Where is the home button on iPhone

Top Level Menu

In this section, you can customize the layout of the Assistive Touch top menu items as you wish.

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By default, the top menu displays 6 icons: Action Center, Hardware, Control Center, Home, Siri, and Screenshot.

As you might guess, clicking on each of them launches the corresponding action. going to the Notification Center, Control Center (there are a flashlight, calculator and other tools), simulation of pressing the physical button “Home” and so on.

It is worth noting that some icons, for example, Apparatus, contain additional levels of functions:

Configuring actions

Instead of displaying a menu with icons, the Assistive Touch button can be directed to other actions with a single, double-tap, or long-press. For example, a single tap will take a screenshot, a double tap will turn on the camera, and a long press will lock the screen.

The virtual Home button on the iPhone screen, or how to enable and use Assistive Touch

What is Assistive Touch (virtual Home button) for? The feature. one of Apple’s best practices for people with disabilities. allows you to quickly access specific applications and settings using gestures. This is useful when you do not have the ability to use the physical buttons on the iPhone (for example, the lock button or volume buttons are broken, and it will not be possible to fix the breakage quickly).

How to enable the virtual Home button on the iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch)

Open the Settings app and go to Accessibility → Touch → Assistive Touch and set the switch of the same name to the On position.

After that, a round button with circles in the center radiating from it will appear on the iPhone or iPad display. This is Assistive Touch. Now with its help you can also control your gadget.

How to customize the virtual Home button on your iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch)

The initial setting of the Assistive Touch virtual button includes changing the settings of the sections: Top-level menu, Action settings and Opacity at rest.

Opacity at rest

This section configures the visibility (transparency) of the button at rest (when not in use).

Where is the Home button in the iPhone and what it can do

The iPhone Home button is located on the front of the device under the touchscreen display. This button is still present on all Apple phone models and is pressed more often than all other iPhone buttons.

Indeed, the Home button in the iPhone is used very often because among the clicks there are not only single, but also double and triple clicks. Sometimes holding the Home button is used, for example, when starting Recovery Mode.

Single presses of the Home button are used to unlock and take iPhone offline, exit an application or game, and navigate iPhone screens.

Pressing Home twice in lock mode launches the iPod widget. Other double-taps vary by iPhone and iOS version. In the first models, double-clicking the Home button allowed you to launch one of the standard programs, the application was selected in Settings. Basic. Home button and appeared on the screen by double Home.

With the introduction of iOS 4.0 in iPhone 3Gs and above, double-tapping Nome serves for the so-called multitasking function. By pressing the Nome button twice in the latest phone models, a menu appears with applications that support multitasking and other useful settings available to the user.

Triple pressing and holding the Home button is also available only for owners of new iPhone models with support for iOS 4.0 and higher. To activate, go to Settings. General. Accessibility. 3 Pressing “Home” and select one of the proposed functions, if you have not yet decided, select. Ask. Hold turns on voice control.

In addition, the Home button is used in conjunction with the Power button (On / Off), this manipulation will help: Restart iPhone Take a screenshot in iPhone

While researching iOS 5 Beta 3, we found a new AssistiveTouch feature that could replace the iPhone’s Home button and use the pop-up widget pictured above instead. A new widget appears on the iPhone screen using a standard gesture or a gesture created in the settings.

According to the idea of ​​Steve Jobs and other wizards of Apple, the iPhone should be completely without buttons, I think in the near future the Cupertinos will make their idea a reality, maybe even in the iPhone 5, the announcement of which should take place soon.


When buying an iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPhone 7 iPhone 10 for the first time, we usually don’t know how to use it.

Then we go to the Internet and try to study, and there most of the entries are for people who are already familiar with the iPhone and know where which buttons are located and one of the main “Home”.

It should be noted right away that it can be called in another way: home, home or home and, depending on the model, they can be both touch-sensitive on the screen and physical.

In older models. physical, and in new ones starting from the iPhone 7, and in the iPhone x there is no home button at all. But let’s return to the main topic, whatever it is, but is in one place.

Where to find the home button on iPhone

Home” in all models (except X, it is not in it) is located in the center at the bottom of the screen. both physical and virtual. photo above.

At the same time, many consider the introduction of virtual recklessness. it reacts only to the skin of the finger, therefore, gloves should be removed in winter in the cold.

It is assumed that Apple devices will soon be without buttons at all, transparent, flexible and will receive many other innovations, especially regarding security. the fingerprint on the home button will be like a toy car compared to a real one.

By the way, if you recently acquired a smartphone from Apple, then you definitely should not hurt to learn about tricks with the home button.

What the iPhone home button can do

With the help of “Home” you can return to the main screen, and with a quick press of the combination of “home and power” you can make an easy reset.

