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Button on the Quick Launch menu

Many manufacturers build flashlight functionality directly into the system. To do this, open the notification bar and find the corresponding button on the quick launch bar. If the button is missing, use other methods.

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Standard Phone Features

The new Android 5.0 operating systems allow you to activate the flashlight on your phone without installing third-party applications. To do this, you need to pull down the upper curtain, and also find the flashlight icon. In English versions, it may be referred to as flashlight. This is the easiest way to turn on the flashlight on a phone with a flash camera.

After activating the button, the LED on the back of the phone will work, brightly illuminating everything around. Shutdown occurs in the same way, i.e. via the menu at the top of the screen. Swipe down again to call it.

Most modern devices use Android 4.X.X and below, so such manipulations will not lead you to the result. Some models (in particular Samsung and Lenovo) have the ability to turn on the flashlight in their functionality. Lenovo phones have a special standard application called Flashlight, which you can find in the list of all applications. If your Lenovo camera is equipped with a flash, you can activate it through this application.

In models from “Samsung” you can activate the flashlight using such a thing as a widget. What is a widget? It is a special graphical add-on that is placed on the main screen of the phone, which allows you to manage any settings without launching the application itself. In some Samsung (and other phones), you can bring a flashlight widget to your desktop. To do this, you simply need to perform the following actions:

  • Place your finger on a free space on your desktop.
  • Wait for the menu to appear. Select “Apps and Widgets”
  • In the second tab, find the flashlight widget.
  • Hold the icon with your finger and drag it to an empty space.

After these actions, you will have a special button that allows you to quickly turn on and off the flashlight. The widget may not be available (depending on the Android version and model of the device).

Where is the flashlight on my phone

Usually the camera is equipped with a high brightness flash, which can also serve as a torch. This is a very handy and useful thing that works simply and without problems. How does it work and how can you turn on the flashlight on your Android mobile phone? Naturally, this can be done in several ways: using the standard functions of the Android operating system (widget), and also download applications.

To turn on the flashlight on your Android phone, use any of the 4 described methods. Although the use of LED flashes will not completely replace a flashlight, since LED backlighting is not designed for long-term operation, it is enough for many tasks. Remember that the flash heats up significantly during operation, and if it overheats, it will temporarily turn off. Flash in flashlight mode is useful when you need to briefly illuminate a road or light a room.

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It might seem like a flashlight is the simplest function you can find on a mobile phone. But this is not entirely true, on some smartphones it is hidden or missing. For starters, you should check for an LED or flash on the back of the case. Let’s look at how to find and turn on the flashlight on Android.


The article contains instructions for Android 9.0, but the algorithm of actions is universal for any version of the operating system starting from Android 4. Let’s figure out how and where to find a flashlight on Android.

Where is the clipboard on the phone, how to clear

Almost every modern person has a smartphone, which is a combination of a telephone and a compact computer. And although the functionality of a PC is a little limited (compared to a full-fledged analogue), ordinary users should know where the clipboard is located in Samsung (and other models) on the phone, what it is, why it is needed, how to clear it if necessary.

Where is the Android clipboard on the phone?

This area is located in RAM and cannot be seen physically. You can only view the content (text, pictures, etc.) that the user writes to a temporary storage location. After recording, the owner of the smartphone can do anything with this information: insert it into other programs. This is very convenient when you have to find a congratulation on the Internet, then copy it and later paste it into an SMS message.

Also, you can select sentences (and even whole paragraphs), copy the necessary fragments, then paste them into text editors.

Alas, after turning off the phone, the clipboard is reset to zero. It is impossible to restore its contents.

How to use?

  • At the top, click on the button for the appropriate action: copy or cut. Perhaps your version of Android will not have buttons, but text commands with appropriate names. Immediately after completing this step, the selected information will be sent to the phone’s BO.
  • Open the second program (Notepad or SMS Messages) and hold your finger in the application area. A menu should appear with a button or command “Insert”:
  • Also, you may display a link to the clipboard, clicking on which, you can view all the fragments copied since the last time the mobile gadget was turned on:

Temporary storage

These two words can describe the essence of the clipboard (BO). This is an area in memory where data is written to be copied / moved from one application and then pasted into another. Each new copy operation overwrites previously saved information.

