Where is the i icon on Apple watch

15. Protect your hearing with noise control

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What to do: open the Watch app on iPhone; go to the “Noise” section; turn the switch “Measurement of ambient sounds” to the active position.

The feature controls the volume of ambient sounds and makes recommendations if it is too noisy around. This is especially important given the fact that it is very easy for the ears to get used to a particular hum. But he continues to affect them badly.

If the chip is active, the clock will report that it is very loud around and will offer to change the location or make the home audio system quieter.

Disable automatic wrist recognition when wearing jeweled watches

What to do: Open the Watch app on iPhone; go to the “Code-password” section; turn the “Wrist Recognition” switch to the inactive position.

The Apple Watch standard determines what you wear on your wrist using the heart rate monitor and other sensors on the back. But, if a foreign object gets under the watch, they immediately decide that they have been taken off their hands. In this case, they turn off the always-on screen and ask you to re-enter the password.

This usually happens when you wear not only Apple Watch, but also other things on your wrist, such as bracelets. In this case, it is best to turn off the given feature. Without it, it will be easier to manage the watch.

16. Disable “Screenshots” so as not to clutter up memory

What to do: open the Watch app on iPhone; go to the “Basic” section; turn the “Screenshots” switch to the inactive position.

I turn on the function myself only when I’m working on similar materials. In other cases, it is not needed, but the buttons every now and then press themselves and clog up my gallery.

Count how many calories are burned in computer games

What to do: Launch the Workout app on Apple Watch; select the option “Sports simulator”. if it is not in the basic menu, you can move it here using the “Add training” button.

In the latest watchOS revisions, it became possible to monitor your activity during computer games. In especially active ones, you burn a lot of calories, and it will be nice to know exactly how much.

13. Make the clock tell the current time by voice

What to do: open the Watch app on iPhone; go to the “Clock” section; move the “Time out loud” switch to the active position and define the option: “Depends on Silent mode” or “Always say”. after that, you need to hold down any watch face with two fingers.

It is difficult to name specific scenarios for using this feature. Nevertheless, I myself periodically use it in the hustle and bustle of working days.

20. Keep track of the altitude through the “Compass

What to do: open the Compass app on your Apple Watch; scroll its main menu down.

Not everyone knows that Apple Watch’s built-in altimeter is hidden in the Compass app. Now you know.

“Content update” can be disabled to increase autonomy

What to do: open the Watch app on iPhone; go to the “Basic” section; expand the “Content Update” menu; turn the “Content update” switch to the inactive position.

The “Content Refresh” function is intended for background data update in the specified applications. Even if you turn it off completely, it will still work for all software, extensions of which are used on the dials.

The bottom line is that all the software that you are in demand is on the watchface. The rest does not need a live update, so this can be turned off to increase the battery life of the device.

11. Get rid of accidental launches of Siri through the Digital Crown

What to do: Put on the watch with the Digital Crown pointing away from the wrist; open the Watch app on iPhone; go to the “Basic” section; expand the “Clock position” menu; switch the position of the wheel: “Digital Crown on the left” or “Digital Crown on the right”.

Usually the watch starts up the voice assistant every now and then: especially in winter clothes with long sleeves that lean them against the wrist. The way out is to turn them upside down so that the wheel is on the back side. Try it.

Step-by-step instructions for finding a symbol on an Apple Watch Smartwatch

When the devices are farther apart, the red “i” icon disappears from the Apple Watch screen. This means that the pair has broken the connection. To reconnect, you need both gadgets to be within the Bluetooth range. If the initial pairing was carried out manually, then you need to create it again. For this:

  • place the watch next to the phone;
  • on your smartphone, select Apple Watch;
  • activate the manual pairing option;
  • tap the “i” icon.

After the watch name appears on the smartphone screen, follow the displayed prompts for further pairing.

Where is the i icon on Apple Watch and what it means

There is little information on the web about the software product and some of the features of Apple’s smartwatches. In this regard, many owners of this popular gadget do not know what the “i” icon on Apple Watch means and where it is located.

