When will the iPhone XS get cheaper?

iPhone X stuck on activation screen

Restart iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7 and try setting it up again.

Enter and exit recovery mode with the free ReiBoot.

How to turn on and set up iPhone X / 8/8 Plus

Now everything is ready to turn on the device, let’s move on to how to activate the iPhone X / 8/8 Plus.

Turn on the new device and press the “Home” button to unlock it.

Select your language, country and region. This will identify interests related to App store purchases such as music, apps, iBooks.

Select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password to connect. You can use the mobile internet provided by your operator.

Also, if you have an old device with iOS 11, you can use Quick Start: How to use Quick Start on iOS 11 to quickly set up iPhone X and 8?

4.You can enable or disable location services at your discretion.

Set up Face ID, as well as Touch ID with your finger, as shown in the photo below.

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How to turn on iPhone X and 8

Enter the 6-digit passcode to secure your iPhone X / 8/8 Plus.

Choose to restore from iCloud / iTunes backup or set it up as a new iPhone device.

Sign in with your previous Apple ID, or create a new ID if you’ve never used an iPhone before.

Read the terms and click “Agree”.

Add Apple Pay card information.

Open Settings Siri & Search make sure Hey Siri! and Siri home button are on.

Adjust the sensitivity of the touch screen by tapping on it.

Determine whether to share app diagnostics and analysis information with Apple developers.

Choose how to view your new iPhone: standard or zoomed.

Click “Get Started”, iPhone installation and activation is now complete.

Common problems when setting up iPhone X / 8/8 Plus

During the setup process, a small number of users may have no luck activating the iPhone X / 8/8 Plus. If you are one of these “lucky ones”, don’t worry and try the methods below:

Check if your SIM card is damaged or if it is installed correctly.

Set up your new iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7 using iTunes.

Should You Buy iPhone XS Max in 2021?

How to turn on iPhone X correctly on first activation?

If you are someone who has never used an iPhone before, or have been familiar with Apple products for years, the first thing you need to do with the new iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7s is to set it up. Once purchased, it is very easy to set up and activate your new iPhone, there are many ways to do it. Below is information on how to turn on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7s / 7s Plus correctly?

Activate your iPhone with iTunes

In this method, you will need a working SIM card inserted into the SIM card slot during the activation process.

Connect the appropriate device to the computer with iTunes installed. Create a backup, erase all content, and restart your device. Then disconnect the device from the PC, and reconnect to the PC using USB. Select the option to activate your iPhone. The system will prompt you to enter your username and password from Apple.

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How to turn on iPhone X and 8

Follow the instructions to activate. Once you’re done with the setup, take out the SIM card. You can now use your iPhone wirelessly.

Preparing to set up and activate iPhone X

Before installing and activating iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7s, there are a few steps to follow to avoid potential issues.

Back up your old device first.

There are 3 ways to make a backup so you don’t lose data when switching to a new iPhone.

1) Backup using iTunes

Connect your old iPhone to iTunes and click the “devices” icon. In the “Summary” panel, select “Backups”.

How to turn on iPhone X and 8

2) iCloud backup.

On older iPhone, go to iCloud Storage & Backup iCloud Backup Backup.

How to turn on iPhone X and 8

Learn more about backing up iPhone 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, how to back up to icloud and iTunes.

How to Activate New iPhone X / 8/8 Plus Without SIM Card

If you currently don’t have a SIM card or the SIM card is not supported, you can use iTunes to activate your device. It may not work when the network is blocked.

Connect iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7 to iTunes and it will automatically recognize your device.

Select “Set up a new iPhone” in the pop-up window and click “Next” to continue.

Follow the instructions to set up and activate your device.

However, if you receive the message “There is no SIM card inserted that you are trying to activate” from iTunes, it means that your iPhone is locked. You can ask your friends for a SIM card to activate it, or contact your carrier to unlock your iPhone.

Can’t restore backup from iCloud during setup

Make sure iOS is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7s is the same version with your old device that you used to back up. Update iOS 11 to the same version.

