive.

After touching the archive file, it will be automatically downloaded to the Downloads folder (if the file was downloaded from Safari) or a preview will open, in which you must click the Share button, and then select the Save to Files item.

Select the required folder and click “Save”.

Open the Files app.

Go to your Downloads folder.

Click on the Zip file to extract it in the same directory.

How to change the location of the Downloads folder on iPhone and iPad?

In addition to Safari, there are many other web browsers in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. However, you can only download files and media to your device using the Safari browser. The default download location in Safari is iCloud Drive in the Files app, which fills up very quickly if you’re using the free 5GB plan. So you should definitely consider changing the download location to your device’s local storage instead of iCloud cloud storage. For this:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Scroll down and find the Safari section.

Find the “Downloads” option and click on it.

Choose On iPhone or On iPad from previous iCloud Drive.

You can also click “Other.” to select another directory of your choice.

Now all files that you download to iPhone or iPad will be saved to their local storage. You can find them using the Files app on your device.

How to download documents (files) on iPhone and iPad?

As with any other file type, the process of uploading documents to iPhone and iPad just got a lot easier. You can download files in a wide variety of formats, be it PDF documents, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.Zip.Txt.Mp3.M4a.Wav.Mov and so on. The downloaded file will appear in the Downloads directory of the Files application.

Go to the required web resource (site) in the Safari browser.

Press and hold the link with the document file that you need to download to work on the iPhone or iPad.

In the pop-up menu that appears, select Upload file from link.

Click the download icon in the Safari tab to view and open the downloaded document in the Files app.

Fortunately, iOS currently supports almost all major document formats, including Doc, Docx, PPTX, PDF, and more. If you want to download and save documents received via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, then follow these steps. The screenshots below show an example of downloading a document to iPhone from the WhatsApp application.

Upload the document file that you received in the messenger.

Open the file from the chat window.

Click the Share icon in the upper right corner.

Select “Save to Files”.

Select the required directory and click “Save”.

Likewise, you can save documents from various applications to the file system of your iPhone without much hassle.

How to Download Files, Documents, Videos and Music to iPhone and iPad from the Internet

The issue of loading and then saving documents and other files does not really matter if you are working on a computer or smartphone running Android. But when using an iPhone or iPad, this is not the case. Apple is not very active in allowing iOS users to directly download files. But there are still working methods. In this article, we will tell you how you can download the required files on iPhone and iPad.

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How to download songs to iPhone or iPad?

If you have ever used Android, then remember about the possibility there to download or transfer music as a file and then play it using any music player of your choice. Apple does not approve of direct transfer of MP3 files to iPhones or iPads and then playing them using any media player. The easiest way to download songs to iPhone is by using streaming services like Apple Music, Yandex.Music, Google Music, Spotify, etc. But they are all paid.

If you still want to download MP3 files to your iPhone and share them with your friends, then that is also possible. You can download MP3 files from various web sources and save them in the Files application. You may not be able to see them on Apple Music or other apps. However, you can play music from files. This is how you can download songs to iPhone.

Launch Safari browser on iPhone.

Go to the web resource from which you want to download songs.

Click the Download button.

Select “Download” in the pop-up window with a question.

Click the Downloads icon in the upper right corner of the window to see the download progress.

When the download is finished, you can click on the filename in the Safari download list to play the music.

Alternatively, you can go to Files → To iPhone / iCloud Drive → Downloads to find your downloaded music and share it with your friends via WhatsApp, AirDrop or other apps.

Alternative to Files app on iPhone and iPad?

Alternatively, you can use various kinds of download managers, which are a dime a dozen in the App Store, or file managers with a built-in browser (in fact, they are one and the same).

The Documents app (review) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by Readdle will be a fairly advanced option.

Downloading and saving files on iPads and iPhones has ceased to be a big problem since Apple introduced the Files app and direct download option in Safari. Now with iOS 13, you can download almost all types of files and handle them easily using the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.

Where are Youtube video files saved on the phone

Can I save files from YouTube to watch them later, without an Internet connection? There are two ways to do this. Third-party services and an official premium subscription. After downloading, it remains to find out only one question. Where are the files downloaded from YouTube stored, how to find them.

Read all the answers in this review

Introduction. The easiest way to download a video

A paid subscription from YouTube is a whole set of additional functions for a relatively small fee (199 rubles per month):

  • No advertising;
  • Playback when the application is minimized in the mini-window;
  • Playing music when the screen is off;
  • → the ability to download files in 3 clicks.