What does “i” mean and where is it

Since the watch has a small display, many icons are used in the interface instead of the usual inscriptions. Most of them are intuitive, but there are some that are not available. Among them is the “i” icon. The symbol is not a button used to operate the device. It appears after turning on the clock and selecting the language.

By default, pairing is done automatically. If for some reason this cannot be done, synchronization can be done manually. In this case, the symbol “i” will be used. During automatic synchronization, the icon is for informational purposes only. Immediately after the start of the process, it moves down and shows that pairing has begun.

A red button will also appear in the event that, for any reason, a re-pairing is carried out. If the devices were synchronized in manual mode, then in the future this process will not be able to occur automatically.

What to do if the icon is not found

In the case when synchronization is impossible, you should forcibly break the pair. This can be done using a smartphone or smartwatch. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On the “Apple Watch” go to the “Settings” section, select “General” and activate “Reset”.
  • Select the option “Erase content and settings” and confirm the action.
  • Wait for a notification about a broken sync.

After that, you can re-pair the gadgets.

To disconnect the connection on iPhone, you need to:

  • In the Apple Watch app, select the “My Watch” tab and mark the desired device.
  • Tap the “i” icon next to the device with which you want to disconnect the connection, and then activate the inscription “Unpair with Apple Watch“.
  • Confirm the action and wait for the message about the disconnection of the pairing.

After disabling synchronization, you can re-create the connection manually. Disconnecting the pairing between “Apple Watch” and “iPhone” for any reason automatically returns the device to factory settings. In this case, all information is erased from the memory of the Smart watch.

What to do if the icon is not found

If, when you turn on the “Apple Watch”, a clock or 1 of the programs is displayed on the screen, this may mean that the clock is still synchronized with the smartphone. To reconnect, you need to break the pair. This can be done with both Apple Watch and iPhone.

To break the pairing of gadgets with smartwatches, you must perform the following steps:

  • on the watch enter “Settings”, select “General”, and go to the “Reset” tab;
  • activate the option “Erase content and settings”, and confirm the execution;
  • wait for sync to be disabled.

If the gadgets are far from each other, you can break the pair from the phone. For this:

  • open the application, go to the “My watch” page, and select the ones you need;
  • click the “i” icon next to the selected gadget, and select the “Unpair Apple Watch” option;
  • confirm the action, and wait for the result.

After that, a red dot will appear on the screen and the device will be ready to create a new pair. If the connection is forcibly disconnected, then the watch is reset to factory settings and all previously recorded data is erased.

Where is the “i” icon on Apple Watch and what it means

Despite the fact that the gadget has been available on the Russian market for about 3 years, many users do not know where the “i” icon on the Apple Watch is located and what it means. The lack of information is associated with the high cost of smartwatches, since not everyone can afford to buy one. Therefore, not many people can share information about the additional functions of the device.

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What does “i” mean and where is it

The icon is not intended to control the gadget and does not act as a physical button. A red dot appears when the watch is turned on for the first time and informs about the need to turn on the smartphone and create a pair (connection). The “i” icon is in the upper right part of the display and moves to the lower corner during pairing.

Step-by-step instructions for finding a symbol on an Apple Watch Smartwatch

To find the “i” symbol, you need to charge the gadget and turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone. Then:

  • Turn on Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button under the Digital Crown until the Apple logo appears.
  • Check the appearance of a red dot in the upper right corner of the screen. If there is a symbol, you can create a pair in automatic mode.

You can synchronize the watch with a smartphone as a new device or restore a backup if the watch was previously used and the settings were copied. The second option is preferable because it takes less time and does not require user intervention.

How to pair your iPhone and Apple Watch manually

Manual synchronization of gadgets is performed in the following order:

  • Place the devices close to each other for a stable Bluetooth connection.
  • Activate the Apple Watch mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Make sure you see a message about manually pairing your gadgets.
  • Tap the “i” symbol and “Start Pairing”.
  • On iPhone, select the icon symbolizing Apple Watch.
  • Control the movement of the red dot to the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Bring the smartphone camera to the image on the watch and click the “Apple Watch Settings” button.
  • Choose the hand on which you will carry the gadget.
  • Confirm your consent to the implementation of the user agreement.
  • Create a 4-digit password on your watch. The numbers on the display will appear after pressing the corresponding icon on the smartphone. Remember the password.
  • Select the programs you want (if necessary).
  • Check the receipt of the message about the end of pairing.