Use iCarFone or iTunes instead of iCloud to extract backup files. Compared to iTunes, one dominant advantage of iCareFone is file preview and selective restore back to new iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7s.

Contact Support Apple for help.

If you still have questions, write a comment, we will definitely help you.

Price dynamics since release

The iPhone X was released a year ago, and the 10 marked the end of the company’s first decade and the beginning of the era of new smartphones. The success of the iPhone X has been phenomenal. Despite the downturn in demand for high-end smartphones, the model provided Apple with a 1% increase in revenue for the year. The share of sales of the top ten was 35% of the sales of devices in this segment.

over, the initial one. over, this price does not include the cost of additional equipment and accessories. The model received support for wireless charging, but the docking station is not included. For the device, you will have to pay an additional 5,000 to 7,000 rubles. Users are not satisfied with standard headphones with an inconvenient adapter; buying new ones will also cost at least 1,000 rubles.

The start of sales fell on September, until November 2017, when the price fell to 90 thousand and less.

The next three months, the iPhone 10 steadily fell in price, until in February 2018 it stopped at a value of 60 thousand rubles.

This price lasted until June, but such discounts were offered by some intermediaries.

From June to October 2018, the situation changed. The minimum, but the maximum froze at a value of 70 thousand rubles.

It turns out that today the iPhone X is available in the price range from 60 to 70 thousand rubles. A drop of 25,000-35,000 seems like a good deal, but a smartphone continues to be the most expensive in the digital segment.

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When will the iPhone X fall in price

For loyal fans of digital technology from Apple, the price of a smartphone with an “Apple” does not matter. Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries and continents are eagerly awaiting the autumn premieres from the American company and are ready to give a lot of money for a new model. But the lion’s share of potential buyers is not ready to part with 1000 and is waiting for the iPhone 10 to fall in price.

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Apple does not freeze prices, the price tag on models of previous years fell by 30-50%, so there is a trend, it remains only to understand when to expect a decrease.

Has the iPhone X dropped in price in 2018?

It is naive to expect a serious decline in for iPhones. Smartphones of this brand remain “not for everyone”. The price tag of tens of thousands of rubles is explained not by the autonomy of the assembly (the company is trying not to involve third-party manufacturers) and the high cost of components, but by the costs of researching IT technologies.

But from the terrible 92 thousand rubles for the base model iPhone 10 still left. During the year, the model “lost weight” by 25-35 thousand rubles. The difference is noticeable compared to the expensive new 2018. the iPhone XR, XS and XS max. The price of the latter exceeds 120 thousand, which in Russia is equal to three average salaries in the country.

Due to such high prices, buyers of equipment with an Apple this year again turned their attention to the 2017 model.For 60 thousand rubles, you get the flagship of last year, which is in no way inferior to the latest models.

Should we expect a further decline in the cost of the iPhone X?

There is no consensus on this question. Some analysts believe that there is a downward trend in prices, because every year and even month the demand for an “outdated” model is falling, and the gadget is losing its cost. These criteria are taken into account when drawing up a market proposal. Others are of the opposite opinion. In recent interviews, Apple engineers said that due to China’s imposition of duties on exported equipment, the company’s expenses will also increase, which Apple is going to compensate for by raising the price of smartphones.

But this is unlikely to affect the models of past years. Apple is pushing new technologies, but sales of already touted devices must continue. If there will be a decrease, then, but not less.

How much cheaper your iPhone will be tonight?

Already today we will be shown new iPhone models. True, not all users will be interested in the new items.

Apple’s fall presentation will likely only confirm all the summer leaks that gradually revealed the details of the iPhone XS.

2016 year. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Introduced on September 7, 2016, Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones fell noticeably in a month after the start of sales.

IPhone 7 Pricing (September 2016. March 2017)

iPhone 7 32GB: 58,000 rubles. 37,000 rubles.
The difference was 21 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 128GB: 68,000 rubles. 43,000 rubles.
The difference was 25 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: 72,000 rubles. 46,000 rubles.
The difference was 26 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB: 80,000 rubles. 51,000 rubles.
The difference was 29 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB: 140,000 rubles. 55,000 rubles.
The difference was 85 thousand rubles.