That is, it is a kind of intermediary between the two utilities. Let’s talk about the appointment further.

How to clear the clipboard of an Android phone?

In practice, such a need rarely arises. And if someone says that in this way you will free up a lot of space in the RAM, then this is complete nonsense. Maximum. several megabytes.

But suddenly you want to do it, here are a couple of ways:

How to turn flashlight on/off Samsung Galaxy s10

  • Open the contents of the clipboard as described in the previous instructions, hold your finger on the fragment that you want to delete. A red cross should appear, by clicking on which you will achieve the desired result:
  • The second method is generally simple: just restart your smartphone.

I told you where the Samsung clipboard is located on the phone (and not only), how to work with it. If you have any questions. you are welcome in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

What is a clipboard in a mobile phone

The clipboard in a smartphone is a small part of the phone‘s memory where data is temporarily stored. These can be texts or clippings from them, music files, photos, and so on, which will later be moved from it to another location on your device.

That is, the clipboard is a kind of “staging post” created to facilitate copying information from one place on the phone to another.

Most often, the clipboard (in English “clipboard”) is used to transfer links and pieces of text required by the user (for example, a link using the clipboard can be easily copied into “Notes” and vice versa). Next, I will tell you where the clipboard is located on your mobile device.

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On a PC, the key combinations “Copy” (to the clipboard) and “Paste” (from the clipboard) are responsible for working with the clipboard, the corresponding keys CtrlC and CtrlV are also used. On mobile devices, a slightly different specifics of working with a buffer is used, which I will discuss below.

If you are not yet familiar with concepts such as teletype, HDR, NFC and cached data in a smartphone, then be sure to study these technologies by following the links!

Where is the clipboard on the phone

Surely many of the users have already met with the clipboard. One part of users has been using this convenient tool for a long time, while the other part is rather dimly aware of what it is, what its purpose and basic functions are. This material is intended to remove “dark spots” from this topic, below I will tell you in detail what a clipboard is, where the clipboard is located in a smartphone, and what are its main functions.

How to work with data storage on Android

If you have some kind of text, part of which needs to be copied to the clipboard, then open it, long press on its section until two delimiters appear. With these delimiters mark the area of ​​text that you want to copy, and then click on “Copy”, after which the marked fragment will be placed on the clipboard.

Then go to the place where you want to insert this text (for example, in the mode of creating an SMS), and in the line for typing the SMS text, long press until the “Insert” button appears. Click on this button, and the text from the clipboard will appear in this line.

Such operations can be carried out with files as well, with which mobile file managers will help you. In this case, the algorithm of work here is the same as with the text. copy the desired file to the clipboard, go to the directory you need to insert, and click on the “Paste” button.

Find your clipboard on your phone and tablet

When answering these questions, I will immediately warn the reader that the operating system (in our case, “Android OS”) does not have a clear address for the location of the clipboard. Basically, the clipboard is a virtual space in your phone’s memory, reserved for transferring data from one place on the device to another.

If you are interested in the question “how to open the clipboard” and the ability to work with its contents, then there are two main ways:

Working with the clipboard using the functionality of modern phones. If you have a modern smartphone model (smartphones from “Samsung” and “LG” work well with the clipboard) with the same modern OS, then you can view its contents and perform a number of actions with it.

  • To do this, long press (without pressing) on ​​any field for insertion (for example, in the Notes application, you must first click on the plus sign to create a new note.
  • And then perform a long press on an empty space in a new note), after which the buttons “Paste” and “Clipboard” will appear.
  • By clicking on the “Clipboard”, you will gain access to its contents and be able to carry out a series of actions with the latter.
  • For example, if you have some text there, then we perform a long press on this text, and in the menu that appears, select what to do with this text (delete, block in the clipboard, etc.).

Find the clipboard using special programs (Clipper level). This program allows you to access the contents of the clipboard, and perform various manipulations with it (edit, group, delete, share with friends, and so on). Just download and install this application, launch it, go to the “Clipboard” tab and select the function you need.

Where can I find the clipboard on mobile? When answering this question, it should be noted that the phone does not have a specially allocated physical area of ​​memory, in which the clipboard must be located. The system simply reserves a free area of ​​memory for the functions of the clipboard, and performs the necessary operations with it. At the same time, its use can be relevant when working with various texts. thanks to several tapes, the desired piece of text is quickly transferred from one place of your device to another.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone: available methods

Owners of Apple smartphones 4 and 4s, 5, 5s and 5c should know how to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone, because this function is present on their devices. And other models, which do not have a flash, simply do not have such a service.