In the settings, it can be configured to turn off the smartphone, to launch the voice control function, launch “Siri”, adjust the click speed and, when double-clicked, see all running applications.

You can also display it on the screen. make it virtual. To do this, you need to activate the function. “AssistiveTouch”.

Not everyone knows, but in the Home button, you can also use a triple press. To do this, go to Settings → General → Accessibility.

Then scroll down the screen. There you will see the “Keyboard shortcut” menu, which is disabled by default.

There you can assign one of seven functions: “Invert Color”, “AssistiveTouch”, “Switch Control”, “Increase”, “Decrease White Point” and “Grayscale”. Success.

Displaying the Home button on the iPhone and iPad screen

Good time! Displaying the “Home” button on the iPhone screen is just one of many (find out about everything!) Methods of dealing with the breakage of this key. Of course, the safest way would be to go to the service and fix it, but this is not always possible “here and now”, and you need to use the phone “well, that’s really bad.”.

Just for this case, you can use the AssistiveTouch function.

Initially, this option is intended for people with disabilities. Thanks to her, a certain menu is displayed on the screen, in which all the main keys and functions are located. Including the Home button. How to call and enable it? Detailed instructions are already here. let’s go!

Option 1 (Older iOS versions)

  • Go to the iPhone or iPad settings. open the main ones. universal access.
  • Almost at the very bottom of the list, we find the item. AssistiveTouch, go into it and activate the function by moving the slider.

Option 2 (Newer iOS versions)

Apple “does not sleep” and constantly changes the location of functions in different versions of iOS.

In general, here are the step-by-step instructions for new software versions:

  • Go to Settings. Accessibility.
  • We are looking for the item “Touch”.
  • Turning on AssistiveTouch.

After that, a fairly large white circle appears on the screen of the iPhone or iPad, by clicking on it we get access to the return button and other functionality.

  • This option works always and everywhere. in all programs, games, etc.
  • For convenience, it (this is a white spot) can be moved to different corners of the screen.

By the way, if your key “just” sticks, then there is no need to display it on the screen, the so-called calibration may well help.

How to remove Home from the display?

The only way is to permanently and irrevocably erase all information from the iPhone. Joke:)

No, in fact, such an operation, of course, will help, but you can do something simpler. just do all the same steps as above, but in reverse order.

Go to the menu. settings. basic. universal access. AssistiveTouch. turn off the switch. The white circle will disappear from the screen, and with it the “Home” button.

Broken, the Home button (home) on iPhone, iPad does not work. How to solve the problem?

Many iPhone users have experienced the Home button no longer functioning. Glass was used as a material for the production of the Home button, which is sensitive to various influences. Carelessness in the operation of the device and falls provoke breakage of the button. In some cases, you can correct the situation yourself.

How to fix a non-working button?

Having determined the cause of the unstable operation of the button, you can use several methods to reanimate the part. Here are the following solutions to the problem:

  • performing calibration;
  • correction of the position of the keystroke connector;
  • cleaning the button with a chemical;
  • duplicate button to home screen.

Calibration of the key will help you to find out if a malfunction in the program affected the breakdown of the part. Here’s what to do:

  • run any application on the iPhone;
  • press and hold the Power button in this state until the phone turn off slider appears on the display;
  • release Power and hold Home until the shutdown slider disappears.

After 10 seconds the system will calibrate the button. If the problem was a software failure, then the steps described above will give a positive result.

2) Correction of the connector position

  • connect the cable from your smartphone to it;
  • press the end of the cord where it goes into the USB port, and at this moment hold down the Home button.

Unplug the cord and test the iPhone. If the button started working, then the real reason was a glitch in the program. If nothing happened, you can use another option for solving the problem.

3) Chemical attack on the defective element

A common problem with the Home key is part contamination. And this is not only dust, but also the penetration of liquid. The element can be effectively cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or WD-40 aerosol. How to do it?

  • Apply a drop of one of the products to the Home key.
  • Hold it down until the chemistry gets inside.
  • Check the functionality of the part.

These chemicals cannot be applied to the display. This may damage other parts of the device.

4) Transition from physical button to virtual

When the apparatus is subjected to severe enough physical damage, then the above methods will not bring the desired result. The only option is to activate the virtual button and bring it up to the iPhone display.

This can be done using the settings. Open Assistive Touch in settings and enable the desired function. The display will show a new icon. You need to click on it to open a special menu, which will make it possible to control the phone without a physical button.

Causes of Home key breakage

Most often, the operating state of the Home button is affected by:

  • mechanical damage;
  • drowning a smartphone;
  • software glitch.

Repair or replacement of a button

If you had to switch to virtual control, then you need to contact the service center. At our IT-Alliance center, experienced engineers will repair or completely replace the Home button.