The biggest drop in price during this time was the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB. By March 2018, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus fell by an average of 30%, who would have thought!

By April it was already possible to speak about the stabilization of moderate for these models, if not for a sharp jump in the dollar exchange rate against the ruble (from 57.2 rubles per dollar to 64 rubles).

After the jump, prices, as expected, soared by 3-5 thousand up, depending on the model. In the future, the price gradually decreased until the presentation of new models.

2017 year. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X

In September 2017, Apple introduced three new smartphone models at once (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X). The first two went on sale in a couple of weeks, but the revolutionary iPhone X had to wait until November.

IPhone 8 Pricing (September 2017. March 2018)

iPhone 8 64GB: 52,000 rubles. 43,000 rubles.
The difference was 9 thousand rubles.

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iPhone 8 256GB: 63,000 rubles. 54,000 rubles.
The difference was 9 thousand rubles.

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: 61,000 rubles. 55,000 rubles.
The difference was 6 thousand rubles.

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: 70,000 rubles. 65,000 rubles.
The difference was 5 thousand rubles.

In general, for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have fallen by as much as 10-12%. Compared to previous models, the difference seems ridiculous.

The decrease in the cost of a smartphone by 5-9 thousand rubles cannot be compared with the wild difference of 85 thousand rubles for previous Apple gadgets for the same period.

IPhone X Pricing (November 2017. March 2018)

iPhone X 64GB: 83,000 rubles. 60,000 rubles.
The difference was 23 thousand rubles.

iPhone X 256GB: 92,000 rubles. 72,000 rubles.
The difference was 20 thousand rubles.

They waited too long for the top ten, so the are clear: the impressive price drop compared to the start of sales is due to the disappointment of many X owners, who mostly switched to the iPhone 8 after several months of owning the iPhone X.

for the iPhone X rose in the first week after release, and then dropped 7% lower in a month than they were on the first day of sales.

After that, the decline continued: if at the beginning the iPhone X 64GB cost about 83 thousand rubles, then by March.

What Yandex market analysts advise

Apart from the first days of sales, in which outbidding makes a real frenzy, for iPhones do not change, remaining at a high level.

Only after 2-3 months, the cost begins to slowly fall. By spring, stabilize and further change slightly. except for fluctuations associated with the dynamics of the dollar exchange rate.

As a result, it is profitable to buy a smartphone after the winter and spring holidays: by this moment the price is already significantly lower than the starting price, and there are still six months before the new model appears.

We already know when the start of sales of new iPhone models will take place (approximately September 21), as well as their approximate cost:

When translated into the ruble, the exchange rate of which has been extremely unstable in recent weeks, the situation is not rosy.

Taking into account the above, it can be assumed that the for the 2016 models will “drop” by 5-10 thousand rubles, depending on the model. Most likely, the iPhone 6s will be completely removed from the sale, and the for the “seven” will drop to the current level of the iPhone 6s.

As for the models of the previous year, we should also expect a significant reduction in prices.

The company finally abandons the branded round button with built-in Touch ID. It seems to me that the logo of the future presentation is a kind of “curtsey” towards the famous button on the front surfaces of the company’s smartphones, starting with the first model presented back in January 2007.

Therefore, Apple can expect an obvious revision of for the latest models of this series (iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus). Here should drop by 10%.

Interestingly something else

How much should the of older iPhones fall and how quickly the of the previous generation of smartphones will fall. Is it worth waiting for serious discounts?

By this year’s presentation, Yandex.Market analysts have studied how the cost of iPhones has changed over the past two years.

Model price on Yandex.Market. the average price of all offers that users clicked on, weighted by the number of clicks for each offer.

Following the lead analyst’s opinion:

In my opinion, Apple must be insane to deliver the initial version of the top-end iPhone at 100k, waiting for 89990 for it in an optimistic scenario, 94990 for a pessimistic one. Previously, before the jump, the plan was to sell at 84990.

By the way, the revolutionary iPhone X will most likely be replaced with new models, and the Top Ten will simply be removed from sales.