The flashlight in the iPhone is a very useful thing that allows you to illuminate the road in the dark or find objects in a poorly lit room. According to the survey, about 80% of Apple device owners use a flashlight.

We use the control center

The Control Center is a panel that appeared only in the seventh version of iOS and which contains buttons for quickly enabling and disabling airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight.

To enable the last of these features, you need:

  • Swipe your finger across the display of your smartphone from bottom to top.
  • In the window that appears, find the flashlight symbol and activate it.
  • This quick way to manage some iPhone services works only on iOS 7, in the eighth version it is not.

We use the “Flashlight” application

Flashlight software is designed specifically for Apple products, including iPhones. You can also download the Flashlight application using iTunes.

After installing it, an icon in the form of a yellow lighting fixture on a black background will appear in the menu. To use the app, you need:

  • Open the program;
  • Move the slider from the “Off” button to “On”;
  • Select the brightness of the lighting.

That’s all the steps that are required of you to activate the backlight through a special program. As you can see, the light source will be the back cover of your mobile device.

To turn off the backlight, you just need to return the slider back to the “Off” position, you do not need to touch the brightness level scale.

This service is also suitable for older models of Apple products. Only in this case, the entire display will be used as a light source, and not just the back cover.

And in the latest version of this application, the developers also added the ability to turn on the lantern from clap hands.

How to turn on the flashlight on an Android smartphone?

A flashlight is an extremely useful thing. The only problem is that it is almost never at hand. But it doesn’t matter, because you can use a flashlight in your smartphone. How to do this, you will learn from our article today.

In the vast majority of modern smartphones, there is a separate button for turning the flashlight on and off and it is located in the shutter, which can be called if you slide your finger from the upper frame to the lower one. This is for ease of access. This is what a button like this looks like:

In the same Android 5, the flashlight is located under the curtain. However, let’s not forget that there are many different shells where the flashlight may not be. What to do? It’s okay, you can use a third-party application. Open the Play Market, enter the word “flashlight” into the search and see a lot of results.

Select the desired application and install it on your smartphone. We start, turn on the flashlight with the touch button and, voila, everything works: the flash is shining.

The screenshot shows the Super-Bright Flashlight app from Suprax Inc.

By the way, some applications support non-standard functions. For example, you can turn on the function when the flashlight is on intermittently.

How to turn on the flashlight on Samsung?

Next, we will show an example on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

We go to the list of widgets. Find a flashlight here.

Add a widget to the desktop by dragging it. Now, in order to turn on the flashlight, you just need to tap on the widget once.

In the same way, you can turn it off.

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How to disable

How can I turn off the flashlight on my phone? Everything is very simple, you need to press again on the monk in the blind. If for some reason it does not stop working, you should restart the device. Long-term operation of the function will speed up the process of discharging the gadget due to high energy consumption and heating.

Alternative way

Standard way

By default, the developers have placed the feature in the notification bar. To enter it, you need to pull the shutter down at the top of the screen. A panel will appear with quick access to some features, among which is a flashlight. We activate it by clicking once on the icon.

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If it is not among the presented elements, drag your finger from top to bottom again. This will expand the working panel, click on the desired icon.

How to turn on the flashlight on Android

It might seem like a flashlight is the simplest function you can find on a mobile phone. But this is not entirely true, on some smartphones it is hidden or missing. For starters, you should check for an LED or flash on the back of the case. Let’s look at how to find and turn on the flashlight on Android.

Adding to the curtain

Occasionally, the standard settings and arrangement of functions on a smartphone may be changed. To add a flashlight to the curtain, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen twice, after which the extended panel will open. Click on the pencil icon.

A window will appear with the change. We go down and find the lantern icon, drag it up by pinching our finger in the picture. It will appear in quick access.


The article contains instructions for Android 9.0, but the algorithm of actions is universal for any version of the operating system starting from Android 4. Let’s figure out how and where to find a flashlight on Android.

The video tells how to enable the flashlight function on any Samsung smartphone. This method differs due to the presence of an outer shell pre-installed by the manufacturer.

