Where is music on Samsung

Where to Find the Download Manager on Android: Basic Ways

Where to find downloads in Android is a common question. After downloading music, pictures, information is redirected to the sections of the internal memory. This clogs up smartphones and slows down performance. You need to know how to find information. How to clean up unnecessary utilities.

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Where to find downloads on your phone?

Downloaded music, photos and videos are saved in memory. You can find them yourself, it’s easy to do. On Android OS gadgets, there is a special folder where previously downloaded objects are sent. The name can be different. But the meaning is related to loading.

In most smartphone models, the downloaded can be found in a special notification panel, which is called a shutter. Here you can perform manipulations:

  • Play video;
  • Listening to audio recording;
  • View pictures;
  • Install APK.

Here it is allowed to delete unnecessary objects, thereby freeing up free space on the phone. The main thing is to understand where to find the download manager on Android.

On Samsung

On Samsung Galaxy, go to My Files. Then it is launched in the Categories section by clicking on the item with downloads. It can be used in managers. To remove unnecessary, you need to select the selected one with a long press. After the deletion is activated.

On Honor

  • The application opens;
  • Go to the Memory tab;
  • Enter the internal memory of the gadget.

You will need to find Downloads in the directory. After opening it, the user opens a list of downloaded files.

Where are the downloads on the phone?

It’s easy to find out where the downloads are going to. They are located in standard annexes with the appropriate name. Built in Android devices.

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If the downloaded is not found, it is allowed to act through the explorer. Everything previously downloaded to the gadget is collected in Downloads. Here you can perform the necessary manipulations with previously downloaded files. watch, listen, and delete unnecessary.

Where is the clipboard in Samsung phones?

When you save text to your Samsung clipboard, the data is saved to RAM. assigned to the service. On standard Android gadgets, there is no dedicated place where you can view such information. But on Samsung phones, the story is located in the / data / Clipboard folder.

However, this directory is inaccessible to the average user without rooting his gadget. But you can get the access you need to the clipboard history on any Android smartphone using a specialized manager.

For example, if you are using Android OS that stores information in the system directory, then you can view its contents using the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” functionality.

At the same time, this directory is root, and is available only with ROOT rights. Therefore, it is very likely that even if you find the clipboard files on your Samsung using ADB, you will not be able to open them.

What is a clipboard?

The clipboard (in English. “clipboard”) is a special place in the memory of your gadget, intended for temporary storage of data. Such data can be copied or cut from a document, file, image and other relevant sources. When any data is stored in the clipboard, it can be pasted from there to another place we need. It can store the information you need until you turn off your Samsung. Or do not delete the data there yourself.

The ability to copy and paste data on your smartphone is extremely useful. This allows you to copy the necessary text segments when visiting sites on the Internet to the clipboard, and then send them wherever you want in the form of text messages.

However, simple copy and paste allows you to paste only the most recently copied data. Professional work with storage on a Samsung smartphone allows you to store many copied files in it. And also choose where to insert them and where they will be.

Where is the clipboard on a Samsung phone

Every time you cut or copy any content on your phone, that content will be saved to its clipboard. The latter is not a visible data area on your phone. But it is quite useful and you can access it if you want. Where exactly is the clipboard on your Samsung mobile phone? And how to view and delete its contents? Let’s talk about this in our material.

Using the Clipper Clipboard Manager

An easy and convenient way to access your clipboard history. it is to use a specialized application. Among the available analogs, we note the “Clipper Clipboard Manager”. popular and easy-to-use data manager.

To use the app on your Samsung, do the following:

    Go to Google Play and install “Clipper Clipboard Manager” on your gadget;

IPTV, Torrent-TV: playlists of channels and programs

For Internet TV, you can use a playlist of channels that you want to watch. Again, for playback, you can use both ordinary and specialized players like TV Player Classic (for IPTV).

If you are using free torrent-based Internet TV playlists, standard programs will not work. In this case, you will have to install on your computer a special utility Ace Stream with the appropriate player, without which playback will be impossible.

Since TV applications, by and large, also belong to software players, the principles of creating and editing playlists are practically the same as standard actions.