How to enable home on iPhone. This is the home button on the iPhone. Enabling the “Dodomu” button on the iPhone screen

Buy forwards iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPhone 7 iPhone 10.

Todi idemo on the Internet and try to learn, and there are a lot of entries, for people who already know from the iPhone and know how the buttons are located and one of the main “Dodomu”.

Immediately afterwards, respect that you can name it in a way: home, home or home and in the debris from the model, the stench can be both sensory on the screen, so it is physical.

The old models. physical, and in the new ones it can be repaired from the iPhone 7, and in the iPhone x the button is ready for use. Ale, let’s turn our heads with those, as if it wouldn’t be a bully, but to be in the same mission.

How can you rob the dodomu button on the iPhone?

For help, “Dodoma” can turn on the head screen, and with a quick onslaught, the “home and power” turn into a light skid.

In the setup, you can set up a smartphone on enabled, to launch the voice control function, launch Siri, adjust the speed of the onslaught and in case of a mobile onslaught, all the programs are launched.

You can also display її on the screen. create virtual reality. For the whole it is necessary to activate the function. “AssistiveTouch”.

Not at all, but in the Home button, it is possible to hit and lose pressure. For a full slide go to Nalashtuvannya → Basic → Universal access.

Then move the screen down. There, shake the menu “Quick Access”, yake. for deputy vimkneno.

There you can designate one of seven functions: “Inversion Colora”, “AssistiveTouch”, “Switch Control”, “Zbilshennya”, “Lowering the point of the white” and “View of the blue”. Uspikhiv.

Hour from the hour the head button of mobile attachments on iOS becomes chuynoyu. start spratsovuvati with deyakim zapiznennyam or stop spratsovuvati vzagali. In most cases, it is tied to software problems and innovations and praise is not a warehouse of great difficulties. Boom, through the rock of the active victorian, the mechanism of the Home button is used, and here you need more serious involvement.

Yak bi was not there, reanimation of iOS attachments is possible, not going to fachivts in the service center. Є Choose how to fix the problem with the evil Home button on iPhone and iPad.

method 1: Calibrating programmatically

How add home button on the iphone screen 5s 5c 5 4s iOS 7 English Channeliphone

Inodi head button of the smartphone iPhone and iPad is old. start spratsovuvati with deyakim zapiznennya. If the tse is tied to the software, then it is necessary to carry out the procedure of calibrating.

For all it is necessary to see whether it is a full-time supplement, for example, the weather or sales. Then, press and press the iOS add-on live button, until the lucky friend appears. Now it is necessary to trim Home until quietly, as long as the woman is not aware of it, and the start of the storage will not be vivant from the memory. Writing the button Dodomu bude pratsyuvati, yak i lay.

method 2: How fast the dock connector is positioned

In situations where the Home button on the iPhone and iPad stops responding to pressure, there is also a small trick to use a standard 30-pin cord. You need to put the plug in the pink iPhone, and then put your finger on the plug and gently push it on the bottom of the mountain. If you want to get hung up on Home. Now you can use the cord and convert the robot to the attachment.

method 3: Vikoristovuvati aerosol WD-40.

iPhone 6 Plus: How To Enable Touch Screen Home Button on iPhone / iPod (Assistive Touch)

You can update the robot with the worn mechanism of the Home button in the iPhone and iPad by using an additional type of WD-40 aerosol motorists (or just “vedeshka”). Tsey will be stuck in zbroyoviy and aerospace industry, aviation, electromechanical technology.

Spray vikoristoyuyut і in the household minds, “vedeshka” absorbs the creak of doors, you can fix bicycle parts, locks, etc. When I WD-40 and I lost my iPhone. to reach the breeze on the non-functional Home button, for which there are 5-10 quick clicks. Yak won’t rule come to life and start again to meet the onslaught.

Even though the three methods in front of the front did not work, judging by the button, the button is really evil, and here it is not necessary to use the fahivts. Until quietly, as long as you haven’t turned to the main house for repairs, you can quickly use the function of software dubbing of functions installed in the iOS system.

For the whole, you need to go to the Setup menu. \ U003e Basic. \ U003e Universal access and enable Assistive Touch by clicking the switch from the top of the screen. Now draw a gurtok, like a win on the screen and on the screen “Dodomu”. If you close the settings, you can at any moment you can click the button, then turn to the head screen.

In this vipad the time of the hour of the decision, how to allow the iPhone and iPad to navigate with the evil Home button.

On the mobile annexes of the Apple company there is only one physical key, for which there is a navigation. Vaughn is located below the screen. It is practically uncomfortable to carry out the operation with the evil button “Dodom”. For such situations, Apple gadgets vendors have transferred a virtual replacement. Home button on the iPhone screen є an additional iOS element and a functional one as a substitute for a physical key.