Why may not turn on?

It also happens that there is no way to activate the flash mode. Yes, that happens too. The explanations for what happened are as follows:

  • Custom (not original) firmware. Often, owners of Android devices try to improve the interface, change the gadget. Install specially adapted assemblies. The stability of the software depends on many factors, often far from perfect. Not every app function works. There is only one way out. to fill in the native sewing.
  • Failure in camera settings. First, make sure the node itself is functional. If this is not a breakdown, then clear the cache, remove unnecessary options. Sometimes rolling back to the old software helps.
  • Mechanical damage. This case is extremely sad. You need to contact the service for repairing the camera or purchase a new phone. A flash or a camera that has gotten wet, dust, or malfunctioned will not be able to serve the owner in any way.
  • Energy saving mode. When this option is activated, the OS disables a number of functions, including the flashlight. You need to charge the battery (at least 50%) and try again.

These are the main reasons for the inactive TikTok outbreak. And in most cases everything works.

How to turn on the flash on the front camera?

In principle, everything is provided by the developers of TikTok. It remains to figure out the program interface (which is also not complicated) and activate the desired mode. Of course, an account in the app must be created and logged in before starting the flash.

Next, you need to click on the plus icon. It is easy to find it. the required symbol is located in the middle of the bottom horizontal line. If you activate this menu, a vertical column appears with additional options. And at the very end we find the flash icon (lightning). If it is crossed out, it means that the mode is not active.

That’s all. Only, unfortunately, smartphone manufacturers are in no hurry to equip their products with flashes, both for the main and front cameras. If this is your case, there is no backlight in front, then the described method does not work. We’ll have to look for an alternative. It exists. these are special visual filters.

Where is the flash in TikTok?

Most of the videos are recorded on the front camera, fortunately, the technical indicators of modern smartphones allow you to do this. The only difficulty is shooting in low light conditions. Running around with a mobile soffit is somehow not very comfortable every time.

It is possible to solve this problem. There is a flash in the application. It is built into the interface. Dealing with her is easy. You just need to activate the mode. And you don’t have to look for settings for a long time, sort out the options. The required option is located on the home screen.

How can I turn on the flash in TikTok and where is the light switching

Sometimes you need to urgently figure out how to quickly turn on flash photography in TikTok. Additional lighting is necessary for evening, night reports. Without it, all the creative impulse will disappear, in the dark no one will be able to see anything. Over the years, the rules for video and photography have hardly changed: without sufficient lighting, there is no quality material, video or photo session. By the way, the problem is completely solvable, it can be solved.

TikTok filters with flash effect

The developers of TikTok took care of the situation when it is impossible to use the flash. Therefore, the application has built-in filters that artificially brighten the shooting area. When the video is 90% ready, the publication is about to take place, you should go to the original menu entitled “Effects”. There is a lot of everything, and the list is constantly updated. You can experiment with the modes, choosing the one you want.

However, this is an incomplete replacement for the flash. Filters and visual effects should be used carefully so as not to completely spoil the content. Those who are curious can search in the Play Store: there are applications available that replace the backlight. Owners of “iPhones” can find similar ones in the App Store.

But these are, in fact, surrogates, since they do not switch the light, but artificially brighten the picture. Which is also not very good. Experienced tiktokers strongly advise against using flash. It’s better to record a video in normal lighting conditions, when the smallest details are clearly visible and so.

Despite the fact that progress does not stand still, the modules are becoming more reliable and smarter, the priority is still taken by the camera located on the back of the smartphone. It has a higher resolution, there may be more than one lens for detailed drawing of the picture.

The front camera, for a number of reasons, has the worst performance, is not equipped with a flash, flashlight. And for selfies, video reporting, this module is needed exclusively. So it turns out that it is not so easy to record high-quality content.

But, if you set yourself a goal, use the described tips, then everything will work out. But it is better to try to choose suitable natural or artificial lighting for your own videos.

Flashlight # 2. Android flashlight without ads

The Flashlight program of the same name is a very simple, even primitive flashlight for an Android phone with a single button. turning the camera flash on and off.

Alas, the brightness setting is not available in Flashlight, which may not suit the user who downloaded the application. Installing a flashlight on the bell and other functions are also not intended. However, Flashlight has a big plus: no ads or marketing gimmicks.