If the user carried out the pairing in manual mode, the next pairing will not be possible automatically. At a distance that does not support Bluetooth operation, the pairing will be interrupted and the red dot will disappear from the screen. When the connection is restored, the pairing will be restored.

Connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

In the settings of Apple devices, the connection of peripheral gadgets to the main device (in our case, a smartphone) is set by default. In order for the devices to find each other, a number of simple manipulations should be performed:

  • It is necessary to turn on the wristwatch and select the language that the owner will use.
  • When the “i” symbol changes its location on the screen, you should align the phone camera with the picture on the watch screen and click on the settings button of the handheld gadget.
  • The program needs to inform (enter) on which hand the user wears the iWatch.
  • A license agreement will pop up on the watch display, which must be proHonor and agree (or disagree) with the proposed rules.
  • The program will offer to track the owner’s location and set up voice commands.
  • Next, you need to come up with a password, which must be duplicated on the phone.
  • The program on the iPhone will offer to install an application for using the watch.
  • After a few seconds, the connection will be terminated. On subsequent contacts, the devices will find each other automatically.

Mysterious red dot: where is the i button / icon on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch’s small display makes it difficult to colorfully place shortcuts and app icons like the “i” icon on the display. The developers had to resort to the compact interface of the device. Owners of a newfangled gadget have to intuitively find explanations for certain symbols on the screen. For example, many users often wonder what “i” is in smartwatches, if it’s a button, then where is it located?

The “i” icon that appears in the upper right corner of the watch display is the iPhone connection icon. The symbol indicates that an additional device was found, but the device cannot automatically sync with the phone on its own. To create a pair of Apple Watch and iPhone, the user is asked to manually set up the connection.

The first time the symbol appears on the display, informing you that you need to turn on the phone and set up the connection. While the connection operation is in progress, the icon moves to the lower right corner of the display.

Where is the i button / icon on Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch was presented to the Russian public more than 2 years ago. Despite such a short period of existence on the market, the device has fallen in love with many users. Unfortunately, there is practically no information about the software and additional functions of the watch.

Not every consumer can afford to purchase this device due to the high cost of the gadget. Therefore, not many can share their experience and tell interesting details about smartwatches.

How to pair your iPhone and Apple Watch manually?

If the connection icon has not moved down, then the connection has not been completed. To do this, you need to synchronize yourself. In this case, the actions will differ from the settings for automatic connection:

  • Place gadgets as close to each other as possible.
  • In the smartphone settings, you need to select the Apple Watch application.
  • At the bottom of the display, the user will be prompted to manually connect devices.
  • On the watch, press the symbol “i” “Start pairing”.
  • A menu with the name of the connecting device should pop up on the phone.
  • Then the pair will continue the connection, as in the automatic mode.

If the user performed the synchronization on their own, then the next time the gadgets will not connect automatically. If the Smart-watch is far enough away from the iPhone, the pair breaks the connection and the “i” symbol disappears. iWatch can only be connected to one device at a time.

The i icon on Apple Watch

When using a wristwatch from Apple, the user is faced with many icons on the display, the meaning of which may be incomprehensible to him. The i icon on Apple Watch appears as soon as you turn on the device and select a language. Let’s try to figure out what it is for.

Where is the i icon and what does it mean

This symbol is not a button designed to control a gadget. The i icon appears on the screen during the pairing process between the smartwatch and the IPhone. It first appears after turning on the device in the upper right corner of the display, along with an inscription saying that it is necessary to turn on the smartphone and start synchronizing gadgets. During this procedure, the icon moves to the lower right corner of the screen.