Deleting a playlist on YouTube for mobile

Additional Playlist Features Coming Soon to YouTube Mobile Site.

  • Select playlist from explorer.
  • Click on Playlist Settings.

Create and delete YouTube playlists

A playlist is a collection of YouTube videos created by you or another user.

Do you like a certain group of films? Or maybe a few video clips of your favorite songs or the best games of the local team? You want to organize your content to share with viewers?

Place videos in a playlist so you can watch them together anytime.

Access to YouTube playlist

You can find your playlists in the YouTube Guide. To view the Guide on a computer, open the YouTube home page, click on the explorer icon in the left column of any video page.

On mobile and tablet devices, select the guide icon that is visible in the upper left corner if the movie is not playing.

LAN connection

Using a cable Internet connection, the user automatically provides himself with a reliable connection and high-speed data flow. With a LAN cable, you can connect to the network in three different ways:

  • By connecting the Ethernet port on the TV to the same type of connector on the portable modem.
  • Using a router. The cable from the router should be connected to the network port on the TV set, given that the router is already connected to the existing modem and configured correctly.
  • Direct connection. A network cable connects the Ethernet port and the port on the TV.

Connecting to the network using WPS

There is a faster option for connecting to the network, but to complete it, you will need to support the router for wps technology. For this:

  • In the network settings, select the connection method. WPS (PBC).
  • On the side panel of the router, hold down the WPS button for a couple of minutes. The TV device will establish a connection with the network.
  • The display should show an inscription indicating the completion of the connection process.

Deleting a playlist on iOS

How To Play Music On Galaxy S20 / S20 / S20 Ultra

  • Please select My channel in the Guide.
  • Select a tab Playlists.
  • Select the menu icon.
  • Select Delete List.


The phone numbers that a person has synced are visible on any device where this account is open. So if you log into your Google account from a computer or laptop, you can find the desired subscriber in memory.

Sync Android with Google. where to find contacts

One of the services is Google Drive. This is 15 gigabytes of free space where music, photos, videos, audio tracks and other files are recorded. The address book is also saved there. If there is a photo on the account in the book, it is duplicated, and upon updating the system will pull it up on its own.

On the phone

There is much more space in the internal memory. The number that fits there is at least 1000 numbers, it all depends on the amount of memory. But if the device is broken or lost, it will not be possible to restore.

Galaxy Samsung Music player official how download & install Any Samsung Device [HINDI]

Where are contacts stored in Android memory

There are several options where it is possible to place information for communication from the phone book:

  • to the memory of a mobile application that synchronizes information from a smartphone to the cloud;
  • to a SIM card;
  • to SD card.

These spaces exist independently of each other. The amount of space on each is limited, depending on various factors.

Where is the best place to store contacts on Android

A logical question that arises with such a variety: where are Android contacts stored in the phone’s memory? There is a corresponding folder in the explorer. Depending on the gadget model, it is called “contacts” or “contacts2”. But it is important to consider that if something happens to the phone’s memory or the smartphone itself, there is a risk of losing important information. Therefore, it is important to make additional backups.

There are several applications that can help you save numbers from a book to the cloud. One of the most functional is “Save contacts”. For Android, it is available on Google Play, and you can install it for free. However, there is a limit on memory usage. There is a paid subscription, it provides more options.

In a few clicks, the numbers are moved to this application, and they can be downloaded to a text document in Excel, ODS, PDF, archive and others. Such formats are readable on all modern gadgets.

Save Contacts allows you to recover phone numbers from a text file. She saves the number, name, mail. The software has a simple interface and nice design. The developers also took care of security, so there will be no data leakage.

On the SIM card

One of the options where the new phone number is saved is the SIM card memory. This means that the card acts as a carrier, and if it is removed and inserted into another smartphone, the numbers from the phone book will get there. Disadvantages of such storage: little space, installed avatars are not synchronized. Pros: in case of loss, it is possible to recover lost information.

To restore a SIM card, it is enough to contact the mobile operator’s communication salon, name your personal data, the date of the last replenishment of the account, the directions to which they most often called. As a rule, recovery takes 24 hours.