In other words, both the advantage and the disadvantage of Flashlight is the lack of adjustments, sheer minimalism. The widget does not “eat up” the memory of the mobile device, performing the assigned functions. To turn off the flashlight, just press one button. the light will go out, turn it on. similar action.

Another free Android flashlight called Flashlight

Download Free Flashlights for Android: Best Apps. 2020

Short description: An overview of free flashlights for the mobile platform. How to download and install applications on Android (smartphone, tablet), what settings to pay attention to.

  • If you want an unobtrusive yet ad-free free flashlight, use Flashlight for Android, Pony Mobile Flashlight or FreeApps.mobi.
  • For older phones, the Flashlight app is fine. LED Torch Light. It is compatible with Android version 2 and above.
  • In the Frequently Asked Questions, you will find answers to questions about using a flashlight on a mobile device, as well as other recommendations.
application developer appraisal advertising Android version
Flashlight for Android ArtLine 4.7 no Depends on the device
Flashlight 2 smallte.ch 4.4 there is Depends on the device
“Flashlight” Pony Mobile Pony mobile 4.7 no 4.3 and up
Bright flashlight Abc Apps 4.4 there is 4.0 and up
FreeApps.mobi FreeApps.mobi 4.6 no 4.0.3 and up
Sane flashlight LexaUA 4.8 there is 4.1 and up
Flashlight. LED Torch GOMO Limited 4.4 there is 2.2 and up
Just flashlight Svitlana dev 4.8 there is 4.0 and up
Flashlight Flashlight Splend Apps 4.7 there is 4.1 and up

Bright flashlight Pony Mobile for smartphone

Probably one of the brightest and most versatile flashlights for Android with support for strobe mode and SOS distress signals. It will be useful for fishermen, hunters, sportsmen.

Also, this program will be useful for ordinary users if they cannot turn on the flashlight on Samsung, Lenovo or another Android phone due to software restrictions or on an outdated device.

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The flashlight can also be turned on through a widget added to the desktop. When it is activated, the light comes on, and the user does not understand where the light on / off button is, where is the brightness setting, and so on. Fortunately, there is a menu with settings, and here you can adjust the sound, timer.

How To Turn On The Flashlight On An Android Smartphone Quick And Easy!

  • no ads
  • fast start-up and no lags
  • works when the screen is off
  • SOS indicators
  • work in stroboscope mode (10 blinking modes)
  • low battery consumption

iPhone X: How to Turn Flashlight On & Off

Svitlana Dev flashlight: off by default

There are 3 key positions in the Flashlight mobile app by Svitlana Dev:

  • flashlight activation via on / off button;
  • turning on the stroboscope;
  • setting the flashing frequency.

The advantage is that the app is disabled by default and does not drain your battery without your knowledge (whereas other Android flashlights have to be turned off at startup). You will not turn on the light by accident by touching the button on the phone, it will not discharge your smartphone, it will not overheat the rear camera, even if the program is launched in your when you accidentally press the Power button.

The only drawback of this small applet is that an ad block is displayed at the bottom of the window (although for using the simplest functionality you least want to view banners).

Just Flashlight: Super Bright Flashlight for Android

Among hundreds of mobile flashlights, you will rarely find an application with an original name. So Just Flashlight is not much different from other candidates on Google Play. But let’s see if this free flashlight has any features.

Just Flashlight conveniently separates the brightness settings of the mobile device screen and the options responsible for the operation of the flash. In addition to the common SOS mode, there is also a Strobe. The stroboscope is a bright, flickering backlight through the screen or tablet flash.

Just Flashlight. ordinary flashlight with convenient settings

It is not clear why Just Flashlight is slow to launch (compared to other applications), and this is clearly not the best side of the flashlight. No matter how simple or complex it is, I would like to turn on the application without a three second delay.

Enabling on Android 6 and 7

If you have one of the latest versions of Android installed on your Samsung phone, you can launch the flashlight on it through the notification shade.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to launch quick settings. 2. Click on the flashlight icon. If the icon is not visible, scroll the menu from right to left or expand completely.

Below the icon is an arrow, clicking on which opens additional options, where you can set the brightness of the light element. If it is completely dark around, set the brightness to the maximum level. The battery will be discharged faster, but the beam coverage will increase.