IPhone sync

By default, the wristwatch and the host device are automatically synchronized. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the clock and select the language that is most convenient for the user.
  • On the iPhone, select the icon representing the Apple Watch. The system will offer to start the pairing procedure. The i icon moved to the lower right corner on the watch screen indicates that the process has begun.
  • Now you need to bring the watch to the camera, aligning it with the animation on the display, and click the Customize Apple Watch button that appears below.
  • The system will ask on which hand the user wears the watch. Choose right or left.
  • An agreement on the terms of use of the software appears on the screen. The user needs to familiarize himself with it and press the appropriate button.
  • The system will give information about the local geolocation service and the voice assistant Siri. Then you will need to select the diagnostic data transfer mode.
  • Now you need to create a 4-digit password for your wrist gadget. After pressing the corresponding button on the IPhone, numbers will appear on the watch screen. Enter and remember the password.
  • The system will offer to install the applications necessary for the operation. They can be installed all at once in auto mode or select the desired programs later.
  • Synchronization is almost complete. It remains to wait a couple of tens of seconds.

You can create a pair manually if necessary. In this case, the sequence of actions will be slightly different from the previous option:

  • We place devices in close proximity to each other.
  • Select Apple Watch from the list of applications on the smartphone.
  • A manual pairing option will be offered at the bottom of the display. We select this option.
  • Press the i icon.
  • The name of the watch should appear on the iPhone. From this moment, the synchronization procedure is performed in the same way as in the automatic mode.

In some cases, it is required to break the pair. The sequence of actions will depend on how the device is located and whether it is in close proximity to the smartphone. If gadgets are nearby, you should select the clock on the IPhone screen, press the i button and break the pair.

When the phone is away, the procedure is performed on the Apple Watch display. To do this, go to the settings of the wrist device, select the main ones and reset them.


Apple Watch packaging evokes a surprised exclamation and immediately sets up that something unusual is before us. The long white box looks completely different from all the other smartwatch packaging that we had on testing.

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Obviously, this solution is not practical. Such a box is simply less convenient to store. But on the other hand, this immediately shows a special attitude towards watches, which are not folded into three deaths, but stretched out inside the box “at full height”.

Please note that the watch is not just on cardboard, but in a special case made of hard white plastic.

The package includes an extra larger strap, wireless magnetic charger with USB cable, charger and, of course, various leaflets and guides.

Wireless charging deserves special attention. It is a white, round “pill” of relatively small thickness. The watch should be placed on top of it with the back of the case, and it doesn’t matter how you turn it.


The watch is available in two screen sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm. Accordingly, their resolution also differs: 272 × 340 and 312 × 390, respectively. We had a watch with a screen diagonal of 38 mm and a screen resolution of 272 × 340.

We have carried out a detailed examination of the screen using measuring instruments. Below. the conclusion of the editor of the section “Projectors and TV” Alexei Kudryavtsev.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface slightly curved towards the edges, resistant to scratches. On the outer surface of the screen there is a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating (effective, slightly better than that of Google Nexus 7 (2013)), so fingerprints are removed much easier, and appear at a slower speed than in the case of ordinary glass. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are slightly better than that of the Google Nexus 7 2013 screen. For clarity, here is a photo in which a white surface is reflected in the switched off screens:

The screen on the Apple Watch is slightly darker (photo brightness is 77 versus 79 on the Nexus 7). There is no doubling of reflection, this indicates that there is no air gap between the layers of the screen. When the white field was displayed on the whole screen, the maximum brightness value recorded by us was about 450 cd / m², the minimum. 15 cd / m². Automatic brightness control always works according to the light sensor (as we know, it is located under the screen). The user can only make adjustments to the operation of this function by choosing one of three levels. When the external light conditions change, the screen brightness only increases, it decreases after the cycle of switching to standby mode and activating the device. In general, the range of brightness change and good anti-glare properties allow using the device both on a summer day outdoors and in complete darkness. even after adapting the eyes, the watch screen will not seem excessively bright. At high brightness, there is modulation with a frequency of 60 Hz, but its amplitude is small, so flickering is not visible. At medium brightness, there is practically no modulation. And at the lowest it appears again, but with a frequency of 50 Hz and a large relative amplitude. In the latter case, the flickering may already be noticeable, but we did not see it, apparently due to the low absolute amplitude of the brightness. However, everything will depend on the individual characteristics of a particular individual looking at this clock in complete darkness. The graphs of brightness (vertical axis) versus time (horizontal axis) illustrate the above:

This screen uses an AMOLED matrix, an active matrix organic light-emitting diode (OLED). A full-color image is created using subpixels of three colors. red (R), green (G) and blue (B) in equal numbers, which is confirmed by a fragment of the micrograph:

For comparison, you can see the gallery of micrographs of screens used in mobile technology.