Let’s talk about the last advantage in more detail. There is no such feature in the regular free version, and it can be the main argument in favor of YouTube Premium. How it works:

  • Sign up for a premium (by the way, the first month of service is free).
  • Play any video, do not expand it to full screen.
  • Below the playback window there is an arrow button, “download”.
  • Select the quality for saving: from Full HD to low 144 pixels. May depend on the original video quality. If you leave the checkbox “Remember settings”, next time the same choice will be set by default.
  • As soon as you connect to Wi-Fi, the system will save the selected video.
  • All downloaded videos are marked with a blue check mark.

Now let’s try to find where YouTube videos are downloaded, where exactly the files are saved on the device.

On Android phone and iPhone

Important: saving files is available only on mobile devices, there is no function on PCs and laptops.

For users of the mobile version, the answer to the question of where videos are downloaded from YouTube on the phone via YouTube premium: by default, they are sent to the internal memory of the device. However, on the iPhone, this setting is unchanged.

With an SD card installed on Android, you can choose which folder YouTube will automatically save the video to:

  • Open the application, click on the avatar icon.
  • Go to settings, select “Background and Offline Mode”.
  • Here you can enable downloads over the mobile network and set the quality.
  • At the bottom of the menu, click “Storage” and select SD card.

Now let’s dig in the bowels of the conductor to find the very folder:

  • Open “Internal Storage” or “SDCard”.
  • Select the “Android” folder, in it the “data” subdirectory.
  • A huge number of folders are stored here, we are looking for com.Google.Android.Youtube. In it we open offline. Streams.

The saved files have a specific extension.Exo, and if the download size exceeds 5 MB, they are divided into parts. In this regard, only the official application can reproduce them, other players cannot cope with this task.

Why it’s done:

  • The system has the right to unilaterally delete downloaded files at the request of the copyright holder (for example, restrictions in your country or other reasons).
  • The player is able to assemble parts of a large video into a single whole.
  • If the preview has changed, or there have been changes in the video, each connection is scanned and information is updated.
  • Storage takes place no more than 30 days, so that the period does not exceed the end of the subscription. After that the files will also be automatically deleted.

So, YouTube premium is a really useful and inexpensive subscription, but the developers are worried that the downloaded information is not freely distributed by users. Everything happens quite differently when using third-party services.

Downloaders. Which folder the video goes to ?

The most popular and secure mobile downloaders are Videoder, Snartube and YouTube Vanced for Android. They can download in standard mp4 video format, and even convert to mp3 and m4A audio.

All information is always saved in the Download folder or in the folder with the name of the application.

Youtube video from a third-party site

Let’s assume that you found the video not on youtube, but on a third-party site. How to download it?

For example, the blog has an article about how much and how video bloggers earn on YouTube, there is a video. Launch it and click on the YouTube icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

You will be taken to the official website, where there is a link where you insert SS.

Youtube Secrets: How To Quickly Download Any Video Using SS Embed

I continue to talk about the methods that will allow you to quickly download videos from YouTube. No need to download programs or browser extensions. It is enough to remember a small code and the video will be at your disposal in a couple of minutes. Let’s show you how to download from YouTube using SS.

This is my favorite method because allows you to download any video to your phone or computer in a few seconds.

How to download a video from YouTube to your phone.

First, you open a video on YouTube through any browser you have, and add SS in the address bar.

Adding SS to YouTube link. Chrome browser

  • Confirm and you are sent to the SaveFrom page.
  • Choose the required quality and download, if necessary, confirm the download.

The download link is generated automatically. Choose the best download format. In my example, it is 720p

The second method is suitable if you are watching videos through the installed YouTube application.

  • Click share, copy the link.

The link to copy is here

  • In the phone browser, open the SaveFrom.Net website and paste the link into the link box and press enter.
  • Download.

Where to insert the SS code

Let’s say you are on YouTube watching a video. Find the video you really want to download. Let it be a video “Uninstalling programs in three ways” from my channel.

All you need is in the address bar between “https: // www.” and “youtube.com/blablablabla” insert two letters: SS.

It turns out like this, press Enter.

You will be taken to the download page. You can ignore the right red button, this is an advertisement. We need green with the word “Download”.

Click on the checkbox next to 720 and an additional window appears. In my example, five options are available for download. The bottom two are video without sound.

I choose the quality for downloading 720p (HD). Click Download.

You can watch the video from your device. Done.

Method advantages

I have already written about how to download a video from any site to a computer, talked about various applications and programs, and even made a review article on the SaveFrom service. However, they all take up space on the computer and can create a load on the system.

Unfortunately, many people quickly forget where to insert these letters: “SS”. Bookmark this article and open it as needed. Until you finally remember.