Bring the button “Dodomu” from the screen

Deactivation of “AssistiveTouch” to display for this scheme. Through “Nalashtuvannya”, then “Basic” and “Universal access”. Re-pumping in a row “AssistiveTouch” can be transferred to a mill “Vimkneno”.

Deyak vlasniki iPhone can not її ї ї ї ї ї ї ї і vdajutsya until the next removal of the repair or reflash the operation via iTunes. However, it’s easy to drink it at the AssistiveTouch service settings.

Function “Assistive Touch

AssistiveTouch is a colour-shaped cola and is a universal access button. Stagnate with a lot of opportunities, when you enter the physical button “Home”, or just for convenience.

With help, you can look at the occasion, block the screen, regulate the noise, rob the signs from the screen, use the camera as a magnifying glass.

The AssistiveTouch mode has a matte color, when the robot is dark, and when you press on the screen in some models, you can.

It is easy to bring її to the display of your smartphone. We go to “Nalashtuvannya”, in the “Main” section, select the item “Universal access” and change the toggle switch in the “AssistiveTouch” row to the “on” camp. Whenever a floating round button appears on the screen of the gadget. This will mean that the “AssistiveTouch” function is active, and if you are the owner of the iPhone, you will not need to figure out the principle of the robotic system of the service.

De-know the home button on the iPhone

“Home” for all models (X, in new її is not) is located in the center at the bottom of the screen. both physical and virtual. photo vishche.

With a lot of richness hto vvazhaє vvvadzhennya virtual bezgluzdyam. won’t react only to the pinch of the finger, so, charge in the cold, mittens are required to know.

Transferring to Apple attachments will not be bargained for without buttons, clear-sighted, repulsive and take away a lot of new innovations, especially if they are safe. Finger-click on the button before it’s like a toy car in good time.

Before the speech, if you have recently acquired a smartphone from Apple, then you shouldn’t have to learn about the tricks with the home button.

Add-ons for the Home button on the screen

Later, the main key of the beloved iPhone ceases to function or simply from the front. Trap tse through programmed calls or simply through wear. For the first time, the quality of the renewal is awkward, but in a different way it needs repair.

Timchasovo can be quicker without kostetny Tviko under the name Menu Button Emulator. It is also more practical than AssistiveTouch. You can secure it in Cydia software. After the installation, on the display, a circle of gray color appears on top of the data. It is easy to win over into any small place on the screen. Qia button vikoristovutsya so itself, like і aparatna.

How to Get Home Button on iPhone Screen

For quiet, hto m version of iOS from 9 and vishche, you can vikoristovuvati Tvik SPTouch. The new plugin will install a virtual button on the display, the function of which is identical to the hardware key “Home”. Having broken a single click, the koristuvach will turn to adjust the home screen, a multitasking dialogue window will appear on the subkeyboard, and block the attachment as it squeezes onto the button and.

SPTouch is tighter than the victorian. A button without a drag can be dragged over in any place on the screen. In nalashtuvannya it is possible to assign її size and color, to a contour, insight and ін. Zastosuvannya nalashtuvan mittєve, re-zavantazhennya attachment is not required. You can enable the image on a locked screen. To download, download the repository in Cydia.

Tsya instruction will help you independently replace the button “home” on your iPhone 5s.

Respect that Touch ID can only be done with a factory-installed button. If you independently replace the button “before home”, then you cannot unlock your iPhone by using your finger. Tilki replaced in the official service center Apple can save the functionality of Touch ID

Qia іnstruktsіya є by transferring the statistics: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iPhone5sHomeButtonReplacement/24983.

We also have instructions about those, yak, how about you tsikavo.

Display of the virtual button “Dodomu” on the screen of iPhone, iPod, iPad

All versions of Apple’s software security can be repaired with iOS 5, the Assistive Touch function, allowing you to add a floating Home button to the display. To activate the function, you need:

The virtual Home button is displayed on the screen. It will be known on the display directly from that, like the menu or from the open programs. That її will have to periodically move around the edges of the screen, so that he will not be able to handle.

The functionality of the keyboards is a must. all the possibilities of a physical analogue will be saved. Pressing the virtual Home button, you can click on the small menu on the screen, in which the next options for the show will be displayed: Dodomu, open a screen shot, change the bugs, block the order of the screen, display the error panel.

You can also activate Assistive Touch with the help of Siri voice recording. It is also possible to help spare the hour and lay down the life for those who are in need of trouble, since they find it difficult to navigate through the improved system of iOS.

To activate the Assistive Touch function, repeat the first three points from the list of items, for which to press Deactivate / Off. As the physical Home button is preceded, you can turn on and off the Assistive Touch with a quick and frustrating onslaught on it.