We observed a similar “structure” of the screen, for example, in the case of the Samsung Gear S smartwatch with a curved screen. Something tells us that most likely this watch has a screen from the same manufacturer. The spectra are typical for OLED. the areas of primary colors are well separated and appear as relatively narrow peaks:

However, there is also cross-mixing of components (programmatically), so the coverage is not too wide, but adjusted to the sRGB borders (which, by the way, Samsung did not do in its watches):

Accordingly, images on the screen of the Apple Watch have natural saturation. This is confirmed by a photograph of the screen with a test photograph displayed on it, used in our tests (the picture is almost out of focus, but the pixel structure does not interfere this way):

The color temperature of the white and gray field is approximately 7000 K, and the deviation from the spectrum of a black body (ΔE) is 5 units. The color balance is good. Black is just black at all angles. So black that the contrast setting is simply not applicable in this case. When viewed from a perpendicular view, the uniformity of the white field is excellent. The screen has excellent viewing angles with much less brightness drop when viewed from an angle compared to LCD screens. In general, the quality of the Apple Watch screen is very high.


So, we have learned the basics of the clock interface. But what can a watch do, in addition to the above? Here, in fact, the answer will be quite trivial: apart from the Friends function, which we did not have the opportunity to test (we will definitely return to this in the future!), Then everything that we are used to seeing on smartwatches from other manufacturers remains.

There is a display of letters and messages with the ability to respond to letters and iMessage with text templates or voice (recognition even of the Russian language works fine), control of the smartphone camera, music player, presentation playback, an alarm clock (alas, does not take into account sleep phases), physical activity tracking with using the Activity app and integrating the results with Health. In general, nothing new. But a lot is implemented much more conveniently than on other platforms.

Here’s a simple example: Try displaying a specific picture (say, a photo) on your Android Wear or Tizen watch. In the first case, it will not work at all with regular means, in the second it will not be easy. In the case of Apple Watch, the operation is simple: you just need to open the desired photo in the “Photos” application on the iPhone, click on the heart (adding it to your favorites). and it will automatically go to the watch. Or, let’s say, emoticons that can be sent in response to a message. Why didn’t they think of this in the same Android Wear (only a week ago, in the update, it became possible to draw emoticons)?

There are quite a few such examples. In general, it seems that the interface of the applications is really more thoughtful, and the integration with the smartphone and iCloud is deeper. But this does not negate the general conclusion regarding the capabilities of the Apple Watch: there was no revolution, Apple did not come up with some radical new format for using smart watches.

Apple Watch smartwatch

On April 24, sales of Apple Watch started. smart watches, which the market has been waiting for more than two years. Over the past two years, on the wave of rumors about a future Apple product, a whole industry of smart watches has emerged: the most active players here are the main competitors of Apple. Samsung and Google. The South Korean company has been selling its third generation of its Gear watches, and Google has been trying to implement the Android Wear operating system for almost a year. In the meantime, the release of the Apple Watch was postponed and postponed, and two announcements of this gadget (autumn and spring) caused a mixed reaction from the market: they criticized the release date, price, and the absence of any killer features. However, this did not bother ordinary buyers: on the very first day, almost a million people bought the watch! That’s more than sales of Android Wear watches in 2014.

Of course, sales in this case are not at all an indicator of the quality of the device (at that time, no one was able to test the Apple Watch). This is the result of a long wait, an indicator of brand confidence and, to some extent, evidence of dissatisfaction with the devices that are already on the market. For two years we have tested many smartwatches, among them were more successful and less successful models, more beautiful and less beautiful. But in the discussion of almost every article, readers wrote: “and still it is not clear why this toy is needed”.