Ways to turn on flashlight on Samsung phones

The flashlight on Samsung turns on in different ways depending on the version of Android installed. If the standard application does not work as expected, you can download the flashlight for free in the Play Market.

Alternative ways to include

On Samsung Galaxy S4, the flashlight turns on when the screen is off after pressing the volume button. Officially, the function is available only on this model, but in fact, this possibility is hidden in the entire Galaxy series (there are only doubts that the method will work on any version of Android). To use the hardware key to turn on the flashlight, download the Nova Launcher application from the Play Market.

After installing Nova Launcher, hold your finger on an empty area of ​​the desktop to bring up the “Add to Home” menu. 2. Select “Actions”. 3. Open “Settings”. 4. Select “Flashlight”.

The icon is located on the desktop. Click on it to open additional options. The first switch is responsible for starting the flashlight. The second option allows you to set the time during which it will work. If you do not set a timeout time, the flashlight will remain on continuously until you turn it off yourself.

Enabling on Android 4 and 5

We figured out the latest models of smartphones, now let’s see how to turn on the flashlight on a Samsung device with Android 5. There is no suitable icon in the quick settings, you can find it in the list of widgets.

Press your finger on an empty space on the desktop. 2. Wait for the additional menu to appear. Select “Widgets”. 3. Find “Flashlight” by scrolling the screen to both sides. 4. Capture the widget with a long press on the screen and drag it to the desktop.

A similar method works on Android 4. The names of the items that need to be selected in the interface are different.

Keep your finger on an empty spot on the desktop. 2. Release your finger when the additional menu appears. Open the “Applications & Widgets” section. 3. Go to the “Widgets” tab. 4. Find “Flashlight” by scrolling left / right through the list. 5. Capture the widget with a long press and drag it to the desktop.

The flashlight turns on and off by clicking on the icon on the desktop. There are no additional settings like the brightness level on older Android models, so you have to rely on the default beam settings.

Apps in the Play Market

The Play Market will offer several dozen options for different functionality. Flashlight clock, laser beam, super-bright flashlight that takes full advantage of LED backlighting. You just have to choose the appropriate option and test on Samsung to make sure that the flashlight really works and does not burn the battery with its power.

How to turn on the flashlight

On almost all Android devices, the flashlight turns on the same way. As a rule, this is done using a special button in the notification panel or a separate application. How to turn on the flashlight on Android:

Swipe down from the top of the screen and bring up the notification panel. Click on the “Flashlight” icon to turn it on.

You can use widgets to set the flashlight on your home screen. To do this, make a long press on a free area on the screen and select “Widgets”. On the page that opens, find “Flashlight”.

Drag the “Flashlight” icon to any free spot on the screen. Now you can turn on the flashlight by clicking on this icon, and not through the notification panel.

On some smartphones, the flashlight is turned on through a separate application. Therefore, for a more comfortable work, it is recommended to use widgets.

LG phone flashlight how to turn on

It might seem like a flashlight is the simplest function you can find on a mobile phone. But this is not entirely true, on some smartphones it is hidden or missing. For starters, you should check for an LED or flash on the back of the case. Let’s look at how to find and turn on the flashlight on Android.

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Why does the flashlight not turn on

On Android smartphones, the flashlight uses a flash located in the camera module to work. It may stop working due to system failure or mechanical damage. Possible causes and solutions to the problem:

  • On some smartphones, the flashlight does not work because the battery is too low (usually 10%). In order for it to turn on and in power saving mode, you need to get root (superuser) rights.
  • If the flashlight stopped working after flashing or installing drivers, then the breakdown may be of a systemic nature. In this case, you can try to do a factory reset.

If the flash or flashlight stopped working after a fall or any other mechanical impact, then you will have to contact a service center to fix it.

Standard way

By default, the developers have placed the feature in the notification bar. To enter it, you need to pull the shutter down at the top of the screen. A panel will appear with quick access to some features, among which is a flashlight. We activate it by clicking once on the icon.

If it is not among the presented elements, drag your finger from top to bottom again. This will expand the working panel, click on the desired icon.

The video tells how to enable the flashlight function on any Samsung smartphone. This method differs due to the presence of an outer shell pre-installed by the manufacturer.