On the SIM card

You cannot put many numbers here. Depending on how new the card is, it will contain from 20 to 200 entries. But if you lose your phone, you can only restore the numbers by restoring the SIM.

On google

The second storage option is a Google account. It syncs a number of components to its virtual cloud. Synchronization is possible in the following way:

  • create a Google account;
  • log in to it through the mobile application;
  • at the first login, the system will ask for permission to access calls and information about the contact base, agree;
  • then, in the sync settings section, check the box next to “Save contacts”.

Further, if you go to the same account on another device, everything is transferred there. This is convenient because if a gadget is stolen from you, you lose it or it breaks down, the necessary information about subscribers will remain at your fingertips.

The pros of throwing everything into Gmail are always at hand. No matter what device you log in from, the necessary contacts with the photo will be available.

TOP 7 radio apps for Android

Which radio can be downloaded to a Samsung smartphone:

  • PCRadio, which broadcasts hundreds of channels from all over the world;
  • “Radio FM” is about 500 radio stations broadcasting on the territory of Russia;
  • Audials Radio has an English-language interface and provides access to 90,000 waves, 1,700 of which are Russian;
  • Record offers a selection of dance music oriented stations;
  • Yandex.Radio is a sea of ​​music classified by genre;
  • Tuneln Radio, whose full version is paid;
  • Google Play Music is an ad-free broadcast.

How to turn on radio on Samsung phone

The question of how to turn on the radio on a Samsung phone is not an idle one. Some models do not have this option, and sometimes you really want to enjoy your favorite radio station! In this case, you can use one of the applications. But first you have to download the radio as an installation file for Samsung.

How to Download Radio on Android Samsung

How to turn on the radio on Samsung via the application:

  • find the program you are interested in in one of the markets;
  • start installing it on the device;
  • at the end of the process, among other shortcuts, a new one will appear, with a radio application;
  • open it;
  • select radio wave.

Which models do not have a built-in radio

Some smartphones do lack a built-in FM module. For example, Galaxy S4, S10, A10, A20, A30, A40, A51, A60, A70, M30 and a number of other models have no standard application for broadcasting.

In some modifications, such a module is present, but blocked by the manufacturer. So in North America, a radio wave can be caught only if the device has a Snapdragon processor. Those models that operate on the basis of Exynos do not have such an opportunity.

Where is the radio on Samsung phone

Listening to radio waves on smartphones is possible only when headphones are connected. They act as an antenna. Since turning on a regular radio on Samsung in this way, it means that you use, in fact, the same technology that is used on radio receivers, therefore, you can listen to it for free.

Instructions on how to set up and turn on classic radio on a Samsung mobile phone on Android:

  • plug in headphones;
  • go to the application menu;
  • find the icon of the corresponding program;
  • open it;
  • search for available frequencies.

The signal quality may vary, because the device will work like a regular radio receiver. Some waves may not be able to be caught. If unnecessary radio channels are tuned in and saved, they are simply deleted.

Favorite radio stations are transferred to “Favorites” by clicking on the asterisk, which is located after the inscription indicating the frequency.


If you want the sound to be output from the speaker of your smartphone, click on the ellipsis at the top of the screen. Select “Playback through speaker” in the menu.

How to turn on the radio on Samsung so that it is activated at regular intervals:

  • in the application, press the three dots;
  • click “Settings”;
  • specify “Sleep Timer”;
  • set the required frequency.

How to turn on the radio without headphones

If your phone does not have an antenna, you can install the app. Many radio stations are developing their own mobile products. There are programs that broadcast several dozen radio waves, which can be sorted according to the interests of the listeners.

How to turn on radio on Android Samsung

Once set up, you can listen to radio broadcasts and enjoy music. How to turn on the radio on your Samsung phone:

Even headphones with inoperative speakers will do for radio reception. They can be cut, leaving 7-8 cm wires as an antenna.

It is important that if you download such a radio application to Samsung, then it can only work online, that is, only with Internet access. Developers try to minimize the appetites of their offspring, because programs do not need a lot of traffic, as well as a high-speed connection is not necessary.