Manufacturers experimented with a new class of devices, tried different materials, tried (not without success) to make a round screen and a thin body, but categorically could not come up with such arguments in favor of their products that would make everyone exclaim:

In addition to this, truly stylish Android Wear devices have just begun to appear: these are Asus ZenWatch, LG G Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch (the latter are not yet on sale and are not expected until the second half of the year). Manufacturers who are accustomed to thinking in terms of technical characteristics, megahertz and megapixels were not ready to put style in the center of the corner. A prime example: Samsung made excellent curved screens in the Gear Fit and Gear S. Well, what prevented them from making leather or metal straps for them?

Not to mention the fact that the Android Wear interface doesn’t feel stylish and sophisticated at all. Of course, some manufacturers tried to make their own branded dials or some beautiful software add-ons (for example, the Moto 360 charging screen), but all these are just add-ons that do not change the very essence.

In turn, Apple immediately clearly showed that a watch is, first of all, a fashion accessory, and only in the second place. everything else. Hence, there are many modifications (with different screen sizes, different straps, different body materials), a huge range of prices, up to 12,000, which is already a real luxury.

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In a sense, this is the quintessence of the entire philosophy of Apple: not so much a technical device as an object of desire that affects the user’s emotions and gives him the same “fan and experience.” And this, in general, was clear after the announcements. However, the main question remains open: does the watch have any unique functional purpose? Has Apple been able to find a way to use the Apple Watch that is different from anything we’ve seen before? We will try to answer this question (thanks to First-store.ru for providing a sample for the review).

Clock interface

Well, now let’s move on to describing the Apple Watch interface. By default, the start screen is the watch face. Apple offers a number of cute options, among which the butterfly screen is out of competition.

The butterfly flaps its wings surprisingly realistically, and if you touch the screen, it changes to another. We have not seen a more beautiful and effective watch face among other watch faces on the Apple Watch, or among the dials on other smartwatches. Everyone to whom I showed the watch looked at these butterflies for half a minute and was touched by them. And this is the whole Apple: the functional load is zero, but it pleases and delights.

How to fix the red disconnected icon on Apple Watch

You can also choose watch faces that display various useful information (date, weather, etc.).

If we swipe up from the bottom while on the splash screen, a number of widgets with information on various parameters will open: communication and vibration settings, remaining battery charge, heart rate (by going to the corresponding widget, we see the display of information about the past measurement, but immediately automatically a new dimension begins).

The following widgets are calendar events, music (iPhone player control), world clock, activity (it consists of three parameters: movement, exercise and standing; each of them corresponds to a line of one of the colors, gradually turning into a ring).

Two more widgets are stocks and the current location on the map. Accordingly, information about promotions is taken from the app of the same name in the iPhone (and we told you how to set it up to display, for example, currency rates), and Apple Maps are used to determine the location.

The odd thing is that scaling with the Digital Crown doesn’t work here. That is, you need to go from the widget directly to the application in order to zoom in or out the map.

i icon on Apple watch 6/ 5/ 4/ Series 3/2/1. Where is i icon on Apple Watch? and iPhone

Finally, if we click on the Digital Crown, we will return from the widgets to the splash screen (watch face), and if again, we will get to the applications menu. We have already shown how it looks. But here are a couple more screenshots:

An ambiguous solution in terms of style, but, of course, very original and convenient in its own way (albeit in a tiny version, but you can take a look at all installed applications; this is not in Tizen or Android Wear). As already mentioned, you can select an application either by clicking on its icon, or by zooming in with the Digital Crown so that the desired icon is right in the center.

One of the most interesting features of the Apple Watch interface is the Force Touch. We are already familiar with the idea from laptops, but in the case of watches it is implemented even more impressively. So, this technology allows the device to recognize two gradations of pressure. That is, an ordinary touch of the watch screen causes one reaction, and a strong press. another. When pressed deeply, a tactile response is felt, creating the illusion that the finger is really pushing the screen slightly. With the help of such a press, you can, for example, change the dial or move / delete applications in the application menu (the principle is the same as in iOS, and even the icons are shaking just as funny).

True, for us it remained not entirely clear how this fundamentally differs in result from a long press in iOS, but perhaps we simply did not find those applications where a long press and Force Touch would be handled differently. If Force Touch is really attached to the new functionality, and not replace the long press, then the convenience of controlling the watch will really reach a new level.


Well, now let’s look at the design of the watch itself. When Apple first unveiled their look, there was a lot of controversy as to why the screen wasn’t round. Indeed, it was the round screen that was considered a special chic among competitors. But Apple decided not to imitate classic wristwatches and make a kind of mini-iPhone with rounded edges and a flat rectangular screen, the edges of the glass of which, however, are effectively rounded.

We tested the simplest version: Apple Watch Sport (with silicone strap and aluminum case). But even she looks very pretty. They are fully inherent in the Apple style. Refined minimalism is the definition that best fits this product.

It is important that, unlike many other smartwatches, the Apple Watch does not look bulky or too thick. But at the same time, one cannot say that they are very thin. But in general, the look turns out to be harmonious, pleasant.

The watch strap is removable, it consists of two halves, each of which is attached to the watch with a special clip (in the photo above there is also an additional strap from the kit). Simply insert the base of the strap into the groove and pull towards the center until it clicks lightly. To detach the strap halves, press the metal buttons on the back of the watch case, and then pull the strap to the side. A very elegant solution!

Let’s pay attention to the sensors on the back of the case: they measure the heart rate and allow you to determine whether the watch is on the wrist or not. If the watch is not on your wrist, the screen is locked, and you have to enter a PIN code for any action (you create it when you turn it on for the first time). But if you put the watch on your wrist and unlock it, then while the watch is on your wrist, you will no longer need to enter the PIN-code. According to some reports, this function does not work correctly if the user’s arm is full of a tattoo.

In the photo below, you can see the grooves for attaching the strap, and you can clearly see the rounding of the glass that protects the screen.

All physical controls are located on the right edge of the case (if the watch is worn on the left hand): these are the Digital Crown button and wheel. The button seemed to us very useless. more precisely, for a short time testing the watch, we could not try it in action. The fact is that it allows you to communicate with other owners of Apple Watch watches, that is, send them emoticons, the rhythm of your heart, etc. We didn’t have any acquaintances with an Apple Watch, so we couldn’t test the button. In the future, we will definitely come back to this question.

But the Digital Crown is just an irreplaceable and very important element. It has several functions at once. First, it works like a button. When you press it, the clock returns either to the splash screen or to the applications menu (if we are already on the splash screen). Secondly, the wheel can be rotated, and then in the application menu, as well as in some specific applications (for example, Maps), the image will be scaled, in other applications (Mail) the wheel will act as a scroll.

Here are two screenshots of the application menu. In the left screenshot we see the icons in the same size in which they are displayed by default, and in the right screenshot. the same screen after slightly turning the wheel. If we twist in the other direction (that is, increase the icon), then the application in the very center (which, as it were, in focus) will come as close as possible to us and launch. Very interesting, cool effect! Although its practical use is not obvious: the same icon can be selected simply by touching the screen with your finger. In addition, to transfer “focus” from one application to another, you still have to touch the screen.

Theoretically, the use of scaling this screen using the Digital Crown may be when dozens of applications are installed on the watch, and it will be easier to first arrange the swarm of miniature rounds in the desired way, and then use the wheel to zoom in on the desired one. Although, again, you will have to make sure that the desired icon is exactly in the center.

Returning to the design of the device, we note that the wheel turns very easily, without any effort, it can be done with a completely relaxed finger. However, the scaling speed seems excessive, that is, it is worth just scrolling the wheel just a little. and you will already have some application open (not always what you wanted).

As a conclusion to the conversation about design, a curious and funny detail: it looks like this is the first Apple mobile device, which does not have a branded Apple anywhere. Well, except, of course, the tiny badge on the back next to the description.

Note also that Apple says almost nothing about the technical characteristics of the Apple Watch, focusing specifically on user qualities. But enthusiasts, of course, could not deny themselves the pleasure of disassembling the novelty and finding out what was inside it. This is described here and here.